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Covid-19: Switzerland has seen a record decline in hotel stays | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) The Swiss hotel sector recorded a 40% drop in overnight stays in 2020 compared to 2019. Foreign demand fell by 66% as tourists moved away due to the pandemic, the latest statistics show.

This content is published on 19 February 2021 – 12:21 19 February 2021 – 12:21 Swiss Tourism / Federal Statistical Office / SWI swissinfo.ch/ilj

“The extraordinary context of Covid-19 explains an unprecedented decline at levels not seen since the late 1950s,” the Swiss Federal Statistical Office said in a statement on the FridayExternal link.

Swiss demand fell less drastically (–8.6%) to 16.4 million overnight. Overall, the sector recorded 23.7 million overnight stays for 2020.

Swiss Tourism, the country’s national tourism organization, refers to 2020 as ‘Annus Horribilis’. “This year will remain in the minds of the tourism sector as the biggest challenge since the Second World War,” he said in an External links statement accompanying his press conference on the situation on Friday.

It said the industry had been experiencing months of business closures, very few European guests (6 million / -51%), and almost no foreign tourists. The number of staying Swiss residents – the summer months are especially popular in the mountains – cannot overcome this, he added.




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Long march cannot overthrow the government: Ch Sarwar | Instant News

LAHORE: Ch Governor Muhammad Sarwar said that after March 26th, March 27th will come but nothing will happen. Opposition that could do nothing in December will also fail in March.

In a statement issued from the Governor’s Building in Jakarta on Sunday, Ch Sarwar said that protests, long marches and sit-ins are not the solution to the problem.

The opposition should negotiate rather than protest because the government cannot be overthrown by a long march, he said, adding March will come and go until 2023, but the government will complete its constitutional term. The governor said opposition parties that claim to have successfully staged protests against the government lack mutual trust and unity. Their protests will not make any difference to the government, he said.

“I advise political opponents to wait patiently for the 2023 elections,” he added. He said people would decide with the power of their votes who would come to power and who would be in opposition.

Ch Sarwar said that an open vote in the Senate elections would end the horse trade. Coalition parties and communities also support the government’s narrative. The opposition must also support the government in a law on open voting to ensure transparency in Senate elections.

He said PTI would succeed in the Senate elections. He said the country was progressing in all areas under the leadership of Imran Khan. The country’s economy is also improving despite the challenges faced by the government. Those who try to destabilize the country are not sympathizers of the nation and we will not allow such elements to succeed, he added.


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Four drop catches by SA field officer assisting Pakistan: Iqbal Qasim | Instant News

KARACHI: Former cricketer Iqbal Qasim said Pakistan was in pole position as the hosts ended the third day of the second test against South Africa in RawalpindI with a 200 lead.

On Saturday, commenting on the third day’s play, he said that the four catches that South African players had dropped were helping Pakistan’s cause.

Meanwhile, he praised Pakistan’s bowling game in the first half as they bulldozed Proteas for 201 who led an important 71 runs.

Speaking to ‘The News’, he said that despite Pakistan’s poor batting show in the second half, the hosts had the upper hand. “We still have four goals in hand, and given our tail-end capabilities, they have to add 50 to 60 rounds to increase the lead to 250,” he added.

He said Proteas’s batting formation didn’t show any fighting spirit as they battled pacers and spinners.

Iqbal Qasim, a veteran of the 50 Tests, praised Hasan Ali for his excellent 5-54 in the first half as it helped the hosts to a 71-point lead.


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Kiwi was jailed in Singapore after drunkenly assaulting a taxi driver | Instant News

The New Zealand expat appeared in court after allegedly assaulting a Singapore taxi driver. Photo / 123RF

A New Zealand citizen has been jailed in Singapore after reportedly slapping a taxi driver who missed a turn-off and dropped his credit card.

The Straits Times said Eugene Gerrard Buckley, 59, pleaded guilty on Friday to one count of voluntarily causing grievous injuries and was sentenced to 30 weeks in prison.

However, the sentence was delayed until November 2020, when he was returned to prison.

Local media said Buckley went to The Drunken Poet, a pub in Orchard Towers, one night in February last year and had a beer.

After visiting another bar, he entered 60-year-old driver Tan Heng Choon’s taxi, added The Straits Times.

Tan reportedly missed a turn and Buckley became annoyed before telling the driver to stop at Dalvey Rd, saying he wanted to pay.

Prosecutors accused Buckley of handing over his credit card to Tan but the driver dropped it, angering Buckley who then started hitting Tan.

“Mr Tan who was covered in blood managed to get out of the taxi and Buckley then tried to offer some money as compensation,” reported The Straits Times.

But Tan wanted to call the police.

Today Online says Buckley did compensation Tan As for the medical expenses, there is no reason for his actions and grateful that Mr. Tan was not seriously injured.

Buckley mistakenly believed that the taxi driver threw down his card during the incident at 3 a.m. on Feb. 27, Today Online added.

Defense lawyer Andre Jumabhoy reportedly said Buckley was under stress and was experiencing some difficulty breathing which caused him to panic a little.

Jumabhoy said his client was worried about his future and separated from his partner, who was unable to enter Singapore because the borders were closed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Consular assistance has been offered to Mr Buckley by the New Zealand High Commission in Singapore,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The ministry would not comment further, citing privacy reasons.

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Switzerland- Pandemic hit winter sports operators | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) The elevator company Jungfraubahn, which carries people to major destinations in the Bernese Alps, recorded a decline in visitors of more than 65% last year, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This content is published January 5, 2021 – 16:40 January 5, 2021 – 16:40 Keystone-SDA / jc

There were only 362,800 visitors in 2020, compared to more than one million in 2019, including large Asian customers.

The carrier said on Tuesday that they had suffered from an “83 days of closure” imposed by restrictions to fight the pandemic. Nearly half of 2020 visitors come during the summer months (153,000 people), and most of them are Swiss.

But the increase in Swiss tourist presence cannot compensate for the absence of Asian customers. “In the summer months, about 95% of visitors come from Switzerland,” said Managing Director Urs Kessler, adding that with more local customers, “we are becoming more dependent on the weather”.

Meanwhile, businesses at winter sports stations reported earnings fell 11% during the year-end holiday season compared to the same period last year, according to a survey by Swiss Tourism. They said that although many local people came, this did not rule out the relative absence of foreign visitors.


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