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Simultaneous mutation of two nonessential genes can lead to the death of cancer cells | Instant News

Ludwig cancer research, has revealed a new instance in which simultaneous mutation of two nonessential genes;none of which are vital for the survival of cells can cause cancer cell death.

Headed by member of the Ludwig San Diego Richard Kolodner and published in the current The proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study also shows that it is a deadly combination, or “synthetic lethality” can be reproduced in a drug-like molecule that can be used to treat cancer.

The development and FDA approval of a new generation of drugs called PARP inhibitors, for the treatment of malignant tumors with defects in tumor suppressor genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 that cause breast cancer, ovarian and many other cancers, have generated significant interest in using synthetic lethal interactions to develop cancer treatments.

Scientists, including group Kolodner, are on the hunt for other synthetic lethal interactions in cancers. “PARP inhibitors are a major step forward, but they are not perfect. Patients can become resistant to them, so there’s always a need for new and better treatments.”

Building from research done on yeast cells, Kolodner and his colleagues found that disabling or removing FEN1 gene of mammals, which is essential for DNA replication and repair, is fatal to cancer cells, mutated forms of the genes BRCA1 and 2.

We have provided information that should make people think FEN1 as a potential interesting therapeutic target and showed how yeast can be used to predict a number of synthetic lethal interactions, which can then be tested in a bona FIDE cancer cell lines with genetic instruments”.

Richard Kolodner, Professor, Professor, Department of cellular and molecular medicine, University of California, San Diego

In previous work with yeast Saccharomyces as a model to identify and study genes that maintain the integrity of the genome, Kolodner and his colleagues found that the RAD27 gene, and of synthetic lethal interactions with the 59 other nonessential genes of yeast.

Two such genes, it should be noted RAD51 and RAD52 play a role in recombination of DNA.

FEN1 is a close analogue or homologue, RAD27 in mammals. Based on their studies of yeast, Kolodner and his colleagues predicted that FEN1 synthetic lethal interactions with BRCA1 and BRCA2, which function in the same biochemical reactions in mammals, as RAD51 and RAD52 to do in yeast.

To test this hypothesis, they synthesized four FEN1-blocking molecules and used the best of them, S8, to suppress the activity of FEN1 in tumor cell lines with or without BRCA mutations. C8 proved to be an effective killer of BRCA-mutant cells.

Then they demonstrated that genetic disorders FEN1 expression had the same effect that S8 did for the breast cancer gene-mutant cells, confirming that the S8 worked, causing synthetic lethality.

Finally, the researchers instilled in C8-C8 sensitive and-resistant tumors in mice and showed that C8 significantly inhibited the growth of C8-sensitive tumors, but not in C8-resistant tumors.

Interestingly, not all cancer cell lines and tumors that responded to treatment C8 was deficient BRCA, K, indicating that FEN1 and synthetic lethal interactions with other genes as well.

These results reveal FEN1 as a novel target for drugs for the treatment of various malignant tumors by induction of synthetic lethality.

They also demonstrate that yeast-based screens provide a powerful tool to accelerate the discovery of synthetic lethal interactions for potential therapeutic value;it is an ongoing project in the laboratory Kolodner.


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Former drug addict, alcoholic chef serves poor people through special food | Instant News

Saint Anthony – A San Antonio chef uses his passion for food to serve the needy in our community. This call to action was motivated by his own experience as a former drug addict, alcoholic, and almost displaced.

Starting young, life for John Meyer, owner of the Best Little Food House in Texas, looks great.

“I started about 37 years ago as a dishwasher and worked hard,” Meyer said. “I work for big chains, Hyatts, Plaza Americas and more. I spent most of my career in Dallas but I traveled the world. I used to work for Jerry Jones for 18 years in the old and new Cowboys stadium. I had to meet George Strait, do three Olympics and all things are different as a chef. “

Meyer is still young and a popular celebrity chef.

“I lost myself a bit before moving here, which was about eight years ago,” Meyer said. “I moved here because I was on a bad road. Like most chefs, this happens. There have been many successes to be able to travel throughout the world, but there have been many pressures. “

Meyer said that pressure resulted in the use of drugs and alcohol.

“I had a drug party for three years just to look after me because I would get up at 5 in the morning, and work until 2 in the morning and would do it seven days a week,” Meyer said.

His addiction almost made him homeless.

“I succeeded at an easy age,” Meyer said. “I’m in my 20s and I felt success early on. The evil side is wrapped up and stuck with drugs and alcohol. “

Eight years ago, Meyer said he packed up and moved from Dallas.

“I stole my drug dealer because he stole my catering van,” Meyer said with laughter. “I moved to San Antonio with my backpack and started again. I was that close to home, but the first place I visited was Haven For Hope. At that time I did not have anything. “I spend all my money on drugs. I have lots of money. I have a three-story house. I have a nice car. I spend all my money on drugs. I lost everything. My family is fed up. They are done. As drug abusers that is what happens. They are done. “

He said the only way he could change was to let God enter his heart.

“Not only do I stop drugs, I can also get my five children back and on top of that, I have been raising them for eight years now,” Meyer said.

His past motivates his present and future by helping others. He started his own food truck service called Best Little Food House in Texas where he cooked his signature gourmet food for those in need.

“A lot of what we do is go to the HOA to feed people,” Meyer said. “We certainly play our own food. I’m all about serving at home like Somerset. We donate every week be it food, money for the needy or parents, for truck drivers, emergency responders and school teachers. “

Meyer did not let the Covid-19 pandemic stop him from serving others as well.

“As a chef, I thought, ‘How can I contribute?’ Easy. Feed the homeless and needy because I know where I come from. The truck driver had nowhere to go when Covid crashed. The elderly go to look for food that endangers their lives and we know they shouldn’t take that risk. We go out and take care packages and make food for them and feed them so they don’t have to go to the store. School teachers will still work and prepare and assess all of these assignments for children. We go and return the favor to them and feed them. We will not stop. We will proceed. “

Meyer said he was grateful God gave him another chance.

“I gave everything to God,” Meyer said. “Most people who don’t believe don’t understand what that means. I am an unbeliever and I say, ‘What are you talking about? Give to God? ‘I don’t know what that means. When you start walking and talking, you will see that happening. You just need to have that leap of faith. “

Meyer said his mission was to continue to spread love and give to those in need.

“With everything that happens with protests and everything, I understand. I strongly believe in protests in America but there are better ways to do this. MLK Jr. is a perfect example of how you do it. I teach that to my children and my coworkers. No, we will not commit violence. We live in a new world and it starts with love. That’s what I mean when I say give to God. Day after day, I take a leap of faith and every time you think he’s done, he doesn’t. He floods you with more love, “Meyer said.

He said he would use his God-fearing faith to spread love through his cooking while he was still alive.

“My children can tell you eight years ago that they did not know who I was,” Meyer said. “If you ask them the same question today, they will be like, ‘I know who my father is. He is a man of God.’ I cannot get better praise.”

If you know someone like Meyer who makes a difference in the South Texas community or who has a unique story, send us your tips. Contact Japhanie Gray on Facebook or @JGrayKSAT on Twitter. You can also send tips to KSAT 12 & KSAT.com on Facebook.

What’s Up South Texas !: Humans overcome anxiety, become local comedians

What’s Up South Texas !: Men with past paints have problems to inspire others

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A soulless bandit poisoned the man with a spiked coffee in revenge for a gift for a birthday snub | Instant News

And callous thug poisoned his buddy lacing coffee with the decoction of the drugs in retaliation for what not to buy him a gift that he wanted.

Dennis Smith, 66, began to suffer from dizziness, confusion and extreme fatigue after Christopher Connolly, 29, moved to her.

Unbeknownst to her, he was lacing it Canderel sweetener with crushed mixture of painkillers, antidepressants and pills for anxiety and sleep disorders.

She felt so bad that Connolly eventually called the police to confess after thinking that he killed her.

Denis was taken to the Medway hospital in Kent and spent two days recovering, but still suffers from memory loss and insomnia.

Connolly pleaded guilty to attempted grievous bodily harm with intent at the crown court in Maidstone, Kent and was jailed for four years in April.

The court heard how he became vindictive when she could not buy him the PlayStation games he wanted on the 28th birthday in December 2018.

Speaking about his ordeal for the first time, Denise, charity shop worker from Chatham, Kent, said: “Christopher took advantage of me in the worst way possible.

Victim Denise Smith
(Image: SWNS.com)

“He was a lost young man is all that I did was trying to help him.

“His justification for poisoning me was that I couldn’t afford to get him a gift for birthday, what he did, but I had no money as I just moved, so I could not.

“He was bitter, because I couldn’t get it on the Playstation that was requested.

“His revenge was to drug my coffee, knowing how most of my friends, I have at least 10 cups a day.

“I was in a constant state of confusion grogg weeks he hounded me, it got worse and worse until I was bedridden.

“He said that I don’t need to worry as he was there to take care of me.

“But he could kill me.

“My memory is now damaged for life, I have insomnia and nightmarish memories. It makes me sick to think about what he did to me. It needs to be my best friend.”

Denise Connolly and first crossed paths after they became neighbors in Chatham in 2014.

Unemployed Connolly volunteered for the dog Denise is a Staffie called Molly while she was at work in a local charity shop.The pair became close to Denise regularly to cook healthy meals for the young man, who said that she seemed ‘lost’ and ‘he needs caring’.

She said, “He just adored his dog Molly was very helpful to her.

“I started doing the courtesy to return it, I will find nice shirts or sweaters from the store and return them to him.

“I’ll make us a delicious dinner a few times a week too – we became friends.

Christopher Connolly eventually called the police to confess after thinking that he killed her
(Image: SWNS.com)

“He was a little intense, but we got on really well and I felt that I was a calming influence in my life.”

But that all changed when Denis could not buy Connolly $ 50 gift on his 28th birthday on 21 December 2018.

Denise had just moved, and therefore could not afford on the PlayStation, what he wanted, leaving Connolly deeply bitter.

She also believes that Connolly was offended that she moved into the house without bringing it with you.

“Christopher sulked for a few weeks after I told him I can’t afford the game,” she said.

“I thought it was funny, but he was not on good terms with his family I’m even a little sorry for him as I knew he was not likely to get much at all.

“I gave him the benefit of doubt.

“I also invited him to me for Christmas this year. I stocked the fridge with all our favorite foods, and even allowed him to stay in my apartment for several days.”

On 21 Dec 2018 Connolly started spiking coffee Denise with a mixture of crushed painkillers, antidepressants and pills for anxiety and sleep disorders.

When she questioned the taste he suggested topping it with ‘festive’ Baileys – which he knew to be her favorite Christmas drink.

Over the next few weeks he continued lacing her coffee and watched as she became weaker, more confused and eventually became bedridden.

She said, “every time I thought that coffee tasted funny and a little sad, he would top it with a little Baileys.

“At first it made me feel quite festive, and I was looking forward to a few weeks off.

“But then I started getting strange symptoms.

“I Wake up dizzy, my hands shaking. I felt so out of it and it got worse as days went by.

“Christopher kept offering to make me a coffee to perk me up a bit. My memory started to go. For Christmas, I could barely get out of bed, but I managed it.

“This whole week has been a blur, I don’t remember New year at all.

“2nd I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t take Molly for a walk and, of course, Christopher volunteered to help.

“I felt so grateful to have such a good friend, I really thought that he is watching over me.”

3rd January 2019, Connolly called for Denise to walk Molly, leaving her apartment around 8 PM.

Connolly then used a local payphone to call 999 – telling the operator he thought he killed his friend.

The police arrested him and went to the house of Denise, where they had to Wake up her sleepy state.

During her stay at the hospital was a urine sample contain as many as 11 drugs, eight of which have not been prescribed it.

The doctors said that the cocktail was to put her at risk of serious side effects and death.

10 Oct 2019 Connolly appeared before Maidstone crown court and admitted attempted grievous bodily harm with intent – he was later jailed for four years.

Charles Langley, defending, told the court Connelly was genuine faith Mrs. Smith “governing” him and left with a feeling that he was ‘on the brink’.

Denise Smith is still suffering from memory loss and insomnia
(Image: SWNS.com)

Connolly, who has no criminal record, was also suffering emotionally unstable personality disorder and autism.

Said Denis: “at first I didn’t believe that the police told me.

“I just couldn’t believe that Christopher did to me.

“I felt very sad for our friendship, I also felt pretty angry.

“I still suffer from side effects of drugs he gives me.

“I couldn’t believe when I heard what he told the police that he did it, because I got him that game for his birthday. I don’t think he got a long sentence, he will be there.

“It is absolutely terrible that could happen. He could come back and kill me.”


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Neurologists on the map touch the gatekeeper of the brain in unprecedented detail | Instant News

Many people with autism experience sensory hypersensitivity, attention deficit, sleep disorders. One area of the brain that were involved in these symptoms of the thalamic reticular nucleus (ryat), which is believed to acts as a gatekeeper for sensory information entering the cortex.

A group of researchers from mit and the broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, is now visible in unprecedented detail TIN, showing that the region contains two different subnets of neurons with different functions. The obtained results have more to offer researchers specific targets for drug development that could facilitate some of the senses, sleep and attention symptoms of autism, says Guoping Feng, one of the leaders of the research team.

The idea is that you can very specifically one group of neurons without affecting the whole brain, and other cognitive functions”.

Guoping Feng, the James and Patricia Poitras Professor of neuroscience at MIT and a member of the Institute of mit McGovern Institute for brain research

Feng; SMA-Fu, Deputy Director of neurobiology in the center of the broad Institute of psychiatric research, Stanley; and Joshua Levin, senior group leader at broad Institute, senior author of the study, which appears today in Nature. Leading the report’s authors, former post-doctoral research fellowship at MIT, Yinqing Li, a former postdoc of the broad Institute Violeta Lopez-Huerta, and a wide researcher of the Institute of Xian Adiconis.

Some populations

When you receive sensory information from the eyes, ears and other sensory organs to our brain, it goes first to the thalamus, which then relays it to the cortex for higher level processing. The disadvantages of these thalamo-cortical circuit may lead to attention deficit, hypersensitivity to noise and other stimuli, and sleep problems.

One of the main ways, which controls the flow of information from the thalamus and cortex TRN, which is responsible for blocking distracting stimuli. In 2016, Feng and MIT associate Professor Michael Halassa, who is also the author of the new Nature the paper found that the loss under the Ptchd1 gene significantly affect the function of the RNN. In boys, the loss of this gene, which is carried on the X chromosome, may lead to attention deficit, hyperactivity, aggression, mental retardation and autism spectrum disorders.

In this study, the researchers found that when the Gene Ptchd1 was knocked out in mice, animals showed many of the same behavioral defects seen in humans. When he was knocked out only in TRN, the mice showed only hyperactivity, attention deficit, sleep disturbances, assuming that the BCH is responsible for these symptoms.

In the new study, the researchers wanted to try to learn more about specific types of neurons found in the BCH, in the hope of finding new methods of treating hyperactivity and attention deficit. Currently, these symptoms are most commonly treated with stimulants, such as ritalin, which have a wide impact on the entire brain.

“Our goal was to find a particular part, to modulate functions of the thalamo-cortical output and link it to neurological development,” says Feng. “We decided to try using single-cell technology to analyze what types of cells are there and what genes are expressed. There are certain genes that are amenable to therapy with drugs that are included as a target?”

To explore this possibility, the researchers sequenced the messenger RNA molecules found in the neurons of the RNN, which reveals the genes that are expressed in these cells. This allowed them to identify several hundred genes that can be used to differentiate the cells into two subpopulations, based on how strongly they Express certain genes.

They found that one of these cell populations is at the core of TIN, and the other forms a very thin layer around the nucleus. These two populations also form connections of various parts of the thalamus, the researchers found. On the basis of these compounds, the researchers suggest that cells mainly involved in transmission of sensory information to the cortex when cells in the outer layer appear to help to coordinate information across different senses, such as sight and hearing.

“Targets amenable to therapy with drugs included”

Now scientists plan to study the different roles that these two populations of neurons can have different neurological symptoms, including attention deficit, hypersensitivity, and sleep disturbance. Using genetic and optogenetic methods, they hope to determine the effects of activation or inhibition of different TIN cell types, or genes that are expressed in those cells.

“This may help us in the future to develop specific tasks, amenable to therapy with preparations that have the potential to modulate different functions,” says Feng. “Thalamo-cortical circuits control many different things such as sensory perception, sleep, attention, and cognition, and it may well be that they can be targeted more specifically.”

This approach can also be useful for treating disorders of attention or sensitivity, even when not caused by defects in the function of TIN, say the researchers.

“Trn-target where if you can improve its function, you may be able to fix the problems caused by violations of thalamo-cortical circuits,” says Feng. “Of course, we are far from development of any kind of treatment, but the potential that we can use single-cell technology to not only understand how the brain organizes itself, but also how brain function can be separated, allowing to identify more specific targets that modulate specific functions.”


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The researchers demonstrated the production of viral parts inside the artificial cells | Instant News

Scientists in search of better diagnostic tests, drugs or vaccines against the virus should start with deciphering the structure of this virus. And when the virus is highly pathogenic, investigation, testing or development of these can be quite dangerous. Professor Roy bar-Ziv, researcher Dr. Shirley Shulman Daube, D ogada Vonshak, a former research student in the bar-Ziv lab and current research student yiftah Divonne is the original solution to this obstacle. They demonstrated the production of viral parts inside the artificial cells.

Cells micrometer sized compartments etched into silicon chip. At the bottom of each compartment, the researchers attached DNA strands, wrapping them tightly. Edge of the artificial cells is covered with receptors that can capture the proteins produced inside cells. Let’s start with the fact that scientists came out of the cages with everything needed to prepare proteins – the molecules and enzymes necessary for reading information of the DNA and translate it into proteins. Then, without further human intervention, receptor the carpet in a trap of one of the proteins are formed at the bottom of the cells with other viral proteins bind to each other to produce a structure that scientists previously “programmed” into the system. In this case, they created different fine details of virus that infects bacteria (bacteriophage).

We found that we can control the build process – both in terms of efficiency and end products, through the creation of artificial cells. This included the geometric structure of cells, and placement and organization of genes. These are all to determine which proteins will be produced and, down the line that will be made from these proteins after Assembly.”.

Professor Roy Bar-Ziv

Vonshak adds: “because these miniature artificial cells, we can many of them on a single chip. We can change the design of the various cells, so that different tasks are performed in different places on a single chip”.

Features of the system developed in the Institute. Weizmann, including the ability to produce various small parts of one virus at once, could give scientists around the world a new tool for the evaluation of tests, drugs and vaccines against the virus. Divonne adds: “because of the artificial parts, even if they faithfully reproduced the part of the virus – do not include the use of real viruses, they can be particularly secure from beginning to end.” “One of the possible applications,” says Shulman Daube, “can be to develop a chip that can quickly and efficiently carry out thousands of medical tests all at once.”

By participating in this study, Stephanie Förste, Dr. Sophia Rudorf and Professor Reinhard Lipowsky of the max Planck Institute of colloids and interfaces in Potsdam, Germany, and David Garenne and Professor Vincent Noireaux of the University of Minnesota. The results of the study were published today in Nature Nanotechnology.


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NHS Tayside best medical care in the country to help smokers quit | Instant News

NHS Tayside currently the most effective health sector in the country is gaining the greatest number of successful attempts the termination of its quit Smoking service, throw your way.’

The national goal for NHS Tayside in 2019-20 is to achieve, at least 486 of the successful 12-week goes for people living in the most deprived areas.

In the first nine months of the year, NHS Tayside recorded 460 it turns out that 94.7 percent of its total goal and best performance in Scotland.

Perthshire Olympian backs campaign £75,000 for the new facility for disabled in Pitlochry

The local team is confident it will meet full-year forecast after the publication of the figures for the full year.

Consultant in public health pharmacy Dr. Andrew Radley, said: “We are proud of all of the people Tayside made to quit Smoking, and COVID-19 pandemic, there is no better time to quit Smoking.

“People who smoke are more likely to suffer from health problems that may require more regular visits to the hospital and may suffer more harmful symptoms from COVID-19 infection.

“Quitting Smoking will put them in a better place to deal with diseases affecting their breathing and lungs.

Tayside patients at risk of suicide is delayed vital treatment for several weeks, survey finds

“That’s why we try to make services as accessible as possible and Tayside we also provide the incentive for those communities that are most in need.

“The work of our community pharmacists is vital in helping people in our communities achieve better health, but smokers visiting a physician may also be asked to stop Smoking on their consultant to help your worries.”

NHS Tayside continued to offer specialist services for Smoking cessation in community pharmacies, which provide free individual sessions for support and the most effective treatment available to help people quit Smoking.

Residents can visit to pick up quit Smoking medication and access one-on-one support when it suits them.

The unsung heroes in Perth and Kinross awarded for outstanding achievements during the crisis COVID

The pharmacist will explain the medications available to help quit, such as Champix or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

Then they will advise about the pros and cons of each to help you decide which option is the best.

For help to quit Smoking contact the NHS Tayside is to throw my way service on 01382 424127 or visit www.facebook.com/nhstaysidequityourway

For more information, please contact www.nhsinform.scot/care-support-and-rights/nhs-services/helplines/quit-your-way-scotland


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Hollywood nervously awaits the Fallout from the explosive johnny Depp sudo | film | Instant News

The’s a Hollywood career more than just a few stars of the film are in danger this weekend as an extremely messy legal battle Johnny Depp against his ex-wife, amber heard, goes into the third dramatic week – the week which team will be heard in the driving seat.

The outcome of the case – a libel action under pressure Depp – can affect many of those involved. Other big names drawn, including Winona Ryder, Paul Bettany and Vanessa Paradisare in danger of bad reputation, will they appear as innocent bystanders or party supporters. Out major franchises family film series Aquaman, Fantastic beasts Harry Potter spin-off and Marvel superhero stable of stars can change as a result.

Depp is suing the publisher The sunNews group newspaper, and chief editor, Dan Wootton, to describe him as a “wife-beater” article from April 2018, which questioned the decision of Warner brothers to cast him in the film animals. A 57-year-old actor a household name after his role as Edward Scissorhands and Jack Sparrow in disney’s pirates of the Caribbean series, was served a restraining order in Los Angeles in 2016, shortly after their divorce, but he’s already made headlines with accusations that it was heard, not he, with serious violence and alcohol problems. As you know, last week I heard even accused of defecating on her bed. Heard, 34, is in London to give her version of the disturbing events that led to the end of his short, loud marriage ceremony. Her role of Aquaman can be no doubt, if unpleasant accusations Depp and his legal team stick.

Scholars also doubt that the media law will continue to be the case. “How the media can write about domestic violence can be changed forever,” said one legal source. “Journalists who believed that they understood the talk about how dangerous partner when they were already named an interim injunction in America.”

Amber heard arriving at London’s High court last week on charges of defamation of johnny Depp. Photo: Yui MOK/PA

Depp, who has kept great condition, despite the recent legal action against business leaders, he claims cheated him of $650 million, is keen to hang on to the prospect of working on adventure films. The claims and counterclaims of violence and aggressive behavior is unlikely to play well with family audiences or with Disney and Warner Brothers, the studios that own the Rowling franchise.

In America, the actor who admitted a history of heavy drugs and drinking, is also suing ex-wife for $50M over The Washington Post the article is from December 2018, in which she said, survivors of domestic violence. Any reader, Depp claims that to assume that he was a rapist. The victory in the UK next month may help in the future confirmation in America.

On Thursday the trial in the High court of London took an unexpected turn when the rider, ex-fiancée of Depp and French singing star Paradis, Depp’s first wife and mother of two of his children, not to speak for him. The Duo released a press statement that Depp was not a cruel man, and should both act as witnesses. “Statements from the rider and Paradis were not part of the trial, as they were not offered for cross-examination,” the legal source added. “They seem to have been used in the framework of the media campaign without having to stand up in court.”

The decision not to appear in court has disappointed those looking for more star power, but the lawyers heard would like to ask these women about the timing of the end of their relationship with Depp. Heard CITES 14 cases of violence during their relationship, which Depp denies.

Ryder is now known for its role in the new drama channel HBO The Plot Against Americaafter her success in the series Strange Things. Explicit support Depp can be a dangerous move. Three other witnesses Depp appeared last week, despite the strong support of the testimony of some of his friends and former employees. Yitzchak Baruch, artist and longtime friend of Depp, who lives as a guest in a luxury residential complex of Los Angeles, said in court Friday he had not seen any evidence of harm to heard in may 2016 after the final separation of the couple.


Johnny Depp and poppy Corby-Tuech in Fantastic beasts: Crime Grindelwald. Photo: Warner Bros/Allstar

Those in court that morning wondered if Depp may not appear. The actor was late to arrive, explaining that he has taken a morning meeting a movie in his hotel room. A court observer said about the same: “the security Service and officials of the court were not happy, they have a lot to handle, when the stars arrive.”

Peripheral damage can be also applied to English-born Bettany, who plays vision in Marvel the superhero franchise. A close friend of Depp, his name surfaced in court in connection with rough letters, in which Depp complained about his wife, he gave about drug use.

This week I heard appearing as a witness for NGN is expected to try to return it to the original charges of her former husband. In the lawyers last week, Depp made her own complaints about ill-treatment against her, the strategy is driven by the legal counsel Depp, Prosecutor Adam Waldman.

Many fans of Depp’s worldwide reputation, and the group regularly outside of court. Heard entourage includes her younger sister, Whitney, and amber’s girlfriend Bianca, Butti, along with leading Australian lawyer Jennifer Robinson, a friend of Amal Clooney.

This week, Robinson thought probably guess, Waldman and Depp tried to stir up trouble in high stakes legal example of “brainwashed”. The case continues.


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Italian police intercepted coffee beans filled with cocaine | Instant News

Police in Italy have intercepted packages containing hundreds of coffee beans that hide illegal drugs in them.

About 500 seeds have been cut open, filled with cocaine, and carefully covered with dark brown ribbons.

While the method of transportation seems to have been carefully thought out, the name on the package may have provided smugglers.

Police said initial suspicions arose when they saw the name “Santino D’Antonio” on the mafia boss package in the American action film John Wick.

Police intercepted the beans after being sent from Medellin in Colombia to Milan’s Malpensa airport.

The 2kg package contains 150g of cocaine powder.

It was addressed to a tobacco shop in Florence, with police following the package when it was sent and arresting a 50-year-old man when he appeared to retrieve it.

Italian police named their operation “Caffe ‘Scorretto” – Inappropriate Coffee – a drama about the name of the drink in the country called “” caffe’ corretto “- corrected coffee – which is espresso with a spark of Sambuca.


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Japan and Germany agree to work together on developing the COVID-19 vaccine | Instant News

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed Thursday to deepen cooperation in overcoming challenges posed by the global coronavirus pandemic, including the development of effective vaccines.

During the virtual summit, Abe and Merkel also vowed to work together towards the successful Group of Seven Summit, which is expected to be held from late August to early September in the United States, according to the Japanese government.

Abe told Merkel that Japan would contribute to the development and distribution of vaccines through the so-called ACT-Accelerator, said a senior Japanese government official.

ACT-Accelerator is a newly launched collaborative framework led by the World Health Organization to accelerate the development and distribution of drugs and vaccines for COVID-19.

The prime minister also said Tokyo was trying to improve the health care system in developing countries, including in Africa, and Merkel replied that Germany wanted to work with Japan for that purpose, the official said.

US President Donald Trump originally wanted to hold a direct meeting in the United States at the end of June, but Merkel was reluctant to attend in the midst of a pandemic. Other G7 members are Britain, Canada, France and Italy plus the European Union.

During the 35-minute talks on Thursday, Merkel asked Abe to ease travel restrictions imposed amid a virus outbreak and the Japanese leader said Tokyo would consider continuing the journey gradually after considering the infection situation, according to Japanese officials.

Japan has broad entry restrictions on travelers from 129 countries and regions including Germany.

Earlier this month, the European Union lifted travel restrictions imposed during a pandemic for Japan and 13 other countries.


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“Winter is coming,” warns UK experts COVID-19 | Instant News

Famous lines of “Game of Thrones“About approaching the dangers of this winter might prove accurate, say, scientists at a new report. The researchers stated that the second wave of infections could hit Britain this winter, and this would be worse than the first wave that claimed as many as 120,000 lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by acute coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) respiratory syndrome has gripped the world, and now experts warn that it is far from over. To date, the virus has infected 13.28 million people and claimed more than 577,000 lives worldwide.

Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 This transmission electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2 – also known as 2019-nCoV, the virus that causes COVID-19. isolated from a patient in the US, emerging from the surface of cells cultured in the lab. Images were captured and colored at NIAID’s Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML) in Hamilton, Montana. Credit: NIAID

Current status in the UK

To date, there have been 292,931 cases of SARS-CoV-2 detected in the UK, and the infection has caused 45,053 deaths in the country. Over time the death rate and new cases have declined in the UK, and in July to date, there were 1,100 deaths, the researchers said. However, there may be no room for complacency that they warn.

According to the nation’s scientific advisors from Academy of Medical Sciences, which was asked to predict using modeling analysis, the worst is yet to come.

worst-case scenario that makes sense for the winter COVID-19 epidemic in the UK.  This model assumes that Rt rises to 1.7 from September 2020 to July 2021. (A) daily infections, (B) COVID-19 deaths caused in hospitals (ie excluding care homes and over-deaths in the community), (C ) general beds are occupied and (D) critical care beds are occupied.  Solid lines show medians, dark bands interquartile range, and pale bands at credible intervals of 95% (CrI).

The worst worst case scenario for the winter COVID-19 epidemic in the UK. This model assumes that Rt rises to 1.7 from September 2020 to July 2021. (A) daily infections, (B) COVID-19 deaths caused in hospitals (ie excluding care homes and over-deaths in the community), (C ) general beds are occupied and (D) critical care beds are occupied. Solid lines show medians, dark bands interquartile range, and pale bands at credible intervals of 95% (CrI).

Predictions and warnings

37 researchers in the team say that winter deaths can range between 24,500 and 251,000 in hospitals in the UK. This will be related to coronavirus infection. Deaths can peak between January and February 2021, they speculate.

These figures are predicted in a scenario where there are no locks or drugs available to treat any infection or vaccine to prevent COVID-19. At present, there is no specific drug that can be used to treat COVID-19, and the treatment is mainly supportive and symptomatic.

Around 120 vaccine candidates are currently undergoing clinical trials in various parts of the world, including one promising agent tested by Oxford researchers. However, nothing is available for use in humans.

Lockdown is the total closure of offices, businesses, schools and public transportation to break the transmission chain. The predicted number of deaths does not take into account locking, availability of effective drugs or vaccines during this winter.


This report was requested by the chief British scientific advisor, Sir Patrick Vallance. The researchers write, “Risk … can be reduced if we take action immediately.” The actual status of a pandemic during winter is uncertain. However, what is clear is that the virus can survive better during winter and thus can spread easily among people who are trapped indoors during winter. The report states, “In cold, rainy or windy weather people are reluctant to open windows because they make cold winds and therefore they often have lower ventilation rates in winter. This can be a special challenge in modern airtight buildings that have a high level of infiltration very low for energy efficiency and for low income people who are trying to keep down heating costs. “

Burden on the health system

Thus, COVID-19 has a high level of infectivity but a low risk of complications and death. Only a small proportion of people – especially the elderly and those who suffer from other diseases, are at risk of complications.

These people may need intensive care and ventilation and are more at risk of dying. However, the spread of massive infections can also lead to extraordinary health care systems. This has been seen throughout Europe and in the United States for the past few months.

The NHS, too, is under pressure to meet the needs of thousands of patients. With the reduced number of COVID-19 cases, there has been a revival of flu cases and non-COVID-19 cases, the researchers explained.

The second wave of coronavirus infections can stretch the system to its capacity, they speculate. They say that there is a waiting list of non-coronavirus cases and this could reach 10 million by the end of this year if the situation with COVID-19 continues to worsen.

Expert talk

Prof. Stephen Holgate, a breathing specialist from the University Hospital of Southampton NHS Trust, is the chair of this report. He said in his statement, “This is not a prediction – but it is a possibility. Modeling shows that deaths could be higher with the new wave of COVID-19 this winter. But the risk of this event can be reduced if we take immediate action.”

He said that at this time, the numbers were low, and this could be “a window of critical opportunity to help us prepare for the worst that winter can throw at us.”

Co-author Prof. Dame Anne Johnson, from the Academy of Medical Sciences, said in a statement, “Facing these potential challenges, and after a difficult year, it will be easy to feel hopeless and helpless. But this report shows that we can act now to change things for the better. “He said,” COVID-19 has not disappeared. We need to do everything we can to stay healthy this winter. “

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has assured that the government already plans to handle the second wave this winter. A government statement said, “We remain vigilant, and the government will ensure the resources needed to avoid the second peak that will flood our NHS.”

Recommendations for prevention of the second wave

The report’s authors have made certain recommendations for overcoming problems with the second wave of the pandemic.

  • They urged further testing for infections and intensive tracking of all contacts of infected people to prevent the spread of infection.
  • A broad campaign to get more people vaccinated against seasonal flu to reduce the burden of flu cases this winter
  • Prevent transmission of coronavirus infection to other patients by making the area “corona-free” in the hospital.
  • Availability of adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers to prevent infection and spread.

Window to act now

The researchers added that at present, many of these predicted figures are based on a modeling system, and if the parameters are changed slightly, the number of deaths and hospitalization can change significantly.

However, researchers urge the general public and policy makers to prepare for the worst case scenario while hoping for the best. “There’s a lot to do, and we don’t have much time to do it,” Johnson said. “A window to action now.”


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