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Dunedin residents get a surprise visit from sea lions in their backyard | Instant News

Mandy Wennekes had a horse roaming her property before – but never a sea lion. Photo / Provided

It’s not every day you look at your backyard and see huge sea lions just roaming around – but that’s what happened to Mandy Wennekes and her family yesterday afternoon.

A Dunedin resident said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a sea lion sitting in his yard.

“We’re just a little confused,” he said. “It’s not something we thought we would see.”

The family lived on Ocean Drive, very close to the beach, but this was the first time they had received a visit from a sea creature before.

“We’ve had horses emerge from shore before, by accident, because a wrong turn brought them into the property,” he explained, “but never sea lions.”

To reach their lawns, sea lions must go through three routes, including one up a steep hill.

The animal roamed for half an hour and didn’t seem bothered by the dog’s barking at him.

Hearing the noise from the dogs, her husband tried to see what the fuss was about. It was then that he saw a huge creature roaming their property.

“My husband tried to get closer to her and she started making noise so we stayed away from her.”

“I think they’re looking for a partner at the moment,” said Wennekes.

“All the females hide in the bush with their chicks.”

After about 30 minutes, the animal continued its journey, and was reportedly later seen back on the beach.

After posting a photo of his visitor to a local Facebook group, the residents of Dunedin were contacted by a member of the New Zealand Sea Lion Trust who clarified that the sea lion is over 10 years old and is male.

“What a wonderful visitor! I love how politely he sits on the fence. This big guy must be 10+ years old – that mane, wow – and that’s what we call a beachmaster,” Jordana, of the Sea Lion Trust, said citizens.

“I’m a little surprised that this guy is in Otago and not in the Sub-Antarctic Archipelago who rules over a beach full of women! But also …. he really still looks like a big puppy to me! A very, very big puppy. once you enjoy a special meeting that will not happen anywhere in the world, “he added.


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The Dunedin woman lost $ 15,000 on a phone scam | Instant News

The 69-year-old woman was told that her Spark account had been hacked by a fake employee. Photo / Getty Images

One woman was scammed $ 15,000 by a telephone fraudster, triggering a stern warning to alert the public.

Sgt. Gemma McKenzie, from Dunedin, said the 69-year-old Dunedin woman was called on Friday night by someone claiming to be a Spark employee and told that her account was being hacked.

Personal information is obtained by callers.

When the woman checked her bank account afterward, she saw that $ 15,000 had been withdrawn without her consent.

Netsafe chief executive Martin Cocker said thousands of fraudulent calls were made and emails were sent across New Zealand every week.

“Unfortunately, this is very common.”

Educating people is important, as are the technological solutions used by banks to prevent con artists from accessing money.

It will be difficult for police to catch con artists, as many are based outside the country.

There is lots of advice on the Netsafe website to help people stop themselves falling prey to scammers, he said.

A police spokesman said multiple phone scams can occur nationwide at any one time and while some details vary, the general premise is the same.

Often times, callers will suggest the person’s account has been hacked or that their internet will be cut, and ask for personal information to fix the problem.

People shouldn’t automatically trust someone over the phone or online they have never met. They should ask for credentials if someone says they’re from the business, and if the call looks suspicious, they should hang up immediately.

“Safeguard your personal details the same way you would your wallet and other possessions.

“And remember, if something looks or sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”


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Introducing Donnas Hot Rockers New Zealand | Instant News

Dunedin’s punk rock Hot Donnas recently released their latest EP, ‘The Adventures of E-WAN’, featuring the new single ‘Two Brains’, which sounded as scary as Nirvana overall.

“I wrote the hook for ‘Two Brains’ in my head at the end of a big night of foolishness, when I found myself facing a decision about what to do next,” said Jacob King of Hot Donnas.

“The main suggestion throughout the song is that whatever choice I make throughout my life, I will face the distressing pressures of good and bad influences; and be forever lost between the consequences of my judgment.”

Other highlights of ‘The Adventures of E-WAN’ include ‘Tube Socks’, ‘Miss Season’ and ‘Type A’.

Who is Hot Donnas … We’re four guys who need a good kick. Bad behavior and needs more practice. Even though we have a devastating attitude to rock music and want to see this through to the bittersweet end.

We sound like … Maybe a combination of Foo Fighters / Nirvana / Arctic Monkeys / RATM; unless it’s not prestigious enough. We love engaging and influential live rock shows and our music / sound has changed over the years to make this possible.

Our first show was … At a flat party at Leith River in Dunedin, even though Gene wasn’t there at the time.

Our first full band show was the 50th for mates dad’s in Wanaka; somehow we were given a new Mercedes van to drive. It was a really exciting start to what would be several years of very interesting and bullshit shows.

When did you assign a group name, and was it a unanimous decision? It’s a classic case of coming up with a silly name, and getting it to stick like glue.

Hot Donnas is made of the classic ‘That’ 70s Show ‘episode with Jake and his flatmates at the time, and once brought to the table we really have no other name to challenge it. Hot Donnas is unanimously a perfect match.

In our studio … Try and finish as many recordings as possible and be as productive as we can. We were all very poor, so time in the studio was precious.

If we could tour with anyone … That will be Darrans. We all promised them that after our first Australian tour with them we would come back and do it again. Between the two ribbons we can cause serious eardrum damage and that’s what we fight for. The more annoying the rock music is, the better.

Social media is … Something we share our antics with. @bayu_joo

My favorite app right now is … Maybe it should be Reddit. There’s everything you need there from entertainment to news to interesting facts.

Until now, our most embarrassing moment was the moment … We were excluded from our own show. It is actually an interesting story that we may never share with the media, just because of the nonsensical arguments we have to hear from the venue and their arrogant behavior.

We strongly object to being bullied in that way by venues or promoters, so we happily turn the show into a nightmare for them. I think lessons are learned. Apparently there is no peeing on the grass.

Life on the street can … Dangerous and adventurous. We never knew what we were going to do on tour because we could hardly plan our day well let alone a tour.

We never know what to expect when the four of us get together in a strange city, because unexpected events tend to happen whether it’s missing a flight or being stranded on the road – it can never guarantee that we will get to our destination smoothly, but we can always count on us. to come to the show.

If you’re going to ask us on your bill, all we’re asking is for our motorists to contain … We love it – a bottle of gin and juice is all you need.

The scariest scenario we come across in … Lost our flight during our first NZ tour – manage bank accounts well.

What kind of celebrity / famous person would you like to be a band spokesperson for … Chabuddy G. Not all heroes wear robes.

If you had to live in a city overseas, where would you choose and why? There aren’t many cities I want to live in right now, but I’ve heard that Tokyo is good this time of year.
Three people you want to invite to the dinner party … Chabbudy G, MC Grindah, and Daryl Tuffey. If you haven’t seen the Netflix show ‘People Just Do Nothing’, that will explain the first two.

Daryl Tuffey is a New Zealand cricketer who arguably beat the worst in cricket history after a big night around the corner – someone we’d love to have a beer with.

If we come to your place, what will you cook for us? Gene will cook the curry. He is very fond of spices.

No matter the cost please send me a case … Ice, cold beer.

Last time I saw the inside of the gym … Yesterday.

What is the one task you dislike the most … Washing the dishes, thank god for the dishwasher.

Do you have a phobia … We’re actually quite open to a lot of things. There hasn’t been any experience where we’ve encountered a phobia in the band, so I don’t think it’s coming up yet.

Have you been on a reality show? It’s simply ‘People Do Nothing’. Best reality television ever made.

If you could prank one of your friends, who would you be targeting, and how would you take them down? Gene (bass player), and with a simple straight tackle through the middle.


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