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Promoting university students without examinations is ruled out | Instant News

LAHORE: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has made it clear that promoting students without exams is unquestionable.

HEC also convinces students to solve problems faced by some of them regarding internet connectivity and the quality of lectures in their online classes and subsequent examinations.

In a press release, a HEC spokesperson said that HEC made contact with the vice-chancellor (VC) to solve all the problems being faced by students. Also, efforts are being made to address some of the connectivity problems faced by students with PTA and other collaborations.

Regarding their concerns for the fees charged by the university, students have been told to inform HEC about specific problems to be taken with each university.

It is important to mention here that during the meeting with the VC right before Eid, the Chair of the HEC also asked the VC to take steps to solve problems faced by students who graduated urgently, in addition to making decisions about new admissions, research theses and laboratory use. HEC has also shared its guidelines with universities on thesis defense, which enable it to be online. The Chair also urged VCs to supervise and assist their faculties to streamline labor-intensive work, helping them make a successful online learning management system. He also told the VC that an appeal procedure would soon be arranged to examine complaints.


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UHS conducts tests amidst strict SOPs | Instant News

LAHORE – The University of Health Sciences (UHS), on Monday began conducting professional medical examinations in the midst of strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) established for the prevention of corona infections.

This examination was postponed in March this year after the closure of educational institutions by the government due to COVID-19.

A total of 275 candidates from 297 enrolled students appeared in the first MBBS medical professional final examination paper, which was simultaneously held in 10 centers established in various cities in Punjab and Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK).

Given the risk of corona infection, strict SOPs including social distance and wearing face masks, are maintained during the examination.

Candidates begin to reach their inspection center at 7:30 a.m. The exam starts at 9:00 a.m. In Lahore, the only examination center was established at UHS where 131 candidates appeared.

In Multan 35, Bahawalpur 7, Rahim Tahun Khan 6, Sahiwal 5, Faisalabad 41, Sargodha 12, Sialkot 7, Mirpur AJK 3, Rawalpindi 25 and in Muzaffarabad 3 candidates appeared in the exam.

Candidate thermal screening is carried out at the entry point.

Supervisory and supervisory staff are given personal protective clothing that they must wear during the test.

Social distance is ensured in the examination room. There is a distance of at least two meters between candidates. All centers sanitized before the start of the examination.

The candidates expressed their satisfaction in the arrangements made by the University. They welcomed the decision of UHS to take the exam because it would save their academic years.

Speaking to the media on that occasion, Prof. UHS VC Javed Akram said that the university had set a precedent for the nation by ensuring one hundred percent compliance with SOPs with respect to preventing the spread of coronavirus. He hopes success for all candidates.

The final MBBS professional exams will continue until June 19, the first MBBS professional exams until June 06, the first professional BDS, June 10, and the fourth year MBBS additional exams will end on June 13.


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UVAS approved the online examination policy | Instant News



LAHORE: University of Animal and Animal Sciences (UVAS), Lahore Deputy Chancellor (Lahore) Dr. Nasim Ahmad has approved online off-campus teaching policies and online exams with a ‘no-harm’ approach according to HEC guidelines during the Covid -19 uncertainty period.

Online assessment will begin on June 15. Exams will not be seen to be taken ‘Real-time’ and ‘Time-Constrained’ using only CTS, Google Classroom, e-mail, and reply sheets, also known as e-answer books. Exams will be submitted to examiners via CTS, email and google classes. This evaluation mode is for the final semester examinations of the current semester 4, 6, 8, 10, and the current semester 2, the middle semester of the first year students. The evaluation system will only award failed or passed awards for subjects that will also be reflected on official UVAS transcripts.

Published in The Express Tribune, 21 Mayst, 2020.


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PU announces annual exam schedule | Instant News

LAHORE: University Administration of the Punjab (PU) on Friday announced the graduation and master level examination schedule.

According to PU spokesman Khurram Shahzad, the annual BA / BSc Part-II exam will be held starting July 22 while the MA / MSc examination Part-II & BCom Part-II will be held from September 7.

The spokesperson clarified that for this Part II exam, students must prepare for traditional online examinations and are based on multiple choice questions. He said the Part-II examination mode must be traditional, provided that the Covid-19 situation became normal and permitted by the government.

However, the spokesman said, in case the university did not open even after July 15 and the lockdown was extended, the examination mode would be online based on the MCQ. He said students who did not appear in online exams for any reason would have the choice to appear in traditional exams, which would be held after the university was open according to government policy and they would also inform the university accordingly.

Regarding Part-I examinations at various levels, Khurram Shahzad said the BA / BSc / Associate Degree Science / Arts Part-I exams will start from October 1 by traditional examination.

He said the MA / MSc Part-I exams, BCom Part-I / Associate Degree Commerce Part-I will start from November 2 with traditional exam mode. However, he clarified, part-I examinations would be held traditionally provided that the situation of Covid-19 improved and was permitted by the government. The spokesman said candidates could visit the official PU website www.pu.edu.pk for detailed information and regular updates.


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PU semester exam policy announced | Instant News

LAHORE: University of the Punjab (PU) has directed its students to enroll in semester-based programs to prepare themselves for traditional and MCQ-based online exams. PU spokesman Khurram Shahzad said on Thursday that if the university opened before August 23, the examination method would be traditional; if not, it will be online.

It is important to mention that the University of Punjab has not yet announced its annual vis-a-vis exam policy. The policy announced on Thursday will only be for semester-based examinations. The PU spokesman said students who did not appear in the online exam for any reason would have the choice to appear in the traditional exam which would be held after the university would be opened according to government policy.

Meanwhile, after approval of the academic council’s recommendation from the syndicate through circulation, the Punjab University administration has announced a summer vacation schedule and semester exams.

A university spokesman said that the online classes of students would continue until May 31, 2020 and there would be a summer vacation from June 1 to August 9. He said compensation classes would be held for those who could not take classes online for original reasons from 10 August to 24 August 2020.

However, he said, compensation classes would be held as long as the Covid-19 situation became normal and permitted by the government to teach in class (face to face). He said that the final semester exams would be held from August 26 to September 6. He said the university administration had directed students to prepare themselves for traditional and MCQ-based online exams.

Police Martyred pays tribute: Shaheed Shams Shafiq who sacrificed his life for others in the war against the corona was respected by the traffic police. Prayer and Fateha are offered in all traffic sectors for the high rank of police chief Shaheed. Chief Traffic Officer Captain Lahore (Ret.) Syed Hamad Abid said that the martyr Syams Shafiq once again ordered the name of the Lahore police. “We defend the protection of our citizens regardless of our lives and property. You have to protect yourself to protect others, “said CTO Lahore.

He said the coronavirus epidemic had affected the police the most in any department. Seven police personnel are undergoing treatment at the quarantine center.

Syed Hamad Abid asked residents that the corona epidemic is a reality that needs to be taken seriously. Posted: The Punjab government has posted PMS official Mirza Naseer Inayat (BS-20) as the Special Secretary (Operations) of the Punjab School of Education (SED) Department.

The government has also entrusted additional costs for the position of Director General of the Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development (QAED) to PMS Manzoor Hussain (BS-19) who currently serves as the Managing Director of the Punjab Curriculum & Book Council (PCTB).


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