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DAMWON Gaming wins the 2020 League of Legends World Championship | Instant News

South Korea’s DAMWON Gaming beat China Suning 3-1 to claim the 2020 League of Legends World Championship on Saturday in front of 6,000 fans at the newly opened Pudong Stadium in Shanghai, China.

After a month of competing among the 22 best teams in the world in a bubble atmosphere quarantined in Shanghai, the No. 1 South Korea outlasted the rest of the competition to lift the Summoner’s Cup in the 10th iteration of the world’s most-watched esports. event, with last year’s finals bringing in more than 100 million viewers worldwide.

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DAMWON Gaming started their tournament as one of the favorites and entered the final by amassing a 34-3 record in the tournament ahead of the match against Suning. DWG finished first in their group during the group stage en route to a dominant bracket round appearance, beating fellow South Korean team DRX 3-0 in the quarter-finals before crushing Europe’s top seeds, G2 Esports, in the semifinals. In Game 4’s decisive win over G2, DAMWON recorded the fastest win in world championship history with a time of 19 minutes 3 seconds.

The League of Legends World Championship is hosted by Riot Games, the game’s developer. Since 2011, with the inaugural seasonal championships in Jönköping, Sweden, world championship finals have become a worldwide phenomenon, selling out stadiums and arenas from Beijing’s Beijing National Stadium to the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Although no fans were allowed to attend the tournament before the final match, a lottery was held for more than 3 million candidates in China to select 6,000 social distancing fans to attend the final in Shanghai.


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Quad Cities Corporate Games coming next summer | Local News | Instant News

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A summer competition among corporate workers is coming to the Quad-Cities in 2021.

Visit the Quad Cities, Davenport parks and recreation department and the Iowa Sports Foundation on Tuesday to announce that the inaugural Quad-Cities Corporate Games will be held June 1 to July 31, 2021. Companies pay a fee to participate, so individual employees are not charged, and registration is open. December 1st.

This is the third event in all of Iowa, as Des Moines Corporate Games has grown to include more than 70 companies and nearly 15,000 participants after starting in 2016. Corridor Corporate Games, which started in 2019, has grown to more than 30 companies and more. of 4,000 attendees in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City areas.

The 2021 game will have events and competitions across the Quad-Cities and on both sides of the Mississippi River, organizers said Tuesday.

Matt Beatty, chief operating officer at the Iowa Sports Foundation, said that the game will have a mix of live activities such as a competitive event, such as dodgeball or kickball, along with other events, such as a virtual scavenger hunt or a fitness walk.

“We have medals that are awarded to our top participants in competitive events, and we have events that are only good for the community, like blood donation,” Beatty said.


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Building Nations Recognized As New Zealand’s Leading Corporate Event | Instant News

New Zealand’s flagship event infrastructure Building Nations won the Best Corporate Event Award at the New Zealand Events Association (NZEA) Awards at the Civic Theater’s Winter Park last night.

More than 105 works have been received for the coveted award, which recognizes Building Nations as one of New Zealand’s leading business events.

New Zealand Infrastructure Council Chair Andrew Stevens said the award was a testament to the efforts of the New Zealand Infrastructure team, “It is hard to believe how far we have come, from our first Nation Development Symposium at Villa Maria in 2006 with only 40 delegates, to the main event on an infrastructure calendar that attracts so many delegates that only a handful of places in the country can. accommodate us. “

Stevens also reiterated the importance of sponsoring Building Nations to consistently deliver high quality events, especially the main sponsor of ANZ, “This award goes to our sponsors as well as for New Zealand Infrastructure. Without their support, events like Building Nations would not be possible – especially in a year that is as volatile as this one. “

Building Nations 2019 was also a finalist in the Best Local Government Event Awards and Best International Event category and New Zealand Infrastructure Event Director and Member Services Sally Bunce is a finalist in the Established Professional Events Awards, recognizing her expertise and experience in delivering the best of the event.

New Zealand Infrastructure interim Chief Executive John Rae said Sally consistently raises the bar every year at Building Nations and other events she facilitates for New Zealand Infrastructure. “Sally has an excellent understanding of what it takes to deliver a highly complex and well-known conference program while seamlessly managing suppliers, sponsors, presenters and delegates. Its innovation and professionalism have given our events the ‘wow’ factor and made Infrastructure NZ renowned for its quality of delivery, industry leadership and expertise. “

Building Nations is New Zealand’s premier infrastructure event, attended by 700+ private and public sector infrastructure leaders. ReBuilding Nations 2020 will be held at Henderson’s Trusts Arena on November 18 and 19, with the theme Building Back Better.

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New Zealand Top Sausages Announced | Instant News

Top Winner of the New Zealand Sausage Competition – Isterband by Gray Lynn Butchers, Auckland

Gray Lynn Butchers in Auckland has won the New Zealand best sausage award in the Great New Zealand Sausage Competition with their Isterband sausage entry.

The successful sausage was announced as the winner of the Supreme Award tonight at a virtual awards ceremony witnessed by major industry players across the country.

The judges agreed that the winning sausages had all the qualities they were looking for including the best taste and texture to beat more than 600 other contestants and claim the top spot.

Owner Gray Lynn Butchers, aunt and team of nieces, Lucia and Eddie Rodrigues, are both self-taught butchers who have worked hard to build their award-winning shop in downtown Auckland.

Lucia Rodrigues of Gray Lynn Butcher said of her winning sausage: “We’re so happy, we can’t believe it. We have been fighting for gold for many years and now we not only have gold but we have also won the Supreme Award. We were approached by Julian – owner of the Snö Café in Remuera – to make a traditional Swedish sausage called Isterband. Eddie tries to conceptualize and develop delicious Swedish Land. We couldn’t believe it, we screamed huh as soon as we heard the result. “

Despite two lockdowns this year, Kiwi butchers have remained tough and put their best borer in front which culminated in a record-breaking 605 entries received from 99 sausage producers across 17 categories.

The journey to the highest status for winning sausages has been a long and rigorous process with competition organizers adhering to strict Covid warning level limits. The five-day category judged last month by a group of butchers, foodies, chefs and industry heavyweights, slashed the entry to the sausage with the highest score. From here, gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded in each category with the gold medalists then being reassessed against each other, with Gray Lynn Butchers’ sausage taking the top spot.

Competition judge Kathy Paterson said the winning sausage, an Isterband was a unique original entry which was technically excellently crafted, making it stand out from the rest.

“The standard this year is really high and when you get sausages that are beautifully made, with a lovely texture and the taste of meat coming in, you know you have a winner,” says Kathy. “This is a very delicious sausage where everything goes together.”

This year, competition organizer, Retail Meat New Zealand would also like to thank all the sausage producers who have supported the competition over the past ten years and are pleased to announce Peter Timbs Meats in Christchurch as Producer of the Decade *.

“Having compiled the results from the past ten years, we are pleased to recognize Peter Timbs Meats as the recipient of this new award,” said event organizer Megan Claxton. “They have consistently produced high quality medal winning sausages over the past decade and have helped raise the standard of competition.”

Kiwis will also know where to get the best pattie burger of the year, when the new ground beef category is introduced, which has resulted in six medal-winning burgers from two categories.

The announcement of New Zealand’s best-tasting burger patties and burgers comes just as Kiwis across the country are cleaning up their barbecues in preparation for next summer. There’s nothing better than throwing a few yummy hitches at a barbeque to share with friends and family. Now Kiwis know where to get some borer and award-winning bakery to make their summer barbeque sizzle.

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AI Show Returns With Focused Debate About New Zealand’s Future | Instant News

On Wednesday October 28, the AI ​​Show returns with experts debating the fundamental role of AI in New Zealand’s future economy.

Among those leading the discussion will be Sam Daish, from Qrious, who will look at why AI is so important to New Zealand, Vikash Kumar will talk about the importance of an ethical foundation and Dr Lena Waizenegger from AUT will discuss harnessing the potential of Robotic Process Automation. (RPA) to reduce costs, increase productivity and increase compliance.

AI Show creator and AI accelerator founder NewZealand.ai, Justin Flitter, said the event program had become an important place for discussion and it was good to come back with an event where people could brainstorm ideas in person:

“This is an important discussion for New Zealand and our future. We have the opportunity to focus on these technologies and become leaders as the world continues to grapple with uncertainty.

“Even though it didn’t meet very well, the AI ​​sector is still busy and I can’t stress how important this event is – it’s happening because we all see how the post-Covid and AI future will play a big role. “

NewZealand.ai has hosted more than 25 events in the past three years, including AI Show and AI Day, with thousands of attendees including entrepreneurs, academics, companies, investors and others who are blown away by this space.

Justin Flitter said that New Zealand’s profile grew due to strong leadership during the pandemic and this gave us the opportunity to build on our reputation as AI innovators.

“AI continues to touch almost every aspect of life and has great potential to grow productivity and overcome many of the problems we have faced in the world of Covid.

“The more New Zealand can be seen as a leader in AI, the more we are able to build a part of the economy that is high-value, high-tech and suitable for the years to come as we recover.”

The AI ​​Show will be held at The Generator, 12 Madden Street, Auckland, on Wednesday 28 October starting at 6pm with an impressive lineup of speakers:

Sam Daish, Head of AI and Data Science, Qrious

Matt Bishop, Founder and Managing Director, BVT Engineering, and Chris Matthew, leader of the RnD Team

Oliver Catterson, Software Engineer, Aider.ai

Vikash Kumar, Data Science Manager, NZTA

Dr Lena Waizenegger, Lecturer in Business Information Systems, AUT

Danu Abeysuriya, CTO of Rush Digital

Tane van der Boon, Co-Founder of MAU163

For more information on The AI ​​Show click here.

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