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UPDATE: Storm Warning, Travel Watch Reported for Vigo County | News | Instant News

4 p.m. update: Vigo County Commissioners have declared a winter storm warning and travel watch, from 4 p.m. today until 6 p.m. Tuesday. Travel watch means conditions threaten public safety. In a local “lookout” travel advisory, only essential trips, such as to and from work or in emergency situations, are recommended, and emergency action plans should be implemented by businesses, schools, government agencies and other organizations. First update: Vigo County commissioners declared a winter storm warning and travel advisory until 8 a.m. Tuesday. Forecasted amounts of snow, winds and cold temperatures could have significant impacts in categories moderate to major, the Vigo County Emergency Management Agency said in a statement. Release. A snow plow operates on US 150 in West Terre Haute on Monday afternoon. Austen Leake A second wave of snow this afternoon could be more impactful with moderate to heavy snowfall reducing visibility, blowing snow and blowing snow could make travel difficult for motorists. compensation efforts. The roads can be dangerous and some roads are impassable.Original Post – More snow is coming! If you must travel today, clear snow from your windows, turn on your headlights and reduce your speed, police say. the early stages of a winter storm, with the second wave expected to start later this afternoon. “The highway is fine so far,” Sgt. Matt Ames of the Indiana State Police in Putnamville said of I-70. “However, we know things will change quickly once the snow starts falling again. The FAI has all hands on the bridge to help the public. »Subscribe to our newsletters to receive the latest news. Ames urges motorists not to make unnecessary trips, but if a trip is necessary, remember to wear seat belts, do not drive distracted, use the headlights, clean the windows and reduce the amount of time. speed.Vigo County School Corporation has announced the cancellation of all school practices, contests and activities. Monday evening due to the weather. All schools are already closed today for Presidents Day. This morning, the Vigo County Highway Department released 14 snow removal trucks, County Commissioner Brendan Kearns said. “Everyone’s on the road right now … we’re trying to stay one step ahead.” Sunday at 7 pm, “We had a strategic meeting by Zoom to determine what the plan of attack was, based on the weather forecast,” he said. “The guys started around 3 a.m., but we’re going to be working around the clock to make sure the roads are as safe as possible.” The drivers work 12-hour shifts. Emphasis is placed on main roads, then secondary roads. National Highway 136 in Vermillion County, near Clinton, had blowing snow earlier today. “We expect a surge around 2:30 p.m. [Monday afternoon]. We will continue to hit him. We mounted a plow on one of our graders to anticipate its use in rural areas where drift can be a problem, “Kearns said. The county’s purchase of several new plow trucks year round last really helped clear the roads, he said. “They made a huge difference.” To check the condition of the roads, Kearns says he goes out and walks the east side of the county from north to south. including Miami Gardens Road, Tabertown, Frye, and Louisville roads. “That gives I have a good idea of ​​how the main roads are,” he said. “I am giving feedback to our superintendent. and our supervisors. Then I will also go as much as possible on the secondary roads. And then, I look at the subdivisions. “The county is trying to reduce the amount of salt it deposits for environmental reasons; it used a ratio of three parts sand and one part calcium.” We had a problem with the cold, the mixture freezes in the hoppers of our trucks, so we had to increase the ratio slightly [with more calcium] to prevent freezing from occurring. “One of the strategies this year is to put the material on the ground before the snow.” While this might sound like common sense, it was not necessarily a past practice. It helps us be ahead of the game, “Kearns said. It will also need to be placed on heavy snow or ice. He asks the public to be aware of the county’s highway drivers clearing the roads. . ” It is difficult for plows to navigate safely when a car could hit them and get in the middle of the road. Give in to our guys. They are in a position of high stress and they are doing what they can to keep the roads safe for us, ”he said. In the meantime, Indiana State University has encouraged all employees who can work remotely to do so today. Those who cannot work remotely have been. ISU officials are due to vote on assistance at work for Tuesday after a new assessment today of the storm and an assessment of the current weather forecast. Earlier today, the State Police District of Illinois 10 said the units were responding to multiple crashes throughout the day. Champaign County on Interstate 57 and Interstate 74.The Indiana Department of Transportation has deployed more than 1,100 snow plow trucks to plow and treat highways, highways, and national highways, as nearly all of Indiana is expected to receive a significant accumulation of snow due to a major winter storm. The National Weather Service forecasts between 6 and 12 inches of snow over most of Indiana from Sunday evening through Tuesday afternoon. Five of snow entered the western state around 10 p.m. Sunday evening, becoming heavy and more widespread after midnight. A second wave of snow is expected later this afternoon until Tuesday morning. INDOT teams began patrolling the highways at 8 p.m. Sunday and will remain active during the winter storm. Plow trucks typically travel around 25 to 30 miles per hour and it takes between two to three hours to complete a snow route. INDOT has announced that it has 200,000 tons of salt, 100,000 gallons of brine and more than 1,800 employees on call covering 28,000 miles of track. Motorists are encouraged to keep an emergency kit in vehicles in the event of a blockage and to keep a cell phone charged to call for help. Travel advisories, watches and warnings are issued by traffic management agencies. county emergencies. To check the travel status in a given county, visit www.in.gov/dhs/traveladvisory/ The latest winter driving conditions, traffic cameras, travel speeds and more are available at https: // indot .carsprogram.org In Vermillion County, The Indianapolis National Weather Service said a winter storm warning remained in effect until 7 a.m. Tuesday for much of Indiana. During the day, the Indianapolis National Weather Service declared drifting snow a road hazard. , expect patchy blowing snow in the afternoon with a further 4-5 inch snowpack. Highs around 16 and northerly winds of 10 to 15 mph with gusts to around 25 mph. Wind chill readings will be 1 below to 11 below zero. Expect snow in the evening, then a chance of snow after midnight, the NWS continues. Snow can sometimes be heavy in the evening with an accumulation of around 4 inches Total snow accumulation will be 8 to 10 inches with lows around 7 and northerly winds of 10 to 15 mph with gusts at about 25 mph. Wind chill will be 8 below to 2 above zero. Tuesday will be mostly cloudy in the morning then becoming partly cloudy with highs around 19. Northwest winds will be 5 to 10 mph with values ​​of wind chill lowest from 9 below to 1 above zero on Wednesday there is a 30% chance of afternoon snow and highs in the mid-20s. Snow is also likely at night with slight accumulations. Snow is also likely Thursday, but will diminish overnight. Highs are expected around 30 on Saturday, with a chance of rain by Sunday. .

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Cooking Without Cooking: Show your love for your food community too | Food & Cooking | Instant News

The first way to show that you care is to make a new commitment to tip. If you usually tip for table service but not when you take the order you make, why not?

When table service is available, it’s often in a lively or breezy outdoor setting. Thanks to the need to keep diners at least 6 feet away, your server has fewer tables to manage – which means less tips, and less money to take home to pay his own bills.

Did your parents ever tell you at the time that if you couldn’t tip, you couldn’t eat out? They are right – and maybe more than ever. Next time you place a curbside pickup order in a flagship app, don’t skip the tipping screen. If you pay in person at the checkout, choose a large tip amount.

The same goes for any delivery chauffeur which makes it even easier for you to put a sumptuous meal on the table this Valentine’s Day. No, no, no stiff delivery driver. If you’re using a convenient delivery app instead of ordering straight from your favorite restaurant, be sure to check their tipping policy to make sure your driver isn’t left holding an empty bag.

Don’t assume a tip is included unless it’s written somewhere. When in doubt, plan on adding extras, as your delivery driver shouldn’t be the one to pay for convenience.


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Three people died in Karachi | Instant News

Three cyclists, on Saturday, died after an accidental collision with a speeding bus in Landhi, Karachi.

A road accident occurred in Future Morr where at a turn three cyclists losing control of their bikes ended in death while three passersby were seriously injured, suffering critical medical injuries.

As reported by police sources, the bus brakes that go fast are the cause of the unfortunate accident.

Moreover, victims of traffic accidents were immediately rushed to the RSUD for treatment.


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Travel advisory issued for I-77 in Virginia after high winds overturned four semi-trailers | News | Instant News

FANCY GAP, Va .– A travel advisory was released on Tuesday after high winds knocked over four semi-trailers in the Fancy Gap, Va. Area of ​​Interstate 77. The Wytheville Division of the Police Department Virginia State and the Virginia Department of Transportation have issued a travel advisory for the According to Corinne N. Geller, Director of Public Relations for the Virginia State Police, the Fancy Gap area of ​​I-77 in the Carroll County experiences sustained winds of 35 mph to 40 mph, with dangerous wind gusts of up to 70 mph. Because the high winds are expected to continue throughout Wednesday evening, Virginia State Police are advising commercial vehicles under 25,000 pounds gross weight to avoid using Interstate 77 across the Fancy Gap area, which is between the 2 and 3 mile markers. in Virginia, Geller said. Photo courtesy of the Virginia State Police. Commercial vehicles less than 25,000 pounds gross weight are advised to seek an alternate route until the winds safely subside, Geller said. The lanes of I-77 are open to through traffic, but motorists are urged to use extreme caution when crossing the Fancy Gap area. State Police have already responded to four semitrailers overturned on I-77 Tuesday morning at the 2 mile post The first occurred at around 5:38 a.m. when a semitrailer was overturned while moving north on I -77. The vehicle rolled over onto the guardrail. The driver was not injured. At 6:18 a.m., a second tractor-trailer overturned while traveling on the north lane of I-77. This driver was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of non-fatal injuries. A third semi-trailer overturned at 7:47 a.m. and a fourth at 9:03 a.m. None of those crashes resulted in injury to the driver, Geller said. .

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Kiwi was jailed in Singapore after drunkenly assaulting a taxi driver | Instant News

The New Zealand expat appeared in court after allegedly assaulting a Singapore taxi driver. Photo / 123RF

A New Zealand citizen has been jailed in Singapore after reportedly slapping a taxi driver who missed a turn-off and dropped his credit card.

The Straits Times said Eugene Gerrard Buckley, 59, pleaded guilty on Friday to one count of voluntarily causing grievous injuries and was sentenced to 30 weeks in prison.

However, the sentence was delayed until November 2020, when he was returned to prison.

Local media said Buckley went to The Drunken Poet, a pub in Orchard Towers, one night in February last year and had a beer.

After visiting another bar, he entered 60-year-old driver Tan Heng Choon’s taxi, added The Straits Times.

Tan reportedly missed a turn and Buckley became annoyed before telling the driver to stop at Dalvey Rd, saying he wanted to pay.

Prosecutors accused Buckley of handing over his credit card to Tan but the driver dropped it, angering Buckley who then started hitting Tan.

“Mr Tan who was covered in blood managed to get out of the taxi and Buckley then tried to offer some money as compensation,” reported The Straits Times.

But Tan wanted to call the police.

Today Online says Buckley did compensation Tan As for the medical expenses, there is no reason for his actions and grateful that Mr. Tan was not seriously injured.

Buckley mistakenly believed that the taxi driver threw down his card during the incident at 3 a.m. on Feb. 27, Today Online added.

Defense lawyer Andre Jumabhoy reportedly said Buckley was under stress and was experiencing some difficulty breathing which caused him to panic a little.

Jumabhoy said his client was worried about his future and separated from his partner, who was unable to enter Singapore because the borders were closed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Consular assistance has been offered to Mr Buckley by the New Zealand High Commission in Singapore,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The ministry would not comment further, citing privacy reasons.

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