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Rates for Wine, Food from Europe for the Current Stay, said the US | Instant News

WASHINGTON – The Biden government has said it will not end tariffs on European wine, cheese and other food imports any time soon – upsetting industry groups who say the levy is hurting US restaurants and consumers.

The US Trade Representative’s Office said on Friday that there was no need for now to suspend levies, which the Trump administration imposed as part of a long-running dispute with the European Union over subsidies for commercial aircraft.

In a regulatory filing, the USTR said it would “continue to consider the actions taken in the investigation,” referring to a 17-year-old dispute about how the government is subsidizing Boeing Co. and Airbus SE. The Biden administration said it was reviewing tariffs and other major trade policy measures adopted by the previous administration.

Under the Trump administration, the dispute has turned into a tariff fight that has ensnared a food and beverage industry unrelated to aircraft manufacturing. Washington imposed tariffs on $ 7.5 billion worth of European wine and food such as cheese and olives by the end of 2019.

The European Union retaliated with levies on US whiskey, nuts and tobacco worth an estimated $ 4.5 billion. The US increased sanctions on December 31 with additional tariffs, putting nearly all wine imports from France and Germany below 25%.


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Germany’s Moselle Region Is Ripe With Offers for Vineyards | Instant News

John and Pam Pfeiffer spent years exploring the magnificent vineyards of France, Italy and Argentina. But when it came time to buy their own, they chose a small winery in Lieser, a German town with half-timbered houses, a fairy-tale castle and green Riesling vines along the Moselle River.

In 2016, Mr. Pfeiffer, originally from Albany, NY and Mrs. Pfeiffer, from central Illinois, bought Weingut Gindorf, an eight-bedroom winery founded in 1756, a 3,300-square-foot home and 10 acres of wine for an estimated $ 1.2 million. They spent another $ 298,000 on improvements to the vineyard and home, which they lived in on the weekends. Their son and son-in-law, Matt and Brittany Braun, remain employed full-time, running the winery and small seven-room inn.

Along with steep, well-groomed views of rivers and vineyards, the Moselle region comes with more affordable real estate than in France or Italy. Increasingly, international and German buyers are buying wineries, historic homes and wine houses at lower prices than those in Europe’s more famous wine regions.

“From a real-estate perspective, Moselle and German vineyards are underpriced compared to their famous cousins ​​in Bordeaux and Burgundy,” said Mr Pfeiffer, 50, who, for a week, worked as a human resources consultant in Essen, 150 miles away.

In recent years Germany’s summers have gotten hotter and hotter, causing wines to ripen more quickly and more reliably, making vineyards a more attractive investment than ever before. Warmer weather has also allowed new varieties to emerge, such as the temperature sensitive Pinot Noir grape.


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Penfolds Spinoff Australian Treasury Wine Rack as China Weighs Rates | Instant News

SYDNEY – The trade dispute between Australia and China has contributed to one global wine maker putting up a cork in plans to release a luxury wine brand that is highly valued by collectors and can sell for thousands of dollars a bottle.

Treasury Wine Estates Ltd said Thursday it froze plans to register its Penfolds business separately, a day after the company said it had learned that China’s industry association had asked Beijing to impose retrospective tariffs on Australian wines.



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