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The future of startup cryptocurrency Ripple hangs on the SEC’s case | Instant News

Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s chief executive, last year publicly contemplated at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the initial public offering for the San Francisco startup.

The company recently raised about $ 200 million in a venture funding round led by Tetragon Financial Group, with a valuation of $ 10 billion. The value of its flagship product, a cryptocurrency called XRP, has fallen over the previous year. But Ripple is poised to rebuild the infrastructure for cross-border trade, said Garlinghouse, promising that its future is bright.

A year later, the IPO was canceled. Instead, Ripple’s future hinges on the judge’s decision in a civil suit filed in December by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Regardless of the outcome, this case is expected to set a major precedent for how US regulators create rules and laws covering cryptocurrencies. It also highlights a broader truth about most digital currencies: Beyond the two largest, bitcoin and ether, most of the hundreds of others have struggled to find utilitarian value beyond speculation.

At the heart of the SEC’s suit is the debate about XRP, a bitcoin-like digital asset created by the founder of Ripple that will grow to become the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency. It is designed to be part of a network that will help banks cut costs in cross-border transfers. The related software, however, never gained traction, the SEC accused, leaving XRP with no apparent purpose, other than to funnel sales to Ripple.


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Sialkot businessman meets Pervaiz Elahi | Instant News

LAHORE: President of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce Qaiser Baryaar and Senior Vice President of the Pakistan Muslim League of Punjab Ch Saleem Baryaar summoned Punjab Assembly Chair Ch Pervaiz Elahi at his residence here on Tuesday.

On this occasion, exchanging views on the ongoing political situation and the problems faced by traders. Elahi also regretted the killing of Hazara community mining workers in Machh.

Ch Pervaiz Elahi entrusted Senior Vice President Ch Saleem Baryaar with important responsibilities regarding the reorganization of the party in Sialkot and a strategy was developed to activate OML workers. He said that PML would fully participate in the local omens elections. In this case the workers imbued with the spirit of community service prepare for the election of local bodies.

Qaiser Baryaar said that during a visit to Sialkot, the Prime Minister was informed about the room issue, the Prime Minister was informed that Ch Pervaiz Elahi as the Chief Minister of Punjab had bought 600 hectares of land to set up a university in Sialkot on it, appreciating this move PM Imran Khan immediately agreed to the establishment university.


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Great tasting and delicious ancestral food | Instant News

31 December 2020

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Kuna is a Quechua word which means to give. Precisely for this purpose LiveKuna was founded six years ago in Ecuador. “We want to provide health, nutrition and jobs to farmers; products that are good for consumers and to save good eating habits ”, explains Carlos Gutiérrez, president and co-founder of LiveKuna .

In an interview with Entrepreneur , the entrepreneur recounts that in 2013 when, with partner Santiago Stacey, who is now the co-founder and CEO of LiveKuna, they detected a business opportunity from Canada. “We analyzed changing consumer habits and trends, we saw an explosion in the consumption of superfoods and we didn’t find a brand that reflected that concept of nutrition and health,” he recalls.

A year later they launched LiveKuna, a vertically integrated superfood company that works directly with Ecuadorian farmers to make healthy foods that are distributed and marketed from Ecuador to Canada. They started with a snack made from chia, seeds high in fiber, Omega 3, antioxidants, and a source of micronutrients such as calcium and iron.

This seed production is exported to 99% of the Andean countries and businessmen want to return it to its origin. “We were the pioneers in Ecuador when we prepared the concept with chia. There was no superfood problem, no culture about chia and they even put us next to cereal, it was a challenge to educate about the benefits, but in the same year we grew 800% in that category, with over a million dollars “Remember Carlos .

Then they realized that consumers were asking for more and started innovating to add value to other seeds such as quinoa and moringa, the ancestral superfood of the Aztec or Maya civilizations where they developed cereals, pastas, snacks and so on.

Its products are well received and consumers are starting to ask for gluten-free ones, such as flour, which the company makes from quinoa, bananas and others.

Carlos Gutiérrez and Santiago Stacey, co-founders of Livekuna. Photo: courtesy.

Mexico, a potential market

This startup was born in Ecuador and Canada simultaneously. Since before it was founded, entrepreneurs attend the Expo West natural food fair every year, where they showcase their products and keep up with market trends.

It was there that they detected an interest in distributing products in Mexico. They joined two years ago through Super Naturista, a small retail chain that focuses on natural and healthy products.

Mexico is the country where Carlos lived during the four years of his childhood. On his return, as an adult, he reiterated the warmth of Mexican culture and the growing consumer quest to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Mexico is the country with the highest child obesity rate in the world. The figures are so alarming that the Mexican government is already demanding increasing requirements from food companies to reduce sugar, fat and lactose consumption in children and adults and thus prevent them from diseases such as cancer, hypertension and obesity.

That is LiveKuna’s mission: to provide health and innovation to society through its products, which naturally help increase the body’s defenses. In fact, several studies recommend consuming superfoods like chia, quinoa, and moringa to strengthen the immune system and slow down aging.

It is important to note that LiveKuna’s extensive product portfolio does not contain preservatives, flavorings or hazardous chemicals. Everything is made from a combination of 100% healthy natural products.


Innovation and sustainability

But LiveKuna’s goal is more than just living a healthy life through the best food. This startup strives to improve people’s lives no matter how big or small the impact. “Every day we have the opportunity to improve someone’s life,” said Carlos.

Livekuna has revolutionized the food sector with socially and environmentally responsible best practices, fair pricing for producers and nutritional ethics with consumers, in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Panama and Ecuador, where it has a presence.

“Our business concept is to reduce processed and if processed in snacks or cereal, make it as healthy as possible, reduce unhealthy fats, oil, sugar or salt,” explained Carlos. And this provides an example of one of its most innovative products: Kuna Pops, a snack made with five natural ingredients: rice flour, quinoa, chia, sunflower oil, and condiments such as tomatoes, cheese or chilies.

“In Mexico, our product has a stamp [warning of excess calories in processed foods] and we keep trying not to have it, “said Carlos, given the challenge of mass consumption is educating consumers.

Currently LiveKuna in Mexico is distributed across Super Naturista, e-commerce Walmart, City Club, Soriana, Amazon and its online stores. Entrepreneurs assume that success is betting on promotion on social networks, where in addition to food they promote exercise, education and a good night’s sleep.

“In Mexico we will bet on the supermarket channel, with our Super Naturista having 105 stores across the country and a cereal presence in Citymarket. By the end of January we hope to have our entire portfolio at walmart.com and in Soriana, a cereal distribution nationwide ”.

This year Grupo Bimbo chose LiveKuna to participate in Bake Lab, its business accelerator, where co-creation of a product portfolio is sought, highlighting two important aspects for consumers: functionality and traceability.

Photo: courtesy of Livekuna

The next step in Mexico is to innovate with national ingredients. “Every market needs its salt. There are materials that are very interesting where we can find space to innovate, ”said co-founder of LiveKuna.

Mexico, for this Ecuadorian company represents 50% of future sales. “In 2021 we are looking for a migration operation, but it will be done depending on how we open the channel,” explained Carlos. “The idea is to grow 50% of our sales and penetrate more than 600 point of sale and macro supermarkets in order to continue to innovate with products from the fields of snacks, cereals, alternative flour and pasta”.


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New Year’s Award: Rob Fyfe, companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit – for services to business and tourism | Instant News


Rob Fyfe was previously CEO of Air New Zealand and CEO of Icebreaker. Photo / Doug Sherring

Veteran entrepreneur and pride Kiwi Rob Fyfe has been recognized for his service to business and tourism.

Fyfe, who over the past nine months has played an important role in terms of Government-private sector relations during the Covid-19 response, has been appointed as the Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit (CNZM).

The former chief executive of merino wool clothing company Kiwi, Icebreaker and national airline Air New Zealand has been credited for helping develop the New Zealand brand and the country’s clean, green tourism image.

Fyfe was CEO of Air New Zealand between 2005 and 2012, and his leadership helped develop the “New Zealand brand”. As CEO, he was a key driver in recognizing those who lost their lives in the Erebus 1979 and Perpignan 2008 tragedies, as well as their families. Following the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, he oversaw the provision of low-cost and flexible Air New Zealand flights into and out of Christchurch.

Between 2013 and 2018 he was CEO and chairman of Icebreaker, focusing sustainable and future manufacturing efforts for New Zealand merino farmers.

Fyfe said the awards were “a great way to round out a very tumultuous year”.

He said he would celebrate the achievement with his family, and acknowledge the sacrifices they have made during his career.

“I feel very honored [have] playing roles in some very important New Zealand companies and getting this recognition means a lot to me because it has a lot to do with my sense of identity as a New Zealander, “Fyfe told the Herald.

When Fyfe left school at 17, he spent the first nine years of his working life in the Air Force, and has since worked in a number of industries and sectors.

He was previously the general manager of Bank of New Zealand and chief operating officer of ITV Digital. He has also been director of jewelry for Michael Hill International since 2014, director of Air Canada since 2017, independent director of Trilogy International, chair of the Star Alliance CEO Board, member of the Board of Governors at the International Air Transport Association (IATA), director of Antarctica New Zealand, and currently a director. Hammerforce and Craggy Range advisors.

Fyfe continues to be the Government’s Covid-19 advisor to the private sector, which acts as a link between the Government and business. She was approached for the role by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern during the lockdown.

He is now focused on New Zealand’s “strategic future” and rebuilding the country and has been contracted to work through 2021.

This is not the first time Fyfe has been appointed as a government advisor. In 2018, he became an independent advisor to the Pike River’s re-entry plan.

Reflecting on the last 35 years in business, Fyfe says it has become a “collection of adventures” as he forges his own path in life.

“I’m interested in challenging things, often quite risky things for me personally in terms of job opportunities – most of them here in New Zealand, but sometimes working overseas too; it’s a collection of adventures. outstanding . “

The first 20 years are about continuing to learn and overcoming challenges, and the last 10 years have focused on giving back and mentoring young people starting their own business journeys, he said, adding that it was “just as fun” as what he was doing. has achieved itself.

The next decade of his life will be dedicated to helping others realize their ambitions and dreams, says Fyfe, through investing in start-ups and providing guidance.

His time at Air New Zealand, including when he was recognized as the best airline in the world for two consecutive years, was a highlight of his career. When she joined the company, she was tasked with getting Kiwi to fall in love with the airline again.

“We are working really hard to try and re-create the loving relationship between New Zealanders and the national airline, and we are making a lot of progress. We are reviving the Air New Zealand personality and it feels like a real sense of accomplishment in time.”


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PONANT Receives Green Light To Restart Luxury Expedition In New Zealand | Instant News

After months of engagement with New Zealand’s Ministry of Health, PONANT, the leader of the world’s luxury expedition has received conditional approval for their small luxury expedition ship, Lapérouse, to restart operations exclusively in New Zealand waters, for New Zealanders from February 2021.

PONANT and sister company Paul Gauguin Cruises, have collectively operated more than 60 expeditions and cruises over the past 6 months with 8 of their 11 small vessels operating in France, Iceland, the Arctic, Russia, Corsica, Sardinia and French Polynesia. No other tourism company has a Health and Sanitation protocol that is so robustly tested by multiple jurisdictions.

Sarina Bratton AM, Chairman of PONANT Asia Pacific delivered the news “Our excitement is multiplied. First, to have the opportunity and privilege of offering a ‘Bubble Expedition’ for Kiwis, enabling exploration in some of the most remote and inaccessible parts of the country, so rich in natural beauty and incredible wildlife. And second, to support our partners and provide economic benefits to New Zealand. “

“Kiwi travel agencies, tour operators, land operators, airlines, port authorities, food and beverage suppliers, technical suppliers, fuel suppliers, service and waste suppliers all benefit from our small boat operations”, added Sarina.

“While currently in Australia we are unable to travel internationally, I am very pleased that PONANT can once again offer local Kiwi expeditions to visit remote and often difficult to reach parts of New Zealand. PONANT’s relaxed, refined and French-inspired style completes this extraordinary experience. “

“This is an important step forward and it brings us closer to a time when borders reopen and exploration will resume in Australia – and when we will be able to confirm the return of our small luxury expedition ships,” Sarina concluded.

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