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As the demand for plastic surgery grows, zoom meetings may affect self-image | Instant News

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has ruined our lives, video conferencing platforms such as Zoom have become the digital tools of choice for communication and collaboration. Although these platforms bring a lot of comfort, many people are increasingly worried that Zoom meetings may be detrimental to their self-image. After all, most of the time we stare at our familiar faces. A new study shows that the demand for plastic surgery has increased significantly in recent months due to the so-called “zoom deformity.”

In the editorial Published in Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, The author pointed out that using what appears on Zoom as a reason for seeking care has caused a surge in the number of patients. Patients are particularly concerned about acne and wrinkles. The report cited Google search trends and pointed out that words such as “acne” and “hair loss” are increasing.

“They attribute this trend to acne and hair loss, anxiety and depression, common psychological conditions during quarantine. We suspect that this trend may also stem from people constantly seeing themselves in videos and becoming more and more aware of themselves. Appearance,” it further stated.

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The report pointed out that before Zoom became a measure of a person’s identity, patients used selfies and various photo editing applications to publish filtered versions of themselves. Many patients called “Snapchat metamorphosis” want to be closer to their edited version of their face.

The report added: “In 2019, 72% of members of the American Society of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reported seeing patients seeking cosmetic surgery to improve selfies.”

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Unlike the filtered version in still photos, users have little control over their appearance in Zoom meetings, which is why many people seek artificial changes in appearance and retouching procedures. According to this report, some people may feel depressed after seeing their wrinkles and worry that others may think they are depressed. Another explanation is that users are inclined to plastic surgery because they are observing their defects every day.

“When a person is overly addicted to real or imagined defects, this becomes a major problem. It adds that the life spent over-spending on Zoom may trigger a comparative response of self-criticism, causing people to rush to seek out what they are in. Faced with a treatment method that has not been considered before a few months on the video screen, this is a new phenomenon of “Zoom Dysmorphia”.


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The 40-minute Thanksgiving limit is lifted, but this is how to fix it early | Instant News

Are you ready for Thanksgiving this year? Since we are still in a pandemic, is it difficult for you to think about how to celebrate Thanksgiving?No longer worry about the reason enlarge The meeting provided us with unlimited windows.

Since we cannot organize large physical gatherings, Zoom has been an alternative meeting place for people since the pandemic began. It transmits audio and video quickly and clearly through the Internet, bringing people from remote places together.

Its purpose is not only to meet the purpose of business meetings, entertainment purposes, and class meetings, but because COVID-19 restrictions are still being implemented across the country, so family and friends get together during the holidays.

Removal of the 40-minute limit on Zoom on Thanksgiving

(Photo: REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha/File Photo)
File picture: On June 7, 2020, in Bangkok, Thailand, during the first six hours of the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) online music festival, the screen was shown to the audience through the Zoom app. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha/File Photo

Throughout the pandemic, Zoom will remove the 40-minute restriction as part of its basic plan to expand your time with your family on Thanksgiving. The system will interrupt the meeting from the start of the meeting to 40 minutes. Throughout the pandemic, this time limit has been one of the key limitations of Zoom’s basic plan, which forces non-premium accounts to restart calls after the time expires.

according to edge, Zoom’s competitors such as Google Meet and Cisco Webex have the same basic plan limits on meeting length and participants (Google Meet is limited to 60 minutes, and Cisco Webex is limited to 50 minutes).

All providers will charge additional fees or provide plans to cancel the meeting time limit and increase the number of participants allowed.

The temporary removal of the 40-minute limit will start at midnight on Thanksgiving on November 26 to 6 am (Eastern Standard Time) on November 27. You can host and join Zoom calls without interrupting the account that signifies this date and time with the 40-minute mark of the paid service.

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How to solve the 40-minute limit as quickly as possible?

The Duchess of Cornwall visits pepper pot center

(Photo: (Photo by Justin Tallis-WPA Pool / Getty Images))
London, United Kingdom-October 21: Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall wearing a mask participates in a zoom call with members of the Pepper Pot Center. The charity was established on October 21, 2020 to support Africa and Africa in West London. Caribbean seniors, United Kingdom.

Since the 40-minute limit will only be lifted within a certain period of time, the following methods can help you solve Zoom’s call duration limit, such as Screen frenzy report.

The first option is to create a new call after 40 minutes have expired. Even if this will make the call up and running again, it also means that the new room code and password must be sent to each member again. This can be unpleasant and will likely cause a delay in getting started again.

In any case, if you are worried about scaling explosions, this method may be valuable. However, if you are concerned, you can choose one of the many other communication applications as a start.

Another way to solve this problem more effectively is to arrange planned meetings instead of just holding meetings. This means that the meeting host must make settings before the meeting date. When doing this, Zoom has a feature where the host can schedule the meeting in advance and set it to video and audio settings after participants join the meeting.

After the meeting starts and reaches the 40-minute limit, a notification will appear in the meeting and the countdown will begin. At this point, the host can leave the meeting without ending the meeting, and all call participants click the original invitation link again, and the 40-minute limit will start again. Guess what, this process can be repeated as many times as needed. It may take repeated attempts to get it set up correctly, but it can give you time to change the Zoom background or perform other operations while waiting for the meeting.

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LinkedIn will soon allow users to use Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans and Zoom-Tech News, Firstpost for video calls | Instant News

LinkedIn has reintroduced many new features. Now, it has a variety of new messaging functions that can provide users with faster communication methods and better control of their conversations and messages. LinkedIn has announced that it will soon make it easy for users to switch conversations from chat to face-to-face using the following methods Microsoft Team, BlueJeans Provided by Verizon, or enlarge Directly in the LinkedIn message. To do this, the user needs to click on the video icon next to the location where the message would have been typed. From there, they will see a pop-up window for you to choose from Teams, Zoom or BlueJeans and prompt to log in.

Users can share a unique link to start an instant meeting or schedule a meeting for future use.

LinkedIn has Also introduced The ability to edit messages allows users to correct errors quickly and easily. If the message is no longer relevant or the attachment was sent by mistake, they can also delete it.

To use this feature, the account holder must press and double tap the message to open the options menu on the phone. On the desktop, users need to hover the mouse over the message until they see a pop-up window with “…”. From there, they will get the option to edit or delete.

LinkedIn application. Picture: no splash

LinkedIn has also added emoji to its messaging service. Users can press and hold any message or double-tap on it to open the options menu on the mobile device, while hovering the mouse over the message and get tools on the desktop.

Business and employment-oriented online services also make it easier for users to select multiple conversations at once, archive, delete or even mark them as read/unread at once.

For mobile users, they need to access the menu by clicking on the “…” in the upper right corner of the app, where they will see the “Manage Conversation”. They can also hold down a message until they see the checkbox next to each message. The user needs to check the box next to each message to be managed, and then select “Mark as Unread, Delete or Archive”. For desktop users, they need to hover their mouse over the message to view the option and choose an action.

In addition to these, LinkedIn also introduced opportunities to report inappropriate messages and invite others to join the conversation.

If the user sees an online warning, it means that the message has been automatically marked as a problem. The user can choose to view or close the message and mark it as safe.

As for inviting other people, users need to go to the upper right corner “…”, then click “New Group Chat”, and then add others to join.


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Free Google Meet is about to implement a 60-minute time limit | Instant News

(Photo: John Moore/Getty Images) Stamford, Connecticut-September 14: Principal Matthew Laskowski made an announcement when he met with students on September 14, 2020 at the start of school day at Rippowam Middle School in Stamford, Connecticut. Most of the students there have participated in the mixed mode. They attend school classes every other day and then learn the rest of the courses remotely. Due to the coronavirus issue, more than 20% of students in the Stanford public school district only accept distance learning.

Google Meet is a free, business-focused video call application that has been widely used during the lock-up period and will enforce a 60-minute time limit on September 30.

Among the features that will no longer be provided include: meetings with 250 participants, real-time streaming of up to 100,000 participants in a single domain, and saving meeting records to its cloud storage Google Drive. These features will be returned to customers using the G Suite Enterprise plan, which charges $25 per account per month.

Creating a trusted meeting space is important

A 60-minute time limit has been announced In the April post. Google announced in a blog post by Javier Soltero, vice president and general manager of G Suite, that they will make Google Meet free for everyone.

This was followed by a few weeks of rollout features that allowed everyone with a Google account to hold meetings. Moreover, functions previously limited to business and educational users are also available to everyone.

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By the time they released the statement, Google Meet had hosted 3 billion minutes of video conferences, adding nearly 3 million users every day. This means that the daily peak usage of video conferencing applications has increased by about 30 times.

The blog post stated: “The meeting for free products is limited to 60 minutes, although we will not enforce this time limit until after September 30.”

In addition to free and unlimited alternatives, until September 30, Google Meet emphasized its commitment to Safety As one of the main functions of the application. The developers behind G Suite explained that they “make the product secure by default,” which includes some security measures. This includes the ability of the host user to allow or deny access to the room, despite having a link, to mute or delete participants as needed. In addition, a Google account is required to participate in any Google Meet meeting room to prevent anonymous users from accessing it.

Finally, the blog post points out that, unlike most social media applications, all the data used in this application is not used for advertising and will not be sold to third parties.

Keep in touch with friends while locked

After the popularity of Zoom increased sharply, Google Meet and its predecessor Hangouts became one of the top video conferencing applications. enlarge The number of users has increased rapidly: from 10 million daily users in December 2019 to more than 300 million in April 2020. However, the huge community has also raised security and privacy issues, most of which are aimed at increasingly common situations”Explosion bomb“Unsolicited people crashed Zoom calls, while others broadcast illegal or shocking videos.

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In order to keep in touch with friends in social distancing (minus the time limit), there are other free video conferencing platforms available. For Apple users, FaceTime is still a popular choice, while Facebook users own its Messenger Room. Other users can also try free and open source chat and video sharing platforms, such as Discord or Jitsi.

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