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Could it be that Jesse Puljujarvi was on his way to play in Switzerland? | Instant News

While the NHL players headed to their respective bubble cities on Sunday, a rumor emerged that Edmonton Oilers’ Jesse Puljujarvi could bring his talent to Switzerland.

According to the German news website watson.ch, SC Bern of the National League shows interest in signing Puljujarvi. While listed as a “dubious rumor” about Elite Prospects, it could give Puljujarvi the opportunity to continue to prove its value to the NHL club.

Another Finnish temptation for Langnau and Bern is Jesse Puljujärvi (22), a dual Finnish-Swedish citizen. Strong, fast, massive wings were the fourth best scorer in the Finnish league last season. This would really be a perfect addition to Langnauer who is rather small, young, and light or fits into SCB.

At SC Bern, despite a recruitment freeze, right-to-right shooting was sought.

Last month, a report revealed that Puljujarvi and the Finnish team he played with last year, Karpat Oulu, had not yet negotiated a contract.

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SC Bern fought this year and is the fourth worst team in 12 NL teams. Bern, however, has done a good job of producing NHL talent for years.

Current oiler, Gaetan Haas, played for Bern in late 2018-19 and former Edmonton Oilers striker Marc Arcobello scored 48 points in 50 matches there last year.

People like Roman Josi and Nico Hischier are two NHL’ers who developed their game there.

On Twitter: @zjlaing

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Biggest Winner of the Spectacular Season Leon Draisaitl Not the Edmonton Oilers, But the German Hockey | Instant News

Edmonton Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl might be the NHL’s top scorer and possibly MVP, but maybe German hockey is the real winner. For the first time in history, once the ballot becomes official, Art Ross and Hart Memorial Trophies will become the property of German-born players.

“I am proud of that,” Draisaitl said in a Zoom conference call with reporters, According to Edmonton Sun. “This is definitely a cool story for me, no question. You dream of doing these things, but until you do, it seems very far away. “

Far would be an accurate way to describe the prospect of German-born MVL NHL. When Draisaitl was born in 1995, the league was more than 80 percent in North America, with only four German NHL players active. The quartet, a trio of three skaters and one goalkeeper, combined for only 126 matches played and 24 points that season, according to QuantHockey.com. In comparison, Draisaitl posted the highest points of his career in the league (110), assists (67) and match winning goals (10), while playing in all 71 Edmonton matches in the shorter Covid 19 regular season.

Draisaitl’s success is proof of how far the German hockey program has gone and the efforts of globalization of the NHL. In the past 30 years, a steady flow of European players has diversified the league. Nearly a third of NHL now comes from outside North America. And although nine active German players represent only a small fraction of European players, the country’s talent has no doubt increased.

“Germany makes an impact, no matter what it is [Tobias Rieder], Philipp [Grubauer] or me, “said the Pittsburgh attacker and the German National Team attacker Dominik Kahun, according to NHL.com. “Before there were not many Germans in the NHL, so no one talked about German ice hockey that much. But I think we are on the right track. “

Although ice hockey is the 11th most popular sport in Germany, according to Statista, the country has managed to produce several high-quality players in the past decade. Draisaitl clearly led. When he was recruited third overall in 2014, he became the highest-trained German player. (Dany Heatley was elected second in 2000 but born in Germany and raised in Canada).

Talented prospects, Dominik Bokk and Moritz Seider follow in the footsteps of Draisaitl. St. Louis Blues chose Bokk with 25 overall votes in 2018, and the Detroit Red Wings took the sixth overall Seider in last year’s draft. Both have a bright future and star in the latest Junior World Championships. Bokk, now with Carolina Hurricanes, is the third and 65th best prospect of the organization, based on The Hockey News’ Future Oversight Issues. The seider ceiling is even higher – he is the prospect of Detroit’s No. 1 and the sixth best in the NHL.

“I think we are trending in the right direction,” said Draisaitl, according to DW.com. “Germany is not a big hockey country, but we can still be a very solid hockey country that develops good young players, and I think the last three or four years we have done a very good job from that.”

The journey does not end there. According to Tankathon.com, three German-born players ranked among the top 31 prospects from the incoming concept class. The first three round selections will be a record for Germany and mark the third consecutive year a German player is chosen in the first round. And while Canadians Alexis Lafrenière and Quinton Byfield are projected to be the first and second overall, Germany Tim Stuetzle ranked as the next best prospect and can tie up Draisaitl’s draft notes.

“I’ve never seen it [Stuetzle] playing live, but what you hear about him is amazing, what he did this season, “said Kahun.

But even with the crop of talented designs that have emerged in the last decade, it is quite possibly the most prominent example of Germany’s overall improvement on ice coming on the international stage. Based on gambling opportunities, the German National Team enters the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics as the eighth best team in the tournament, according to SportingNews.com. Even so, they managed to run surprisingly into the Gold Medal Game. Despite losing extra time in the finals, the German silver medal marked their first podium at men’s ice hockey since 1976.

And in recent years, the NHL has noticed an increase in hockey talent and popularity in Germany. Since the league announced the NHL Global Series in 2017, the Edmonton Oilers and Chicago Blackhawks have participated in exhibitions against Deutsche Eishockey League clubs Kölner Haie and Eisbären Berlin. Before the NHL canceled the international list because of the ongoing pandemic, the Boston Bruins were in scheduled to play Adler Mannheim.

As hockey continues to grow throughout the world, Germany has proven itself to be a valuable pipeline. With the MVP to call its own, the future of the country on ice is bright.

“German hockey in the NHL is improving,” Kahun said. “Especially with Leon playing like that, that’s a good ad for German ice hockey.”


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The Edmonton Oilers bid together with the city, province to host the NHL match | Instant News

Health care safety is the main focus of the joint offer released Tuesday by Oilers Entertainment Group, the province and city in an effort to make Edmonton host a dozen NHL teams at Rogers Place and adjacent community arenas.

Details of the offer were discussed publicly as leagues and player associations sought to return to the ice.

“We have very strong results,” Prime Minister Jason Kenney told reporters on Tuesday.

“We have one of the best facilities, I would say the best facility, with the new Rogers Place arena.

“It’s attached to a new hotel, all services are there. It can be integrated safely in a protected zone, “Kenney said.

Financial impact of canceling COVID-19 sports in Alberta: ‘Money cannot be returned’

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But it was the response by Alberta Health to the COVID-19 pandemic that made provinces, cities and OEG confident in their approach. The Edmonton Zone hasn’t confirmed new cases of this disease since Saturday.

The only change in the number of Edmonton released by the ministry for 24 hours between Victoria Day and Tuesday was a reduction of one in patients treated in intensive care, because the number increased from three to two.

“We are down to (58) active cases in this population in Greater Edmonton of 1.2 million people, and a handful of people in hospitals with hundreds of acute care beds that have been set aside for COVID[-19] patients, along with the highest per capita testing in North America, if not the world, “Kenney said.

“I think we are the safest place they can find on the continent.”

“We must be able to satisfy the government that this can be done safely,” said OEG vice president, Tim Shipton. “So we have worked with them in collaboration to develop these criteria, the Alberta system which is related to … the overall testing capacity.”

In a letter to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, Mayor Don Iveson praised Alberta Health Services as a world leader in per capita testing.

“The City of Edmonton continues to work with the provincial government and its medical medics to take all necessary precautions to ensure that our city is safe for residents and workers in any industry, including high-performance athletes and their support staff,” Iveson said in the letter.

The closed link between the arena and the JW Mariottt hotel is also a major component of the offer, Shipton said. He pointed out that there was enough room for all 12 teams and their support staff in the immediate downtown area.

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Lost revenue from canceled event ticket sales in Alberta

Lost revenue from canceled event ticket sales in Alberta

Unlimited access to city-owned training venues is also an important part of the offer.

“In addition, the City of Edmonton is working with OEG on an agreement to use our high-quality civil recreation facilities, currently closed to Edmonton residents during the pandemic, where the NHL team can train and train safely while in Edmonton,” Iveson said.

“Our offer, we feel the economy and budget offerings will cover our hosting,” Shipton said.

It is believed that as many as nine franchises bid to become one of two hub cities at the relaunch of the NHL.

Coronavirus: NHL exploring continued leagues, Prospera Place Kelowna could be the answer

The league and its players association are trying to reach a play-back agreement which is expected to see as many as 24 teams continue this season, but no final details have been set, and no agreed date.

It was anticipated that the season would resume in the fall, with the 2020-21 season postponed after the Stanley 2020 Cup was awarded, with the full season squeezed after that.


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Former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque tests positive for corona virus | Instant News

Former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque has tested positive for COVID-19.

Laraque, 43, made an announcement on social media Thursday in a post that showed him in a hospital gown.

“I don’t think I’m invincible, just being diagnosed with Covid, because I have asthma, not the best news, going against it,” Laraque said.

Laraque played for 12 seasons at the NHL, including eight seasons with the Edmonton Oilers and two seasons with the Montreal Canadiens. He is also suitable for Phoenix Coyotes and Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Montreal native was chosen by Edmonton 31 overall in the 1995 draft and made his NHL debut with Oilers in 1997-98. After running errands with Coyote and Penguins, he retired with the Canadiens after the 2009-10 season.

He has 53 goals, 100 assists and 1,126 minutes penalty in 695 regular matches of the season.

Laraque has written autobiographies, spoken publicly and devoted much of his time to charity work since retirement.

He recently helped with a campaign called “Give Protection” in Laval, Quebec, in an effort to get more Personal Protective Equipment to frontline staff, posting a video of him April 1 outside the hospital.


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McDavid, Draisaitl, bought the Oilers team concept, said the coach | Instant News

Getting world-class players to buy a new coach system is not always easy. But Dave Tippett said the Edmonton Oilers were advancing Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl immediately join what he wants to do.

“They both recognize that individual players don’t win championships, teams win championships, and they have become strong supporters to ensure that they play the team structure,” Oilers coach said on Friday.

“They know that they have a role to play, a big role in our team. And I believe with players like that, you have to let them be themselves, allow them to maximize the assets they have, which are clearly extraordinary. But that is said , they still have to buy into some of the structures we face because the team is trying to win. “

Video: Top 10 Oilers Played … So far

Draisaitl led the NHL with 110 points (43 goals, 67 assists) in 71 matches when the NHL quit the March 12 season due to concerns about the coronavirus. McDavid is in second place with 97 points (34 goals, 63 assists) in 64 matches.

“They [on a line] “They were long together and they were amazingly together, but I tried, maybe, to separate them a little to balance,” Tippett said. It was the biggest task of the two of them, to find some players to play with them so we could have a little more balance. But both are amazing and only phenomenal hockey players. But from a coaching point of view, the ability to talk with them, relate to them, and they want to do the best for the team, it’s one of the biggest things this year that I took from Edmonton is their commitment to try and play as a team and win. Very phenomenal. “

The Oilers (37-25-9) are second in the Pacific Division, three points behind the Vegas Golden Knights. Tippett said he hopes to help bring postseason success back to Oilers, who won the Stanley Cup in 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988 and 1990. The Oilers have made the Stanley Cup Playoff once in the last 13 seasons (2017).

“You watch some old Oilers video games, when they win the Cup, it just makes you shudder,” Tippett said. “This is an enthusiastic fan base who is eager to win, and it has been an exciting year for me there. It was great to get to a place where every day, everyone is involved, among the media, fans, players, coaches, staff, everyone. Hopefully we can get success from some of those old Oilers teams. We’ll see. “


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Pause the NHL coronavirus – the possibility of a host city playoff, virtual concepts, player concerns, and more | Instant News

It’s been 32 days since then NHL decided to press the pause button in the 2019-20 season, join the surprise list cancellations and delays related to COVID-19.

As players, executives and fans continue to adjust to new norms, we will provide updates every Monday, answering all the burning questions in various angles of NHL’s relationship with the pandemic; although the action on the ice is still on the shelf, there have been major developments since then last week’s update. Caught here:

Are there updates when play can continue?

Emily Kaplan: Not really. The NHL is still aiming to hold a Stanley Cup Playoff this summer, if it gets approval from the health authorities. This will depend on where North America is on the curve, what remains at home orders are still in place and the availability of rapid turnaround testing – and whether it is ethical for private companies such as NHL to secure such large numbers of tests.

On Friday, we asked Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly if the NHL has a date in mind when it has to decide whether it’s worth to continue the game and try to save the 2019-20 season.

“We just started thinking about that,” Daly said. “It’s kind of a combination of things, like when we can start the regular season [in 2020-21] and how much time we need for the offseason, and then what the playoff format looks like, in terms of knowing what you need to have a regular season. We started to think about it a little. I don’t think I’m ready to share any dates. “

Daly acknowledged that the truncated playoff series – which is usually best of seven – is clearly an option if the NHL faces a time constraint. “I would say that the best is not something we will visit,” Daly said. “I always have a warning that everything is on the table and nothing is out of the question. I would say there will be strong opposition to ever making a playoff where it is a single elimination. I think the best of the three is more likely, disliked, but more likely than the best scenario. “

The NHL and NHLPA have been in constant communication during the break, and from all sides, both parties have been collaborative and the relationship seems strong, which is one of the positive things to come out of this. Daly said the NHLPA had articulated the amount of time the players needed for the “right” offseason before the 2020-21 season could begin. Do the players need four weeks? Six weeks? Two months?

“We’ve talked about it in general, and we have a good idea,” Daly said. “But I don’t want to be too specific.”

Does the goal still complete the 2019-20 regular season in some way before the playoffs begin?

Greg Wyshynski: That is the goal for the NHL and its players, as long as the calendar allows it. Mathieu Schneider, special assistant for NHLPA’s executive director, said Sirius XM NHL Network Radio “Hot Stove” that the players believe “there is a path to” completing the regular season and “there is enough optimism that we will be able to play again, in whole or in part, for the rest of the season.”

It really depends on how much time they have to prepare for the regular season and playoff games this summer. “The biggest problem for our people, in this scenario of returning to play, is that they are not on the ice,” Schneider said. “Maybe in a limited way [for] some people in Europe or Sweden, or something like that. Men can train at home, but lack of ice time is critical for our players. “

The NHLPA held its first formal (and far socially) meeting last week with the NHL leadership, including league scheduling teacher, Steve Hatze Petros. NHLPA executive director, Don Fehr and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman have been in contact with each other every day, but this meeting is an opportunity to have a greater exchange of ideas.

NHLPA wants to get a “working group” together to produce “a number of different scenarios accepted by both parties, so when everything turns around and we can return, we will be in a much better position, ready to make decisions,” Schneider said.

Are there concerns that even if fans are allowed to go to matches, attendance will be lower than usual?

Wyshynski: There are, for various reasons. The economic impact of this pandemic cannot be understood at this point, as far as how it will affect entertainment expenses such as hockey tickets. But health considerations are an actual conundrum: Even if the NHL is allowed to play with fans in the arena, how many fans choose not to be present until, say, there is a suitable treatment or vaccine for COVID-19?

For this reason, the NHL team began to consider what a game with a lower arena capacity would look like – whether their own caps were present or the social mandate from the government that could limit it.

That Carolina Hurricanes is the first team to indicate they are considering this.

“We have a task force that we have placed internally to discuss all of these options,” Hurricanes general manager Don Waddell said in a video conference call last week. “One of them is we return without fans, and how we will deal with it. The second choice is that we go back and can only have – choose a number – five or eight thousand people in the building.” The third option is that we can be truly open. We’ve talked at length and have plans for all of those situations. “

Daly said on Friday that the Storm did not always get the idea from the NHL, but a restricted presence was considered in other sports.

“Before the closure of all sports, I think there are some college teams that are experimenting with social exclusion in the arena. I can’t tell you what the results of the experiment are,” Daly said. “I just think that only Carolina is comprehensive in understanding what options are in every possibility. We all try to do that in a world where there are many unknowns.”

Are there updates in which cities can host empty arena games?

Kaplan: Among the locations that might be reported for neutral site games, which are likely to be held in empty arenas, are Grand Forks, North Dakota; Manchester, New Hampshire; and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

But Daly said the NHL hadn’t even “created a field” in determining which sites would function. In fact, as word got out that the NHL was considering neutral locations, cities and places throughout North America were beginning to reach the league, making themselves potential hosts.

“We have people who compile a comprehensive laundry list of what we will need from the facility and evaluate some facilities at a certain level,” he said. “But I can’t tell you that we’ve even finished making the list [of potential sites], let alone narrow it. “

The NBA team has been adamant about have time for traditional draft incorporation activities like rehearsals and interviews before the league holds the concept. Did the NHL team say the same thing?

Wyshynski: There is a reason the NHL is delaying instead of canceling its merger in Buffalo, scheduled for June 1-6. If possible, the team wants the opportunity to scrutinize prospects before making a draft decision.

“Obviously, our manager has the same concerns as the NBA manager. The more information you can or get before you make a concept day decision, the better,” Daly said. “If we can do some form of incorporation and create opportunities for clubs to conduct due diligence on the players before the draft, we will definitely try to accommodate that. If we can’t, we can’t. I think we the club understands that.”

Wyshynski: If the NHL draft has to happen with all 31 teams in remote locations, the league believes it’s ready for it.

“I think that’s pretty easy,” Daly said. “Almost like [going] back to the future, right? Our draft, long ago, was held by the telephone. If modern technology can be used to create video images, it really is no different from the choices sent via electronic media. “

(Now, if only there was a way for virtual Gary Bettman to choose the option to announce trade …)

Is there anything new about the lack of income and escrow for the players?

Wyshynski: As of Friday, the NHLPA has not yet decided what to do with the final salary due to the players for 2019-20, which is scheduled for April 15. They can choose to include part, all or nothing in escrow payments to owners for lost income this season.

But NHLPA and its owners completed and processed escrow payments for the 2018-19 season, which had been delayed. NHLPA confirmed that around $ 230 million will be released to the owners, while the players will get back about $ 80 million from their deductions. Remember: Collective bargaining agreements mandate a 50-50 split in income between the owner and the player, and the escrow deduction helps balance the split.

How does the NHL plan to stay relevant when there is no game?

Kaplan: Just as your workplace has hugged Zoom, so does the NHL. The league has become an all-in video conferencing platform.

It manages media calls with most league superstars – Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid among many others – and has pumped that content on all of its platforms, including released this ad in honor of the postponed playoff. Each team arranges Zoom calls with their local reporters, while the NHL has arranged several lighter calls (reunions between Patrick Marleau, Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner), plus calls with trainers, as well as international outreach efforts. For example, the league makes calls on Swedish players speaking Swedish to Swedish journalists. On what will be the first night of the playoffs last week, the NHL organizes a virtual reunion with the whole St. Louis Blues the team, which will be aired on NBC Sports on Monday night.

The NBA, meanwhile, is holding a KUDA tournament, which was filmed at the player’s home and aired on ESPN. Several NBA stars, WNBA players, and NBA alumni registered to participate. I asked Daly how ambitious the NHL was with their alternative programming and whether they could use something similar.

“I really think we have been very active in creating all kinds of different content,” Daly said. “Our players have been very cooperative. With all respect to the NBA, I think we have pushed content that is far more original than other sports leagues at the moment, and I think it will continue.”

Are there any more players who have tested positive? Are any positive cases recovering?

Wyshynski: The last positive test confirmed by NHL was unnamed Colorado Avalanche players on April 7, the third member of the franchise contracted the corona virus. Avalanche was on a California road trip before the season was stopped; so as Ottawa Senator, other NHL teams affected by COVID-19. Five Senator players, Gord Wilson’s radio color analyst and one staff member tested positive for COVID-19. But the Ottawa coach D. J. Smith said that Wednesday “They are all on the other side now.”

What if the NHL starts again and the player chooses not to return to ice because of COVID-19 concerns?

Wyshynski: This can be called “The Roman Reigns Issue.” WWE superstar recently opted out of WrestleMania and other events due to immunocompromised and because of concern for his family who contracted the virus. There are hundreds of players at the NHL; what if some of them are not interested in returning to play unless there is treatment or vaccine available?

Daly said that was not yet a topic of conversation at the NHL.

“Clear, [the players] want to be healthy and safe, “he said.” If a particular player has special attention, we have the same situation in the past, and we as a league have been sensitive and accept that situation. Obviously, if [concerns like this] becomes too broad, then it becomes more problematic in terms of our ability to return. But that will be handled up front. All indications at this point, as far as I know, are that the players really want to come back. “

If the league will lose substantial income, how will it affect the salary cap next season?

Kaplan: Let’s start with this: Before the pandemic struck, NHL was in very good condition. At the GM meeting in early March, Gary Bettman boasted – because he had the past few years – that the NHL was as strong as before, especially because he planned to welcome Seattle for the 2021-22 season as the 32nd franchise (and received Seattle’s $ 650 million expansion fee) . The league told general manager in early March that he projected the salary limit for next season to be between $ 84 million and $ 88.2 million. That means a minimum increase of 3% from the limit of $ 81.5 million this season. Obviously, that is in line with projected income, and we know the league, which is very gate dependent, was hit by the pandemic.

“Whatever our salary limit is, or set for next year, is something we must discuss and agree with the players,” Daly said on Friday. “Obviously, it looks pretty sure that there will be a significant shortage in projected income, when we can say the ’19 -20 season is done. If we adhere to the formula in the CBA, it will produce a cap that is much lower than we have this year. What I think doesn’t need to be practical or realistic, either for the club or the players. So it’s definitely something we need to talk about with the players association. “


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Gretzky, Krug among them to send condolences to the Cave family | Instant News

Wayne Gretzky is among the many NHL players and former players today to send condolences to the family of Colby Cave, the Edmonton Oilers forward who died Saturday, four days after he underwent surgery to remove colloidal cysts that caused pressure on his brain. He is 25 years old.

Gretzky, top scorer in NHL history and now an executive with Oilers, knows Cave, which was claimed by Edmonton at lightening on January 15, 2019.

Tweet from @WayneGretzky: Janet and I were very sad to hear of Colby’s death. He is a great hockey player with a bright future, but a better person. Our thoughts and prayers with his wife Emily and the rest of her family. ?

Bruins Defender Torey Krug, who was on ice when Cave scored his first NHL goal against the Montreal Canadiens on December 17, 2018, a video tweet at the time.

Tweet from @ToreyKrug: Rest In Peace, Colby. ?? https://t.co/oCT9CBUBb8

Cave, who is not listed, scored one goal in 11 matches with Oilers this season and has 23 points (11 goals, 12 assists) in 44 matches with Bakersfield from the American Hockey League. In three seasons with Oilers and Bruins, he has nine points (four goals, five assists) in 67 NHL matches.

Tanker forward Tyler Benson played with Cave in the NHL and AHL this season and was heartbroken at the loss of his friend, who he sat next to in the dressing room.

Tweet from @ TylerBenson_17: Go from us too early. Lucky enough to sit next to you all year in the dressing room always brings a positive attitude and a big smile to the arena. You are a warrior on ice and an honorable man from him. Thank you for being a great teammate and friend. Rest In Peace Caver https://t.co/xeeXWL7WRZ

Florida Panthers forward Frank Vatrano were roommates with Cave in Providence during their time at AHL.

Tweet from @Frank_Vatrano: I will always miss our days together in maintenance. The best roommate you can ask for is always to take after @ ACzarnik7 and I love you buddy RIP Caver

Calgary Flowing Forward Austin Czarnik played with Cave on NHL and AHL from 2015-18 and remembered them because of their positivity.

Tweet from @ ACzarnik7: Rest In Peace caver, always enjoy the time with us. It is a pleasure and honor to play with you. You always have a positive mindset and can light up the room with your smile and laughter. Pray for your family

Bring forward Jake DeBrusk was Cave’s teammate with Swift Current from the Western Hockey League for two seasons from 2013-15 and the Bruins from 2017-19.

“I was very surprised and sad to hear this terrible news,” said DeBrusk. “It’s hard to express my feelings. I am fortunate to play junior hockey with Colby. He is our captain and leader. It was an unforgettable moment when we returned to play together at the NHL for the Boston Bruins. He is an extraordinary person, player and friend. Send my deepest condolences to Emily and the Cave family. Rest in peace Colby. “

New Jersey Devils defender Damon Severson, who grew up in Saskatchewan like Cave, called him “one of the best people you will ever meet.”

Tweet from @ dseves7: One of the best people you will ever meet. Proud to call you a friend. From fellow sasky kids, you will be missed. Rest in peace.

Former Bruins teammate Anton Blidh and Ryan Donato share tribute photos of their time with Cave.

Tweet from @bliddan: I will always love you my brother. #RIP Colby pic.twitter.com/Gb9qTpcdA0

Tweet from @DonatoRyan: Blessed to call you teammates and close friends. I know you will always be watching over us. Very grateful for the time we spent together. Rest In Peace Caver https://t.co/9C0z3AGaxO

Tampa Bay Lightning Center Blake Coleman Said even those who had never played with Cave respected him for the way he played.

Tweet from @ BColes25: RIP Colby Cave … it’s heartbreaking to hear the news this morning, he’s always a player who competes hard and plays the right way when I play against him. Thoughts and prayers for his family and loved ones so far ??


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