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The sober lifestyle is gaining popularity, with more Australians giving up alcohol | Instant News

Ten years ago, teenager Ezrah Waith was in a bustling nightclub on the glittering Gold Coast, with flashing lights and pounding music, when he got enlightened.

“I just remember standing in the middle of Sin City and realizing that I didn’t need alcohol to be myself,” Ezrah said.

That’s almost an insult in Australia’s school capital, where drinking alcohol is a legitimate right for many.

Now 30 years old, Ezrah and his wife Tyrene are proud to remain liquor-free and it seems their sober lifestyle may be gaining popularity.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) triennial survey, the number of people who did not consume these drinks increased from 1.5 million to 1.9 million between 2016 and 2019.

Weight gain and hangovers were cited among the reasons.

The AIHW report found the proportion of ex-drinkers had fluctuated since 2001, but 2019 saw the highest proportion of former drinkers during that period.

The coronavirus pandemic may have disrupted people’s drinking habits by 2020, however, the AIHW said no clear pattern had yet emerged from the effects of COVID-19 restriction on alcohol and other drug consumption.

Under the radar

Ezrah says he still enjoys social events without drinking alcohol.(Provided: Ezrah Waith)

Christmas parties and social gatherings at work can often be an upsetting experience for the conscious mind, but the advent of non-alcoholic, low-alcohol drinks has allowed the likes of Ezrah and Tyrene Waith to fly under the radar.

“It’s not that the questions bother me, but they recur after a while if you keep explaining why you’re not drinking,” Ezrah says.

“I love beer and gin and non-alcoholic tonics; I’ve found those that are quite delicious. The taste is very similar [to an alcoholic drink].

“It’s more socially acceptable to drink non-alcoholic. When you’re not drinking, people think you’re not having fun.


Faye Lawrence is the founder of Untoxicated, a non-drinking network of 8,000 Australians who socialize through morning tea and activities such as mini golf and camping.

A woman with short blonde hair stands against the wall smiling in a pink blouse and white shorts.
Faye Lawrence founded the non-drinking social group Untoxicated in 2018.(Provided: Faye Lawrence)

They are part of a growing movement called “conscious curiosity.”

Ms Lawrence said whether people drink alcohol or not doesn’t have to be “black or white”.

“It’s about being curious and choosing what individuals work for them and how they want to appear in the world.

“It’s a mindful drink, where one day you might have vodka or alcohol-free wine, and another day you might want to go out with friends and have fun.”

Ms Lawrence said the alcohol-free alternative “cool, fun and exciting” helps non-drinkers overcome the fear of missing out.

“We are social animals, we also like to fit in and if you show up and have an alcohol-free cocktail no one will notice that you are not drinking, so big problems shouldn’t be made about that,” he said.

Filling a gap in the market

A woman with curly orange hair looks to the right smiling while holding a glass of pink gin
Catie Fry distills its own range of low-alcohol and medium-strength drinks.(Provided: Catie Fry)

With conscious curiosity rising, Burleigh-based distiller Catie Fry is entering a market that traditionally caters only to beer and wine drinkers.

Ms Fry is the first distiller in Australia to produce non-alcoholic and moderate-alcoholic beverages.

“You would call them botanical vodka, but they’re made a lot like gin.”

Women’s focus

The distiller’s inspiration came after being treated “like a houseplant” during her two pregnancies, when her only drink options were water or juice.

“It’s distilled in exactly the same way; I work with 21 different herbs that are all in my three-infusion range and I make my herbs with wheat-based spirits,” says Fry.

The mother, wife and businessman said he was also determined to change the culture of the male-dominated refining industry.

A woman with orange hair tied in a bun holding the lid open on the copper silently smiles.
Catie Fry wants to change the “male-dominated” culture of the refining industry.(Provided: Catie Fry)

“I didn’t have many opportunities to be at the distillery without distraction, which I got. You can’t let the kids run around the refinery, someone has to look after them,” he said.

“But I was a bit of an outcast, so I bought a copper still and experimented while the kids slept.”

All three varieties are being marketed to female audiences, but the mother of two says she is surprised by the overwhelming interest from men.

“People say if I am too feminine or focused on women, you will lose half of your market and alienate men,” she said.

“Little wins like this for women show young girls that they too can be a refiner, or have their own distillery, or a mechanic’s shop, or whatever.”

Ms Fry hopes her company will help bring change to the drinking landscape.

“Things are changing and there are so many amazing craft distilleries that are going with the times and becoming more inclusive so look around, be proud and you will find other people who want to come with you,” he said.


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Food Entrepreneurs resonate and develop | 2021-01-06 | Instant News

KANSAS CITY – Following a fun, challenging and ultimately satisfying first year, Food Business News is developing Food Entrepreneurs with more content and more ways to connect with a highly engaged audience by 2021.

Food Entrepreneurs launched a year ago to share stories about startups and trends driving change in the industry. The early concept featured a print supplement published six times per year, an email newsletter sent six times per year, and digital tasting events.

The launch was a huge success. Notably, more than 7,000 industry professionals subscribe to email newsletters throughout the year. The content resonates with stakeholders across the supply chain, who are eager to learn about the next big thing in food.

Starting this month, Food Entrepreneurs email newsletters arrive in your inbox every two weeks, full of insights, innovations, and news. Customers will receive the latest updates on upcoming trends, events and developments surrounding the business.

Two digital events, to take place in April and October, will include product sampling opportunities and presentations that bring to life trends and products developed by emerging businesses. Participants will interact with entrepreneurs and thought leaders who drive disruption across industries.

In addition to the six printed editions this year, each edition Food Business News will display over and over Food Entrepreneurs section to provide more information and inspiration. The content will cover a multitude of activities and topics relevant to startups, plus profiles of the passionate personalities behind rising brands.

The center of success Food Business News Over the last 15 years there has been an unmatched scope of trends and innovations that are creating major changes in the market. Food Entrepreneurs represents the distillation of work that gets to the core of what all industry stakeholders want to know – what’s next?

What’s the next RXBAR or Beyond Meat?

Despite the global pandemic, food entrepreneurship remains dynamic and resilient. In a year that was painstakingly described as “uncertain” and “unprecedented,” the industry overcame many hurdles, finding creative ways to develop new products and solve problems caused by COVID-19. Many have turned to direct-to-consumer operations and other distribution channels. Some clever brainstorming approaches to building brand awareness if there are no in-store demos and trade shows. Some raise money through crowdfunding equity or participate in the various virtual pitch competitions that pop up throughout the year.

The already collaborative community of food entrepreneurs multiplies, helping each other to support one another when hope fades.

Amid the initial shock wave of the pandemic, the future Food Entrepreneurs questionable. Will entrepreneurs continue to innovate? How do startups raise capital or go to market?

What stories are left to tell?

Looking back on 2020, it’s clear that there are more stories to share than ever before.

Visit FoodBusinessNews.net to learn more, and subscribe to the latest offers from Food Entrepreneurs. Connect with Food Entrepreneurs in LinkedIn to engage with this dynamic community and stay abreast of developments.


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ZUUM Transportation Named Food Logistics’ 2020 FL100 + Top Provider of Software and Technology | Instant News

IRVINE, California, January 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ZUUM Transportation, a leading logistics technology company for manufacturers, shipping brokers and operators, has been named 2020 FL100 + Top Software and Technology Provider by Food Logistics. Food Logistics magazine covers software & technology, warehousing, transportation, safety & security, sustainability and risk & compliance for global food supply chains. That FL100 + Top Software and Technology Provider an award-winning list of leading software and technology providers that ensure a safe, efficient and reliable global food and beverage supply chain.

Advanced Logistics Technology for Food Manufacturers & Manufacturers

ZUUM Transportation provides much needed and sophisticated transportation capacity transportation management software (TMS) for higher efficiency, real-time visibility and productivity. This helps companies better manage transportation during the pandemic and cope with volatile freight rates. ZUUM Capacity Pro provide a supply chain leader dynamic smart pricing, instant capacity, excellent service levels, real-time tracking & tracing, back-office automation, and secure universal integration.

Better Service Levels AND Lower Shipping Costs

Since 2016, ZUUM transportation has grown to deliver thousands of loads per month to more than 235 shippers, including several Fortune 500 companies. Shipments are ordered online, matching shippers with pre-vetted carriers. ZUUM provides shippers a better service level (96.3-98.7% SOTC), reduced transportation costs (12-15% per load) and faster load adjustment (35-45% faster).

Upgraded Operations to Mitigate Volatility & Supply Chain Risk

“We are honored to be recognized as one of these Food Logistics’ 2020 FL100 + Top Software and Technology Provider ” Chris Lee, Vice President of ZUUM Transportation Business Development. “We designed ZUUM Capacity Pro to enhance our customers’ operations and reduce vulnerabilities in their supply chains. Our technology is built to help companies overcome unexpected challenges such as the food and beverage industry currently facing.”

“From fleet management to warehouse management to simply tracing and tracing along the cold food chain, these software and technology providers have enhanced it to ensure cold food and beverage products keep moving without incident,” said Maina Mayer, editor in chief Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “This pandemic has made the food industry difficult, but many of these providers are rapidly tracking the development and implementation of their solutions to ensure food safety, traceability, visibility and quality assurance. So, to these winners and others who are working to make a difference, Thank love!”

Company this year 2020 FL100 + Top Software and Technology Provider list profiled in November /December 2020 issue of Food Logistics, and online at www.foodlogistics.com.

About ZUUM Transportation INC

ZUUM Transportation, Inc. is a fast-growing technology startup that is transforming the logistics industry globally with one super efficient, automated and easy-to-use platform. ZUUM combines the digital cargo market with a shipper TMS, SaaS broker, operator TMS, and mobile driver applications.


For more information, please visit zuumapp.com

Contact information:

ZUUM Transportation, Inc.
Jean-Claude Eenshuistra
[email protected]

Media kit: Logos for web & print, leadership photos and product screenshots.

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Australia is Lobster Submerged | Instant News

SYDNEY – During the holidays, Australian chef Sam Young prepares a plate of lobster rolls for his family gathering. The next day, he grilled another lobster to eat with his girlfriend’s hollandaise sauce.

“There has never been a cheaper time to eat lobster in Australia,” Mr said. Young, 31, recently worked at an upscale pop-up restaurant that cooked up to 40 lobsters a day. “I tell every table to order the lobster.”

Since China blocked Australian lobster imports late last year amid a trade dispute between the two countries, Australia has been inundated with local crustaceans.

There were so many lobsters that the authorities raised the limit on how many lobsters could be sold directly to the public at the docks. An Australian far from the coast has just been caught, a live lobster for the first time. The chef is experimenting with new lobster dishes that would previously be too expensive. And the low price convinces amateur cooks to make lobster at home.

Ian Giraud, who recently bought a live lobster for the first time, was startled when someone jumped from his hand and slid along his kitchen table, flapping his tail. He finally found it and roasted five lobsters with garlic, parsley and butter with his family on New Year’s Day.


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New Zealand Wine Week kicks off next month | Instant News

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https://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2021/01/new-zealand-wine-week-to-kick-off-next-month/ “/>

New Zealand Wine Week kicks off next month


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