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In Italy, theaters are reopening in a city devastated by COVID | Instant News

MILAN (AP) – As a sign of rebirth, the Donizetti theater in the northern Italian city of Bergamo, which was ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic, is reopening this weekend after three years of renovation.

But planned gala celebrations had to be postponed, and new productions for the annual festival dedicated to the city’s original composer Gaetano Donizetti had to be broadcast online from the empty theater.

Festival music director Riccardo Frizza said the fall festival was envisioned as a life-affirming moment for the city and province, where 6,000 people died in one month last spring. In the summer he presides over Donizett’s Requiem, appearing outside city cemeteries as a tribute to the dead.

“You have to know that in my festival orchestra and in the choir section someone has lost two or three family members,” said Frizza. “We cannot organize a festival without paying this tribute to those who are not with us anymore.”

Plans for hearings had to be scrapped after the virus started resurfacing in October, even if Bergamo itself had a milder contagion than spring, when images of army trucks transporting the dead to other areas for cremation showed victims of the pandemic. The calendar was cut into three productions.

All three of Donizetti’s weekend shows “Marino Faliero,” “Le Nozze in Villa” and “Belisario” are available online indefinitely for a subscription price of 59 euros ($ 70). Frizza said the money was needed to help freelance singers and musicians recover some of their income during a year in which classical music has been shut down by the coronavirus.

Italy closed all cinemas in February, and there is a tentative reopening during the summer.

While several other theaters offer free online streaming of their archives, Frizza says few offer new opera productions. The Donizetti theater package includes extras such as commentary, interviews and a virtual tour of the renovated theater, frescoed ceilings giving off a fresh glow. Another Donizetti opera filmed last year, “L’Ange De Nisida,” will be released on Wednesday.

In comparison, Milan’s famous La Scala theater will broadcast the December 7 concert on state television, replacing its traditional season gala opener.

To ensure the health of the Donizetti Festival orchestra, singers and choirs, strict protocols are in place, including weekly testing and separate rehearsals. During weekend performances, the choir section, most of the orchestra and the Frizza wear masks.

At La Scala, more than 40 choir members have tested positive for the virus, plus another 18 in the orchestra.

Frizza, who suffered a light attack with the virus during the height of March when Italy was under complete lockdown, said no one at the festival contracted the virus during practice. It was essential to allow live shows to go on despite the partial lockdown in Lombardy.

“Nobody can imagine a March closing without music, without books, without television shows,” said Frizza. “The pandemic has taught those who did not previously understand the importance of culture, art and beauty in the world.”


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Meghan Markle And Princess Beatrice Among The Biggest Fashion Moments Of 2020 | Instant News

By Jamie Samhan.

32 minutes ago

While most of 2020 was spent in sweatpants around the house, the year still manages to have a few key fashion moments.

Fashion publication Desire, collect stories of the biggest style of the year including #PillowChallenge and Kamala Harris victories white pants, but there are two royal moments that find themselves on the list.

First up was Meghan Markle’s last outfit she wore before she and Prince Harry abandoned their roles as working royals.

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The Duchess of Sussex brought her in her last three outfits including the blue Victoria Beckham gown, the red Safiyaa gown and the green Emilia Wickstead gown. According to the publication, searches for Beckham’s dress increased 137 percent, while Safiyaa came in at 227 percent and 286 percent for Wickstead.

Photo by Chris Jackson / Getty Images
Photo by Chris Jackson / Getty Images
Photo by Karwai Tang / WireImage
Photo by Karwai Tang / WireImage
Photo by Chris Jackson / Getty Images
Photo by Chris Jackson / Getty Images

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Prince Harry’s cousin, Princess Beatrice, is also mentioned.

In July, Princess Beatrice married Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in a small, safe marriage due to COVID. She wore the vintage Norman Hartnell gown that Queen Elizabeth II first wore in 1961 at the Opening of Parliament.

Angela Kelly and Stewart Parvin helped remodel Beatrice’s ivory Peau De Soie taffeta dress, trimmed with Duchess ivory satin and organza sleeves.

In the 48 hours after the wedding, the term “vintage wedding dress” was up 297 percent.

Desire also included in the top 10 most influential fashionistas of 2020. Harry Styles is first and Lizzo seventh, but the only royal to make it to the list is Kate Middleton at ninth.

Photo by Jonathan Buckmaster - WPA Pool / Getty Images
Photo by Jonathan Buckmaster – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Partly because of the flower mask in August which led to the style tracing up 185 percent.

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Facebook’s Quest 2 showcases the promise of virtual reality | Instant News

Powerful new console from




For investors, it has become a once-in-decade event.of new model This fall has attracted a lot of attention, including In this magazine-They are sold out all over the country.

But a new console was released, Quest 2


(Code: FB) Virtual reality unit, although received but ignored More praised Higher than Sony’s (stock code: SNE) PlayStation 5 or Microsoft’s (MSFT) new Xbox.

This is no secret. We have been talking about virtual reality for decades, but it has hardly been there. Despite all the advancements we have made in technology, VR still cannot bridge the physical and digital realms in any substantial way.

This is not because of lack of experimentation. In 2014, Facebook Acquired Oculus VR for $2 billion, This is a promising headset manufacturer, it has restored hope around a virtual future.

Compared with the estimated $82 billion in advertising sales this year, Facebook’s VR efforts are insignificant, and it’s easy to see Oculus as an interesting but unimportant side project. This misses the point.

Facebook is not a diversified company. Its hardware efforts are one of the ways the company strives to break through and get out of its advertising business.

Facebook CFO Dave Wehner (Dave Wehner) said that the sales of Quest and Quest 2 made a significant contribution to the revenue bucket allocated to them. This is the subdivision aptly named “Other”, and it is not a particularly high threshold. Last year, “Other” accounted for exactly 1.5% of Facebook’s revenue.

However, beyond attention, Facebook’s VR work is actually making progress. Facebook’s latest Quest 2 headset, priced at $299, is a leapfrog development of a competitive VR system, which is more expensive and lacks elegance and simplicity.

Most importantly, Quest 2 is a standalone unit and does not need to be tethered to an expensive gaming PC like Oculus’s original product.

Quest 2 can provide players with a full range of motion without the need to install sensors around the room. The latest model can also track the movement of the hand without the need for a handheld controller. VR still has a way to go, but Quest 2 is by far the most widely used device.

However, as always, VR content is still in the early stages of the development of hardware so far. Chris Pruett, who runs the Oculus content ecosystem, said that a common language is emerging around the platform. Pruett said that at present, VR game developers are still looking for the secret to success.

“Three or four years ago, we would not tell you that our prediction of popular software in VR will become a music game about circumcision,” he told me last week Defeat the saber Oculus’ VR title feels more immersive Guitar hero, Which swept the game world 15 years ago.

Defeat the saber It’s interesting, but it didn’t attract my attention for a few minutes. I asked Pruet what kind of games can ultimately help VR break through the masses.

He said: “My guess is highly immersive, involving the active movement of your body, and I will add the third part.” “This may be something you play with other people or share with other people.”

His last point is consistent with Facebook’s mission of “building a community”. The good news for Oculus is that Facebook already has billions of potential users. For VR developers, this is a vast market.

Pruet said that Facebook is focused on helping developers make money and is currently defining success with this metric at Oculus. He said: “I need an ecosystem that can create a platform for stable business.” “From this perspective, VR is still small, but we are developing rapidly.”

When consumers and critics argue about their preference for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, investors are exempted from choice. We believe that new consoles will be a bullish event for video game publishers who have created games for both platforms.

The dispute will take some time to resolve.Share of

With two interactive software


Activision Blizzard

(ATVI), Electronic Arts (EA) and


(UBI.France) has fallen behind the market since then Our story in early October.

Now the good news is beginning to arrive. Players will be motivated by new consoles and staying at home.

In the past week, Ubisoft said Assassin’s Creed Valhalla The game sold more units in the first week than any previous work in the Assassin’s Creed series. “Alternating current The company is fulfilling its promise to make full use of the new hardware. ”

This news made Ubisoft’s Paris-listed shares rose 2.3%. This reaction may herald other video game publishers about to announce their game sales and the next round of quarterly results.

“Obviously, this illustrates the game quality and franchise momentum of the past few iterations,” KeyBanc Capital Markets analyst Tyler Parker wrote last week. “But we also think this is a positive interpretation of the potential strength of the high-end gaming market during the holidays.”

For most parts of the United States, this will be a difficult December, but gamers and investors will have at least one escape route.

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Can you travel to the mountains to hike, ski under the new COVID restrictions? | Instant News

A skier walks down the Schoolmarm Trail at Keystone Resort on November 6, 2020 (Andy Cross, The Denver Post) In case you’re wondering if you’re allowed to travel from metro counties to the mountains to hike or ski under governor’s COVID-19 public health order, the answer is yes, but public health officials would prefer you not. According to the updated public health ordinance that goes into effect Friday, Coloradans in red-level or “severe risk” counties – which all include in the Denver metro area – are “encouraged” not to travel but are not prohibited from doing so. RELATED: How Level Red’s New COVID-19 Restrictions Affect Colorado Ski Areas The 68-page order tells Level Red, “Individuals are encouraged to limit travel to necessary travel. Under the new Purple “Extreme Risk” tier, which would be a stay-at-home order that officials try to avoid, only “necessary travel” would be allowed. In all cases, “necessary travel” as defined by the order includes “the provision of or access to necessary activities”. Ski areas are categorized as necessary activities, as are hiking, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, biking and running. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter, The Adventurist, to get outdoor news straight to your inbox. .

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Lil Baby, Roddy Ricch, Taylor Swift win Apple Music Awards | Instant News

Rapper Lil Baby was named the singer of the year in the second annual Apple Music Awards

New York-Rapper Lil Baby was named Singer of the Year in the second annual Apple Music Awards.

Roddy Ricch’s successful years include winning the Grammy Award, the first album and the first song, and he won two Apple Music awards based on streaming data. His first album “Please Excuse Me for Antisocial” has been played more than 1.5 billion times on the platform and was named the best album of the year. His hit song “The Box” recorded more than 460 million Apple Music streams and was crowned Song of the Year.


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