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Snoop Dogg rushed out of Twitch, but forgot to turn it off | Instant News

Just don’t make him angry.

This seems to be the legendary legendary rapper that happened on Sunday Played some Madden football on Twitch.

For those who don’t like Twitch, it allows gamers to live stream their own video games while interacting with their followers.

He even Has its own youth league From his coach to grow into a young man in the city.

But, as Snoop discovered while playing the Madden video game, any given Sunday is not always the best.

After his opponent team scored three touchdowns with zero points for the rapper, Snoop had obviously had enough because he provided some offensive weapons and rushed in.

The only problem was that he forgot to close the stream, and then streamed for more than seven hours.

So it proves that “With so much drama in LBC, Snoop DO-double-G is a bit difficult.”

CNN has contacted the representative and asked the artist to comment.


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Go retro with these 3 video game classic consoles | Games & Entertainment | Instant News

Beat Saber

Hyperbolic Magnetism

One of the brightest gems of virtual reality, Beat Saber is an addictive rhythm game that lets you burn calories, enjoy great music and feel like a Jedi all at once.

Similar to games like Rock Band or Dance Dance Revolution, Beat Saber’s goal is to hit a certain note in time with a single beat. What makes this game unique, however, is that you hold two (virtual) blades like a lightsaber which you will need to cut tones up, down, left or right. That’s a pretty good workout for your arms, but your legs will get into the action too, as you duck and dodge obstacles while the song plays.

The base game Beat Saber comes with a lot of original music, mostly electronic that you might not recognize (although it’s fun to play), but you can buy more song packs with hits from BTS, Imagine Dragons and Green Hari.

Given that it requires a VR headset, this game has a higher barrier to entry than most of the other games on this list, but I would call it a must-have if you happen to get your hands on the Oculus Quest 2. holiday season.


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According to Los Angeles travel documents, the live performance at E3 2021 has been cancelled | Instant News

According to Los Angeles travel documents, the illustration of the article titled E3 2021 live performance has been cancelled

photo: Christian Peterson/Employee (Getty Images)

Shockingly, it seems that there will be no large-scale live E3 live events in Los Angeles this year.

If found Reset user voice And rExported by Twinfinite, The new document submitted by the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Development Committee seems List of live performances at E3 2021 have been cancelled.

Earlier this month, it was reported Entertainment Software Association Going to be held E3 2021 fully digital. This new document is part of a larger 84-page PowerPoint slide show intended to be used at the board’s meeting in March, and it seems to confirm that the all-digital E3 2021 is indeed happening. In the document, the document explains that the city council is working with the ESA production team to broadcast on the LA Convention Center radio program.

In the statement given Kosaku Early this month, ESA explained that it is looking for this year’s “E3 experience” transformation, and there will be more details to share soon. This document and common sense point to E3 2021, which relies heavily on real-time streaming, pre-recorded clips and Zoom interviews.

Last year, E3 has been completely cancelled Due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.Many other events were also cancelledEdit For safety reasons, conduct large-scale public live performances or meetings.

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Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival Live Music List | Instant News

TAMPA, Fla. – Coming Busch Gardensannual Food & Wine Festival, and the accompanying live music, may tempt you to believe that the pandemic is over.

What you need to know

  • This year’s Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival features nine major musical performances

  • Free concert with park admission

  • Several COVID safety protocols will be implemented

Yes, it turns out not, and alongside the amusement park announcements about the schedule for this year’s major national events is convincing knowledge that Busch Gardens will have multiple COVID safety protocols in place. So you can enjoy 90s pop, Southern rock, or country music with a little peace of mind.

In addition to reduced capacity and intensive cleaning, the park will also carry out temperature checks and apply face coverings during the show, which takes place on the Festival Ground Stage every Saturday through March and April, with bonus shows on Friday, April 2.

Here’s the complete list:

  • Saturday, March 6: Phillip Phillips
  • Saturday, March 13: Parmalee
  • Saturday, March 20: Dylan Scott
  • Saturday, March 27: .38 Special
  • Friday, April 2: Sugar Ray
  • Saturday, April 3: Sister Hazel
  • Saturday, April 10: LOCASH
  • Saturday, April 17: Tito Nieves
  • Saturday, April 24: Starship Feat. Mickey Thomas

.38 March 27 special drama. (Image courtesy of Busch Gardens)

The show is free with park admission, although given the reduced capacity you may want to stake your claim early to a good visibility.

This year’s Food & Wine Festival features over 110 dishes and cocktails to sample; Available Lanyard Sampler and VIP Seating Package.


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Leave + alone | Instant News

By the way, Discovery+ is very enjoyable.

By the way, Discovery+ is very enjoyable.
photo: Katie Keck/Gizmodo

Why does something seem to have become synonymous with streaming media controversy?

Of course I’m talking about the “+” in the service name, the last time I was New York Times. Of course, the number of services that we have added a “+” to the title of its content streaming service is absurd. Now, we have AMC +, Apple TV +, BET + Discovery +, Disney +, Documentary +, ESPN +, Hulu + Live TV (although since normal Hulu, this is worth discussing Officially dropped “Plus” (whose name dates back to 2015), Paramount (Paramount +), and of course other things I’m ignoring here. This doesn’t even consider other non-entertainment services using “+”, especially services from Apple’s premium subscription ecosystem.

However, please listen to me: I think “+” is very good and even helpful for overcoming the chaos of our streaming media environment.

Obviously, my colleagues disagree with this view. Consumer technology reporter Victoria Song absolutely eliminated “+” (and me) Blog about trends As early as September. At the time, I argued that “+” is a simple expression of what a product is or what to do for consumers, although some applications of “+” are not completely consistent with streaming media.

Victoria cited Apple News+ as an example because it is not a streaming service.but it Yes An extended experience that adds more value to users than the standard Apple News provides, and can be easily inferred from the “+” in the more advanced names of the two options.Actually, I think HBO Max losing “Max” and adding “+” will make the company have a headache when communicating how the new service is different from H&O, H&O Go (RIP) and H&O Now (AT&T) Sucks Spectacularly. If AT&T executives choose to name the service HBO+, it may be easier for consumers to understand, which means HBO not only has more value.

I think the biggest reason “+” is useful to consumers actually comes down to how many services currently exist, all of which are striving for loyal users. Too many choices, “+” seems to be an easy way to remind consumers what the product might do, especially where it is suitable for streaming services. Someone may be able to easily infer the functions of BET+ or Paramount+ without spending too much time thinking, just as consumers intuitively understand the functions of YouTube TV, Pluto TV, Sling TV and FuboTV. The “+” eliminates most guesswork, especially when it is associated with a brand that consumers already know.

What I want to say is that I found that there is a “+” application that is crazy, but it has little to do with the inclusion of “+” itself, but has to do with the additional hardware and software ecosystem. Apple TV+ streaming services are available on the Apple TV app, and both can be found on the Apple TV set-top box.this is Extraordinaryÿ Bad brand-crazy. Apple TV+ is good and understandable.But we really have to call it and two Existing products, one of them is an application and the other is hardware? Come on, Apple.

Listen, is it annoying for so many services to name their services in the same format? of course. Is it boring? Absolutely. But I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing-at least not when we have many options. Do not add “+”.


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