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‘Corrupt family’ tries to flee the country: govt | Instant News


In a tweet on Sunday, he said that their (Nawaz family) business, property, and everything had been created by corruption and money laundering. He said they came to Pakistan to rule the country and after robbing the people’s money they easily came back but this time Prime Minister Imran Khan would not give them the NRO.

Special Assistant PM Dr Shahbaz Gill tweeted: “Yesterday evening another representative from the NRO was sent back and people were able to see ‘Wedge’ silent mode. [sister] will be online again on Twitter. They begged the NRO through the back door and promised their full support, but after being rejected the drama would start again as well. The story wedge is old, try some new tricks. “

In another tweet, Dr Shahbaz Gill said the way Maryam called the prime minister revealed that Nawaz Sharif was not only a failed prime minister but also incapable of educating. [his daughter].

Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed said, during the two and a half years that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government has experienced a devastating economy has stabilized. Exports have been on an upward trend and there are now possible new investment opportunities. ”The Ehsaas program was launched to reduce poverty, the provision of excellent health facilities through the ‘Insaf Card’, work started on the dam, the housing program, establishing two new cities and the ‘Arrow-up program for the people. , “He tweeted.

In another tweet, he said: “Another step towards a welfare state; Islamabad residents can also receive free medical services, starting from KP, and these services will be available in Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Kashmir, and Punjab. This is the change, and this is Naya Pakistan. “


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The car was stuck in a garden chest 10 meters off the ground after the driver fled the police in Hastings | Instant News

The car lodges in Hastings’ garden chest after a police chase. Video / Kristy Hall

A car ended up lodged in Hastings’ garden stack 10 meters above the ground after fleeing the police.

Emergency services were called for a single vehicle accident on Kenilworth Rd, Mayfair, at about 12.30am Sunday.

Police said a vehicle failed to stop police after it was seen traveling at high speed on the wrong side of Jalan Karamu, Hastings.

The car fled to Kenilworth, before hitting gravel at the base of the railroad, becoming “airborne,” according to police.

A police spokesman said the car went over the fence and hit a pile of fruit trash cans.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand said the car landed about 10 meters off the ground in a pile of garden crates.

A car ended up lodged in a garden stack 10 meters above the ground after the driver tried to escape police in Hastings.  Photo / Kristy Hall
A car ended up lodged in a garden stack 10 meters above the ground after the driver tried to escape police in Hastings. Photo / Kristy Hall

Police said officers were not pursuing them when the accident occurred.

“Our crew is helping to free the occupants,” said a FENZ spokesman.

The male driver was seriously injured and was taken to Hawke’s Bay Hospital.

Local resident Kristy Hall said she was watching TV when she was disturbed by a car that “sped past” her house next to the railroad tracks.

“I immediately thought that he was too fast to stop and jump out of bed,” she said. “Before my feet hit the floor, there was a half-second slip and then an impact.”

Hall said police were quickly at the scene.

“My initial thoughts were filled with fear that they would pull the body out of the car,” he said.

“I’m sure he didn’t turn on the headlights and obviously wasn’t familiar with the area because he didn’t get any warning that this was a dead end and from the reaction time, it was too late once he realized it.”

Two fire trucks from Hastings, as well as the Serious Accident Unit, were present at the scene.

Police are investigating the circumstances of the accident.

One person also sustained minor injuries after a three-vehicle crash in Waiohiki, Hastings, on Saturday afternoon.

Emergency services were called for the accident at the Hawke’s Bay Expressway roundabout, near Links Rd, at about 1.12pm.

Two fire trucks from Napier and one from Hastings were present at the scene.


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Sugar mafia will not escape from responsibility: Shibli – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in March 31, 2021 10:01 am

The sugar mafia will not go unnoticed: Shibli

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Pakistani Senator Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senator Shibli Faraz said Wednesday that the sugar mafia cannot escape responsibility, even if they belong to any party, including the powerful (PTI) Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf.

In a tweet, he blamed speculators and the mafia for creating uncertainty in the market leading to a surge in the price of the sweetener.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has always put the interests of the Pakistani people first. The law will take its course indiscriminately against those who create obstacles in the ongoing relief efforts to the public – will be handled with an iron fist.


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Allegedly Zoom Escaper Web will help you escape virtual meetings-the best use of audio and how it works | Instant News

Zoom Escaper is a new software that allows users to escape boring or annoying Zoom virtual meetings. However, you need to keep in mind that this new free web widget is not developed or linked to the official Zoom app.

(Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images Photography)
Elvis Presley imitator and church co-owner Brendan Paul used Zoom video conferencing software to hold a live wedding vows ceremony for a couple in Texas. The ceremony was held on July 28 at the Graceland Wedding Chapel to celebrate the crown. The 50th anniversary of the spread of the virus (COVID-19), a couple from Texas. 2020 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Couples can invite up to 100 guests to watch their live broadcast through Zoom.

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according to edgeThe latest report Zoom Escaper provides users with an alibi so that they can leave the meeting as soon as possible. The new website allows you to have a series of fake audio effects that will be played during the Zoom virtual meeting.

Currently, the new online service provides eight fake audio effects. These are especially echoes, bad connections, people crying, babies, dogs, wind, urination and construction.

However, the new Zoom Escaper also allows you to use an mp3 file and upload it so that you have more choices. The new website was developed by artist Sam Lavigne, who also developed various web widgets.

How to use the new Zoom Escaper

Using the new Zoom Escaper is easier than you think. All you need to do is to follow the exact steps below;

  1. Download and install VB-Cable. Then, refresh the website.
  2. Click the start button. Play the effect.

After completing these two steps, you can now use it in a Zoom meeting. This is a simple guide on how to use it in popular video platforms.

This new software can help you give up Zoom Meeting!This is how it works and the best way to use audio

(Photo: Photo by Hannah McKay-Pool/Getty Images)
Speech and language therapist Alison McLoughlin (Alison McLoughlin) used Zoom from the Department of Otolaryngology, Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital in East Lancashire during the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic on May 14 The application conducted a treatment meeting with patients in 2020, Blackburn, UK.

  1. Switch the output to “VB cable” on this page
  2. In “Zoom”, set the microphone to “VB cable”
  3. To turn it off, do the following: Switch the microphone setting in “Zoom” back to your computer’s microphone.

When using Zoom Escaper, it is important to remember not to hear the audio being played. If someone complains that your background is too noisy, then this is your prompt to give them an alibi and abandon your virtual meeting.You can click Here Access free web widgets.

However, please make sure that you use free widgets at your own risk.

Other similar sites

Sam Lavigne also created other free web widgets that other users can use. Here are some of them;

  • Zoom deleter
  • 45Library
  • get well soon
  • Fulfillment box
  • New organ
  • You can encrypt your face
  • Online shopping mall

If you want to visit all of Sam Lavigne’s websites, you can click Here Visit his page.

For more news updates on Zoom Escaper and other new online tools, please always keep it open on TechTimes.

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author: Giuliano De Leon.

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A bitter reaction when Austrian Jews who fled Nazi Germany for Australia offered dual citizenship | Instant News

In 1938 when Adolf Hitler and German troops invaded Austria and annexed the country it became Nazi Germany.

The move prompted the mass exodus of thousands of Jews, who are now fearing for their lives.

Among those who fled were Ian Ernst’s parents, Liselotte and Hermann.

“They are Jewish by Hitler’s definition,” said Ernst, who now lives in Sydney.

“If you had a great grandfather or grandmother who was Jewish, you were considered a Jew by Hitler’s decision.”

Ernst, now 82 years old, was born shortly after his parents fled Austria in November 1938.

Now, decades later, his family has been offered the opportunity to reconnect to the country they once left behind.

‘Australia wins the lottery’

Ian Ernst with his mother and sister in 1948.(



“I was born in Zagreb in Croatia, where my parents fled from Austria,” said Ernst.

“Then they made it to England, where they could flip a coin, choosing between Australia and South America as a place where they thought they could live in peace and be able to work and earn a living.

“Fortunately for me, Australia won the lottery.”

Mr Ernst was only 10 months old when the young family of three finally arrived in Sydney by boat the following year.

“I understand my mom dumped most of her soiled diapers overboard because she didn’t know about washing diapers at that stage in her life.”

Ernst said his mother and father did not think about the past, preferring to focus on their future and their new life in Australia.

But Ernst has always had an interest in his Austrian heritage and a desire to light the same fire in his children and grandchildren.

That’s why, when he learned that the Austrian Government was offering dual citizenship to anyone fleeing for fear of Nazi persecution, as well as their descendants, he wanted the younger generation in his family to do so.

“I think it’s a very good thing they are doing now, to allow the children and grandchildren of the ancestors to have dual citizenship,” he said.

Find homes that don’t exist

Ian sat on the sofa smiling while looking at photos of his late relatives.
Ernst decided to accept the Austrian government’s offer of dual citizenship.(

ABC News: David Sciasci


Ernst said he was sure his parents would share their views on the Austrian government’s offer.

“First of all, they will be happy the offer allows dual nationality because I believe they don’t want any of us to give up our Australian citizenship,” he said.

“Second, I think they will be happy that my family can experience Austrian culture, participate in Austrian education and work.”

As for Ernst’s grandson, who lives in Canberra, they said they were very happy with the door to dual Australian-Austrian citizenship that was about to open.

Callum and Ethan smiled while holding the Austrian flag.
Callum and Ethan have taken dual Austrian citizenship.(

ABC News: David Scasci


“I feel good because it means we can go and have job opportunities when we are older,” said Callum, nine.

“And I want to see the house where my grandparents used to live and the factory they used to own.”

Callum’s older brother, 11-year-old Ethan, said he couldn’t wait to see the parts of Austria his grandfather used to tell him about.

“I have learned a lot about our family history from him,” said Ethan.

“He shares a lot of old photos and it would be great to see them in real life.

“And maybe, if I had children of my own, I would be able to share that legacy with them.”

‘I swear I’ll never come back’

Michael smiled into the distance, wearing a suit, tie and glasses.
Michael Pryles is of Austrian descent who fled Nazi Germany.(



Unlike Ernst, international lawyer Michael Pryles said he couldn’t imagine his late mother wanting to accept an invitation to reclaim her Austrian heritage.

“I asked him a few years before his death to come to Europe and show him where he lived in Vienna,” said Pryles, who lives in Melbourne.

Mr Pryles’ grandfather, Dr Siegmund Defris, enjoyed a very successful career in Austria in the early 1900s, running a company that installed electricity in large buildings and then provided electricity to Austrian soldiers during World War I.

He also served in the Austrian army during the war and for his contribution, he was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Franz Joseph, “effectively the title of knighthood”, said Pryles.

Then Hitler came to power and everything changed.

Almost overnight, Dr Defris’s Jewish belief meant he was stripped of all the respect and responsibility he had earned.

Dr. Siegmund Defris appears in black and white wearing a German military uniform from WWI.
Dr. Siegmund Defris, Michael’s grandfather, who served in WWI before being forced to flee the Nazis.(



“Then the night of Kristallnacht – or broken glass – happened, when all the Jewish synagogues were burned, including the synagogue that was the president of my grandfather in Vienna,” said Pryles.

“Suddenly, he realized not only did he have no future in Austria, but also his wife and children, and their lives were in danger.

The family sold everything they owned and left Austria in October 1938.

They arrived in Melbourne early the following year.

Mr Pryles’ grandfather opened a small factory in downtown Melbourne which paid the bills, while his mother married an electrical engineer from Germany.

The couple has two sons, Michael and a brother.

“My mother used to talk about Austria but only in the good days before Hitler,” said Pryles.

“He never talked about the nine months they lived in Vienna when Hitler came to power there, and he would never talk about it, other than to say it was terrible.

“That’s why I can’t say my mother will accept Austrian citizenship, and I certainly can’t represent my grandfather, who died a year after I was born.”

Citizenship offers ‘acknowledgment of past mistakes’

Mr Pryles said the decision to become a dual citizen was a difficult decision to make but ultimately, he decided it was the right thing to do.

“The granting of citizenship is really an acknowledgment of past mistakes and so I feel like I shouldn’t say no,” he said.

“I am 100 percent Australian and I always will be, but I took Austrian citizenship in recognition of my family history and in recognition of what they did in Austria.

Austrian Ambassador to Australia Wolfgang Strohmayer acknowledged that the citizenship offer was only a small step in the reconciliation process, but he is proud to be able to help the family regain their ties to Austria.

“Offering dual citizenship to former victims of the Nazi regime is clearly, for very historic reasons, very important to us,” said Strohmayer.

“It is also a reminder to each of us and each of us of our individual responsibility to fight and speak out against all forms of intolerance, racism and anti-Semitism.”


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