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Revealed: Plans to hijack Prince Philip during a visit to New Zealand | Instant News

The Duke of Edinburgh, HRH Prince Philip, gets off the tractor trailer, with Roy Day, left, Alistair Mackintosh [top right] and Wayne Carlton. Photo / Lincoln College

Prince Philip was “hijacked” from his Rolls Royce on his way to Lincoln College while visiting New Zealand.

However, the police and the security team themselves were not only aware of the plan – they helped facilitate it.

It was 1973 and the Queen’s husband was about to visit the university when her motorcade was intercepted by a group of students and she was put into a tractor and trailer that had hay bales and pitchforks on it.

It was a joke some students had dreamed of – and Prince Philip happily played together.

“Duke came to visit Lincoln College because he had a pretty strong interest in agriculture,” former student Alastair Mackintosh told the Herald.

“Some of us got together and thought it would be great if we plowed it with tractors and trailers and hay bales, and brought it to Lincoln.”

The journey is only about 500m, but getting tick marks by officers is no easy task.

After several meetings with the police chief, they were finally given the green light.

“We met Duke on the main road to Lincoln and he was riding our trailer with hay bales … when Prince got out of his Rolls Royce, his bag fell onto the road, I said, ‘I hope your lunch isn’t here.’

“We drove him to Lincoln and he chatted with us like a nice man.”

Others include Roy Day, the late Hughes “Blue”, Hugh Gardyne and Wayne Carlton.

However, Mackintosh said that it was not the tractor ride that surprised the officials, but rather his partner, the late Bernie Davidson, who was wearing a long jacket and pink coat, pretending to be Prince.

Davidson’s son, James, today shared the group’s revelry on social media, complete with some photos from the university collection.

Their plan was set in motion to intercept the Prince’s motorcade which would have him loaded onto tractors and trailers and taken to where a group of delegates awaited.

Mackintosh is one of the friends in the trailer, who they dump with a haystack, also using it as Prince’s step to get down and up.

“I actually talked about that this morning,” said Mackintosh when he was approached by the Herald this afternoon to elaborate on the story.

Prince Philip chatted with Lincoln College students Roy Day, "Blue" Hughes, Hugh Cardyne, Wayne Carlton and Alistair Mackintosh [obscured].  Photo / Lincoln College
Prince Philip chats with Lincoln College students Roy Day, Hughes “Blue”, Hugh Cardyne, Wayne Carlton and Alistair Mackintosh [obscured]. Photo / Lincoln College

But there is another pair – Davidson – doing more damage.

Dressed in a hat, dinner jacket and tie, and pink trousers, Davidson drove Austin with the words “Britannia Wagon”, in front of the Duke’s vehicle, with it stopping in front of a waiting officer.

“Bernie, he’s a big big guy with red hair and so they got this old Austin and had a chauffeur and they came screaming in … and Bernie came out and he got this umbrella, top hat, dinner jacket and tie.

Prince Philip with Alistair Mackintosh in a trailer decorated with hay bales as he is transported to Lincoln College in 1973.Photo / Lincoln College
Prince Philip with Alistair Mackintosh in a trailer decorated with hay bales as he is transported to Lincoln College in 1973.Photo / Lincoln College

“They couldn’t do anything, really … she shook hands with all of them, said something, then she walked back to the carpet and they dashed off.

“Bernie is such a character, he’s very dry.”

It was then that the Duke of Edinburgh was brought in by tractor. The only condition of his security team was that he had to sit on a blanket – so he wouldn’t get hay in his pants.

He said those involved in the joke, apart from the late Davidson and Hughes, were still talking about it at their five-year reunion, a topic that is sure to come up again when it’s time to reunite in two years.

“He’s a nice guy, to be honest. He’s great, he really is, he thinks it’s a good joke, a nice touch.”

Bernie Davidson stops the Duke's official procession to shake the hand of waiting officials at Lincoln College.  Photo / Provided
Bernie Davidson stops the Duke’s official procession to shake the hand of waiting officials at Lincoln College. Photo / Provided


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Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins announces engagement during a tour of New Zealand | Instant News

The Wiggles star has announced his engagement in the middle of a tour of New Zealand. Photo / Provided

Yellow Wiggle’s Emma Watkins recently announced that she is engaged in the middle of a New Zealand tour with fellow Wiggles.

The 31-year-old confirmed the news on Instagram on Monday evening, posting a picture next to musician and Wiggles bandmate Oliver Brian showing off his engagement ring.

“When life is getting more sparkling,” he wrote in the caption.

Watkins confirmed his romance with Brian, who plays the banjo for the group, in December 2019, telling Stellar magazine: “Yes, I’m in love and I feel really excited to tell you.”

Watkins revealed that he and his new lover had worked together for four years before he asked her out to dinner, describing him as her “opponent”.

“He is a very calm and wise person and I am always interested in his thoughts and views on life, and his morals. He likes to talk about the environment and food production.”

The engagement came three years after she split from Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie.

Watkins and his highly publicized co-star Gillespie made dominated headlines in August 2018, but the two have remained close friends and co-stars since their marriage broke up.

At the time, Gillespie said that they were best friends – “we always were, that’s how it started”.

She said they were like any other couple and had just realized they had reached a dead end in their seemingly perfect relationship.

“To be able to realize as a couple that we are going different paths and to stay close to us is clear evidence, I think, for both of us,” he told the publication.

“I love him now more than anything and he loves me more than anything.”

Watkins told Australian Story that year that there was a growing realization between him and Gillespie that “romantically, our friendship doesn’t work that way”.

Gillespie himself replied to Watkins’ post on Monday night with a row of purple love hearts and wrote: “Love you guys”.


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Robber killed, others arrested during a robbery in Karachi – Crime | Instant News

Published in 18 March 2021 16:40

Robber killed, others arrested during a robbery in Karachi

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Two robbers were injured in a shooting by a resident while looting in the city of Shah Latif, an area in Karachi.

According to the police, the two defendants came to carry out the robbery at the Estate Agency in Shah Latif City. The owner opened fire on the defendant, injuring both defendants.

Allegedly injured Shabbir died en route to hospital while accused Rana Aziz was transferred to hospital in critical condition. Two pistols were found from the defendant.


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New Zealand Country Games celebrates a record-breaking weekend | Instant News

Steve Hollander, Riki Paewai, Kris Richards and Margaret Kouvelis. Photo / Provided

Te Marae o Hine Palmerston Square North hosted the record-breaking event during this weekend’s New Zealand Ford Ranger Country Match.

About 42,000 people attended the three-day event where athletes competed in a variety of rural sports, including chopping wood, shoveling coal and shearing sheep.

However, it was the boot throwing and egg throwing and catching that ultimately broke New Zealand’s record.

Riki Paewai and Kris Richards set a new record for New Zealand Throw and Catch at 66.3m – the first time it was broken since 2016.

The pair surpassed the 2016 record of Brent Newdick and Luke Wainui of 63.7 m with a large 2.6 m.

Meanwhile, New Zealand women’s shoe-throwing champion Kristin Churchward beat her Kiwi record by throwing 36.88m.

The previous record was 34.45m, which was set in Queenstown in 2016.

New Zealand Country Games founder Steve Hollander said it was a “fantastic” weekend for country sports.

“The sun was shining all weekend, and we were lucky enough to see two New Zealand records being broken.”

The weekend also succeeded in introducing this year’s focus on introducing young people to rural careers and sports, said Hollander.

“As of Friday, we have 420 students attending the Westpac Agri Futures inauguration, and another 240 students competing in the Allflex Clash of the Colleges. We want to introduce a youth focus on encouraging young people in rural careers and rural sports.”

The Stihl Timbersports Championship is also held over the weekend, with women, men and rookies competing to represent New Zealand in international championships.

“It’s great to have more wooden sports competitors at the Olympics, especially young and female competitors alongside men – the public can see a high level of professionalism in this sport’s code,” Hollander said.

A one-hour television program will air on TV3 on March 27 at 5 pm.

Curly Troon and Kristin Churchward.  Photo / Provided
Curly Troon and Kristin Churchward. Photo / Provided

New Zealand Ford Ranger Country Game Results

Stihl Timbersports

• 1st Men’s Championship: Jack Jordan – 75 points

• 2nd Men’s Championship: Kyle Lemon – 62 points

• 3rd Men’s Championship: Jason Wynyard – 58 points

• 1st Women’s Championship: Kylea Heaton of Hamilton

• 2nd Women’s Championship: Raewyn Windley of Hamilton

• 3rd Women’s Championship: Emma Shaw of Leeston

• First Newcomers Championship: Brad Pako from Dunedin

• 2nd Rookies Championship: Cleveland Cherry of Spinuru

• 3rd Rookies Championship: Michael Trow of Hamilton

Speed ​​Fence

• First Championship: Tony Bouskill

• 2nd Championship: Team Garrick

• 3rd Championship: Bradley Fountain

• First Fighter: Jared Nicolson

• 2nd shooting: Hayden Walton

• Battle 3: Troy Brooky

Teenage Secondary Shooting

• First team: Rathkeale College

• 2nd Team: Feilding High

• 3rd team: New Plymouth Boys

• First Individual Quality Barber: Michael Buick, Rathkeale College

Sam Strahan’s Memorial Sheep Dog Trial Challenge

• First team: Jo Waugh, Bex Scragg, Kathryn Oliver, Robyn Stephens

• 2nd Team: Paul Evans, Guy Peacock, Bruce Parkinson, Matthew McMurray

New Zealand Skellerup Gumboot Throw Championship

• Men’s 1st prize: Kieran Fowler – 47.31m

• 2nd son: Stu McNie – 46.63m

• 3rd son: Craig Manson – 46.50m

• 1st daughter: Kristen Churchward – 36.88m – New Zealand record

• 2nd daughter: Dell Adams – 31.62m

• 3rd daughter: Janey Harrison – 29.94m

New Zealand Catch and Egg Throw Championship

• 1st place: Riki Paewai and Kris Richards – 66.3 million

• 2nd place: Jeremy Price and Jacob Smith – 45m

• Third: Robbie Hollander and Jack Taylor – 40m

Battle of the Sexes Speed ​​Tree Climbing

• First team: Women – Stephanie Dryfhout, Sami Baker, Nicala Ward-Allen, Chrissie Spence – 310 points

• 2nd Team: Boys – Dom Ritter, Sam Smith, Sam James, Jack Taylor – 296 points

• Footlock First Man: Sam James – 13.7s

• First Women’s Footlock: Nicala Ward-Allen – 15.4s

• First Person Workclimb: Sam Smith – 66.33s

• First Women’s Workclimb: Chrissie Spence 68.00s

Southern Hemisphere Highlands Championship

• First: Craig Manson

• Second: Ruben De Jong

• Third: Andrew Wain

Shearing Speed

1st Jack Fagan: 47.34 (two sheep)

2nd Jimmy Samuels 49.52 (two sheep)

• 3rd Paerata Abraham 20.04 (one sheep)

Coal Shovel

• First team: Worn Out Old Buggers – 11.65s

• Men’s Doubles 1st: Royce Green and Wayne Keown – 15.09s

• Women’s Doubles 1st: Dell Adams and Kristen Churchward – 19.86 seconds

• Men’s Singles 1st: Royce Green – 24.63

Getting ready

• First: Penny Boyle

• Second: Andre Poutama

• Third: Melissa Lammas

Speights – Bill Tapley Memorial Cow Pat Throw in collaboration with FFNZ Manawatu Branch

• 1st son: Riki Paewai – 42.22m

• Both Sons: Luke Wainui – 40.12m

• 3rd son: Tangaroa Walker – 36.03m

• 1st place under 12: Camden Bolton – 26.35m

• Second place under 12 years of age: Rupert Smith – 25.85 million

Cow Pat Throw – Saturday

• 1st son: Luke Wainui

• 2nd son: Jeremy Price

• 3rd son: Riki Paewai

• 1st daughter: Maddie Bell

Human and Mutant Race

• First: Luke Watts and Max from Whanganui

• Second: Josh Wilkinson and Lilly from Fitzherbert

• Third: David Reesby and Bo from Marton

Russian Egg Roulette

• 10.00: 1st Michelle Smith, 2nd Jacob Smith

• 12.00: 1st Christina Gee, 2nd Toot Hotel

• 14.00: 1st Brandon Brooks, 2nd Dylan Muidie

Allflex Clash of the Colleges

• Juniors 1st: Palmerston North Boys High School Team 51 – 92 points

• Junior 2nd: Feilding High School Team 17 – 90 points

• Juniors 3: Feilding High School Team 8 – 89 points

• Senior 1: New Plymouth Boys Middle School Team 44 – 112 points

• Senior 2: Wairarapa College Team 23 – 108 points

• Senior 3: Build 7 Middle School Team – 105 points

• The best team to throw Gumboots: Palmerston North Boys High School

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Covid 19 coronavirus: Benedict Cumberbatch thanked New Zealanders for their hospitality during the lockdown | Instant News

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch said he was “blessed” to spend time in New Zealand with his family, including his elderly parents.

The actor spent level 4 standby time in New Zealand last year after accidentally getting caught in a border closure while working on a film in the country.

Cumberbatch was in New Zealand filming The Power of the Dog with Kiwi filmmaker Jane Campion when the country was locked in March last year.

Benedict Cumberbatch said he was very "lucky" to spend time locked in New Zealand with his family.  Photo / Getty Images
Benedict Cumberbatch said he was “fortunate” to spend time in New Zealand with his family. Photo / Getty Images

He said he was lucky to be “trapped” in New Zealand with his family.

“We are very blessed to be there … Very, very lucky,” he told Newshub.

The actor revealed that he spent time in the country with his wife, three sons and his parents, who are in their 80s.

“By then it was too late to take the risk of going home. My parents are with me in their 80s, and my father has severe asthma … and my three sons and my wife, our very cheerful bunch. We couldn’t had a more fortunate situation, we were very lucky and I just hugged them close to me, “actor Doctor Strange added.

“We couldn’t land in a more fortunate situation,” he said.

The actor, now back in London, can’t say enough good things about Kiwi hospitality.

“One of your greatest national traits – if I dare to analyze it – is your hospitality, your hospitality, your open concern for all entrants. We feel very, very honored to be in your company, we really do, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart, “he said during a video interview.


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