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Timmerman Swing Shop Enters UK Market | News | Instant News

Located in rural Randolph County in Union City, the Timmerman Swing Shop has announced that the small business that started out as a hobby has become an international venture when their first handcrafted wooden bench arrives in the UK on Thursday, December 18th.

The Timmerman Swing Shop was started by a retired contractor, Steve, his wife, Beverly and children Shawn, Chelsea, and Seth Timmerman in 2013.This small family owned and operated business specializes in handcrafted benches, gliders, and patio swings. and especially prides itself on offering customized engravings to add that special touch to already unique pieces of furniture that can be passed down from generation to generation with proper care.

“When we first started making swings it was really just a hobby and we didn’t know what it would turn into,” said Chelsea Timmerman. “We are grateful for all the support we receive from communities and customers from across the United States and now Great Britain. Never in our wildest dreams did we think our small business would get this much exposure. “

International buyer, Jennifer Lynch, came across the Timmerman Swing Shop on Etsy, an online e-commerce website while searching for gifts for her husband.

“I want to thank Steve (Timmerman) again for the incredible work on this bench,” said Lynch. “I think it’s the best piece of furniture we’ve ever had, and I really love it! My husband Shane was delighted (it was a surprise wedding anniversary gift for him) and I know we will sit on him every day for years to come. We take great pride in buying unique items for our home and I love the fact that no one in England owns a bench like I do (at least currently!). It was a lot of fun dealing with Steve about what was a new experience for both of us. I’m so happy to have found him and his work – it’s just amazing! ”


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Meet entrepreneurs promoting slow fashion for Indian handloom destinations | Instant News

Written by Jayashree Narayanan
| Pune |

Updated: September 26 2020 12:34:06 pm

Ekta Jaiswal about promoting slow mode. (Source: Public Relations Handout)

The fact that most fashion brands use factory-made fabrics on handloom, digital embroidery and printing on hand embroidery and hand techniques is what led NIFT, Hyderabad fashion graduate Ekta Jaiswal to think of ways to promote. Traditional Indian woven fabrics – whether dyed, embroidered or even printed. “While it makes sense to use machines that make production much faster and garments much cheaper, we wanted to promote handmade garments and make our customers understand the value of India’s slow fashion and handicrafts. We also aim to provide jobs for craftsmen and artists, ”said Jaiswal, who runs HasthaKatha, a fashion shop he co-founded with his friend Divya in 2016, on Etsy, the global marketplace for handmade and unique items.

HasthaKatha aims to combine folk art and traditional textiles with modern aesthetics in the form of comfortable and wearable handcrafted linen and cotton garments, which include an eclectic mix of maxi dresses, jumpsuits, and scarves among others for women.

Jaiswal works at fashion industry for four years, which includes e-commerce companies, handloom retail brands, and international fashion export houses. While working with the retail brand handloom, Jaiswal and colleagues had the opportunity to “learn about handcrafted textiles and folk arts from different parts of India up close”. This led them to present the brand idea to fashion incubators and the decision to promote Indian handicrafts and folk arts in the form of everyday items of clothing, including a blend of cotton clothes that are both aesthetically rich and also eco-friendly.

Indian woven fabrics, etsy, traditional woven fabrics, modern clothing for women, Indianexpress.com, hasthakatha, indianexpress This is the design from the company. (Source: Public Relations Handout)

“The Indian textile and handicraft industry is included silk and khadi is an important segment of the Indian economy as it is one of the largest employers after agriculture. This is because they are the roots of our fashion and lifestyle industry. However, Indian handicraft and handicraft products cost more and the cut was not fashionable renewed. The cost of making a handloom depends on the number of hours used to make a handloom product. Because the craftsmen are not good at marketing techniques, they need someone to market their products and because of this dependence, the middlemen pocket all the profits and the product is much more expensive than it should be, “said Jaiswal while pointing out how” the lack of diversification in design and end product “is. one of the main reasons.

“This problem can be solved if global designers and sellers like us join hands with our craftsmen in person and help them create products that are in line with current fashion and design trends. If we promote our handlooms and handicrafts and help create more demand for these products, automatically production costs will go down, which in turn will reduce the final cost of the product, ”he added.

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Today, Jaiswal works with embroiderers, hand dyes, block printers and painters. “Instead of completely using an art form, I take inspiration from one art form and adapt it to create something new. Following current trends, I make these pieces according to customer tastes. This is the time when fast fashion is at its peak and the market is competitive. In this fast fashion race, we try to create and promote our alternative slow mode, ”said the 29-year-old businessman who lives in Delhi.

Indian woven fabrics, etsy, traditional woven fabrics, modern clothing for women, Indianexpress.com, hasthakatha, indianexpress The maxi dresses for modern Indian women take inspiration from traditional Indian folk art designs. (Source: Public Relations Handout)

To do pandemic influence traditional craftsmen? “Most of the craftsmen work in their own homes in small places. Even during this time pandemic, our craftsmen can work in their home workshop. But due to lack of jobs, they suffer economically. They face problems even to make a living. People like us need to find new solutions to these new problems and work as a bridge between our craftsmen and the world, ”said Jaiswal while telling how young entrepreneurs should take online paths to combine the best of the traditional and modern world to make India. products reach global audiences, even in unforeseen circumstances such as a pandemic.

But given encouragement Made in India and the online marketplace, isn’t such fashion business commonplace? “Every individual thought works differently. Many Indian designers have taken this initiative to help promote Indian handicrafts in their own way. Our folk arts and crafts have so much to offer even if more than one person takes inspiration from the same craft the results will always be different. We shouldn’t think of it as competition. In fact, this way we can offer a lot more to the world by doing what we are good at, “said Jaiswal.

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One of the best-selling fashion illustrators in NYC is from Mercer Island | Instant News

High fashion. This is a world of luxury and glamor, flashbulb, runways and couture dresses. Many will never have the chance to wear designers like Gucci and Valentino, but fashion illustrations give people the opportunity to appreciate, maybe even worship, different ways.

“This allows people who don’t need to have access to high-end fashion brands to invite high fashion styles to their homes,” he explained Blair Breitenstein, which is one of the best-selling fashion illustrators in New York City. “That gives me a reason to have this fantasy world in my life because I normally wouldn’t use this designer.”

Breitenstein has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Chanel, Prada and Sak’s Fifth Avenue – his artwork has graced the pages of major magazines and he has garnered many followers in social media. But his passion for fashion and art began to grow on Mercer Island, and spent time with his grandfather, an abstract painter, and grandmother, a serious fashionista, who might be Breitenstein’s biggest fan.

“The way my grandmother dresses – she still dresses like this to get a letter, she wears full clothes. She makes her hair every weekend with jewelery full of beehives, clothes all the time. So I think I’m really only inspired by her love of fashion,” he said .

As a child, Blair often flipped the pages of his grandmother’s W Magazine, Vogue or Town and Country magazine. He also collected … shopping bags.

“Nordstrom shopping bags at Christmas when we grow up, they have illustrations on it,” Breitenstein said. “When I was 7 years old I would keep every bag and every gift card from Nordstrom that has illustrations on it.”

Breitenstein initially did not pursue art as a career. He holds a communications degree from Washington State University and works at an advertising agency in Seattle. Then he began to share his illustrations on the internet.

“Etsy is a platform that made me realize that people are interested in paying money for my art because people buy my prints. They are $ 25 and I will make it at Kinko,” he said. “It made me realize people want what I make. From Etsy, I started using Instagram. Instagram is where I start marking brands, magazines and creative directors. With Instagram you can see when you are tagged in something, so I only caught the attention of a few important people. “

One of the key people was an executive at Oscar de la Renta, who invited him to New York to sketch backstage and from the audience during their fashion show.

“I remember actually crying on my desk when I received the e-mail because at that time I had begun to get a little professional job. So, I began to think ‘This will be a dream to go to a fashion show’. When that happens, only words can I think about it [to describe it] it’s real. I cried literally because it was one of my dreams that came true, “he said.

Working with de la Renta opens the door. He traveled to Europe for two fashion week seasons with MAC Cosmetics and designed international packaging for the Fresh cosmetics brand, among many other impressive projects. But it was Blair’s approach, his style – that distinguished his work. It’s abstract, fun and often spontaneous.

“Sometimes a picture will take ten minutes for me and I don’t think that means it’s less than a work of art,” Breitenstein said. “I think it just adds to the pleasant dynamics of my work quickly and makes you see small mistakes such as water droplets. I think that makes them unique and fun and not too serious.”

His works often focus on the eyes of the subject and include a vintage vibe, something that continues to resonate with fans and big brands, including those close to home.

“I did a Nordstrom gift card a few years ago. It was a kind of full circle,” Breitenstein said. “Nordstrom gift cards and bags are what triggered my desire for fashion illustration, so that being able to do Nordstrom gift cards is really cool. I’m glad I can donate some work to Seattle, the Seattle brand.”

So, what’s next for Blair? With a fashion show on the pause, he found new inspiration in the world around him such as household goods, food or just the view from his roof.

“I think part of my future will try new things and different subjects and I’m very excited about that.”


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Facial Masks Become Forms of Expression – NBC4 Washington | Instant News


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These 9 Great Vintage Fashion Trends For Summer 2020 – and I Found Them All On Etsy | Instant News

I admit that lately, most of my free time has been spent on my phone. When I’m not browsing Instagram, stuck in the TikTok pit, or FaceTiming’s family and friends, I most likely will Etsy looking for vintage clothes. Snagging a little more affordable, vintage version of the current top trends is my ultimate hack mode. And, now, my trolley is full of amazing findings waiting to be bought – when the time (and my budget) is right.

For me, the key to getting good things at Etsy is knowing exactly what I’m looking for. The more details you get in the search bar – embroidered cardigan50s prom dresses, red leather pants, etc. – the better the results. Then, you can play around with filters to find options in your size, which ultimately leads you to the perfect part. This method has not disappointed me; some of my favorite dresses, sweaters, and coats have been purchased through this site.

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As summer approaches, I have used Etsy to plan which style I want in my wardrobe. So, precisely, what I have done looking for? Up front, I have compiled nine vintage-meet-current fashion trends that you might want to check out as well.

Matching Set

Pictures of Melodie Jeng / Getty

I speak up and down coordinated, my clothes, and my current favorites, cardigan twin sets. These harmonious looks, which are often from the 90s and further back, bring me joy – they make statements, pleasing to the eye, and pretty much make sure you will look familiar. But, most important, they are easy to use. Your clothes are complete, and all you have to do is wear them.

Lots of Collars

Image of Christian Vierig / Getty
Image of Christian Vierig / Getty

There are so many trends in collapsing collars nowadays, among them polo shirt and Hajj collar, which I find constantly inclined to the parts that cover the details. Personally, I like a dress with a thick and contrasting white collar – which really makes the cut – also collared cardigan, which helps me achieve Vibrations of the 40s and 50s.

Mom Shorts

VCG / Getty image
VCG / Getty image

Blame it on the love of comfort or the fact that The 90’s still running at full strength, but over the past few years, my shorts preference has been getting longer. This year, I’m interested in the high-rise option and almost touches the knee – aka, short true mother. Plus, consider khaki pants have returned, I’ve been looking for beige color options, which will definitely fit a simple T-shirt and sandals.


Image of Christian Vierig / Getty
Image of Christian Vierig / Getty

There is something so elegant about a classic sling-back, and the style of the big toe is perfect among the days when I don’t want to wear sandals. I recently became obsessed with finding his shoes, sling-back loafers, similar to those from the Fendi collection in the spring of 2020, and I’m also a fan of the cap-toe option, which emits a Chanel vibe. Even old school, woven sling-back flats will look great with these shorts.

Playful Prints

Edward Berthelot / Getty Images
Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

Last summer, my overall aesthetic was “clown mode, “and by 2020, I have embraced him more – especially when it comes to polka-dotted. This timeless print adds imagination to any outfit, and sometimes, it acts as neutral when mixed with other molds. I am also a fan of summer gingham and colorful plaids (especially when they include a combination of seasonal nuances), so I have been looking for plaid shorts, evening dresses, and pants, which will help liven up the basics in my home. wardrobe.

Pleated skirt

Edward Berthelot / Getty Images
Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

Add a jacket or a scarf for your clothes is a quick way to make things taller and pull together. However, I can’t (and certainly don’t want to) pile up in layers in 90 degree heat. The next best alternative is to invest in interesting little details, like folds. Whether it’s with a miniskirt or midi, this design makes things more interesting, and helps achieve the preppy trend of the 90s – which has completely returned. Plus, pleated skirts look great with almost all tops, and can quickly replace your shorts or jeans on the days you want.

Varied Details

Image of Christian Vierig / Getty
Image of Christian Vierig / Getty

Ruffles, balloon sleeves, neck ties: I like them all, mostly because it suits my feminine style. The trick that I like to draw is to organize my big, sleeved Etsy under the dress or jumpsuit, creating new and prominent combos that are suitable for the weather on the sidelines. In addition, this shirt – which, yes, is likely directly from the 80s – fits in with a slender subordinate (eg short bike), which will give a little balance.

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Arturo Holmes / Getty Pictures
Arturo Holmes / Getty Pictures

Whether you type boiler settings, jumpsuits, or clothes, the results will likely make you lose one or two buttons, which is useful on days when you crave comfort or experience a fashion dilemma. I simply sneak into one of these, add sandals or sneakers, and explosion – I’m ready to go. Middle belt or scarf also a great addition if you hope to dress it up.

Colorful Pants

Matthew Sperzel / Getty Images
Matthew Sperzel / Getty Images

While I love color blocking and wearing bright trousers, the options I like from Saks Potts and Simon Miller are a little above what I’m willing to spend. The good news is, Etsy is a goldmine of colorful things of the past century. Whether you’re looking for something pink, green, or yellow, want structured underwear or colored denim, you will definitely find it if you find something specific.


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