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Young people have many new COVID-19 cases in the County of SLO | Instant News

Amid record-high week in the USA to a new COVID-19 cases, the vast majority of those in San Luis Obispo in residents aged 50 years, according to the public health.

Of the 66 new cases reported this week that 80 percent of patients 50 years or younger, although that age group accounts for only 61% of the population. Before June 1, in patients under 50 years account for more than half of local businesses.

“We are seeing growth over the last couple of weeks in our country, people in their 20s and 30s,” Department SLO County public health

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  • Young and infected almost three in four districts of SLO COVID-19 cases, from June 1, people younger than 50.

press Secretary Michelle Shoresman said New Times by e-mail.

This part of the state and national trends. As States and counties to renew the sectors of their economies, young people are more socializing in groups or spend more time in workplaces and gyms of infection and spread of the virus, experts say. At the local level, officials of public health can be traced in some recent cases, on prom night and other fees.

Shoresman said the influx is an alarming sign, because younger patients may spread the virus to more vulnerable groups.

“More infected people means a higher probability that people who are slightly higher risk for serious results can be exposed and become ill themselves,” she said.

The increase in the number of cases matched with more hospitalizations. On June 26, the District DRR reached a record for COVID-19-related hospitalizations in 12 patients. Five were in intensive care.

California in General, there is a 36 percent surge in hospitalizations in the past two weeks, raising alarms among leaders of public health. The surrounding counties of Santa Barbara, kings and Kern to the list of States to look after their deterioration in the case and hospitalization rates.

At the briefing of the district DRR on June 24, the Director of public health County penny Borenstein said that COVID-19 “not leaving”.She said the challenge now is how to limit the spread and “to protect our vulnerable population.”

“It’s really across our country,” Borenstein said, urging residents to wear masks in public and continue to avoid social gatherings, especially in enclosed spaces. ∆


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