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Amazon launches a new food brand, Aplenty | Instant News

Amazon.com Inc.
+ 0.21%

Monday said it had launched a new privately labeled food brand, Aplenty, which would include snacks such as pita chips, crackers and mini cakes, as well as seasonings, frozen foods and kitchen staples.

Amazon’s newest label comes after a pandemic year in which consumers cook and snack more at home.

Overall, online grocery sales also jumped 52% in 2020, according to the JLL’s Grocery Tracker 2021 report. JLL provides market research, retail business insights, and retail property management services.

“It’s unlikely that people will abandon online shopping even when vaccines are widespread – with increased efficiency and costs, many customers are already doing it
added convenience to their weekly routine, ”said the report.

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However, the report said that the widespread COVID-19 vaccination would drive increased eating in restaurants and could impact the grocery business.

But home food will always lead to sales, and grocery retailers are working to continue to drive demand, with private labeling a key part of that strategy.

Kroger Co.
+ 0.50%

says his private label is a $ 26 billion business by 2020. The pilot for Home Chef’s fast food is coming soon.

Target Corp.

also launched another food brand in April, Favorite Day, which focuses on snacking.

In its latest revenue, Target said it has 10 proprietary brands with $ 1 billion in sales.

Too: Aim to launch another food and beverage brand in April, Favorite Day

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And Albertsons Cos. Inc.
+ 2.49%

announced in late March that it had partnered with Google for a series of technologies that would make online grocery shopping easier and more convenient.

Amazon shares are up 3.3% for the year while on the S&P 500 index

has gained 9.8% for the period.


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Amazon is close to an NFL deal to stream more games exclusively on Prime Video | Instant News

The National Football League is close to signing a new rights deal with media partners who can check out Amazon.com Inc. brought lots of games exclusively and TV networks paid as much as double their current rates, said those with knowledge of the matter.

New deals could be made as early as next week, people said. TV deals for the Sunday and Monday league franchises with Fox, CBS, NBC and ESPN will likely run for 11 years, they said.

The ESPN deal will take effect after the 2021-22 season while the Fox, CBS and NBC deals will take effect after the 2022-23 season.

Deal with Amazon

will produce a large number of Thursday night matches exclusively on its Prime Video platform and represent the league’s deepest foray into streaming, some say. The games will not be available on traditional television outside of the local markets of the two playing teams, they said.

Amazon has been an aggressive bidder for sports rights here and abroad. The company already has ties to the NFL as it has held the streaming rights for Thursday night football since 2017. The games have also been televised by the league’s NFL Network and most recently by the Fox network, whose parent Fox Corp.
+ 3.64%

shares co-ownership with News Corp, the holding company of Wall Street Journal publishers Dow Jones & Co.

When completed, the Amazon deal won’t go into effect until after the 2022 season, when Fox’s current pact on Thursday night football ends. Fox is now paying $ 660 million per season for the package, The Wall Street Journal previously reported. If Thursday’s match goes to Amazon and there is no other video component outside the local TV market of the team playing, the annual fees Amazon pays could be as high as $ 1 billion, said people with knowledge of the discussion.

An expanded version of this report appears on WSJ.com.

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Google will stop selling ads based on your specific web browsing.

The billionaire behind the biggest US tax fraud case ever filed.


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Nearly half of MyTheresa’s customers in the US and Germany spend tens of thousands on luxury goods each year: Cowen | Instant News

Cowen analysts conducted a survey of customers in the US and Germany who shop on the luxury e-commerce site MyTheresa, finding that around 45% typically spend more than $ 30,000, or € 30,000, annually.

The study also found that the site had high customer loyalty, with around 90% saying they were more likely to recommend MyTheresa to others.

MyTheresa is one of a number of e-commerce retailers that have gone public recently, with stocks that make them debut in January. The parent company for Mytheresa Group GmbH is MYT Netherlands Parent BV
+ 5.25%

“We love MyTheresa’s consistent execution which is reflected in the steady growth of active customers, revenue and profitability from FY18 to date, as well as 100% brand retention which is key to supply,” wrote analysts led by Oliver Chen.

Analysts note that MyTheresa is a $ 600 million platform with a potential long-term revenue growth of over 20%.

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“As well as consistency, MyTheresa is positioned as a major beneficiary of global luxury online; Cowen predicts the global online luxury goods market will grow + 25% CAGR [compound annual growth rate]. “

Cowen initiated the performance of the MyTheresa stock with a target price of $ 40.

JPMorgan analysts said MyTheresa had “the opportunity to have a head start on e-commerce growth in the underrated luxury online retail sector.”

In the online luxury retail category, analysts say MyTheresa has less than 20% overlap with its competitors. Other companies in the sector include Farfetch Ltd.

and Nordstrom Inc.
+ 1.95%
which sells online in addition to its traditional department store locations.

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Too: Michael Kors became a stronger brand by growing smaller

“MyTheresa is uniquely positioned in the online multi-brand luxury sector, driven by a highly curated product offering and a disciplined focus on the high-end luxury segment,” wrote JPMorgan.

“On the product side, MyTheresa facilitates an efficient purchasing process for time-limited consumers, with a focus on quality over quantity, making it easier for consumers to find the best product in a short amount of time.”

JPMorgan started up MyTheresa stock overweight with a target price of $ 38.

UBS, which started MyTheresa on a neutral basis, highlighted the risk of stocks.

“Risk factors include competition from the luxury industry, a concentrated supply base, a concentrated customer / shopper base and the complexity of an international presence,” the note said.

However, UBS remains “constructive” on the opportunities for retailers as a luxury online businessman.

MyTheresa shares rose 5.3% in trading Tuesday. The stock started trading at $ 35.85 and closed Friday at $ 31.34.


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Food Delivery Costs: How to Avoid a $ 18 Burger | Instant News

In Caviar’s food delivery app for San Francisco, ShackBurger doubles from

Shake Shack

SHAK -0.85%

listed at $ 8.99, the same price as in-store prices. But by the time it reaches your door, it’s $ 18.91. Here’s a breakdown of nearly $ 10 in additional fees:

  • Tax: $ 0.76
  • Shipping cost: $ 1.99
  • Suggested tip: $ 3
  • Small order fee: $ 3
  • Service fee: $ 1.17

During a pandemic, people are willing to pay for shipping as a way to be careful when getting food and groceries. Following the first round of shelter-in-place orders, the suburbs pushed profitable first quarter to

By Dash Inc.,

RUN 7.87%

who has Caviar. In April, Instacart Inc. experienced a 500% year-over-year increase in grocery orders. Company buyer contractor become a front line worker overnight.

When the state updates restrictions on eating indoors and extend stay home orders across the country, shipping is taking priority once again. But consumers are increasingly wary of rising shipping costs, and companies are offering their users better deals, in exchange for loyalty. What’s the best way to save money? Pay attention to the details.

Cost is not the only source of additional costs. The price of individual items can also be added.


for example, it does not require Instacart grocery delivery customers to have a $ 60 per year membership as in-store shoppers do, but Instacart charges a higher price on Instacart than at its warehouse, in addition to additional fees.

Rags Srinivasan, a pricing consultant, recently set a markup for his Instacart Costco order when a buyer mistakenly sent him the original receipt at the store. Instacart orders ended up about $ 20 higher. “This is convenience inflation, and it’s going largely unnoticed,” Srinivasan said.

Cost of Convenience

Comparing the price of groceries purchased at Costco in Mountain View, California, with what Instacart charges customers who order them shows hidden markups, in addition to shipping costs.

Price before shipping cost and taxes

Charmin’s toilet paper

30 ct.

Gift paper towels

12 ct.

Kirkland Strawberries

4 lb.

Coconut Milk Thai Kitchen

6 x 13.66 fl. ounce

Kirkland tortilla chips

40 oz.

Charmin’s toilet paper

30 ct.

Gift paper towels

12 ct.

Kirkland Strawberries

4 lb.

Coconut Milk Thai Kitchen

6 x 13.66 fl. ounce

Kirkland tortilla chips

40 oz.

Charmin’s toilet paper

30 ct.

Gift paper towels

12 ct.

Kirkland Strawberries

4 lb.

Coconut Milk Thai Kitchen

6 x 13.66 fl. ounce

Kirkland tortilla chips

40 oz.

Charmin’s toilet

paper, 30 ct.

Gift paper

towel, 12 ct.


strawberry, 4 lb.

Thai kitchen

coconut milk,

6 x 13.66 fl. ounce


tortilla chips,

40 oz.

An Instacart spokesperson said retailers set their own prices on the platform, and the company notifies customers on the app whether prices are the same or higher than in-store. He noted that Costco members can enter their membership number into Instacart to open member-only savings. A Costco spokesman declined to comment.

Rafi Mohammed, author of “The Art of Pricing,” finds the same applies to several restaurants on delivery apps. A Boston-based Italian restaurant, T Anthony’s, sells a large meat lover’s pizza for $ 19.20. At Uber Eats, the same pie costs $ 23.90. Prices at DoorDash and


lower but still high.

The difference helps cover Uber’s 30% commission, said Joe Rastellini, the restaurant owner. “Before, I only had my own driver and Grubhub. Then, because of the pandemic, I ended up adding new services, and when you sign up with them you have to play football. “

Mr Rastellini added that his restaurant website offers local delivery at no extra cost, apart from tips and taxes.

For many, the variety and convenience of delivery applications is worth the extra cost. However, you may be able to save by contacting your favorite restaurant directly.

Pak Mohammed expects shipping prices to fall after the pandemic. “Instead of going to the movies or playing football, we’ve spent the money on ordering,” he said. “Post-vaccine, people will want to eat out, and that will lower demand for delivery.”

That fee has gone down for some via subscription plans. You pay a certain amount monthly or annually in exchange for a reduced cost per order (and sometimes faster service). Are they worthy? Only if you order often enough. Here’s how subscription plans work for the most popular food delivery and grocery delivery services:

Instacart Express

Price: $ 9.99 a month; $ 99 a year

A decent monthly minimum: Three orders

Nonmember shipping costs: $ 3.99

Instacart membership waives shipping on carts of $ 35 or more. Benefits also include one hour of free pick-up and reduced service fees (1.9%, not 5% nonmembers). The service isn’t limited to groceries, either: Retailers including Best Buy and CVS are also on the app.

Instacart will shop for you at wholesale stores, Best Buy and CVS.


Michael Loccisano / Getty images



Price: $ 12.95 a month; $ 98 a year

A decent monthly minimum: Two orders

Nonmember shipping costs: $ 7.95

The new Walmart program is a new version of the now-deprecated Unlimited Shipping membership, which offers free shipping from local stores. With Walmart +, you can order same-day groceries from participating local shops between 7am and 8pm – and next day’s knick-knacks from Walmart.com – at no extra cost.

Free grocery delivery requires a minimum basket of $ 35. No orders from Walmart.com, but only items “shipped by Walmart” are eligible. Customers also save 5 cents per gallon on fuel at Walmart locations and gain the ability to scan and purchase in-store items from their cell phones – saving trips to the payment line.


Price: $ 99 a year

A decent monthly minimum: One order

Nonmember shipping costs: $ 10

Shipt previously required annual memberships to get same-day delivery from retailers such as Target, Petco, CVS and Costco – plus many local grocery stores. Now the service, which is owned by Target, offers one-time tickets for $ 10. But if you order from Shipt at least once a month, the subscription is well worth it. Orders under $ 35 are still subject to a $ 7 shipping fee.


Prime Now

Price (included in Prime subscription): $ 12.99 a month; $ 119 a year

A decent monthly minimum: Depends on your use of Prime

Nonmember shipping costs: N / A

Whole Foods, Amazon, and Pet Food Express same-day delivery programs are available exclusively to Amazon Prime members in select cities. Orders under $ 35 come with a $ 4.99 shipping fee. The Prime subscription also offers fast free shipping from Amazon.com and a large library of streaming media, including movies and music.

A driver prepares to make a delivery in Dublin, California.


shannon stapleton / Reuters

DoorDash / Caviar DashPass

Price: $ 9.99 per month

A decent monthly minimum: Three orders

Nonmember shipping costs: $ 1.99 to $ 3.99

Food delivery subscriptions free shipping and reduce service fees (17% for nonmembers) across DoorDash and Caviar. Orders must be at least $ 12, and only works with participating DashPass restaurants. (Chipotle, yes; Panera, no.) While DoorDash is known to offer food delivery from national chains, the service added retailers such as Walgreens and CVS earlier this year.

Uber Eats Eats Pass

Price: $ 9.99 per month

A decent monthly minimum: Three orders

Nonmember shipping costs: Up to $ 3.99


What food delivery application do you use? How was the experience? Join the conversation below.

At eligible restaurants, you get a shipping fee waiver and a 5% discount on orders that meet a minimum of $ 15.

There are other ways to get free delivery from Uber Eats, but they’re not guaranteed: If someone near you orders food, sometimes you can pick the same restaurant and the shipping costs are lowered. Think of it as UberPool, but for your dinner.

Grubhub +

Price: $ 9.99 per month

A decent monthly minimum: Three orders

Nonmember shipping costs: Up to $ 3.99

Earlier this year, Grubhub launched this program with 100,000 participating restaurants across the US. Customers receive free shipping on orders $ 12 or more, and free food to pick up ($ 10 or less) each month. They also get access to elite customer service. The company offers a two-week free trial of the service.

Grubhub delivers in downtown Manhattan.


fresh mike / Reuters

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Verishop Brings Group Video Shopping to its E-Commerce Platform | Instant News

Verishop Inc., a social e-commerce platform selling lifestyle goods, introduced a live group shopping feature on its mobile app.

A feature called Shop Party allows users to organize online shopping events at special times and invite five friends to join. During the event, people can see what other friends are browsing, chat via video and text, see what’s in everyone’s shopping bag and “like” what others have chosen.

The goal is to engage consumers with experiences that capture some of the social feel of trips to the physical store with friends. “What we’ve been trying to do is make shopping more of a community experience, so direct shopping is definitely the Holy Grail,” said Imran Khan, co-founder and chief executive officer of Verishop.

Verishop, a two-year-old company based in Santa Monica, California, also introduced several features last month such as allowing people to upload their own user-generated content, tag products in their posts, and follow friends on the platform.

Verishop declined to disclose its revenue or the number of users it has.

These efforts were made when e-commerce continues to grow rapidly, given a new push this year by the necessity of social distancing from the pandemic.

US e-commerce sales are expected to reach $ 794.50 billion this year, up from $ 600.10 billion in 2019, according to research firm eMarketer.

Although the start of coronavirus vaccinations in some countries, including the US, is giving optimism that the pandemic is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean consumers will return to old shopping behaviors, said Jason Goldberg, head of trading strategy at

Publicis Groupe TO


“After consumers learn a new experience and are forced to sustain it for 6 to 9, 18 months, the new behavior will most likely occur and they will not back down,” Goldberg said.

Other e-commerce platforms include Popshop Technologies Inc., Livescale Technologies Inc. and iShopShops Inc. offers shopping events accompanied by live videos. But those videos usually come from influencers or brands, and buyers interact primarily with them, not with each other.

Hands-on shopping experience also popular in China, with lots of streaming on platforms like

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

the Tmall website or


For many in China, 7-11pm has been the time to watch this live-streaming shopping show, often hosted by influencers, said Claire Fang, founder and chief executive officer of Yum Delight Inc., a plant-based nutrition. companies that have experimented with direct shopping in China.

But it’s unclear whether the Verishop Store Party will get wide adoption from consumers, some ecommerce experts say. Although group spending has found little success in other markets, it remains unproven in the US

People shop for themselves now, not for each other or with each other, said Rachel Tipograph, founder and chief executive officer of Tipo Entertainment Inc., which operates MikMak, an e-commerce software company.

Verishop tries to maximize the appeal of the Shop Party by making it as easy as possible.

The shared cash register bags friends filled during the Shop Party session did not display the price or size of any items inside, to keep sensitive information confidential, said Rong Yan, head of technology at Verishop.

The Shop Party feature makes online shopping feel more like an event, said Alexandra Rappaport, 25, who participated in the Shop Party testing. Shoppers can also schedule these parties late into the night – when physical stores usually close, he said.

“We would never have done it with online shopping, but now you can,” said Ms. Rappaport.

Other potential uses for shop parties include working with brands and retailers to host shop parties, the company said.

While it remains to be seen whether group shopping will flourish, this is the right time to release new and innovative e-commerce features, said Ms. Tipograph, founder of MikMak.

“The reality is we are all at home and we are looking for ways to be comforted,” said Ms. Tipograh.

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