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Belarus demands Russian explanation of ‘Wagner mercenaries’ | Instant News

Thank you for reading the news about Belarus demanding Russia’s explanation of ‘Wagner mercenaries’ and now with the details

Jeddah – Yasmine El Tohamy – KARACHI: Every year leading up to the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, hundreds of Pakistanis visit the Shaikh Rafi shop on the busy Jin Jin Road in Karachi to buy prayer mats and ihram clothes, two pieces of fine cloth that Muslims wear during Hajj.

But not this year. Since last month’s announcement by Saudi authorities that the pilgrimage will be limited to several thousand pilgrims living in the Kingdom, to prevent the spread of coronaviruses, Rafi has spent days cleaning dust from unsold items as he anxiously waits for customers who never arrive . .

“This has been our routine for the past few months,” said Rafi, whose shop is in the Karachi Allahwala Market.

The plan for around 2.5 million Muslims around the world was canceled when this year’s pilgrimage was dramatically lowered. In Pakistan, nearly 180,000 people canceled their trips, and its influence on the country’s hajj industry 160 billion rupees ($ 1 billion) was devastating. Rafi’s shop is only one of at least 5,000 small businesses in Karachi that have been severely affected.

“Because of the Kingdom’s decision to postpone Umrah flights and limit hajj, almost all related businesses experienced a decline in sales,” he said. “We opened our shop hoping someone would come but that day ended without customers.

Wholesaler Muhammad Rizwan said: “Under normal circumstances, ordinary people buy prayer mats and hats, before or after performing the hajj or umrah, as gifts for their relatives and friends – but since they have been locked, the industry has been completely shut down.”

Traders said it was not only the lack of sales that caused the problem, but also delayed payments.

“There has been no business for about the past five months and our payments from retailers and shop owners who have bought on credit have been put on hold,” said Muhammad Hanif Katlia, a wholesale supplier of ihram clothing. “Many shopkeepers have failed to pay (because of their bills) and have not paid rent, and many have fled without paying what is due.”

Some factories that produce goods for the Hajj and Umrah industries have been forced to close down completely, work costs, while others have switched to producing other goods.

“Production has been stopped for the past five months and we have laid off workers,” said Jannat Gul, whose business produces ihram clothing and other hajj-related products. “There is no buying and selling, and borrowers have not paid back what they owe since Umrah was suspended because of a coronavirus.”

This year is the first time in the modern era that pilgrims from other countries are not permitted to enter Mecca. According to Pakistan’s Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, which oversees the country’s hajj arrangements, 179,210 Pakistanis have registered to attend this year: 71,684 with private tour operators and 107,526 through cheaper packages, supported by the government.

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Pakistan urges worshipers to buy sacrificial animals online to prevent Covid-19 surges | Instant News

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Nevin Al Sukari – Sana’a – People clean a bull before selling it on the cattle market, ahead of the Muslim Eid al-Adha sacrifice festival, in Karachi, Pakistan July 26, 2020. – Reuters pic

KARACHI, July 28 – The Pakistani government encourages people to buy sacrificial animals online or at least wear a mask when visiting the cattle market, fearing preparations for the Muslim Eid festival can reverse the decline in Covid-19 infection rates.

The social restrictions imposed by the government this year including half-day closures have caused a decline in customers in markets that are usually crowded, as in other Muslim countries, established in city centers in front of one of the most important Islamic festivals.

Karachi’s main cattle market, Pakistan’s largest city, is less busy on Sundays compared to previous years with only six days before the celebration, Reuters witnesses said. Trader Allah Ditta, who traveled hundreds of miles to sell his stock, told Reuters that his customers were almost half.

Most visitors derided the requirements for wearing masks, and many were accompanied by children who were banned this year.

“I don’t understand this coronavirus. I have not seen anyone dying from it, “said trader Muhammad Akram. “Look around you: Nobody wears a mask.”

Pakistan has reported more than 270,000 Covid-19 cases with nearly 6,000 deaths. New infections every day number below 1,200 on Sunday versus a peak last month approaching 7,000 around another festival, Eid.

“In the last four weeks there has been a significant slowdown in the spread of pandemics, with an 80 percent reduction in deaths,” State Minister for Health Zafar Mirza said on Sunday – three weeks after he himself tested positive for Covid-19.

“Eid al-Fitr last, because meetings increased, people traveled, and this interaction caused cases to escalate,” Mizra said. “People must take it very seriously and act responsibly. There is a possibility that the case will rise again, like Spain. ”

While market visitors have fallen, more people pay charity to slaughter cattle on their behalf and give their pieces to them or donate them to the needy.

Shakil Dehelvi, secretary general with the Alamgir Welfare Trust, said the charity had received a booking target twice as fast as last year. – Reuters

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‘Nothing is safe’ from COVID-19, Abhishek Bachchan said after a positive family test | Instant News

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Jeddah – Yasmine El Tohamy – KARACHI: Investigations into a spate of recent attacks in southern Sindh province have led Pakistani officials to believe there is an increasing connection between Sindhi separatists and militant groups from the rebellion-hit Balochistan province, officials with knowledge the investigation has been to Arab News.

However, experts warn that it might be too soon to assume “relationships” between groups.

Late last month, gunmen attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange building in the city of Karachi, the capital of Sindh, killing two guards and a policeman before security forces killed the four attackers.

Counterterrorism officials said that the attack had been claimed by the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), a separatist group from the southwestern province of Balochistan, which had been designated a terrorist organization by the US and European Union.

Just a few weeks earlier, three consecutive explosions killed four people, including two soldiers in Sindh. A shadowy separatist organization, the Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army (SRA), which wants the province to break away from the Pakistani federation, claimed responsibility for the attacks. This week, the SRA also claimed a grenade attack on a Karachi bakery where a retired paramilitary Rangers official was killed.

The SRA and two other Sindhi groups were banned by the government in May this year.

Speaking to the media after the attack on the stock exchange building, Sindh Rangers General Chair Omer Ahmed Bukhari said that the attack proved that “hostile intelligence agents” worked to establish “relations” between the rebel groups of Sindhi and Balochi, adding that he believed the investigation this time will prove this without a doubt.

In a statement emailed to the media after the stock attack, the BLA acknowledged that they had “full support” from Sindhi groups.

“Today both countries (Baloch and Sindhi) are fighting for the independence of their homeland against Pakistan,” the BLA statement said. “We have the full support of the Sindhi state in today’s attack, and that shows the strong bond of brotherhood between the two countries.”

Separatists have fought against security forces for years in Balochistan over what they see as an unfair exploitation of the province’s vast mineral wealth. The guerrillas also oppose – and attack projects related to – China’s Road and Belt infrastructure initiatives in the resource-rich province.

Pakistan regularly blames India for supporting Baloch separatists, a charge denied by Delhi.

Last month, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan told parliament that he had no doubt that India was behind the attack on the stock exchange building, which India immediately denied. Khan did not provide evidence of his allegations, but he said that there were intelligence reports warning of an attack in Pakistan and he had told his cabinet about the threat.

Sindhi separatists such as the Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army have carried out low-intensity attacks in the past, including blowing up railroad tracks. Their attack, however, was not as severe as what had happened in neighboring Balochistan where separatists attacked the Chinese consulate, a leading hotel chain and on many occasions killed security officers who patrolled the coastal highways.

Now, officials are worried that the Sindhi groups might be able to increase their capacity to carry out our deadly attacks with help from Baloch militants and other enemy groups.

“This could be a source of lawlessness in the future if this relationship is not broken,” said a police officer involved in the investigation “of possible links between Sindhi and Baloch rebel groups, supported by India.” He asked for anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media about this issue.

The police official said that Baloch groups already had “some ability” to carry out destructive attacks, “but once a nexus was present, it could also help the nationalists of Sindhi, and that was alarming.”

A senior intelligence officer, who also declined to be named, said there had been an increase in the frequency of attacks by Sindhi groups, which showed the fact that they might have more experienced helpers.

“An increase in capability (through links with Baloch groups) will only be proven if they launch more sophisticated attacks,” he said. “Law enforcement agencies are truly aware and alert of the dangers posed by the growth of this transportation.”

Raja Umar Khattab, a senior anti-terrorism officer in Karachi, said that while working with other groups could increase the nationalist capacity of Sindhi, he did not see the nexus posing a significant threat in the near future.

“Nexus can add to the sub-nationalist capacity of Sindhi,” Khattab said, “but they will not be able to create a great law and order situation because of the readiness of law enforcement agencies.”

Rangers chairman from Sindh also said that Baloch and Sindh separatists were ready to face the London faction of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), a Pakistani political party whose leader Altaf Hussain lived in exile in London.

“Hostile intelligence agencies are trying to establish cell liaison, sleeping cells and facilitators from the remaining (separatist) terrorist organizations, which include remnants of the MQM,” Bukhari said in a press conference after the stock exchange attack.

MQM, one of the most prominent political parties in Pakistan, consists mostly of descendants of Urdu-speaking Muslims who migrated to Pakistan around the time of the division of India in 1947.

Having been able to control the Sindh province with an iron grip, the party’s wealth has shrunk in recent years, especially since 2013 when the military launched a crackdown on criminal and militant groups when the murder rate surged and mutilated corpses were dumped in the hallway every day. Many saw the operation, based in Karachi, as an excuse to wrest control of the port city from MQM, an accusation denied by security forces.

While Karachi’s crime rate has dropped sharply and many local businesses have welcomed the operation, accusations of brutal and illegal methods remain.

The UN Working Group on Enforced Disappearance or Forced Disappearance in the past has referred many cases of illegal abductions of MQM workers to the Pakistani government, concluding the Rangers’ MQM “special targeting pattern”, which was denied by paramilitary forces.

Prior to the 2013 operation, law enforcement agencies and many Karachi residents accused the MQM of extorting, kidnapping, torturing and killing opponents and holding the city for ransom by carrying out mass strikes at will.

On Wednesday, Qasim Ali Raza of MQM denied that the party had links to separatists or attacks in Sindh and urged the country to stop the “blind and fraudulent” process of blaming the party.

Karachi-based political analyst Mazhar Abbas said that relations between the MQM and separatist groups, if any, would not work.

“MQM workers have not accepted an alliance with nationalist Sindhi (in the past),” he said, “they also will not accept the idea of ​​friendship today.”

Other analysts say that there is no “strong” evidence to claim the nexus exists.

“Politically, there is a closeness between Sindhi and Baloch nationalists, but speaking of military relations, people need to have strong evidence,” said Sohail Sangi, a Karachi-based analyst who is closely watching separatist groups.

However, Anwar Sajjadi, a security analyst based in Quetta, said that he believed that a developing nexus was a possibility, and added that it was no coincidence that the Sindhi groups had recently begun to voice opposition to Chinese projects that were being built under the umbrella China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which has long been opposed by the Baloch group.

“We have seen uniformity in their attitude,” Sajjadi said. “The same attitude towards CPEC and other (rights) issues brings all these groups closer.”

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Imran Khan said the country would be reopened | Instant News

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Aden – Yasmin Abdel Azim – The public filling the market for shopping in Karachi ignored government instructions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 after the locking was reduced. Image Credit: APP

Islamabad: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced Monday that his government will end several months of limiting coronavirus, even when cases of the disease appear likely to be much higher than previously thought.

In a televised address, Khan said Pakistan was unable to close down business and said nearly all sectors – including domestic tourism – would be reopened.

His announcement came shortly after an alarming government report leaked to the media that showed new cases of the corona virus in the eastern city of Lahore were estimated at around 670,800.

“There are no workplaces and residential areas in any city (in the Lahore region) free of disease,” the report notes.

Officially, around 72,000 people tested positive, with 1,543 deaths, throughout Pakistan. The daily rate of new cases is accelerating.

The report by Punjab health officials, which was seen and confirmed by AFP, cited a limited random sample test that found that in some parts of the city of around 11 million people, nearly 15 percent of the population was positive.

“I ask all of you to follow the SOP (standard operating procedure), because we open everything up to the requirements of this SOP,” Khan said in his speech, warning people would suffer if they did not take preventative measures.

The Khan government has struggled to present a cohesive national strategy to control the corona virus.

Khan was reluctant to call for a massive lockdown, so instead of the four provinces the country ordered its own closure.

“Unfortunately, the way lockouts occur, it is very painful for our lower class,” Khan said, adding that lockdowns have affected the collection of state tax revenue.

He defended his decision to reopen, arguing the locking did not stop the virus.

“You have to understand this coronavirus, it will not go away unless a vaccine is found. We have to live with coronavirus. The whole world has reached this conclusion,” Khan said, pointing to easing restrictions in US states.

“Today, America, the richest country in the world, where 100,000 people have died of corona, they have also decided that their economy will collapse if they (continue) lockdown,” Khan said.

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Doctors continue to fight | The Express Tribune | Instant News

In the midst of this mushrooming pandemic, no stone must be left unturned to reduce transmission and save lives


Medics who work tirelessly on the front lines to treat Covid-19 patients continue to fall prey to the transmission itself. This happens all over the world, not only in Pakistan. Carrying the burden of care for infected patients, doctors and paramedical staff, out of necessity, come in close contact with the bed that is ridden to provide medicine and tend to their other needs. This puts health care providers in grave danger, especially when protective equipment to protect them from danger is very limited.

Also working at a private hospital in Lahore, a female doctor who was only in her 20s died on Friday after being tested positive for a new corona virus. According to the Punjab health department, Dr. Sana Fatima treated Covid-19 patients at Fatima Memorial Hospital. He was treated at the Doctor’s Hospital and Medical Center on May 20 after testing positive for the virus and developing symptoms of a related disease – Covid-19. He died early Friday after his condition worsened, the department said. Fatima is also a resident at Chughtai Lab, Lahore, and is survived by a husband and a daughter.

On the same day, three other doctors also lost the fight against the disease. A senior psychiatrist Dr. Naeem Akhtar from Gujranwala, Doctor Khanzada in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Bolan Quetta Medical Complex Doctor, Zubair Ahmed are other victims of Covid-19. Reports that appeared in the media showed dozens of medical staff at Faisalabad’s state-run hospital had contracted the virus and put it in quarantine. Earlier this month, another doctor – a recent graduate from Quaid-i-Azam Medical College in Bahawalpur – had died of a virus in Rawalpindi just days before he could begin his professional career with home work.

Also on Friday, Punjab reported the highest number of deaths one day so far at 29, the health ministry said, adding that the majority of cases were reported in the provincial capital, Lahore. The province has reported a total of 22,964 cases since the virus first appeared in Pakistan on February 26. This virus has claimed the lives of 17 health workers. In the midst of this mushrooming pandemic, no stone must be left to be missed to reduce transmission and save lives.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 31st, 2020.

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Suspension of mayor of Islamabad | Business Recorder | Instant News

The Islamabad High Court continued to dismiss the first elected mayor of Islamabad, Sheikh Anser Aziz, for 90 days by the federal government. There is no prize for guessing correctly the party name it has: PML- (N). According to the details, the Regional Government Commission which is dominated by PTI members and is led by its MNA, Ali Nawaz Awan, who is also a special assistant to the Prime Minister for the Capital Development Authority’s affairs, has recommended suspension to the government after a Commission meeting on May 14, the day two opposition members, PML-N Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed and Raja Pervez Ashraf from PPP were absent. The meeting decided – presumably because of an agenda – to ask the government to suspend the mayor so that an investigation of corruption references relating to the award of inter-city bus terminal contracts can begin. The federal cabinet gave the green light, which was immediately followed up by the interior ministry by issuing a notice on May 17, a public holiday. All actions were completed in only three days, prompting PML-N to call it a “coup d’etat”.

The Chair of the Commission has defended the move, saying the Local Government Act introduced by the PML-N government clearly said the mayor could be suspended for 90 days when an investigation was instituted against him. However, the initiation of an investigation may not always come from good intentions. The mayor seems to have a point when he claims that in almost all of his meetings, the Commission is pursuing a one-point agenda to “slander me”, given that a few months ago he had initiated a similar corruption case, where Islamabad High Court (IHC) had given him a stay. Declaring his latest move as politically motivated, he said he would challenge him again at the IHC and he was successful. This does not look good for PTI because the ruling promises to get rid of public institutions of political influence. All the same, the much-praised police reform in Punjab has been forgotten. Similarly, the empowerment of local governments. In May last year, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced, amid great commotion, a new Punjab Local Government Law and the amended LG Khyber Pakhtunkhwa law, described them as “revolutionary steps” towards devolution of power. However, the existing LG system in Punjab, which is dominated by PML-N, was terminated and replaced by an administrator appointed by the government until a new election, which will be held next May, this month. So far there are no signs of a new LG selection.

The action against the mayor of Islamabad, therefore, is not surprising. But it shows that the PTI did not really respect the election mandate of opposition leaders. The party also did not prove to be different from its predecessors in retaliating against their political opponents. Yesterday keep coming; that’s not what is promised tomorrow is better.

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Think outside the Box – Editorial – Bangor Daily News – BDN Maine | Instant News

Robert F. Bukaty | The AP

Robert F. Bukaty | The AP

Mike Goodhartt and other workers at L.L. The Bean Shipping Center donated canned food to be distributed for food throughout the state of Maine, Tuesday, March 24, 2020, in Freeport, Maine. Outdoor retailers, who experienced a decline in sales due to coronavirus, partnered with the Good Shepherd food bank.

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It is surprising title last week: “Maine will miss a $ 3 billion food program aimed at helping food kitchens.”

That’s a lot of money, and there is very concerning projections about food insecurity in Maine during the COVID-19 pandemic, so let’s say we are among those who have problems so that our country doesn’t see a successful offer for the Farmer Lunch Box program.

[Our COVID-19 tracker contains the most recent information on Maine cases by county]

The general idea behind this program, which partners with food suppliers to buy and distribute fresh products to food and other non-profit banks that serve people in need, is good. While some food suppliers are experiencing a decline in demand and food banks are seeing an increased need for their services, it makes sense to try to tackle this problem together.

But as President Good Shepherd Food Bank, Kristen Miale pointed out to BDN, despite taking some innovative steps, the program from the USDA does not match the reality of food distribution in Maine.

The fact that the program requires the use of family-sized boxes is a perfect example, if unfortunate, of a one-size approach for all.

“The development of the USDA lunch box program is hasty, confusing, and not transparent,” Chellie Pingree told BDN in a statement. “The scholarship recipients are chosen arbitrarily and chosen without showing whether they have the capacity to overcome our country’s food insecurity. The agency does not emphasize local or select contractors who will buy from Maine farmers or send to hungry Mainers. “

Miale said that while the program structure had distributors packing boxes and sending them directly to food banks could work in more urban areas, and places that had larger food distributors, but that was less applicable in Maine where Good Shepherd, The state’s largest hunger relief organization, obtains and then distributes food to many local small kitchens. Under the current requirements of the lunch box program, which can lead to inefficient dismantling and repackaging of the box.

“The double impact of programs like this is that we think we can support Maine businesses and feed Maine people,” Miale said last week after Maine received zero successful bids. “To not be able to use one of these federal dollars is cause for concern.”

The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry is also concerned about Maine which is basically not included in the funding of this lunch box program. Department Commissioner Amanda Beal writing a letter to the USDA on Thursday asking for a second round of offers and increased flexibility in the program.

“We ask the USDA to strongly consider reopening the bidding process for this fall, which will give distributors and partners in Maine sufficient time to develop plans to implement this program,” Beal wrote.

Miale said Good Shepherd worked with Pineland Farms in Aroostook County to develop offerings, and also wanted to see more flexibility in the program, especially the ability to skip steps that included aggregation and packing in boxes. We agree. The USDA needs to think outside the box – literally – and allow more focus on the products and people involved, and less on packaging.

“In addition, we suggest that the USDA consider increasing design flexibility

“assembling boxes to enable local producer boxes, filled with state-produced vegetables, dairy products and meat that can be distributed in smaller regions in each state,” Beal added in his letter here. “Local partners know firsthand how to maximize efficiency reducing food safety issues and streamlining labor and distribution methods. “

The lunch box program aims to help farmers, food distributors and people who feel food insecurity at the same time. But without adjustments, it won’t help anyone in Maine. It was also just a piece of a large farm, the puzzle of hunger and hunger during the pandemic that was included $ 16 billion in direct assistance to farmers. Pingree believes that the creation of defective USDA regulations has basically placed this support “beyond the reach of local and regional farmers.”

Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King helped introduce Agriculture Support for State Law in the Senate last week, which will provide $ 1 billion in food and agricultural assistance to the state. Pingree has sponsored a law in the House of Representatives.

In addition to the USDA moving forward with the second round, more flexible than the lunch box program, Congress must act to provide more direct assistance to countries so they can work with farmers, food distributors, food banks and others to target funds in ways that better reflect local reality.

Continuing to help food producers and food insecure people through this pandemic will require more thought, and the presentation of flexibility and healthy understanding that the challenges of the food system currently felt in Iowa or Florida are not necessarily the same as those here in Maine.


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‘You’re a Good Artist. . . I Love You & I’m Sorry! ‘- Sista Afia apologized to Freda Rhymz | General Entertainment | Instant News

Ghanaian female music sensation, Sista Afia has given an apology that does not qualify for rapper Freda Rhymz for their misunderstanding that almost resulted in them hugging each other.

Two talented artists have exhibited their musical prowess to entertain their fans and followers on social media, and also carved a niche for themselves in the entertainment world.

Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz, who are always good friends, shoot themselves in rap contests and when they heat up, they bring it from the friendship zone to a physical confrontation that almost ends in a fight on TV3 premises on Monday, May 18, 2020.

Explaining why something that started as showmanship turned into personal banter, Sista Afia told host Nana Ama Mcbrown on ‘United Showbiz’ on Saturday at UTV that, in spite of what had just happened between them; he believed in Freda Rhymz’s artistic abilities and did not intend for him and his friends to gain negative popularity.

Sista Afia, therefore, apologized to Freda Rhymz who said “all arguments, back and forth, anything physical; Freda, I love Freda. No matter what, I like Freda but I disagree with some of the things he does. And I am a human being, there are times when I will understand and a time I will not understand humans. That is what I am facing right now but I will not sit here and lie down. Freda is a very good artist. I love her”.

“So, I will take upon myself to tell him that I am sorry. I am very sorry. He is my sister and I think if I am brave enough to say that I am sorry, I think if you feel comfortable or if you feel that you are have to apologize to me; it’s your own time but I don’t want to go back and forth with you anymore. It’s sad and it’s bad. I don’t like seeing myself on TV angry. Do you understand? So, I really want to reach you and say I’m sorry. And I might not understand your beef but I love you, “ he added.

Source: Ameyaw Adu Gyamfi / Peacefmonline.com / Ghana

Rejection: The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Peacefmonline.com. Peacefmonline.com accepts no legal responsibility or vice versa for the accuracy of their content. Please report inappropriate content to us, and we will evaluate it as a priority.

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Disasters always happen | Instant News

If only the responsibility is to take their work seriously before it’s too late again


How tragic they are, an accident happened. They occur in the street and occur in our homes. They occur in the air. It is human to seek and demand answers. That’s how we understand the world and make peace in a nutshell. Even so, when it comes to air crashes, it is best not to rush to judge. Aviation is a very technical field and until the proper investigation ends, there is no point in getting involved in guesswork. Negligence, errors or technical errors – investigation of how and why a PIA plane crash continues.

Yang said Friday’s plane crash in Karachi that claimed the lives of at least 97 people did lead to other problems. That has developed right under our noses even though our authority should know better. When the plane crashed, the plane crashed into the Karachi Model Colony, which was located around the city’s Jinnah International Airport. The impact and subsequent fires caused significant damage in densely populated residential areas and reportedly destroyed several houses.

There are reasons why many countries choose to build airports – especially those that are very busy – far from residential areas. The authorities in these countries strictly enforce safety regulations and guidelines to ensure that at least a few kilometers around the airport remain empty. No one can predict how or when an accident will occur and everyone hopes it never happens, but people can always take precautions.

At least at first, the same thing applies to the Karachi airport. But when the city develops rapidly due to increasing demand, our authorities, it seems, throw all caution in the wind and allow developments that should not have happened. This is true not only of the Model Colony but of all the densely populated areas of the city. Air accidents may be rare, but the lack of planning and inspection of construction and expansion in Karachi means that many of its inhabitants are vulnerable to other serious dangers.

If only the responsibility is to take their work seriously before it’s too late again.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 24th, 2020.

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