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Anushka Sharma enhances maternity clothes with a knitted shirt in a cream knitted skirt and applies red lipstick – fashions and trends | Instant News

Keep the fashion cops constantly on alert with stuffy back-to-back pregnant appearance is Sultan star Anushka Sharma and this Monday is no different. Setting and breaking fashion records of her own, the diva dazzled us once again with her motherly look, this time in a beige ensemble with a hint of red lipstick to add a pop of color and increase hot intelligence.

Taking to his Instagram account, the actor, who is back filming in Mumbai, shared a glamorous photo of himself and the internet couldn’t keep his cool. Dressed in a beige T-shirt, leisurely tied to the side, Anushka paired it with a ravishing crochet skirt.

The sun kissing photo shows glimpses of her delicate necklace, while other photos flood the Internet showing the fashionista complementing her outfit with a pair of metallic copper strap sandals. The side knot rests perfectly on top of her baby bump which is fashion inspiration for all expectant mothers out there.

Leaving her wavy hair open with a mid-parted hairstyle, Anushka made her head turn with a touch of beautiful red lipstick. Dressed in dewy makeup with highlighted cheeks, sleek eyeliner and lashes laden with mascara, Anushka was dressed up for a brand campaign in Mumbai.

She just captioned the image, “Hey” and we couldn’t wait for her to give a more elegant appearance than her maternity diary, our future planner.

Fans have been in a frenzy since diva Kota Perada dropped news of her pregnancy with Virat Kohli during the Covid-19 quarantine in August this year. As the stork prepares to visit her lover next year, Anushka has captivated fans when she raises the bar for high-fashion maternity in a mix of comfort and luxury.

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Maternity wear: Kareena Kapoor Khan creates a mix of magic and femininity in a blue and white satin striped dress – fashions and trends | Instant News

House / Fashion and Trends / Maternity wear: Kareena Kapoor Khan created a mix of magic and femininity in this blue and white satin striped dress

Kareena Kapoor Khan added to her flowing gown collection during her maternity days and the latest photos of brilliant high-fashion in a satin blue and white striped gown, from her radio talk show ‘What Women Want’ photo shoot, are proof of this.

Updated: Nov 09, 2020, 2:56 pm IST

Kareena Kapoor Khan creates a blend of magic and femininity in a satin maxi dress (Instagram / therealkareenakapoor)

Reminiscent of the 60s golden era reflecting the subtle color combination, the Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor Khan started shooting for his radio talk show, What Women Want season 3, by putting forward his best clothes. That Laal singh chadha The actor has featured the glamorous glamor dress trend as his maternity outfit and the latest brilliantly styled haute couture photos add to his collection.

When Kareena raises the curtain on the new season of her chat show, the Internet is inundated with pictures from her first episode shoot and mom-to-be can’t help but take fashion inspiration. The images feature Bebo in a blue and white striped satin dress that creates a blend of magic and femininity.

A full-sleeved maxi dress is tied around the waist and Kareena complements it with a pair of transparent glass heels. Leaving her gorgeous hair open, Kareena complements her look with a pair of tassel earrings and dewy makeup with a hint of pink lipstick, blushing cheeks, kohl lined eyes, gorgeous eyeshadow, and light eyebrows.

The photos were shared by Kareena’s fan page on Instagram and one of them was titled, “Baby blues 💙 What Women Want Season 3 (sic).”

Looking fresh and petite, Kareena shows off her baby bump while sharing photos in her own handle after filming the first episode with journalist Barkha Dutt. He wrote in the caption, “With none other than @barkha.dutt … an honor to turn the tables … my most favorite episode … season 3 … coming soon (sic).”

The elegant dress was credited to fashion label L’Mane by Dubai-based designer Lina Mane.

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How small fashion brands are spinning to survive from Armageddon retail | Instant News

‘We’re not wearing work clothes, are we? We are looking for clothes to wear at home and then go out, ‘said Isabel. ‘When we had so many things, we’d say, “That’s for work, that’s for parties, that’s for home time with the kids.” Right now, it’s, “I want to buy a dress, and I want to wear it to lunch with my boyfriend, and around the house, and take him on vacation …” ‘

One of the biggest differences between the new ‘It’ brand and its predecessors is that these founders didn’t need to expand on the attributes that got them where they are today. In fact, in a neat reversal of standard operating procedure, big brands are taking their cue from beginners. Marks & Spencer recently announced that His first fashion partner is Nobody’s Child, a small sustainable fashion brand based in London.

The pivots that these brands have run also take a different shape: ski specialist Perfect Moment has re-photographed its outerwear to show how it works in a city context, not just on the slopes; Three Graces has introduced a collection of pre-fall clothing to wear at home, not just on your fantasy beach vacation.


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Beauty, fashion trends to watch out for in autumn, winter | Bakersfield Life | Instant News

As the scorching hot days die down and cooler nights begin to arrive, it’s important to have your wardrobe, hair and make-up keep up with the seasons.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made people take a step back from spending big bucks on beauty and fashion. But there are some top outfits to have and easy-to-follow makeup trends that won’t cost you money.


As well as COVID-19 which has probably made people a little more frugal these days, it seems that the pandemic has affected fashion in its own way.

With more people staying at home and not going to the office often, comfortable clothing is one of the trends of Heather Abbott, the owner. Bella on the Marketplace, has been noticed as an upcoming fashion item.

“I don’t feel so focused on the runway, but only on a normal life. Sweat and comfortable things will be important,” he said. Abbott, along with its employees, handpick each item it sells in its stores, often based on what its customers are most interested in. “I brought some cute printed sweaters, something as soft as a pullover, and people already bought them.”

Since going out for a fun evening isn’t as accessible as it used to be, designers have cut back on styles a lot. While still leaning more towards the casual side, many lines have incorporated styles that can be dressed up or dressed up, giving those who crave to wear something other than sweatpants the opportunity to look sparkly. One example is a sequined t-shirt.

“You can wear them around the house for special events, or you can pair them with high heels and wear them to events,” says Abbott.

Inspired by the work from home lifestyle and the popularity of Zoom’s vocation, many designers have integrated bold and prominent sleeves on their shirts and blouses. Many may be guilty of wearing a nice blouse before a company video call, which only colleagues will see, in pajama pants or shorts. With that in mind, Abbott says the designers decided to get creative with Zoom’s “look” that matters most.

For those looking for a more stylish style, there is a lot to come in fall and winter. Animal prints have always been there, explains Abbott, but tiger prints will be in the limelight later this year. It seems to match the yellows, oranges, and blacks which are her signature autumn hues.

Denim looks at a spectrum of leg opening, from skinny to crop flairs to broad-legged bottoms, says Abbott. Dresses incorporate a babydoll style and dramatic sleeves, while blazers stand out with bright colors. Mustard and marigold will also be the top colors for the upcoming season.

The accessories also feature animal prints, such as crocodile textures. Abbott also considers high boots to be important footwear.

Of course, no outfit is complete without a mask. Now that masks are required in most companies, designers put on masks in all colors and styles, making them easy to pair with any look.


Since masks will be a part of any outfit for now, a lot of attention will be paid to the eyes when it comes to makeup.

Louis and Lily Kim, general manager XO Beauty Supply, explaining everything from glittery eyeshadows, colorful eyeliners, and long lashes will be the style this season. Recently an affordable beauty shop received a shipment of lashes measuring 30 millimeters, which is already catching people’s attention. And because people have more time at home, appearances will be “very artistic” and creative, they explained.

To accommodate the masks, Kims says lip tinting can give people a complete look of makeup without having to worry about the color on their face covering running.

Expressive nails will also be a hit this fall and winter. Trends they have noticed so far include decorating nails with glitter flakes and butterfly and flower stickers.

“Whatever is going to replace the face covering, I think people are actually going to do it,” said Louis Kim.


When cold temperatures reach, most people don’t want their necks and ears to be exposed, causing some unsightly red color. That’s why Asia Halliman, who created her own line of hair oils stylesbyasiiaa, recommending women to have longer hair this fall and winter.

“Hopefully the temperatures will be cooler,” said Halliman, which will make longer clothing easier and more doable than in summer.

If you are currently in the mirror and still have a few inches left before you reach the length of your hair you want, Halliman hair oil might help.

The collection, which comes in three different sizes, is enriched with coconut oil, grapeseed and jojoba oil to increase blood circulation, moisturize the scalp, deeply moisturize it, and strengthen the roots to aid hair growth. All products are made by Halliman using organic ingredients.

“My whole goal is healthy hair,” he says. “I feel that if your hair is healthy, everything will be better.”

Cliff Popplewell, a hairstylist at Sola Salon Studios, believes many hair trends will remain in the status quo starting earlier this year. One popular process is balayage, which makes hair look like the sun, similar to what happens after spending a few days at the beach. This technique leaves a softer, less noticeable regrowth line.

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FORWARD FASHION: Some buyers are still looking for clothes back to school, waiting for a tax-free weekend News | Instant News

Although plans to return to school change every day, local shops have seen shoppers looking for fashion back to school.

Many store managers are also preparing for the Oklahoma tax-free weekend, August 7-9.

“People are out and sure,” said June Ludwig, owner of Junie’s Closet. “Junie buys masks for adults and children, and clothes that are comfortable for school and work.”

While some local residents may still hesitate to shop for clothes during a pandemic, some shops help by offering roadside pickup and online ordering. Ludwig requires customers to wear masks in his shop, and allows people to call to have the goods sent or take them outside the store.

At Factory Connection, Manager Angela Higgins says the fitting room is open and employees clean it after each customer.

Both Higgins and Ludwig say the hot print today is tie-dye, but many others are also on the shelves, including various floral motifs and animal prints, such as leopards and snake skins.

“The lines come back, and they mix them with other patterns,” Higgins said. “Camo prints are always great. We have it in T-shirts and jeans. “

He is a fan of Cello Jeans.

“That’s a popular brand. It’s like wearing yoga pants; they are very comfortable and elastic, “said Higgins, who said the trend was moving away from skinny jeans. “They are still popular, but they are moving to bells and flares. Flare sleeves are also a trend to return.”

One-piece modes – such as rompers, jumpsuits, and bodysuits – have also returned.

Higgins said many women are looking for summer dresses, and Amy Carter at Vivid Salon and Boutique must agree because she has a variety of dresses and online stores.

“We are very happy that a T-shirt dress with a pocket is on,” Carter said.

Soft dresses come in a variety of plain colors and three styles: short sleeves, tank tops, and spaghetti straps.

Tiered skirts are another alternative to the dress up look, according to Carter.

Graphic shirts are still a popular way to express yourself while feeling comfortable.

At Junie’s, Ludwig said Z Supply tops – short and long sleeves – always fly out the door.

For men, Higgins said that the Straight Up Southern T-shirt brand is a top seller, and that cargo shorts, which are longer and have many pockets, are still popular.

Another explosion from the past that has caught the eye again is Converse and Vans shoes. Drew Felts, from Felts Family Shoes, said Vans are very popular at all ages. He said he sells a lot of slip-on shoes, and people mostly buy Nike, New Balance, Skechers, and Under Armor shoes.

He looks forward to the sales tax holiday because Felts will open on Sundays too.

“This is an extra day for those who cannot come on Friday or Saturday,” Felts said.

Other hot accessories to complement clothing include long necklaces, headbands and earrings with a few sparkles or edges, according to Higgins.

“I sell a lot of jewelry,” Carter said. “LaaLee necklaces and earrings with colored gemstones are perfect for all school clothes.”

Although they may not be popular for good reasons, face masks are on people’s shopping lists.

“Many people buy masks in various colors,” said Danya Pigeon from Lila’s Loft. “They want the mask to match their clothes. It’s a kind of fashion statement. “

He said he has a homemade mask and a brand that has the feel of a T-shirt.

“They are more comfortable and breathing,” Pigeon said. “We have them in the size of children so they are good to wear them long in school.”


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