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We don’t learn from mistakes: Shadab Khan | Instant News

KARACHI: Injured by his team’s miserable punching performance against Peshawar Zalmi on Saturday night, Islamabad United captain Shadab Khan said they had not learned from their mistakes.

“For the last two games we have made mistakes in hitting and did not learn from this,” said Shadab after United were beaten by Zalmi by six goals.

“But InsyaAllah in the next game we will try not to repeat this mistake and come as a solid unit,” Shadab added quickly.

He confirmed that they will try to carry out their plans in the upcoming matches.

“Our plan is simple. We haven’t played a complete 20+ yet. We will try to take advantage of the depth we have in our strokes and appear in the upcoming matches, “said Shadab.

United have been eliminated by just 118 games, the lowest total so far. Zalmi chased the target quite comfortably after missing just four goals.

He says in T20 cricket every ball is not hit to run. “The problem is that we cannot carry out our simple plans. We have to learn that in T20 cricket there are 120 balls and we don’t have to hit every ball, “said Shadab.

Seeking a form of batting, Shadab ran out of six on Saturday while batting at the top was crushed. Only England’s Alex Hales showed battering dominance, taking his 41st shot to help United out a bit.

“We have a good partnership and if we extend it the results can be different. I ran out but that’s part of cricket, “said the leggie.

After being absent from cricket for several months due to injury, Shadab said he was starting to get into cricket. “For two and a half months I didn’t play cricket and it was very difficult to come back, especially in an event of that size. “But thank God, my rhythm in bowling is back and in batting I see the ball well but unfortunately I can’t score but will try to appear as a versatile player in the coming matches,” said Shadab.

He said that as a skipper he studied. “Yes, since last season I learned to stay calm. I have learned from the seniors and InsyaAllah this season the desired results will come, ”said Shadab. United have four points from three games.


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PM Imran’s government corrects mistakes made in the past: CM Buzdar – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in 19 February 2021 11:05 am

Usman Buzdar said the outdated system only protects the elite class.

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar Friday said the incumbent government was putting the country, which had been cut off due to the wrong policies of the former ruler, in the right direction and correcting mistakes made in the past under the leadership of the Prime. Minister Imran Khan.

Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) officials summoned Sardar Usman Buzdar. CM said he resolved public issues by visiting all Punjab districts and took solid initiatives in this regard after consulting with representatives and party members.

Usman Buzdar said the outdated system only protects the elite class but the regime is working to change it to improve people’s lives.


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Bilawal, the Establishment must admit past mistakes: Fazl | Instant News

KARACHI: The chairman of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), Fazlur Rehman, said on Tuesday that the government does not come to power through “cheating”, they come with the power of the popular vote. His remarks came at a public meeting organized by the PPP in Hyderabad, under the banner of the opposition Pakistan Democratic Movement.

Fazl said the opposition movement, whose essence is a claim of 2018 election fraud, will achieve its goals. “We are all joining hands to restore democracy,” said the leader of Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam (Fazl). “We are not among the tired. Going forward only with determination, “he said. He vowed that the opposition “will not stop until these incompetent rulers are removed”. Fazlur Rehman said that these rulers “came through the back door like thieves”. He said the public meeting was held to restore a free air of democracy. He said the PDM wanted the formation to be objective and welcomed the army’s statement that it had nothing to do with politics. But he claims that “mistakes have been made that must be accepted and forgiveness needs to be asked of the nation.” He admitted there was no other way.

He admitted that when PTI won the 2018 election, the TNI congratulated us by saying “we have defeated the enemy”. How can it be said that stance has nothing to do with the ruling party, asked Fazl. “If you succeed, who is the opponent? If you defeat India, if you liberate Kashmir, we will respect you, but tell us who success stands against and who you defeat. If you think the Pakistani people are your enemy, you have to be clear. about that. ”

He said no one should try to teach experienced politicians ABC politics and invite those who want to play politics as his students. He went on to say that plans were being fabricated for “rigging” once again in the upcoming Senate elections.

“They sometimes think about changing the Constitution and other times the law,” he said, criticizing the recently enacted regulations to pave the way for an open vote in Senate elections. “We don’t want to put our names on the ballot,” said Fazlur Rehman. “This politics will not continue, we have raised our voice for our rights and will continue to increase it until all institutions start working in accordance with the Constitution,” said the JUI-F chairman. Talking about the islands of Bundal and Buddo, he said the land belonged to the people of the province. “We will not allow, at any cost, the takeover of the island by the Federation,” he said. He said that the opposition would “get rid of Covid-18”, in another attack on the government.

Referring to the anti-corruption movement run by the National Accountability Bureau, he said the institution was “being used against the people”. He then referred to the case of foreign funding against PTI, which is being examined by the Pakistan Election Commission’s oversight committee. He said that this was not proposed by the opposition, but by the founding members of PTI. “Admittedly a lot of money from abroad went to Imran Khan’s employees,” he claims. Fazlur Rehman said the movement would be “pushed forward” and a March 26 long march from across Pakistan to Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

In his speech, PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Tuesday lashed out at Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying that “the elected do not want Sindh or its people but want the island and coal there”.

He said: “The prime minister-elect said that Sindh is not our province. If Sindh is not the province of prime minister, then who is it?” He questioned how a prime minister could “use such words” for Sindh. The PPP chairman said the Sindh people would “protect their rights” and safeguard democracy. “We will go to Islamabad and take back our rights,” he said.

Bilawal said that Sindh would receive a reduced share of this year’s National Finance Commission Award of Rs200 billion. “This disobedient government has brought about a tsunami of inflation,” he said, adding that although Prime Minister Imran Khan had promised a “new Pakistan”, what he had provided was inflation-stricken Pakistan. “This anti-poor government makes life difficult for the people,” said the PPP chairman.

In further criticism of the government, he said the prime minister had said he would “commit suicide before going to the IMF (International Monetary Fund)” to ask for a loan. Instead, what happened was that the “biggest loan” ever sought was taken out in the last three years. Bilawal said that the prime minister “gave aid to the elite and unfortunate grief”. He asked the people in Hyderabad if they saw even one job given them out of the 10 million jobs the prime minister promised immediately after coming to power. The PPP chairman also reminded them of the “unfulfilled” promise from PTI in the form of five million houses for those who did not have the right.

“Imran Khan’s government, in the name of anti-encroachment efforts, is robbing people of the roof over their heads in Larkana, Hyderabad and other areas (provinces),” he said. He said Pakistan has lagged behind in the region and even countries like Afghanistan and Bangladesh have surpassed that. “If we excel in any field, it is inflation,” Bilawal said. He said the people had “suffered from the burden of an incompetent and corrupt government”.

“How long do we have to hold on to this doll? How long do we have to endure an experiment like that?” asked the head of the PPP. He said the people were the source of a country’s strength, which was why the PDM was formed. “We will expel these incompetent and unqualified rulers. There will be a march in March and you must join us,” Bilawal said, adding: “I will take the caravan with me from Karachi.”

The PPP chair said that the party’s stance was that every institution had to operate according to its mandate and that “politics had to be left to politicians” and trust in the people. The people’s decision must be accepted, he said. Earlier, former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi addressed the meeting, promising the Sindh people that their rights “will not be taken away by anyone” but that they must go out and show opposition support on their long journey. Abbasi said: “You have to get out on March 26th. There will be a long journey from here to Islamabad.”

Abbasi said the PDM struggle was aimed at bringing about changes in the government system. “We have to restore the system to parliamentary, constitutional.”

“The solution to inflation, unemployment, rights not given to the provinces, rights that the Pakistani people deserve, the solution to the Sindh problem all lies in this. This is our message to you. […] of all the parties you see here today, “he said.” We promise no one can take your rights from you, “added the PML-N leader. He said PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz sent her regret for not being able to come because of her daughter Mehrunnisa Safdar’s accident the day before.

Responding to the previous general meeting, Jamiat Ulema-i-Pakistan (JUP) leader Owais Noorani responded to the Director General of Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Babar Iftikhar’s statement that politicians should not drag soldiers into politics. “You said don’t drag the army into politics, nobody dragged you into politics. Please tell me who dragged it [the country’s first military dictator] Ayub Khan getting into politics? “Noorani asked.” They said don’t drag us into politics, then who distributed the Rs1,000 banknotes while sitting in Faizabad? “Noorani asked the soldiers” to write that you will return to your barracks “.

Addressing the rally, National Party President Dr Abdul Malik Baloch said the way parliament and the current Constitution are treated must end. “Today, the islands of Balochistan and Sindh are occupied by the Center. Under what law? They belong to Sindh and Balochistan,” he said, adding that “they” had plundered Balochistan’s resources. “Fifty percent from Saindak [copper-cum-gold project] are Chinese, the federal government is 48 percent and only two percent of the Baloch people. Balochistan will get nothing out of the drama on behalf of Gwadar Harbor. “The public gathering was organized by the PPP at the Hatri Bypass Ground. The city’s venues and streets were seen lined with party flags and banners. Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah, a day earlier, claimed that the Hyderabad rally would be bigger than all other PDM rallies in the past .


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A ‘technical glitch’ delayed DHA’s multiple homicide charges again | Instant News

KARACHI: A session judge on Saturday suspended charges against the suspect detained in the DHA double murder case after technical problems emerged in the court’s management system.

A court staff member of the district & adjunct (South) district judge inside the Karachi Central Prison said that suspect Atif Zaman was taken from prison to draft the charges but the case could not go ahead because of an online error. .

He added that because of the damage, the court had to postpone the trial until February 9 to charge Atif for the murder of news anchors Mureed Abbas and Khizar Hayat.

The case has faced dramatic delays since its inception, as a result of which trials have not yet begun even though more than one and a half years have passed.

Prosecutors claim that Atif, accompanied by his runaway brother, Adil Zaman, who has been declared a violator, killed.

Abbas and Hayat minutes in the upscale DHA environment on July 9, 2019.

He also claimed that the two victims were partners in business with Atif and demanded their money back for not being paid their share in the profits, which angered the accused for committing the murder.

The indictment sheet stated that Atif had summoned Abbas and Hayat to two different places in the DHA on the pretext of returning part of the money he owed them, after which the defendant first shot Hayat at a traffic light and then Abbas in an office.

CCTV camera clips show Adil accompanying Atif during the two murders. Atif was arrested soon after the incident when police raided his apartment in the same neighborhood. He did, however, shoot himself in the torso prior to arrest. He was rushed to the hospital, so he survived.

Adil was arrested five months after the incident, but was later given bail by the court. After the Supreme Court canceled the bail, he fled court and is still at large.

The first round of the case came in the third week, when Atif was taken by ambulance to the city court to record his confession, but he refused to give anything and said he would challenge the case.

Shortly thereafter, the police recommended that the case be tried under the Anti-Terrorism Law, but the anti-terrorism court that handled the case referred him back to the court hearing, considering that the case did not fall within the scope of terrorism.

The FIR of the case is registered with the Darakhshan police station under articles 302 (premeditated murder) and 325 (attempted suicide) of the Pakistani Criminal Code as well as Article 23 (1) (a) of the Sindh Arms Act.

During the trial on 19 December 2020, the session court ordered the case investigating officer to republish the advertisement against Adil who had run away with the objections raised by the complainants’ advisors in mind. District & Supplementary Session Judge (South) also requested forensic reports on CCTV camera clips kept as electronic evidence.

Lawyer Jibran Nasir, who represented the plaintiff (Abbas’ wife, Zara), in the trial argued that IO had issued an advertisement along with several points that could benefit the defendant on the run.

He also reasoned that the police had not submitted the forensic report to the CCTV cameras

recording, while further delays in the matter could undermine the prosecution case and benefit the defendant.

To the judge’s question, IO replied that a forensic examination of the CCTV camera footage was carried out in Lahore and the report would be submitted to the court at the next trial.

The judge ordered IO to republish the advertisement under the rules prescribed by law and submit a forensic report on CCTV camera footage at the next trial.

In the January 9 hearing, the court hearing ordered the police to speed up the process to declare the fleeing suspect an offender, and submit a report on 19 January.

The judge has directed IO to issue an ad in leading the Urdu and British dailies against Adil.

During the trial, IO also submitted a forensic report from CCTV camera footage, which the court accepted and made part of the case record.


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In less than 24 hours, PUBG Mobile India’s competitors reached 300,000 downloads on the Google Play Store | Instant News

After months of speculation, FAUG (Fearless and United Defender) was finally launched on Republic Day 2021. The first episode was finally released on the Google Play store and was downloaded nearly 300,000 times within 24 hours. In FAUG, the first episode has many five-star ratings, but there are also many one-star ratings. The review of the game also pointed out that other graphics are needed and the appearance of the game needs to be improved. Although many users gave the game a five-star rating, they emphasized several themes, such as additional graphics, fewer features, map glitches, and other aspects of the game. However, some users support the game and point out that this is only the first step of FAUG, and future updates will be better.

For some comments, Studio nCore Pvt Ltd responded to users separately.If there are any technical issues related to it error, They replied: “We are working hard to add more content to the game and improve the game experience. Hope you like our future updates.” For those who appreciate FAUG, they wrote: “Thank you for your support and feedback. Like you Such players motivate us to do better and improve the game.” There are even doubts about the aggressiveness of the battle, that is, the soldiers are just waiting for the opponent to move, which is slightly controversial with games based on real plots.

It is expected that FAUG will provide more updates, and the game environment and graphics will be improved in future versions. FAUG is one of the games made in India and has been regarded by the market as a competitor of PUBG Mobile India. After the Indian government continues to ban PUBG Mobile and 58 other Chinese apps, FAUG faces a comeback future.

How to download FAUG on mobile phones and desktops

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and enter FAUG. You will be able to download the game directly on your phone or desktop.

Step 2: The size of the game is 400 MB, which is 270 MB less than PUBG Mobile India. It is very light and will not take up much space on your system.

Step 3: Currently, FAUG is not updated on IoS, only available on Android devices


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