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Five must-have eco-fashion | Kempton Express | Instant News

Summer is finally here and we are so ready to explore our beautiful country during the holidays, go to the beach with friends and catch up with family! See and feel your best while you’re out and about this festive season by purchasing proud World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF South Africa) items that are local, sustainable and support conservation. Did we mention that these items are made from recycled or recyclable materials or from […]

Italy Continues to Pay Its Residents to Be Green Post-COVID | Instant News

Italy gives incentives for cycling, new cycle paths are built in Milan. getty The Italian government has announced various initiatives that will encourage sustainability through incentives for biking, green transportation, and environmentally friendly recovery projects. Continuing Eco Fight In the midst of an emergency COVID-19, being environmentally friendly must be sacrificed for safety. To reduce the spread of the virus, there has been a boom in disposable plastic, a preference for packaged goods in stores, […]

Digital mode might be the answer to saving the planet | Instant News

Do you like taking new clothes for only € 15 – without environmental impact? Now you can, thanks to digital fashion. This is an environmentally friendly alternative to shopping for traditional clothing, to help you get back to fashion quickly. Digital fashion also prevents clutter of clothing, and without waste other than data, it does not contribute to overproduction in the industry. Because social media pressure means some people feel they need fresh clothes for […]

Here are 10 Green Clean Environment Friendly Destinations | Instant News

The lockdown also makes many people crave ways and travel that are more environmentally friendly. So … [+] why not plan a trip to one of the 10 cleanest, freshest, forested, environmentally friendly countries. Because of their environmental performance, it is worth a bit to survive until they are fully open to foreign tourists. Here in Bavaria, a pedestrian passes by a mountain hut. Scenes like this are repeated throughout Germany. Forests cover one third […]