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“Black Ops” Cold War’ player’s body was found outside of “Dreadful Machine” | Instant News

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  • “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” Zombie has another Easter egg
  • But the player must take some measures to discover it
  • “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” Season 1 is now live

“Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” players found an interesting Easter egg in the game’s “zombie” mode. The discovery is related to the huge terrifying creatures roaming in the woods of Die Maschine. Even for the most experienced players of the “Call of Duty” series of games, the appearance of monsters will undoubtedly make them shudder.

How to find monsters outside of “Death Machine”

Some players found that when playing “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War”, they only need to perform a few simple steps to find monsters. Zombie. Players need to enter the Dark Ether in round 45 or higher. After that, they should go to quickly rejuvenate the pond and look at the forest from a distance. After waiting for a few seconds, they will hear a hoarse voice and feel the ground shaking the walking monster.

On YouTube, “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” player and content creator Glitching Queen discovered that players can do more with this Easter egg. According to her, the player can change the creation route and force it into the Die Maschine map. However, after completing this operation, the player will no longer be able to fight because they will be trapped under the map.

Be prepared to return. Welcome to the first season of #BlackOpsColdWar. Available on all platforms on December 16. Photo: “Call of Duty” official YouTube channel

How to get monsters into the crash map

In order to do this, players need to enter the Dark Ether at the end of rounds 19, 29, 39, etc.Then they should continue hole puncher Area and survive for 115 seconds. If this operation is done correctly, the player will be trapped in the Pack-A-Punch area. They will feel the monster stepping directly on top of them.

When the pedaling stops, players can go to the Quick Revive Pond to get a free Max Ammo. Just like the Easter eggs in Dance of the Coffin, players must complete a mini-quest to get rewards. As Glitching Queen pointed out, the “maximum ammunition” part of the secondary mission is random and completely based on RNG. In other words, the player may be lucky or may not let the monster appear on the map.

Now, “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” can be played on various gaming platforms. This includes PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4 and PS5.


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PS5 Demon Soul Players are looting boletus in search of new coins | Instant News

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Screenshots: PlayStation Studios / Bluepoint Games / Kotaku

Rolling over fragile environmental objects is one of them soul The community’s favorite pastime.But in the new Demon Soul For the PlayStation 5 remake, this may actually be the secret to deciphering some lingering mysteries in the game.

Late last night, Demon Soul Discuss with Found a brand new item, A ceramic coin that can repair a small amount of HP, can only be found in the remake Fracture mode. Many people think that “fragmentation mode” is just a way to add fun to the game by reflecting the world, so this is a huge discovery, online detectives finally inferred that “ceramic coins” will only appear in fragile items, such as In boxes and jars. World trend (Change the game mechanics of the level according to your actions) At two extremes. And always in the same location.

As mentioned before soul in speedrunner Distortion2 the first of some Update In this regard, the most popular theory is that these ceramic coins are Demon Soul Remake last week.The blue dot game previously filled it The shadow of the colossus Remake Coins with unlocking new swords, So many players firmly believe that finding all the ceramic coins is the first step towards acquiring new, mysterious items behind locked doors.

Coins and doors also seem to have similar spiral patterns, indicating that there may be some connection. But just using the coin in front of the door has not produced any results.

Demon Soul So far, detectives have found that at least 10 ceramic coins have been thrown in the game world, although it is still unknown how many ceramic coins are there or what they need to be used for.

Investigations have shown that coins will accumulate and carry over during the game. If the player accidentally uses the coins, this may be a malfunction protection. Try to copy ceramic coins in a multiplayer game by throwing them to another player, disconnecting them, and converting them into broken coins, which seems useless at this time.And give ceramic coins Shiny crow, The NPC that trades the item with the player will cause her to simply return the item, but the positive message seems to indicate that she might accept it if certain other requirements are met.

The discovery that the mirror world contains strange new coins is the biggest discovery. Demon Soul Remake so far.Social media is flooded with topics about ceramic coins, and there are currently thousands of viewers watching soul Streamers like Elajaz, Distortion 2with Robles Search the game world and browse each fragile object in the path to try to find all the objects.Whether ceramic coins are related to the new hidden door remains to be seen, but for now, players are more willing to contribute to the chaos of Boletaria if it means obtaining attractive items (or items) They caught a glimpse of the other side.


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The Eternal Doom Patch adds a hidden reference to the popular VTuber | Instant News

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Screenshots: id Software/Bethesda/Kotaku, illustration: living

Kolon There are many things. She is a cute anime girl. She is a dog. She is one of the most popular VTubers, A subset of YouTube personality With whom to stream Avatar-On the Internet.Now she is an Easter egg Eternal doom.

Apply the latest Eternal doom Patch, players can find a unique new secret Press the chainsaw button four times (Square on PlayStation 4, X on Xbox One, and C on PC) and click on the game’s “Runes” menu.This brings a slightly changed version Eternal doom The logo, now displayed as “Doug Eternity“, referring to Korone and her fan base.

Recently, Korone has attracted attention to the stream She can speak english Struggling Super Mario Bros, But a few months ago, she swept YouTube in a 2016 show doom Reboot. The game’s excessive use of violence and cute, c-humorous avatars combine to produce some amazing compilations, many of which are called “Doog Slayer” by Cologne because of their cunning canine-tooth appearance.

I don’t want to like this, but if Korone can’t help but smile every time he uses BFG-9000 in the warehouse, damn it doom Or made a mistake Super Mario Bros Very like Those ones Protect the animals cross Starting earlier this year, there is something special about conflating cuteness with brutality.


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