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Officials hope the food program can continue | Local | Instant News

Officials with regional bodies focused on economic opportunities hope the additional dollars will be available for a successful broad-based food distribution effort by 2020.

From June to December last year, 14 food distribution events took place in International Falls, providing food boxes to people in need. Spearheaded by the Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency, or AEOA, and KOOTASCA Communicty Action Inc., this effort is funded by the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, or CFAP.

“We are not sure whether the program will continue,” Scott Zahorik, executive director of AEOA, told The Journal this week. “It may take a week or two before we know more.”

Looking back at the food distributed in 2020, Zahorik said the efforts started with what he described as random phone calls.

“We started hearing about (CFAP) and reaching out to the food distribution people mentioned,” he said. “We want to see if that is possible in that area … The first conversation is to get 250 boxes to make it happen.”

Although 250 boxes seemed like a lot, but doable, Zahorik soon learned that the agency needed to take the entire half price box of food to distribute.

“We really took a sip,” he said. “That’s 1,456 boxes of food.”

Still motivated to make it work, AEOA officials began reaching out to regional partners, such as KOOTASCA, to see if food could be more spread out. The stars align and the first food truck arrives at International Falls June 18.

The uncertainty in distributing the nearly 1,500 boxes of food was quickly reduced.

In International Falls alone, 14 distribution events provided 2,383 lunch boxes for community members. Combined, the boxes weigh nearly 60,000 pounds.

“(The effort) really produced a life of its own,” said Zahorik.

Zahorik praised Ginger Romosz, KOOTASCA and other staff for the role they played in distributing food to the residents of Borderland. He also expressed his appreciation to Rainy River Community College staff for using the parking lot during the distribution event.

Since the first phone call to the end of 2020, Zahorik said 40 small trucks containing 62,655 boxes of food had been distributed to 84 different communities in northeast Minnesota. Its total weight exceeds 1.3 million pounds of produce, meat, cheese, dairy and more.

“We are amateurs in the food game and that really turned into something,” said Zahorik.

Zahorik said he hopes the program can continue and noted that people are “used to this”.

“The need is enormous,” he said.

He commended volunteers from various organizations in their respective communities for helping with distribution efforts as well as for those who offered to volunteer to help with the continuation of the program.

To date, more than $ 24,000 has been raised to help expand this effort.

“It’s great to see people pulling in line for food and making donations to help this continue,” said Zahorik. “The value of these boxes is about $ 30 per box, making the value of food that comes to northeastern Minnesota nearly $ 2 million on its own.”

Zahorik said once again information about whether the program continues is available, he will contact partner agencies to resume spreading the word.


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The Ministry of Petroleum is trying to correct its mistake! | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: After the floating tender it was too late for the purchase of LNG [liquefied natural gas] During the winter months and causing billions of losses to the national economy, it seems the petroleum ministry has started making efforts to correct its mistakes, which were carried out in the near future. According to the Geo News program ‘Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Ke Sath’ on Friday, the ministry published an advertisement in the newspaper on December 31, inviting bids for LNG supplies for April 2021. Previously, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) at Petroleum Nadeem Babar was constantly denied any mistakes in purchasing LNG, and incurred a loss of more than Rs35 billion to the national economy by buying expensive LNG on offer in winter. Neither supplier showed interest in the advertisement, published by Pakistan, for gas supplies in the first 20 days of January. And a record high bid was received for two cargoes for February. The oil ministry also gave the cabinet and prime minister wrong figures on gas purchases.

However, now the ministry recognizes that demand has tripled in winter and it is a mistake not to buy commodities on time.

According to the advertisement published on December 31, bids for LNG supply were invited on April 5-6 and 19-20. The emcee asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to ask the petroleum ministry as well as SAPM Nadeem Babar why the winter LNG purchase process is not launched in the summer when it is available at the lowest price.

Shahzeb said the government procured LNG in December 2019 at an average of 10.7 percent and the price of oil on the international market was $ 62. Now the government says that the PML-N long-term agreement is 13 percent. The Oil Ministry said that spot LNG purchases were only possible on demand. It is said it is known that demand in winter will be three times higher than in summer.


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The politics of anarchy are attempts to stop progress: CM Buzdar – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in December 29, 2020 11:27

Usman Buzdar said Pakistan was making progress under Prime Minister Imran Khan.

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said on Tuesday that the politics of anarchy is an attempt to stop national progress but the era of corruption is a thing of the past and will not return.

CM Punjab said in a statement that the former rulers were reaping what they sowed. He said the only agenda of the Pakistani government Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was to serve the people and Pakistan was making progress under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Usman Buzdar said, “The implementation of the progress roadmap is carried out quickly because the PTI government believes in performance. Those who carry the hollow slogan are a thing of the past. 22 crore people will never support those who hinder national progress. “


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US, NZ trying to fend off the risky SolarWinds cyberattack – due to Trump’s bizarre fixation | Instant News

US President Donald Trump climbs to golf cart number 45 as he plays golf at the Trump National Golf Club on Dec.13. Photo / Getty

There have been many chaotic and convoluted power struggles during the Trump administration, but one of the strangest has occurred in its final days.

It goes like this.

The two houses of Congress have passed an annual defense policy bill covering US $ 740 billion in military spending.

This year, it includes dozens of provisions to support US cyber defense, including the creation of a national cyber director to coordinate the government’s response to digital attacks – a nod to a year that has seen a sharp spike in cyber espionage, including sweeping “SolarWinds” attacks on US government agencies and companies. private sector that is still ongoing.

US authorities suspect Russian hackers are behind the current attack, which has been labeled a “major risk” to public and private networks, as the perpetrators exploited a vulnerability in security software created by Texas-based SolarWinds to infiltrate computer systems.

Although the attack appears to be focused on US targets, our government’s Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert NZ) has issued it urgent advice that each local server protected by SolarWinds Orion software must be isolated until it is patchable, and passwords changed.

So New Zealand – has left behind Australia and others in strengthening cyber defenses amid the onslaught of attacks in 2020 – will benefit from US efforts to undo SolarWinds’ compromise efforts.

On the face of many things, you might think any US President would support – or even support – such an effort.

But US President Donald Trump is now threatening to veto a $ 740 billion defense bill, with his new cyber measures – for lacking the provisions he’s asked for on a completely unrelated topic to suppress major social media platforms.

Back in May, Twitter and Facebook began labeling some of Trump’s social media posts, stating that they violated their community policies by glorifying violence or, in other cases, that they made allegations about voter mail-in fraud and other related topics. . in a dispute.

Angry, Trump signed An Executive Order directing the Federal Communications Commission to take steps that would undermine the major legal shields for social media companies. Specifically, the 1996 law, Section 230 of the Communications Compliance Act, which basically prohibits people from suing “interactive computer service” providers for defamation if users post defamatory messages on their platforms because they are not considered traditional publishers. .

Trump gave the FCC two months to carry out its orders, but those efforts were unsuccessful. Law scholars and industry experts are not clear what the President really wants in his muddy words. However, the FCC is an independent body that is not subject to its control, and does not have powers to go beyond existing laws.

Hence, the President’s last-ditch attempts to cover Facebook and Twitter with “riders” on the Defense Bill, and his threat to use his powers to veto the legislation landed on his desk without such provisions.

The US president does have the power to veto (kill) certain recently passed laws.

But Congress can, in turn, bypass its veto by a two-thirds majority.

And it looks like that’s what happened here.

The defense bill has bipartisan support and is passed by large majorities in the House of Representatives (335 to 78) and the Senate (84 to 13).

So far, Republicans have given no indication that they will bow to Trump’s wishes and add any social media provisions he wants, so the final days of his administration could leave him suffering the shame of his excessive veto.

Meanwhile, Trump has been trying to play down SolarWinds’ attacks, contradicting Minister of Foreign Affairs himself. He also suggested, without any evidence, that China was behind the attacks, not Russia.

“This cyber attack most likely carried out by Russia highlights the glaring vulnerabilities of our federal cybersecurity system,” said Susan Collins, Republican senator from Maine, Friday.

“The president must immediately sign the NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act], not only to safeguard our military strength but also because it contains significant cyber security provisions which will help thwart future attacks, “he added.

If Trump vetoed the law, it would continue Trump’s last questionable record of cyber defense.

Cyber ​​security boss fired

On November 18, he was fired Christopher Krebs, respected director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) for making “inaccurate” claims about the election.

CISA issued a statement rejecting Trump’s claims that large numbers of the dead could vote or that someone could change the results without detection.

The 2020 elections are, “the safest in American history,” said Krebbs.

Democrat Adam Schiff said Trump’s move to fire Krebbs was “sad and predictable from a president who views the truth as his enemy.”


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