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Get comfort in food: BGSU prof’s study links eating, stress, pandemics | News | Instant News

Comfort foods have become increasingly important during the Coronavirus pandemic and in her recent research, Lucy Long, Ph.D., has come up with some surprising ways that have helped relieve stress.

“I’m starting to see on traditional media and on social media that it is time for comfort food. A popular definition of comfort food is food eaten to relieve stress. We all face the stress of the pandemic. Otherwise, we are almost unconscious. So it makes sense, ”Long said. “Shouldn’t all food be comforting?”

Long is an adjunct professor at Bowling Green State University in American Cultural Studies and Tourism. He has received several grants for his work on an oral history project studying the role of comfort food during a pandemic through the Center for Food and Culture, which he founded.

This has led to a study called “How people use food to find comfort”.

“The basic idea is that food can connect us to other people and our past and our place. That sense of connectedness can give us comfort, help us feel grounded and like we have a place in the world, ”Long said.

This is not a scientific study, as it is based on self-selective questionnaires and interviews. Results and transcriptions are being archived in the middle.

The concept emerged from his 2017 book, which he co-edited with Michael Owen Jones, “Comfort Food: Meaning and Memories”. He was still promoting the book when the pandemic hit.

With a background in folklore, expertise in the sociology of food and recent books, he applied for a grant. Lama received enough – three small for a total of $ 3,700 – to provide an amount of honorarium to five graduate students he has worked on on a new project.

“The comfort food idea was developed by psychologists. It is a very American idea that you shouldn’t eat certain foods if they can make you fat, or not be good for you. So we needed a reason to eat it, “Long said. “People will say things like ‘Oh, I’m so bad. I eat french fries ‘or’ I feel sad, so I get a donut for myself. ‘We have to have a reason, so that we don’t feel like lazy and immoral people. “

People are feeling isolation from the coronavirus pandemic. And that gives people a reason to change their diet, Long said. When a pandemic occurs, it changes their behavior and attitudes about many things and food is no exception.

“A pandemic can be called a liminal state. That’s when all the rules got suspended. We don’t know what kind of new rules are and the old ones still exist, ”Long said. “So people really say things like, ‘Why should I worry about gaining weight?’ They suspended many of the usual rules about healthy eating. “

As the pandemic continues, people start trading recipes, but there are often ingredients that aren’t normally available.

“So people have to go to the store, and shopping might be scary,” Long said.

Making those comfort food then becomes a source of added comfort and stress. This resulted in a questionnaire called “Comfort / Discomfort Through the Food Route”.

So far they have surveyed about 70 people, mostly by individual interviews.

The interviewees had encountered many strategies to provide comfort, but the surprising and most popular result was that food itself was not the only comfort.

“It’s all about making you feel better. Many people find comfort in helping others feel better, ”Long said.

He added that many people say that providing food, through cooking for others, makes them feel part of something bigger.

As the pandemic continues, more and more people are taking part, both from within and outside the United States.

“I hope people will add to it, so we can get experiences from around the world,” Long said.

This research is getting more and more attention. Long has been a guest on podcasts, radio interviews, and workshops.


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Houston-based Mexican-Asian fusion food truck, Coreanos, will open a new location in Spring | Instant News

Coreanos – Houston’s favorite Mexican-Asian fusion food supplier – will open a new food truck in Spring in January.

The new food truck, located at 6880 Louetta Road in Spring, will operate every Monday to Sunday, 5pm to midnight.

The Houston-based food truck offers Mexican-Asian Fusion food, which earned truck national recognition in the Food Network’s “Unique Eats & Food Paradise”. Korean barbecue burritos, tacos, rice bowls, and kimcheese fries and quesadillas anchor the menu.

Fusion Concept operates multiple trucks in the Houston area and one in San Antonio.

The trucks at 6880 Louetta Road will have their grand opening on January 9 from 2pm to midnight. In honor of their opening, Coreanos will offer customers a 50% discount on their entire order.

For additional information, visit coreanostx.com.

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Inmates were hospitalized after ingesting the hallucinogen datura grown in Christchurch Women’s Prison | Instant News

Christchurch Women’s Prison has launched an operational review of the incident. Photo / RNZ

Three inmates at the Christchurch Women’s Prison were hospitalized after eating worms, licking spiders and consuming the hallucinogenic plant datura, which they found growing in the prison grounds.

Two of the women were so ill that they had to be hospitalized overnight, and the Department of Corrections is investigating how the hallucinogen, a tall shrub that also grows as a weed, grew in the prison.

All three have been accused of violations; but a mother of one of the women said they were “silly” and didn’t know what a plant was, and criticized Corrections for letting it grow there.

Prison director Deborah Alleyne said the three women had taken part in horticultural work at the prison on December 22.

They had been warned by the instructors earlier in the day after daring each other to “eat worms, lick spiders and taste plants,” Alleyne said.

After their lunch break, they were observed by staff to exhibit “related behaviors, including being imbalanced, confused and vomiting.”

The women were removed from work and seen by prison health staff.

The site was locked as a precaution and six staff accompanied them to the hospital.

One woman returned to the prison that evening where her health was monitored, but two were hospitalized overnight and discharged the following day.

There were no ongoing health issues for all of the prisoners involved, Alleyne said.

The women were interviewed and admitted to eating a variety of plants and insects, including plants of the datura species, a potent hallucinogen that can be deadly.

“The plant was removed from the tunnel house and immediately destroyed,” said Alleyne.

“Further checks have been completed across the grounds to ensure that no other similar plants are on site.”

Correction has launched an operational review to confirm how crops are grown in the field.

“The plant is a known weed and has been eradicated in the past few years from the prison grounds,” Alleyne said.

The women had been accused of offenses after the incident, but one of their mothers told the Herald they did not know they were taking hallucinogens.

She also questioned how Correction was able to let plants grow there, and criticized the department for not notifying her after her daughter was hospitalized.

“They didn’t know it was datura, thought it was just a flower, they didn’t even know what it was until afterward.

“They’re just playing games, challenging each other to do silly things.”

She only heard about the incident after her daughter recovered and called her, her mother said.

“He said he almost died, he vomited and his heart almost stopped. The prison has a health and safety responsibility, how could they let this happen? And then they didn’t even tell me that he was taken to the hospital. What are they going to do? have said if he died? “

Datura is one of New Zealand’s most dangerous plants.

It is sometimes eaten by people who want to experience hallucinations, which are caused by the strong alkaloid chemicals from plants.

But this drug has other side effects, including over-stimulating the heart and acting as a powerful muscle relaxant, which can be deadly.

In New Zealand, datura was responsible for entering intensive care, and indirectly caused at least two drowning deaths.

Alleyne said the women’s charges would be heard by an inquiry jury.

“If charges go ahead and they are found or pleaded guilty, they can be penalized with loss of privileges such as television or hobby material, forfeiture of income, or a period of cell confinement.

“Further action can be taken in response to the review’s findings.”

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The popular Houston food truck Twisted Grilled Cheese opens a new brick and mortar shop on Washington Avenue | Instant News

Twisted Grilled Cheese, a popular Houston food truck serving sticky grilled sandwiches, recently opened its first brick and mortar location on Washington Avenue.

Twisted Grilled Cheese at 5555 Washington Avenue operates Sunday through Thursday, 11am to 9pm, and Friday and Saturday, 11am to 10am

The brick-and-mortar location has an expanded menu and a full bar offering craft cocktails, according to the release. 13 gourmet sandwiches offer: Signature sandwiches including The 5 Cheese Pepperoni, The Smokehouse Brisket, The Buffalo Chicken, The Halal Philly Grilled Cheesesteak, The Halal Philly Grilled Chicken, and The Twisted Burger. The crowd favorite was followed by three newcomers “The Avocado BLT + E, The Tarragon Lobster, and The Smoked Salmon. Three new vegetarian sandwiches are also making their debut in new locations: The Truffle Mushroom, The Spinach & Artichoke, and The Eggplant Parmesan.

New desserts joining the menu include Cheesecake Donut Holes, Double Chocolate Chip Cookie, The Nutella Dessert Sandwich, and The Lemon-Berry Dessert Sandwich. Banana Split and Chocolate Chip Shakes.

Craft cocktails include Sassy Old Fashioned, Twisted Sweet Texas Tea, Creamsicle Martini, Candied Apple Martini, Peach Love & Happiness, Twisted Limeade and Twisted Margarita Rocks, and two “Adult Only” milkshakes, a Malt Chocolate Screwdriver and Berries and Cream.

The food trucks will continue to operate. It will circulate through several locations, including Power Center Food Truck Park, Galleria Food Truck Park, and Foodie Trucks Park in Katy.

For additional information, visit www.twistedgrilledcheese.com.

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Politan Row’s Rice Village food hall closes permanently after 1 year in business | Instant News

Rice Village food hall Politan Line has been closed permanently, the dining concept was announced at a statement on his Instagram page.

Luxurious food hall opened in November 2019 at 2445 Times Blvd, featuring a diverse collection of food concepts.

Politan Row opened about four months before the pandemic hit and was forced to temporarily close to comply with COVID-related restrictions imposed in restaurants.

Politan Row’s involvement in Paddy Village Rates for Treatment The program, a food donation campaign to feed healthcare workers at Texas Medical Center during the coronavirus pandemic, prompted food halls to reopen in mid-April.

The food hall announced its permanent closure on Friday.

“Politan Row Houston opened one year ago, giving us only 4 months to serve Rice Village before it had to close,” said the food hall. “We are closed because the pandemic is longer than the actual opening time. This timing is difficult, especially for a group of small business owners. “

Check out the overall Politan Row statement below:

“Politan Row Houston opened one year ago, giving us only 4 months to serve Rice Village before it was mandatory to close. We have been closed due to the pandemic longer than we actually opened. This time is tough, especially for a group of small business owners. We want to Many thanks to all the amazing customers who support us, our staff who have given 110%, and our talented group of entrepreneurs who develop interesting concepts within our walls.

“Politan Row Houston will unfortunately close its doors, but we want to encourage and support all food and beverage entrepreneurs who keep moving forward. Many of Politan Row are already developing new businesses designed to deal with the pandemic and beyond. Please consider belittling the chef owners who have worked tirelessly during this pandemic in their new venture. “

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