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Rugby league: New Zealand Warriors star Addin Fonua-Blake will be sidelined with injury | Instant News


Warriors Prop Addin Fonua-Blake talks about his move to the Warriors. Video / Provided

Defeated New Zealand’s Warriors will likely be without the services of star buffer Addin Fonua-Blake on Friday when they take on the Manly Sea Eagles.

The Warriors’ off-season marquee signing limped off with an unspecified knee injury in the 14th minute as the team lost 32-12 to the Roosters on Sunday night and coach Nathan Brown is not optimistic about his chances of making it onto the pitch. again in five days.

“Very unlikely in a short turnaround,” said Brown. “I don’t know how things are going, have to hope it’s only minor and he doesn’t lose too much. We’ve got some people injured.”

Rower Bayley Sironen is also seen with his hands on his sash during a rooster match.  Photos / Photosport
Rower Bayley Sironen is also seen with his hands on his sash during a rooster match. Photos / Photosport

Not only will Fonua-Blake’s loss deny the Warriors some important momentum going forward – his ability to collect the post-contact meter and get the ball off the top shelf – it also denies league fans the chance to see the big man’s first game with his. old club since signing with the Warriors.

The move appears to be a wise move by Fonua-Blake with the Sea Eagles languishing at the bottom of the ladder, winless after four games and averaging just 8.5 points per game.

The fact that Manly’s side also suffered their worst home defeat in history – a 46-6 loss at the hands of Penrith Panthers – and facing fresh injuries to Morgan Boyle and Moses Suli means the Warriors’ job is somewhat easier, but also nothing worse than stumbling against a team that is different. definitely determined to get back up.

The soldier supporting Addin Fonua-Blake rested his injured knee when his team lost to the Roosters.  Photos / Photosport
The soldier supporting Addin Fonua-Blake rested his injured knee when his team lost to the Roosters. Photos / Photosport

Warriors coach Nathan Brown said he was generally satisfied with the team’s performance during the first month of the season but knows the learning curve remains steep.

“We’ve had four games, two good wins and two defeats,” said Brown following the defeat to the Roosters. “It was a very tight match against the Knights, maybe 50-50, but today we were beaten by a good team. They clearly showed that we have some work to do to get where we want to be.”


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An early SpaceX engineer crawls inside a rocket that explodes on a jet in mid-air to save the company | Instant News

  • SpaceX nearly ran out of cash in 2008 and had one last chance to launch a rocket into orbit.
  • The remaining rocket began to explode as it flew over a C-17 jet, according to a new book.
  • So an engineer Zach Dunn crawl inside the rocket to stop it from collapsing and save SpaceX.

SpaceX nearly died aboard a C-17 jet over Hawaii.

In 2008, before the company successfully launched a single rocket, two dozen SpaceX engineers were transporting it Eagle 1 rocket to Hawaii in an Air Force jet. From there, a barge will carry it to the company’s launch facility in the Marshall Islands for one more launch. It was the company’s last chance: If this fails, SpaceX will be finished.

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But just as the jet descended before landing, SpaceXers heard “a loud, terrible popping sound,” according to a new book by Eric Berger, a journalist and senior space editor for Ars Technica. The rocket exploded due to a pressure imbalance. So Zach Dunn, one of SpaceX’s newest engineers at the time, crawled into his stomach. His quick fix saved the company – and possibly his own life. Berger’s Book “Liftoff“describes this moment and other wild events from SpaceX’s early years – including the construction of a launch pad on a desert island, a mutiny by engineers trapped on the island without food, and the scramble to send commercial rockets into orbit.

SpaceX finally reaches orbit on a rocket that nearly collapses in midair.

SpaceX engineers face a mid-flight emergency

In September 2008, SpaceX was almost out of money, according to Berger’s book. The company has failed in all its attempts to launch the rocket into orbit, so it has not won any contracts. Musk ran out of money to pump into SpaceX and Tesla, both of which failed when the recession hit. SpaceX has enough resources for just one more launch attempt, the book says.


Musk gave his engineers six weeks for a final attempt, Berger wrote. When they were ready to transport the Falcon 1 rocket from California to the Marshall Islands, engineers boarded the C-17 jet at Los Angeles International Airport. During the first few hours of their flight to Hawaii, they sailed smoothly over the Pacific, kicking back into the cargo compartment seats surrounding the rocket. Someone broke a guitar, according to the book.

But as it descended, loud popping and pinging could be heard throughout the cargo area as dents appeared along the rocket’s body. The engineers realized that the liquid oxygen fuel tank did not have enough air to compensate for the pressure changes as the jet descended. The tank was essentially “breathing through a straw,” Berger wrote.

As the pressure in the cargo jet space increased relative to the pressure inside the rocket fuel tank, the Falcon 1 began to collapse.

“The first thought I had was that this thing would explode and recover,” Anne Chinnery, who was managing SpaceX’s launch operations at the time, told Berger. “And that’s going to kill all of us sitting next to the rocket in the jump seats of the plane. So I jumped up and told everyone to get to the front of the rocket.”

Dunn, who joined SpaceX as an apprentice in 2006 and quickly rose to become a propulsion engineer, was about to save the rocket, its engineers, and SpaceX itself.

In the belly of the beast

An early SpaceX engineer crawls inside a rocket that explodes on a jet in mid-air to save the company
Zach Dunn, a former senior engineer at SpaceX, now works for Relativity Space, a 3D-printed rocket startup.Zachary Dunn / Space of Relativity

An engineer asks a jet pilot to fly the plane higher, where the air pressure is lower. But the pilot had enough fuel to circle the base just one more time before landing. According to Berger, what SpaceX engineers bought for about 10 minutes.

They cut into the psychiatrist’s package that had been wrapped around the rocket and found the C-17’s onboard tool kit.

Dunn told engineer Mike Sheehan to grab his ankle and pull it out if the rocket started exploding, according to the book. He rocked onto the Falcon 1 interstage – the passage between the large base of the rocket, which propels it through the air, and the smaller section that continues into orbit.

In the darkness of Falcon 1’s stomach, Dunn crawled towards the liquid oxygen tank, rocket parts sharply scraping his back. He reached the large pressure line to the fuel tank, opened it with a wrench, and heard hiss of air rush in, according to the book. Then he called Sheehan to help him. “Sheenhan took this as a cry for help, pulling Dunn out of the way across a knot of pressure lines and valves,” wrote Berger. “It hurt a lot, but Dunn found that his efforts were paying off.”

SpaceXers returned to their seats, and the rocket floated back in front of them as the jet descended into Hawaii.

The rocket launch that saved SpaceX

Despite surviving the flight, Falcon 1 was damaged by the explosion. With a week remaining, Berger wrote that the SpaceX team rushed to dismantle, replace the damaged part, fix another, and replace the rocket.

An early SpaceX engineer crawls inside a rocket that explodes on a jet in mid-air to save the company
Falcon Rocket 1.SpaceX

Then on September 28, Falcon 1 roared to life on Omelek Island, withdrew from the ground, and flew into orbit.

In the control room, the team members “just exploded,” said Dunn Berger. “We were totally wild. We were all jumping up and down. Hugging each other. Shouting. It was a true celebration,” he added. SpaceX has proven it rocket can get out of this planet. After that, the company collected enough contracts to keep the funds flowing.

Dunn stayed at SpaceX for another decade, eventually becoming senior vice president of production and launch. Last year, he left SpaceX to oversee manufacturing at Relativity Space, a startup that hopes to automate the production process for rockets with 3D printing.


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Illawarra Hawks beat New Zealand Breakers in the NBL Cup | Instant News

The Illawarra Hawks have made their first NBL Cup win after overcoming the disappointing New Zealand Breakers to record a 102-88 win.

The Hawks dominated the opening game of Monday’s double header at Melbourne’s John Cain Arena thanks to a strong defensive effort and hot shots from long range, Brian Goorjian’s side finishing with 16 three-pointers on the night.

Tyler Harvey (22 points) and Justinian Jessup (20) each made four triples while Cam Bairstow scored 3-for-3 from outside the line en route to 17 points.

The Hawks led 54-40 at half-time then answered New Zealand’s every challenge to ensure there would be no repeat of their second-half defeat against Cairns in Saturday’s NBL Cup opener.

“The big thing I like about this group is going through adversity – we went through a lot of losing styles … disappointments – but individually and as a team these guys carry on with it the next day and keep trying to move forward during these challenging times. , “said the Goorjian.

New Zealand are hoping to use their maiden NBL Cup appearance as a turning point for their season, having lost four of their opening five games to sit two wins adrift at bottom.

But the Breakers exposed a series of mishaps in the second quarter, resulting in a 33-19 surge from Illawarra and a 14-point lead in the first half.

“The second quarter hurt us terribly,” said Breakers coach Dan Shamir after his squad gave up 12 turnovers which resulted in an immediate 18 points for the Hawks in that period.

“We came with the right mentality and attitude, but we broke serve very easily in the second quarter … another tough day.”

The Breakers closed the margin to nine points towards the end of the third stanza but luck was in the Hawks’ favor when Jessup’s three goals tallyed despite appearing to be let go after shot time.

Bairstow and Harvey quickly added three points as the lead ended at 81-64.

Corey Webster led the Breakers with 22 points and Tai Webster added 20, while American Colton Iverson had the most rebounds (17) of any player this season.

New Zealand took a hit in the third quarter when Lamar Patterson limped off with a knee injury, leaving the All-NBL First Teamer twice in the race to be fit in Thursday’s clash with the Sydney Kings.


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WRAPUP 1-COVID-19 vaccine lands in Australia, New Zealand, inoculation begins | Instant News

Australia and New Zealand have received their first delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine and will begin rolling out inoculations in the coming week, while the cities are densely populated Melbourne and Auckland remains locked after the emergence of new cases.

“That Eagle has landed, ” Australian Minister of Health Greg Hunt to reporters on Canberra on Monday as the first shipment of 142,000 doses of the vaccine developed by Pfizer Inc and BioNTech Germany landed. Vaccination in Australia will start from February 22nd.

In New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the first batch of Pfizer-BioNTech’s 60,000 vaccines had arrived and would undergo security checks before border workers began receiving vaccinations from Saturday. “This will be the largest full-scale vaccination campaign in the history of this country,” Ardern the word.

“We’ve bought enough vaccines to cover all New Zealanders and do it for free. That includes everything in it New Zealand regardless of their visa status, ” Ardern the word. The two countries had a rapid lockdown in densely populated cities after a cluster emerged from quarantine hotels on Melbourne and as New Zealand authorities are investigating how a strain of a highly transmissible British variant was found in three members Auckland family.

Victoria, Australia’s second most populous state, reported one new case on Monday, bringing the total in the cluster linked to quarantine hotels to 17.The most recent was the mother of a three-year-old who tested positive the day before. . Leader of Victoria said it was too early to say whether the five-day lockdown would end as planned on Wednesday evening. More than 6 million people are required to stay at home except for shopping and essential work, care and outdoor sports.

That Australian Open tennis tournament, held in the state capital Melbourne until February 21, has banned spectators until late closing. Across the Tasman Sea, nearly 2 million Auckland residents were thrown into a new three-day lockdown on Sunday, prompting Australia to suspend the travel bubble with New Zealand.

The Auckland lockdown is the first in six months New Zealand, after violent blackouts at the start of the pandemic it appears to have eliminated most of the local transmission. New Zealand was named the best performing country among nearly 100 in the index by Australia’s Lowy Institute based on coronavirus containment.

Australia comes in at number 10 as border closings and lockdowns in both countries have managed to contain the spread. New Zealand has reported 2,330 confirmed and probable cases since the start of the pandemic, including 25 deaths. That compares to just under 29,000 cases and 909 deaths in Australia.

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse staff and is generated automatically from a syndicated feed.)


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NFL plans to hold London games this year if provided coronavirus is safe | NFL News | Instant News

The NFL still hopes to host games in London in 2021 but the final decision will depend on coronavirus; four regular season games were held in London last year but were canceled due to the pandemic; Wembley Stadium and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium are ready to host the match

By PA Media

Last Updated: 04/02/21 10:44 pm

The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will be ready to host games if that roster continues in 2021

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the league was planning international games in England to resume in 2021 but the final decision would depend on the fight against the coronavirus.

The cancellation of last season’s international roster – which will feature four regular season games played in London and one in Mexico City – was announced last May because of the global pandemic.

A similar fate may still await plans for the upcoming season, but Goodell said on Thursday he hoped the games, which generally take place in October, will continue.

“We are planning an international match in 2021, that’s the approach we will take,” he said.

“We will obviously stay in close contact with our partners in the UK and Mexico and ensure that we do it safely.

NFL Live

7 February 2021, 22:00

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“If at some point we don’t think we can execute him safely, we will make that decision.

“We hope to get back there and we plan for that and we will make that decision whenever we have enough information to do it.”

Harry Kane told JJ Watt that he still had the ambition to become an NFL kicker, but was focused on football

Harry Kane told JJ Watt that he still had the ambition to become an NFL kicker, but was focused on football

Games will be played at Wembley and Tottenham stadiums last year, but Goodell said there were concerns over the safety of bringing large round-the-clock parties and enforcing protocol in stadiums not under NFL control.

The cancellation means the first year since 2007 Wembley has not hosted at least one NFL regular season game.

Both Wembley and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will host matches if that roster continues in 2021.

The schedule for the 2021 season will be announced in the spring.

Goodell: More work needs to be done on head coach diversity

Roger Goodell said he was dissatisfied with this year’s head coach hiring cycle, a year after he pledged to increase diversity in his role.

Only one of the league’s vacant head coach positions has been awarded to an ethnic minority candidate this year, with the New York Jets hiring former San Francisco 49ers defense coordinator Robert Saleh.

Robert Saleh has joined the New York Jets

Robert Saleh has joined the New York Jets

The league unveiled plans in November to increase diversity among head coaches and executive staff.

“It’s not what we expected and it’s not what we expected going forward,” Goodell told reporters at the annual State of the League press conference ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs in Tampa, Florida.

“For us, we want to continue to look and see what is right, what is wrong,” he added. “It has to happen with individual discussions with candidates – both successful and unsuccessful candidates – of the club, and trying to understand exactly what is right and what is wrong.

“That’s not the result we wanted.”

Join us on Sky Sports NFL and Main Events from 10 p.m. on Sunday, February 7 for 90 minutes of building the LV Super Bowl with Kirk Cousins, Dallas Clark and Cliff Avril joining Neil Reynolds and company; Sky One will broadcast the game starting at 11pm.


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