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Fashion for Good Project: Tracing sustainable viscose from fiber to finish | Instant News

Facilitated by Fashion for Good, the Viscose Traceability project is a collaboration with a leading brand BEST SELLING and Dry which will provide eight garment models to be tracked for trials, with fiber sourced from three of the leading sustainable viscose producers. TextileGenesisTM will provide their blockchain solution and platform to trace the origins of viscose used in garments along the supply chains of the two participating brands. This supply chain, which consists of spinners, weavers, knitters, dyes and garment makers, spans a total of eight countries to reflect real-world complexity and various supply chain scenarios to fully test the flexibility and scalability of the platform.

The project builds on lessons learned from the Organic Cotton Tracing Pilot 2019, which investigated the technical feasibility of blockchain and physical tracers using organic cotton as the primary fiber. The Viscose Traceability Project’s ambition goes beyond technical viability, however, it goes a step further to explore, in detail, the next steps needed to make a traceability solution not only effective, but also scalable at a commercial level across sectors.

After demonstrating the technological feasibility of the TextileGenesisTM platform and its ability to integrate chain of custody certification in previous pilots, this project will focus on demonstrating the global application viability of solutions across the viscose supply chain. Success will be measured by the flexibility of the solution – being able to operate across multiple supply chains; solution interoperability – collecting data from multiple platforms into a single system; and scalability – global implementation across multiple brands, fiber producers and supply chains.

The scope of this project focuses on tracing viscose fibers from production to retail. To do so, the project leverages the impact work of the CanopyStyle initiative to remove ancient and endangered forest fibers from viscose production and to support the adoption of forest certification standards such as FSC, to address traceability at the beginning of the supply chain from forests to viscose fiber production.

Three fiber producers, Lenzing, ENKA and Tangshan Sanyou were selected for their “Green Shirt” ratings on the Canopy Hot Button Report and reputation as leaders in the field of sustainability. Through this consortium platform, Canopy and TextileGenesisTM have further developed their partnership: the TextileGenesisTM platform upgrade will integrate Canopy hot button rating data and the next-generation line of viscose that will not only be available for participating pilot brands, but also for all other brands using the platform. .

Following the completion of the pilot by the end of 2021, a joint report detailing the main findings and best practices will be shared publicly.


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Racing: Dragon wins the New Zealand Cup thriller | Instant News


Dragon Storm (inside) and Lincoln King battle it out in a thrilling NZ Cup at Riccarton. Photos / Photosport

The Ruakaka Dragon Storm racer put in the performance of his life when he won Group 3 of the New Zealand Cup (3200m) at Riccarton with a thrilling finish.

Given a perfect ride in midfield under jockey Craig Grylls, Dragon Storm made his move at 1000m as he broke between the runners for the 300m bout.

The 6-year-old who controlled the visitors to Wanganui, Hurry Cane, who managed to take the lead, but was overtaken by Cambridge runner Lincoln King.

The pair went blow after blow during the last furlong, with Dragon Storm thrusting his head up front on the victory post to secure the nose-up victory from LincolnKing’s game, with Hurry Cane third.

“I have to admit I was a little worried when I saw them all start rolling around,” coach Chris Gibbs said.

“I’ve told Craig to be careful, because they’re all going to start coming up to him and he’s probably going to stumble back. He rode beautifully and took it out at the right time.”


The powerful combination of coach Jamie Richards and the Opie Bosson riders were back to their best yesterday – winning the Group 1 race – as they combined to guide Kahma Lass to victory in the New Zealand 1000 Guinea (1600m).

Dressed in the colors of Cambridge Stud owners Brendan and Jo Lindsay, Bosson produced a master class on weaving of a Darci Brahma foal between runners in the straight house before striking forward 100m for a run.

The steady Cornflower Blue fought for all she treasured after striking the front line in straight center but could not hold back Kahma Lass’ strong finish and had to settle for third after being caught by late local Miss Tycoon Rose, who came close in last for seconds .

Richards is delighted by the win and the trip from Bosson, who carries the day’s double for the home, after winning the Welcome Bet Listed (1000m)
rode Avonallo the previous two races.

“Everything was going pretty well, because they lacked the tempo,” said Richards.

“He was back at half a mile but he got past them without coming off, which was probably a race win.”

– NZ RacingDesk


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The body of lawmakers completed a Sindh visit to evaluate the forced conversion | Instant News

KARACHI: A comprehensive bill to stop forced conversion will be submitted to Parliament after consultation with all stakeholders, including minority groups and civil society, and religious leaders.

Senator Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, chairman of the parliamentary committee to protect minorities from forced conversions, said this on Friday while addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club to inform the media about the committee’s visit to Sindh that concludes on Friday.

Federal Parliament Secretary for Human Rights Lal Chand Malhi and Supreme Democratic Alliance parliamentarian leader in the Sindh Assembly Nand Kumar Goklani accompanied him. Kakar said that because of the sensitivity, seriousness and complexity of the problem, committee members visited Sukkur and Karachi and met with Sindh government officials, members of parliament, minority leaders and police officials to explore all aspects of the problem.

He said minority rights should be protected in accordance with the constitution, adding that the committee was thoroughly looking at recommendations from minority members to stop forced conversions. Kakar stated that the current federal government, especially Prime Minister Imran Khan, recognizes the importance of the problem and has set up a 23-member parliamentary committee to work on legislation to prevent forced conversion of minorities. “On the legislative side, the committee has held deliberations with all stakeholders to make laws that are broad-based and inclusive,” he said, adding that parliamentarians have learned from the aftermath of the bill previously presented at the Sindh Assembly to stop forced conversion. The bill, which is officially known as the ‘Penal Law (Protection of Minorities) Law’ was passed unanimously in November 2016. However, the situation took a turn for the worse when many religious parties took to the streets against the proposed law and announced a movement. against it. . Kakar said the committee had also asked the Islamic Ideology Council to review laws related to religious conversion in various Islamic countries. He added that the committee was satisfied with the response from the government and the Sindh police.

“The committee does not deny the incidents of forced conversion which mostly took place in Sindh but the magnitude of the problem was exaggerated too,” said Kakar, adding that Pakistan’s religious parties also do not believe in using violence to convert others to Islam. Regarding the question that there are not many boys who convert compared to girls, the chairman of the parliamentary committee said that there are ongoing discussions on this aspect.

He said that whoever is behind forced conversion does not follow Islam because religion does not allow forced conversion. He, however, clarified that voluntary conversion is another matter and the committee will not tackle it. Regarding marriage contracts between followers of different religions, Kakar said that such marriages create problems for the community and the parents of the couple.


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MANSCAPED ™ Launches The Lawn Mower ™ 3.0 Electric Trimmer in the UK | Instant News

SAN DIEGO, July 15, 2020 / PRNewswire / – The British have asked … and we have listened. Luckily for the youths from London for Liverpool, DONE, a brand of men’s care and hygiene under the waist, has answered requests for the arrival of the latest trimmer at The great Britain (English). Without further ado, we are happy to be present The Lawn Mower ™ 3.0, a smartly designed electric trimmer developed with the latest and best technology to ensure easy, safe and efficient routine care for the groin and body.

“British men were the earliest adopters of the self-care movement below the waist many years ago, so they are always looking for the best and most effective tool for the job,” said Paul Tran, Founder and CEO of MANSCAPED. “That said, we have heard the call for our revolutionary Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer across the pool. Our team who worked hard and eagerly prioritized this launch, and we could not be more proud to offer this top-ranking tool to this highly sophisticated market. Male groomers guys. “

The Lawn Mower 3.0 premium trimmer is equipped with advanced features and exclusive product attributes that are researched and created by a team of talented engineers at MANSCAPED. This includes a 7,000 RPM motor that is precisely engineered with QuietStroke ™ technology and a ceramic blade that can be replaced with SkinSafe ™ technology to help ensure there are no scratches, cuts or obstacles. Finally, a rechargeable 600mA Li-Ion battery can be charged for up to 90 minutes, and an IPX7 rated waterproof design allows maneuverability in wet or dry settings!

Brits can further enhance their full body care regime with a set of important tools and formulations that can be found Perfect Package 3.0. This must-have kit includes:

  • Lawn Mower 3.0 – The foundation of a smooth care regime
  • Crop Trimmer™ – Ball deodorant is uniquely formulated to help reduce odors for up to 24 hours
  • Crop Reviver™ – Refreshing toner spray infused with cooling aloe vera
  • Magic Mat™ – Set of three disposable and smart shaving pads
  • Warehouse – Luxury travel and storage bags
  • BOXERS MADE – Comfortable anti-friction boxers

“We find that scaling up your virility has been mainstreamed in the UK for some time but at MANSCAPED, we do our best to provide superior tools and products for modern humans,” said Dillon Roark, MANSCAPED International Expansion Manager. “We strive to provide our customers with a fully functional, flawless and fun body care experience – from the moment they open the package to the last moment that increases confidence in giving the finishing touches to their smooth look and feel.”

Available in uk.manscaped.com, The Lawn Mower 3.0 sells for £ 79.99 and the Perfect Package is appreciated £ 99.99. Customers can also buy The Lawn Mower 3.0, as well as a selection of best-selling products, at Amazon, with a choice of Prime and pickup available.

Founded in 2017, San Diego, CaliforniaBASED ON MANSCAPED is the first and leading brand dedicated to the care and hygiene of men under the waist. The product range only includes the best tools, formulations and accessories for simple and effective male care routines. With direct shipping to consumers at United States of America, great Britain, Australia and Canada, as well as placements in Target and Best Buy retail locations throughout the US, MANSCAPED is a complete shopping destination for men who are looking for brands that focus on what needs have, over time, become sensitive and are often taboo. subject. For more information, visit uk.MANSCAPED.com or follow along Facebook, Instagram, Indonesia and Youtube.

Media Contact:
Allison Frazier, Director of Public Relations – MANSCAPED, Inc.
[email protected]


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Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman completed more than two months in detention | Instant News

KARACHI / LAHORE / MULTAN / RAWALPINDI / PESHAWAR: Geo News workers Jang and The News continued their two-month protest against the victimization of their Editor-in-Chief Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman who was undergoing unrelenting, unlawful arrests and unlawful arrests a larger government pattern puts Jang-Geo Group and other independent media houses under pressure because of its independent editorial policy.

Again on Tuesday, the group’s workers joined a group of civil society, political workers, the media fraternity and journalists, unions as an expression of solidarity for media houses that bravely faced ongoing difficulties.

Carrying placards bearing the demands, they raised slogans demanding freedom of the media, freedom of the press as constitutionally guaranteed, calling for an end to coercive measures against the Jang-Geo Group, unconditional release of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman and arrogant withdrawal the charges against him.

Addressing protests outside the Jang and The News offices on Murree Road in Rawalpindi, the speakers called for the release of the Chief Editor and called his ongoing arrest without guarantee as a manifestation of the NAB-government nexus to keep the opposition and all different forces under control.

Pakistani President of the Federal Union Reporter Nasir Zaidi said that Editor-in-Chief Geo and Jang Group would be released through the struggle of journalists who regard it as a beacon for press freedom.

Chairperson of the Joint Action Committee of Geo-Jang Group workers and Trade Union President Jang Nasir Chishti said that the government under the pressure of the journalist brotherhood must bite dust like all previous regimes and release it and clean billions of rupees in arrears.

RIUJ Secretary General and Geo News senior correspondent Asif Ali Bhatti, Chief Reporter Jang Rana Ghulam Qadir, media workers Munir Shah, Malik Nusrat, Sultan Azhar and Kaleem Shahmim also spoke to the protesters.

In Karachi, the Jang-Geo Action Committee’s protest condemned strict restrictions on the Jang-Geo Group and demanded the release of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman. The group’s workers are joined by political party leaders, trade unionists and civil society activists.

Speaking to the demonstration, former Muttahida Qaumi Movement lawmaker and Organization for the Restoration of Committee Chairperson Jamal Ahmed said that the prime minister, instead of focusing on and trying to fight the corona virus, was involved in a grudge against Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman and the media home because of the situation in the country it got worse.

Former MQM MPs and the MQM-P Organization Recovery Committee, (ORC-MQM-P) leader Kamran Farooqi say people are fed up with government policy and want to leave. He said that ORC head Dr Farooq Sattar had directed all party leaders and workers to stand with Jang-Geo Group employees in their campaign for the release of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman. He appreciated Rahman’s patience and determination not to give in to the government unceasing pressure. Information secretary of the Pakistan Newspaper Confederation Employee Fawad Mehmood said that two months later, Editor-in-Chief Jang Geo was in prison and added that his services for journalism would always be remembered.

Others who spoke with the demonstration included APNEC secretary general Shakil Yamin Kanga, secretary general of the Unity Press Javed Rana Yusuf, president of The News Union Saeed Muhiuddin Pasha and secretary general Dara Zafar.

In Peshawar, media workers Jang-Geo Group continued their protest to demand the release of their Chief Editor, Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman. Carrying banners and placards bearing slogans in support of their demands, the protesters chanted slogans against the government and the National Accountability Bureau to sacrifice government competitors.

Speakers including Peshawar Press Club President Syed Bukhar Shah, Daily Editor Jang Arshad Aziz Malik, senior journalist Shakeel Farman Ali and Imdad Ali Qazalbash deplored that the Editor in Chief of the country’s largest media group was punished only for not following the government line. They pointed out that Mir Shakil was arrested even before the investigation process was complete and without references or cases. But instead, NAB and the government are not interested in investigating mega corruption fraud related to Bus Rapid Transit, Jabba Night, sugar and flour, etc. They say the authorities are trying to suppress the voices of independent journalists but will not be able to do it.

In Multan, group workers continued to be uneasy about the persecution from the Jang-Geo Group and Editor in Chief and demanded his release. As elsewhere, members of civil society, political workers, PML-N Youth Wing workers, lawyers, human rights activists and journalists visited the protest camps of Geo News workers, Jang Daily and The News and expressed solidarity with them.

Speaking on the occasion, PML-N Youth Wing vice president Rana Muhammad Zeeshan, while condemning the long and illegal detention of the Editor in Chief, said the government’s policy towards the Jang-Geo Group was very disruptive to the country’s free media and freedom of expression and thought rights guaranteed constitutionally, turning this period into the darkest chapters in the history of state oppression of free media.

Pakistan N-Muslim League Leader Usman Khan Babar said that government policy brought unrest in society. He demanded the immediate release of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman.

In Lahore, Jang, The News and Geo News workers along with representatives of civil society and political workers, businessmen continued their two-month protest. They promised to continue their struggle until Editor-in-Chief Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman was released and restrictions on free media were abandoned. Speaking to protesters outside Jang’s office and The News on Davis Road, Abdullah Malik, a civil society representative, said the illegal arrest of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman was an attack on freedom of expression and media freedom. That is a violation of human rights. Head of the Sialkot Geo News Agency, Umar Ijaz, Sh Adil from Sialkot, Rai Ayaz Akbar from Shorkot, Hasnain Raza from Shorkot, Muhammad Waqas also demanded the immediate release of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman. Zaheer Anjum said the government was trying to suppress the country’s free press. He demanded to release billions of rupees as arrears in Jang Group’s arrears. Director of the Jang Group, Shaheen Qureshi, Sher Ali Khalti, and others were also present at the protest camp.


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