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Heidi Klum’s daughter, Leni, 16, received the protection of Glamor Germany | Instant News

Fashion industry, make room for another Klum.

Two decades after Heidi Klum became Glamor Germany’s first cover star, her 16-year-old daughter, Leni, got her first solo outfit cover for the magazine’s 20th anniversary issue.

“I’ve wanted to do this since I was a child, and I was really upset with my mother because she didn’t let me,” the teenage model. said German Glamor. “Now I can finally become a model, so I’m really excited overall.”

He shares the covers an Instagram post on Thursday, wrote, “It is an honor to share this with my mom @heidiklum who is the first German Glamor cover model.”

The cover is the latest fashion milestone for Leni, who is too opens Berlin Fashion Week in January, just one month later shared covers of German Vogue with his famous mother.

“Since I didn’t even know how old she was, maybe 11 years old, I begged my mother to… have a public Instagram,” he recalls. “Now finally I can, because maybe two or three weeks ago I could show my face, and I’m kind of happy now that he doesn’t let me because I feel like I’ll regret a lot of things I posted when I was younger. “

Heidi joined her daughter on set for the cover shoot, apparently sharing laughter and wisdom with Leni.

The legendary catwalker posted a behind-the-scenes video on Thursday, with the caption, “@leniklum is so much fun being your plus on set.”

When asked about the most embarrassing thing his mother did, Leni reveal that the “America’s Got Talent” judges like to blaring music in school drop-off lines in front of their classmates.

“He made sure to turn the volume up all the way and started singing and blowing up and rolling up the windows and I was so embarrassed to get out of the car,” he explained. “But he hasn’t done it in a long time because of online schooling.”

While she may not be jealous of her car karaoke skills, Leni hopes to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a model.

“It’s a big shoe to fill,” he said of him like momlong career. “But I’m ready, and I’m happy to fill it.”

Clum first expresses Leni’s modeling aspirations back in December, telling People that her daughter is finally old enough to start a fashion career of her own.

“I always thought he was too young,” he said at the time. “We also always decide to keep children away from the public eye. But he’s driving now, he’s 16, so I think if you can do it, you can also model now if this is what you want to do. “


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Spy: The ups and downs of Miss New Zealand | Instant News

A montage of the former Miss New Zealand winner is featured in an upcoming documentary about the competition.

An interesting documentary is being made about the ups and downs of the Miss New Zealand competition.

During the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s, winning the title was the equivalent of becoming an All Black in terms of fame. But now, competition is barely making a ripple.

Documentary filmmaker Neil Gussey says the winner of the competition from that era is Lady Di. She was right, they accompanied royals on women’s magazine covers over the decades and many have had very successful careers in the world of fashion, beauty, and television.

“This documentary is an exciting journey back in time, talking to various winners and reminiscing about their experiences in their years in office,” said Gussey, who has worked with some of the biggest names in the business as a photographer since the 80’s.

He has selected nine winners from the years he thinks stood out the most from both their victories and beyond.

These include our most famous beauty queen Lorraine Downes, who became our first Miss Universe in 1983, and Elaine Daley (Miscall), who was a celebrity for decades when she finished second at Miss World in 1963.

Mrs World 1987 winner Barbara McDowell will appear and Gussey says some of the funniest stories have come from Tracey Allan and her mother, Lorraine, who named Miss Mother and Daughter New Zealand 1988 and flew to Guam and reached the finals.

Alongside interviews with previous winners, Gussey has interviewed several famous faces and industry experts, including Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Paula Ryan, Dame Trelise Cooper, Di Goldsworthy and of course the eyes and ears of the time, the great David Hartnell, to tell the background. behind him and is it really a fairy tale to everyone.

One thing people often forget, Gussey says, is that we nearly lost Miss Universe three years before Downes took the crown in 1983 at Denyse Borley (Nottle)

“Two days before the final of Miss Universe 1980, the press photographer chose Denyse as the winner of Miss Photogenic and she shot up and, out of 75 contestants, was the same favorite to win, along with Miss Sweden and Miss USA with bookies odds of 3-1. “

Nottle was runner up 2nd and went on to become a successful international model working in Europe for many years and is now based in London.

Documentary filmmaker Neil Gussey is working on a document that explores the Miss New Zealand competition.
Documentary filmmaker Neil Gussey is working on a document that explores the Miss New Zealand competition.

Gussey thinks the peak of the competition will be the mid-80s, when Downes took the crown and the number of views on TV was very high.

In regards to the fall in competition, he said it happened in 1989, when TVNZ stopped playing and time had passed. Gussey said he has seen a revival in the modern era with the rise of reality TV and social media.

She includes Holly Michelle Cassidy from 2013, who competed in Russia for Miss Universe when Donald Trump was running the competition, and Jess Tyson from 2018, who went to Miss World and reached the top six.

Gussey hopes the interview will be completed by the end of August. Look forward to major film screenings at the Event Theater with all proceeds going to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Center.

The film will then be put on various film festivals next year and be available to watch online.


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Anushka Sharma enhances maternity clothes with a knitted shirt in a cream knitted skirt and applies red lipstick – fashions and trends | Instant News

Keep the fashion cops constantly on alert with stuffy back-to-back pregnant appearance is Sultan star Anushka Sharma and this Monday is no different. Setting and breaking fashion records of her own, the diva dazzled us once again with her motherly look, this time in a beige ensemble with a hint of red lipstick to add a pop of color and increase hot intelligence.

Taking to his Instagram account, the actor, who is back filming in Mumbai, shared a glamorous photo of himself and the internet couldn’t keep his cool. Dressed in a beige T-shirt, leisurely tied to the side, Anushka paired it with a ravishing crochet skirt.

The sun kissing photo shows glimpses of her delicate necklace, while other photos flood the Internet showing the fashionista complementing her outfit with a pair of metallic copper strap sandals. The side knot rests perfectly on top of her baby bump which is fashion inspiration for all expectant mothers out there.

Leaving her wavy hair open with a mid-parted hairstyle, Anushka made her head turn with a touch of beautiful red lipstick. Dressed in dewy makeup with highlighted cheeks, sleek eyeliner and lashes laden with mascara, Anushka was dressed up for a brand campaign in Mumbai.

She just captioned the image, “Hey” and we couldn’t wait for her to give a more elegant appearance than her maternity diary, our future planner.

Fans have been in a frenzy since diva Kota Perada dropped news of her pregnancy with Virat Kohli during the Covid-19 quarantine in August this year. As the stork prepares to visit her lover next year, Anushka has captivated fans when she raises the bar for high-fashion maternity in a mix of comfort and luxury.

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Tara Sutaria makes a fashion statement in subtle bridal attire, saying ‘I used to shun prints before but now have a rush’ – fashions and trends | Instant News

If there is one young kid in the film industry who has everything from dazzling looks to golden voices, ballerina moves, baking and sketching skills along with blockbusters in his cat, that’s for sure. For berries starred in Tara Sutaria. The stylish diva has recently flooded the Internet with lots of photos from her latest magazine shoot and mercury is soaring high thanks to her exquisite looks in traditional clothes and vintage jewelery.

In some of the pictures, Tara is seen wearing a delicate bridal outfit from Pakistani designer Shehla Chatoor collection. Ensmbles look like rhymes for timeless craftsmanship. The shoot was for the November issue of Elle magazine. In one of the cover images, Tara is seen wearing a blue cord blouse paired with an ivory lehenga, both of which feature intricate details with delicate, meticulous hand embroidery.

Making her own fashion statement, Tara looks ready for a grand party or wedding event as she lifts the appeal of the bride and groom with this elegant contemporary necklace from Harit Zaveri Jewelers to complete her look, along with a sumptuous gold knot set, gold finger ring and metallic watch. Leaving her gorgeous brown hair exposed in a side parted hairstyle, Tara wore nude lipstick, blushed and highlighted cheeks, kohl lined eyes, lashes full of mascara, copper eyeshadow, and completed her look with a little maroon bindi.

In another cover image, Tara is seen wearing a white full sleeved blouse in a cut design paired with a delicate pale gold bridal lehenga embellished with intricate old world embroidery and lavish details. Tara added that her appearance was from the same Ahmedabad-based wine shop brand.

Presenting another elegant look, Tara showed off a cream-based v-neck blouse paired with an organza dupatta and scalloped lehenga set. The three, separated by Indian fashion designer Rahul Mishra, feature embroidered flowers in brilliant colors of resham thread that are hand-embroidered over thousands of human clocks with a three-dimensional highlight.

For this dreamy look, Tara pulls off her hair in a messy bun for the gorgeous outfit to speak to its maximum and wears subtle makeup with a nude pink lipstick, blushing cheeks and highlighted with fluffy brows. Talking about her fashion choices and outfits, Tara shared in an interview with Elle, “I am an old soul. I get along very well with older people, love vintage jewelry, and I really like stocking up on knick-knacks that sing the 80s and 90s. I love pearls – they are gorgeous, minimalist, and made for a classic cut with blazers and similar dresses. “

He added, “Don’t ever say never. I used to avoid previous prints, but now have confusion streaking through my wardrobe. “

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