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Israel and the US Are Among the Best Places to Be Entrepreneurs As Covid Shakes the Rankings – NBC4 Washington | Instant News

Israel has been charged past United States of America and Switzerland become the best place in the world to be a businesswoman, according to a new report released Monday.

The Middle Eastern nation has jumped three spots this year to steal the title New Zealand after Covid-19 caused a shock in the annual Mastercard Women Entrepreneurs Women Index (MIWE).

The four pioneers were joined in the top 10 for the first time by Poland, Sweden and Spanish, which has risen rapidly this year to form a geographically varied front-run list. That great Britain, Canada and Australia round out the top 10 as high-income economies fared better for female founders under the pandemic.

Now in its fourth year, MIWE examines the work environment of 58 countries – representing nearly 80% of the world’s female workforce – to measure their success in fostering and advancing women’s entrepreneurship. Based on global data from the World Bank and the OECD, this study assesses the economy on various indicators including access to education and finance, as well as other supporting factors.

Top 10 on the way

The Israeli leader took the leading position for the first time this year thanks to a marked increase in its support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) – jumping 41 places in this segment alone.

The country has set a bold ambition to double the number of women entrepreneurs in two years, launching funding and networking initiatives targeted to do so.

The US retains second place due to high female business ownership and favorable cultural perceptions. The United States ranks highest globally for female entrepreneurship separately Women’s Opportunity Index 2020/21 released last week by digital bank N26.

Switzerland advanced eight places to third overall, supported by a sharp increase in government-led support for SMEs and a significant increase in cultural perceptions of entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, New Zealand’s 2019 leader slipped to fourth place, but still ranks high on factors such as high-visibility female leaders.

Ranking among the toughest places to be a woman entrepreneur is Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Iran, Egypt, Algeria and Bangladesh – the list is little changed from last year.

Sharp in focus

This year’s report comes against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, experts say women who are disproportionately affected.

It has left female founders looking for new ways to work, including taking advantage of new business opportunities and realigning existing models, the report found.

More than two-fifths (42%) of female business owners are shifting to online business models under the pandemic and more than a third (37%) are developing business areas that meet new local or global needs. An additional third (34%) identified a new business opportunity because of the virus.

However, it also highlights the need to create a more inclusive environment for women entrepreneurs as the global economy tries to get back on track after the pandemic.

“The long awaited call for governments, institutions and organizations to close gender gaps has never been more urgent,” the report said.

“Now amid what has been called the worst global recession since World War II, the need to narrow these gender disparities is even more important in promoting a fair and sustainable economic recovery,” he added.

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Germany demands that Egyptians carry out spying while working in Merkel’s press office | News | DW | Instant News

Germany’s public prosecutor filed espionage charges on Monday against a man Egyptian born German citizen who works for the Federal Press Office (BPA).

Authorities said Amin K. was accused of helping to obtain information for Egypt’s General Intelligence Service (GIS) from “at least July 2010” and also provide contact as Anot Egyptian recruit, a move that was ultimately unsuccessful.

The suspect have begA working in visitor service The BPA, currently headed by spokesperson Merkel Steffen Seibert, in 1999.

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prosecutor add to that the suspect hopes his Egyptian handler will allow preferential treatment for his mother in Egypt and his pension rights.

If proven to be spying for foreign intelligence service, the defendant could face up to five years in prison.

Egypt spies on Germany

German The domestic intelligence agency (BfV) published the case last July in its extensive annual report on the potential threat to democracy. At that time, the federal press office mostly remained silent, apart from saying that visitor service personnel could not access other databases.

July intelligence report said federal investigator llaunched their investigation last December, noting generally that Egyptians living in Germany “could be the focus” of E.GIS and gypt his National Security Service (NSS).

Thise including members of the Muslim Brotherhood, overthrown from the government by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in 2013then general, now the president is re-electedAs too Egyptian Coptic Christianss living in Germany, said annual report from BfV.

‘Repressive measures’

Amnesty International said the Egyptian authorities used “various repressive actions against protesters, perceived dissidents and journalists and have “failed to protect women from high levels of sexual and gender-based violence.

The Berlin-based visitor service of the Federal Press Office allows visits to the German capital with “aabout 85,000 people a year. “

The standard itinerary includes a visit to the BPA as well as meetings with parliamentarians and ministerial experts, “says the CPA on its website.

ipj / rt (Reuters, dpa, AFP)


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How Rabih Mokbel Supports Lebanese Fashion Designers With Cairo’s First Fashion Center Week | Instant News

Thirty-four year old Rabih Mokbel is one of the top event entrepreneurs in the Middle East. Based in Cairo, Mokbel Egypt started his career in his family catering business in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. With his company The Venture Lifestyle, Mokbel has planned, organized and carried out some of the region’s top events and concerts, including bringing Jennifer Lopez to Cairo in 2019. But her roots in Lebanon led Mokbel to create events in Egypt to help Lebanese designers who are still influenced by 4 Augustth explosion.

This is the first ‘Fashion Central’ edition for Mokbel and Uptown Cairo Emaar, an Emirati real estate developer with properties in Egypt. “Every year I hold a fashion event for Emaar, ” said Mokbel. “Last year I brought Lebanese fashion designer Nicholas Jebran to Cairo. I arranged a fashion show for him here in Egypt. This year I decided that instead of one designer, it would be for many designers over four days in a lineup of fashion, art, and food and drink. “

This four-day event brings all aspects of art under one roof where Arab fashion designers get the opportunity to present their collections and accessories in Cairo. Conducted in a collaborative effort with content and concept creators AGAINST, and design studio THE CULT- this event is filled with a bazaar of Lebanese, Jordanian, and Egyptian designers, along with workshops, manicures and all-round fashion talks. L’Aterlier Nawbar, Roni Helou, and Dina Shaker are some of the few designers showing off.

“We are doing this to help Lebanese designers who are currently not making money because of the recent boom in Lebanon,” she says. “We charge them a fee so they can sell their product. We don’t take money and they get a chance to make a profit and sell their designs. But from local designers like Okhtein and Kojak, we took from them. We have leading food and beverage companies serving as well. Each day starts at 3pm with a panel, workshop and bazaar, and in the evening, we have a band from 8-12pm. Next year we plan to have a bigger name in entertainment and fashion. ” she says.

Mokbel’s success is truly a result of his own efforts with many opportunities mixed in. He called it a mistake, but divine guidance and blessings have enabled him to become one of the Middle East’s top entertainment entrepreneurs. He is knowledgeable in putting together top concerts and events. When he was called upon to do something, the wheels turned in his head and a vision came to him swiftly setting every detail.

Studying hotel management, Mokbel got his start at various events working for his father’s catering business. “I started my career as a waiter, then a bartender, then a hotel supervisor, and moved to a household, and then a receptionist. ” he remembered. “I’ve been through all positions.” In 2003, he worked for Sky Management for their locations in Beirut, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The company opened a location in Egypt in 2009 and it was there he had the feeling to organize events, that’s when Mokbel knew he had found a calling. “This is where I build a sense of regulating things because Sky Bar is a club of 3,000 people. During the trip we had several large events attended by 10,000-20,000 people and I realized that I enjoyed holding events. While my main study is food and beverage, and I learned how to work from kitchen to floor, I went alone and opened my own bar and restaurant and came to Egypt permanently in 2017. I opened my own company Venture Lifestyle where I found the need for events and food and drink. “

Apart from holding fashion events like Fashion Central and bringing top designers like Nicholas Jebran to Cairo, Mokbel’s clients from Emaar, Samsung, El Gouna Film Festival, and the Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris hire him to do their show. I do a lot of events in Egypt and I did a Jennifer Lopez concert in Egypt last year. We had planned to take Shakira, Maluma, Drake and Akon but they were all delayed due to the pandemic. “

Next year, hopefully the pandemic is over, Mokbel plans to host Cairo Fashion Week, where he will hold a fashion show at the Great Pyramid of Giza. Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad has signed a contract to do a fashion show. And hopefully famous Lebanese designer Elie Saab will also take part.


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The main Gulf markets fell due to falling oil prices | Instant News

(Reuters) – Stock markets in the Gulf ended lower on Sunday in response to falling oil prices Thursday as rising COVID-19 cases in Europe and the United States raised concerns over the prospects for fuel consumption.

FILE PHOTOS: Investors walk under a stock index board at the Dubai Financial Market in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 8, 2020. REUTERS / Christopher Pike

Brent crude fell 19 cents to settle at $ 37.46 a barrel on Friday, after hitting a five-month low of $ 36.64 in the previous session. [O/R]

Lower oil prices and disruption to crude exports are likely to impact the fiscal balance of countries that depend on oil revenues.

Dubai’s main stock index fell 1.6%, dragged down by a 3% drop in blue-chip developer Emaar Properties and a 1.7% drop at Emirates NBD Bank.

The six-member Gulf Cooperation Council faced sharp economic contractions this year before partially recovering in 2021, with most countries facing sharper-than-previously expected falls, according to Reuters’ quarterly polls.

The United Arab Emirates, which is experiencing a spike in new COVID-19 cases, is expected to see a 6.0% decline in GDP this year, grow 2.7% next year and increase by 3.8% in 2022. In July, analysts forecast a decline of 5 , 1% in 2020 and 2.6% growth in 2021.

The Abu Dhabi Index closed down 0.6%, with Aldar Properties shedding 3.3%, while the United Arab Emirates’ biggest lender, First Abu Dhabi Bank, shed 0.5%.

Saudi Arabia’s benchmark index fell 0.5%, hit by a 1.3% drop at petrochemical company Saudi Basic Industries and a 1.2% drop at the kingdom’s biggest lender, National Commercial Bank.

In Qatar, the index slipped 0.5%, with United Development down 4.8% and Ezdan Holding down 8%.

Outside the Gulf, Egypt’s blue-chip index fell 0.6%, with most shares in negative territory including El Sewedy Electric, which fell 2.6%.

SAUDI ARABIA decreased 0.5% to 7,865 points

ABU DHABI lost 0.6% to 4,635 points

DUBAI fell 1.6% to 2,152 points

QATAR fell 0.5% to 9,640 points

EGYPT fell 0.6% to 10,456 points

BAHRAIN slipped 0.1% to 1,426 points

OMAN fell 0.2% to 3,552 points

KUWAIT fell 2.1% to 5,880 points

Reporting by Ateeq Shariff in Bengaluru


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How Naguib Sawiris Made Fashion and Film a Beacon of Light for the El Gouna Film Festival | Instant News

Egypt is no stranger to film, the northeastern Middle East and the North African country have been the leaders of films in the Middle East, since 1896 with silent films. The country has a strong and strong film industry with some of the region’s leading silver screen men and women.

So, when Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris, Festival Founder was approached by Amr Mansi and Egyptian actress Bushra Rozza to do a film festival in El Gouna, a resort town built from scratch on the Red Sea, he jumped in there. In 2019, Naguib was listed in Forbes Magazine List of African Billionaires as 9th the richest man in Africa. Four years later, El Gouna Film Festival has garnered respect as a leading film festival on the international stage, where it not only attracts attention for films, but also becomes a beacon of fashion for the region.

“I have previous experience, where I will be doing a film festival in Sharm El Sheikh, and the idea of ​​having a cinema festival is not new,” share Sawiris. He’s a caring and direct man and it’s clear that movies are his personal passion. “Doing festivals is always on my mind. But Amr Mansi and Bushra Rozza came to me to do it in El Gouna because it provides a good atmosphere for the festival, “ he continued.

The idea of ​​falling behind and building a festival was not just about shows or just about income for Sawiris. Movies are a favorite pastime for business people. “Being a very passionate film viewer, I love watching movies. I’m like a kid who gets chocolate while watching a movie, ” Sawiris chuckled. “For me, I usually sneak out of parties to go and watch a movie. It helps me relax and stimulate my thoughts, gives me happiness – or sadness, and keeps my emotions going. “

“So immediately I said let’s do it,” when he was approached to do a festival. “And even though El Gouna is not my domain because it is led by my brother, she also really likes it because this place has been a huge success.” Naguib’s older brother, Samih, is the Founder of El Gouna and is equally passionate about what’s happening with film and fashion through the festival.

Undeniably, the El Gouna Film Festival has shifted to become one of the most important star-studded films and fashion winners in Egypt. The festival has given young designers and small brands in Egypt and in the Middle East a platform to get their names out there, as celebrities wear these brands at red carpet events and screenings.

“Fashion is at every festival, look at Cannes,” said Naguib. “Fashion is an integral part of the festival. Feeling good about yourself is not the essence, but it is nice to have an opportunity where women can wear amazingly beautiful dresses and look beautiful. It also provides a platform for up-and-coming designers as they can get this kind of exposure, which they usually don’t get with all cameras. “

He attributes festival success to building the right team and hiring the best people who know what they are doing for each part of the festival. “We work with the most professional people in every element. Say for example transportation, we got the best transportation companies in Egypt that do the transportation. Same for fashion, logistics and translation. We take the best of the best. For the cinema aspect, we work with respected people in the industry. Everyone knows them and they have the best cinema knowledge. “

The legacy Naguib wants to leave is that he wants actors, writers and directors to be grateful for what he and his team have built. “And for my country too, because the festival gives a lot of exposure to the country. People would see Egypt on a map as a safe and pleasant place. ”

You can find out more about the El Gouna Film Festival here.


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