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Beauty experts know the secret of thicker and healthier hair over 40 | Instant News

: I have been experimenting with different styles, from the facial expression that was swept from the side to the sweep of the face. John Masters Organics Paste, £21, Is really useful for fixing things in place.

AJ: Hair dyes fascinate me, but they are so solid, I always associate them with short hair. How do you use it?

: My hair is very short. I rub the big broad bean size into my palm, and then process it into dry hair to give it styling power and make it easier to shape into any style I want. For many years, I have wanted soft, silky hair, but it is slippery and not suitable for styling.

AJ: good idea. This is why the hair stylist in the background always uses salt spray or dry shampoo to make the hair firmer.

: Also, don’t be afraid to use tools, clips, straps and hair clips-try new styles during this time.

AJ: Many people have slightly longer hair and are experimenting with new technologies. When I went to the barber shop last time, he blow-dried my hair and clamped my hair without any product. Finally, he turned my head upside down and applied styling cream on both ends, which looked very natural. I have been trying DEep Waves tool from Babyliss, £50, Although I find that like a daughter, thick hair is best.

: Didn’t work for me. I don’t think this is short and delicate hair.


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8 new skin care brands every woman over 40 needs to know | Instant News

According to market analyst Mintel, skin care has become the number one hero in 2020 because we have moved from superficial beauty products such as makeup (sorry, still obsessed) to a self-care system that focuses on simple, effective skin care. As far as we are concerned, a wise move is actually a measure of youth.

There are too many brands that require your attention, and it is usually easier to reorder a pot of ordinary skin cream, but this is our responsibility. Telegraph’s beauty team was one of the first brands to be sent to trial with a new brand.

We use our face as a guinea pig, applying everything from active acid to CBD in order to h And benefits. Sometimes, we find something great, and there is nothing better than finding a tested solution that can solve the skin problem that reduces confidence.

It’s not that everything we like can meet your skin needs, but because we are picky, it’s not a bad place to start shopping searches, especially Xmas is coming, and now it’s time to start providing some tips.

No more reason, browse our editors on us 8 new products under the radar skincare brand It deserves your attention.


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