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Respect for Prince Philip flows from all over the world | Instant News

World leaders reacted to the death of Prince Philip, the grumpy and grumpy husband of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Friday aged 99.

French President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh in a tweet and said he was “living an exemplary life defined by courage, a sense of duty and commitment to youth and the environment.”

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said Britain had lost “a wise elder imbued with a unique spirit of public service”.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum also expressed their condolences.

The British Embassy in Rome put its flag in half after news of Philip’s death was announced.

The prince’s life spans nearly a century in European history, starting with his birth as a member of the Greek royal family and ending as Britain’s longest-serving consort during a turbulent reign in which the thousand year old monarchy was forced to reinvent itself for kingdom. 21st century.

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Welcome to The Funk Boutique, The Root’s Weekly Fashion and Beauty Roundup | Instant News

In October 2020, Kelly Rowland announced her debut design collaboration with JustFab, after many years ambassadors for their Fabletics line. Rowland’s first collection was released on March 1, 2021, featuring a wide range of clothing and accessories such as tube tops, bodycon dresses, blazers, heeled sandals, sneakers and boots in pastel and neutral colors.

Based on WWD, the collection itself was designed at the beginning of the quarantine period and was inspired by the power of the Greek goddess. Rowland informed Harper’s Bazaar that with respect to power, he felt “[women] continue to strive for it, for ourselves, for one another, for other generations, for the simplest of things. “This collection is meant to help build a strength mentality in women and enable them to grow to be their best selves.

“Every designer has inspiration. When I started designing my collection for JustFab, I was struck by the unique situation around me, ”said Rowland, adding:“ With a world facing unprecedented times and on my own journey of pregnancy, I was captivated by the magical power of women. . The inspiration for my collection is not an individual – it’s all women: their strengths, their creativity, their beauty. This collection is inspired by strong women with style, designed for strong women with style. “

– Kelly Rowland via JustFab

Illustration for an article entitled Welcome to The Funk Boutique, Your Weekly Window Store for Fashion and Beauty

Photo: JustFab

But also, can we talk about the iconic moment of Ms. Kelly Rowland in the promotional photo for this drop? She looks great in every photo, in all colors, in all styles. She just did the damned thing – it became strong and beautiful and Black.

Nykhor, the Soldier's Collection Muse

Nykhor, the Soldier’s Collection Muse
Picture: JustFab

“Soldier Collection” is the first of three to be released this season. “Creative Collection” and “Grace Collection” will be released on April 1 and May 1, respectively.


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The ‘last’ Holden Commodore produced in Australia retails for $ 750,000 at auction | Instant News

A bidder has paid $ 750,000 for “the last car ever produced in Holden Australia” – even though General Motors says “really Holden’s last” is on display at the National Motor Museum in Birdwood, South Australia.

The historically significant vehicle was expected to sell for about $ 500,000 at auction on Saturday, but exceeded expectations.

A 2017 Holden VF Series II sedan advertise ahead of the auction describes it as “the last car ever produced in Holden Australia”.

Lee Hames auctioneer said it was “arguably the most collectable Australian car … in the world today”.

But General Motors reportedly said another Commodore was “really Holden’s last”, and rightly so currently on display at the National Motor Museum.

The vehicle, which ceremonially rolled off the assembly line at the Elizabeth plant when it closed in October 2017, is not for sale.

The closure of the factory, north of Adelaide, was marked end of large scale automobile manufacturing in Australia.

‘Chance Conversation’ leads factory workers to historic cars

Mr Hames, head of operations at Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers, said the Commodore which was sold on Saturday was destined to be sold at a dealer before former Holden factory workers “intercepted” it.

The auctioneer said a 14-year veteran at the Elizabeth plant had purchased the historically important car before auctioning off.

“It was just a coincidence of conversation that last day, he heard that the car was being destined for an interstate dealer,” said Hames.

“So he made as many phone calls as possible to connect with the dealer and make a private sale for the car.

“The car never made it to the dealership. He got over the car before.”

Describing the car before the auction, Hames said it was, “one of … [the] one last car produced in the country “.

The historic Holden Commodore went on sale at auction on Saturday.(ABC News)

“It symbolizes the end of an era or the end of [car] manufacturing in Australia, “he said.

He gave an example of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which according to him is the last of all Australian-made Holden.

He also said it was the last to pass the Elizabeth factory bodyshop and paint shop.

“This is the last car in body, the last car to get a VIN … and the last car to have the Holden badge on it,” said Hames.

The vehicle was sold at an auction house on the Gold Coast.

The final sale price of $ 750,000 was reached following an intense bidding war on Saturday afternoon, which involved in-person, online and telephone bidders.

Two men, sitting behind the table, clapping their hands, in front of a banner reading 'Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers'
The car was sold after the bidding war heated up on Saturday.(Youtube: Lloyds Auctions)

General Motors confirms Australia’s ‘last’ auto show

General Motors acknowledged that the car sold at auction was indeed the last car to pass through the repair shop and paint shop at the Elizabeth plant, but said it was not “really Holden’s last”.

The auctioned car is “the last body to leave the garage and into / out of the paint shop – not off the general assembly line itself,” the US company to carsales.com.au.

A red Holden Commodore sedan with 'last car' sign affixed to the roof, as it slid off the floor of an Elizabeth Holden factory.
The Holden Commodore was the “last car” to slide off the factory floor at the Elizabeth Holden factory in October 2017, and is now on display at the National Motor Museum.(Provided: National Motorcycle Museum)

“The Commodore on loan to the National Motor Museum in South Australia is the last car to cross a public assembly line and is not for sale.

“The vehicle… was on display at the National Motor Museum in Birdwood, SA and was the last vehicle to leave the general assembly line on the morning of October 19, 2017.”

General Motors owns the Holden brand until it was discontinued last year.

The Birdwood Motor Museum exhibition runs through December.


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New Zealand High Commissioner for Britain Bede Corry speaks with Queen on Zoom | Instant News


Queen of England Elizabeth II. Photo / AP

New Zealand’s top diplomat in the UK has had a private audience with Queen Elizabeth II to mark her appointment to the role.

Bede Corry recently took office as New Zealand High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, and yesterday met the British monarch on a video call.

It comes days after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also revealed that she had received a phone call from Her Excellency, who was checking in to check-in to see how New Zealand was doing and wishing everyone a “pleasant break”.

Arden said in an Instagram post, the Queen shared memories from her time when she once visited New Zealand during the holiday season.

Corry’s audience seemed more formal.

“Today I am given the immense privilege of having a Private Hearing with Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of New Zealand,” Corry wrote on Twitter.

“I am proud to wear the Ngāi Tahu Korowai to mark this event with a graceful gift from Your Excellency @RoyalFamily.”

The Royal Family also issued a statement at the meeting.

“Mr Bede Corry was received by the Queen via video link this afternoon following his appointment as High Commissioner for New Zealand in London.”

The Queen and Prince Philip, meanwhile, have changed their Christmas plans for the first time in decades and will spend the holiday season at Windsor Castle, a statement from Buckingham Palace said.

The royal family traditionally celebrates Christmas at Queen Sandringham’s estate in Norfolk, but a pandemic forces them to make big changes.

The Queen, 94, and the Duke of Edinburgh, 99, may be able to see a few family members briefly, but tend to spend most of the festive celebrations alone.


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Body found: Auckland businessman has been looking forward to living with a new partner | Instant News

Elizabeth Zhong was reported missing from her Auckland home on Friday. Photo / Provided

Elizabeth (Ying) Zhong is a grandmother who has been looking forward to living her life with her new partner, a friend told the Herald.

A body believed to belong to a 55-year-old businesswoman who was reported missing from East Manukau District was found yesterday afternoon.

A source told the Herald that the body was lifted from a vehicle several streets away from his $ 2 million house in Sunnyhills, but police would not confirm this.

Police said the identification of the remains had not been confirmed, but the death was being treated as unexplained and an investigation was underway.

Detective Inspector Shaun Vickers said a post-mortem would be carried out today and the police would provide further information whenever possible.

In his prime, Zhong was a sponsor of projects and festivals – including the 2017 Asia Pacific Film festival.

“I was very surprised to hear the news that he was leaving,” said the friend, who requested anonymity.

“The last time we met, he introduced me to his new partner and we also talked about his daughter and grandson in Wellington, and he is looking forward to living his new life.”

Zhong came to New Zealand with her ex-husband and daughter in 1997. Her daughter now works at the Ministry of Finance in Wellington.

She separated from her husband in 2017, and has a new partner, a property developer.

Police guarded property in the eastern Auckland suburb of Sunnyhills this morning.  Photo / Hayden Woodward
Police guarded property in the eastern Auckland suburb of Sunnyhills this morning. Photo / Hayden Woodward

Her friend, who is also a business partner, described her as a “smart businesswoman” and respected by many in the film industry.

The Herald understands that Zhong was also a close associate of the late Jihong Lu, and had had talks with controversial theater promoters at an early stage about being part of the failed production of City of 100 Lovers.

Zhong is also actively working with investors from China, and hosts visiting delegations – such as one from Shanxi who came in 2018 – to his vineyard.

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Zhong is a businesswoman with many company director positions. She was reported missing from her Sunnyhills home and was last seen on Friday afternoon.

Last night several police cars were seen outside his house after his body was found.

Her ex-husband Frank Fu declined to comment when contacted by the Herald this morning.

Zhong has had health problems recently, and is the sole owner and director of the two winemaking companies who are now recipients – Kennedy Point Vineyard on Waiheke Island and Carrick’s wine in Central Otago.

He is also the sole owner and director of the film production company Digital Post Ltd, Digipost Entertainment and related companies.

Digipost offers animation and computer graphics, film post-production, sound mixing and visual effects.

Credits that have been engaged by the company include Mosely, Ash versus Evil Dad, Mt Zion, Spartacus, Love Birds, and 30 Days of Night.

Its website states: “Digipost is New Zealand’s most experienced visual effects and post production company dedicated to realizing the creative endeavors of our clients, providing the highest quality service to the film, advertising and television industries.”

In 2018, Variety reported that Zhong and Digipost were part of a “three-way development and finance deal” with Tim White’s Southern Light Films and Super Entertainment for a live-action fantasy film CGI Shelved worth up to $ 56 million.

Variety reports the film is about “two lazy robots restless about being replaced by humans.” The film, which involves NZ-born Shrek director Andrew Adamson, will be a New Zealand-China co-production.

The police continued to request information on Mr. Zhong’s death. People are asked to call 105, citing file number 201128/1909, or Polres Manukau on 09 2611 321 if they have further information.


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