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A view of the Monday trip, motorists encouraged to stay off the roads | Instant News

A view of Monday’s trip, motorists encouraged to stay off the roads | RiverBender.com.

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Brexit: Britain exits EU orbit after 48 years | Instant News

Britons living in Brussels who oppose Brexit hold a candlelight vigil outside the British embassy as the transition period ends in Brussels, Belgium 31 December 2020. REUTERS / Johanna Geron

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain left EU orbit on Thursday, turning away from a surge of 48-year ties with European projects for an uncertain post-Brexit future in the most significant geopolitical shift since the loss of the kingdom.

At 2300 GMT, the Brexit transition period – which maintained de-facto EU membership after Britain officially left the EU on 31 January – ends.

Great Britain joined the predecessors of the European Union on January 1, 1973.

Reporting by Guy Faulconbridge and Kate Holton


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Arkansas poultry workers protest a lack of protection against COVID-19 | Instant News

On December 8, dozens of workers at George’s Inc. poultry processing plant. out of Springdale, Arkansas, shutting down two critical processing lines and shutting down the facility’s operations. Workers raised concerns over unsafe working conditions, lack of safety and sanitation measures, and management efforts to hide the COVID-19 outbreak in factories.

Protesting against poultry workers in Arkansas (Source: Olivia Paschel, Facing South)

The strike at the factory, which is not unionized, is the first by poultry workers in Arkansas, a state that is economically and politically dominated by meat processing giant Tyson Foods. The Tyson, Cargill and George poultry factory in the northwest corner of the state has been hotbed of the spread of COVID-19, with at least seven workers dying at the Tyson Foods chicken factory in Van Buren, about 60 miles south of Springdale.

George’s Inc. is the ninth largest poultry producer in the United States, with facilities in Virginia, Missouri, Tennessee, and Arkansas, employing more than 4,800 workers. As of December 8, President George’s, Carl George’s net worth is $ 55.5 million.

In contrast to this enormous wealth, the workers at the Springdale factory, many of whom were immigrants from the Marshall Islands and Latin America, earned a poverty-rate salary of $ 12 per hour – about $ 24,960 per year before taxes – and worked in the most disadvantaged conditions. oppressive. Last month the Food and Environment Reporting Network (FERN) reported more than 290 cases of COVID-19 at the Springdale plant. This was before the current surge in infections nationwide and official, updated numbers are hard to come by due to non-reporting by management and the country.

In fact, George’s Springdale factory was not listed in the Arkansas Department of Health’s most recent report on the COVID-19 outbreak at a poultry factory. The same FERN report from November noted more than 641 George workers tested positive for COVID 19 at other facilities in Arkansas and Missouri, while the number of cases at the company’s plants in Tennessee and Virginia was unknown due to under-reporting in the state.

The resignation was triggered by management’s decision to end prearranged shift times, which are designed to reduce the number of workers who come into contact with each other during shift changes. Since the company ended the program, workers have been forced into narrow aisles as they arrive and leave for work, making social distancing impossible.

The workers also accused the company of not reporting new positive cases at the factory and of not paying workers who had to quarantine or take time off to await the arrival of test results.


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New Zealand Tourism boss Stephen England-Hall says camping freedom is not the same | Instant News


‘They’re rampaging in our waterways’: Tourism Minister Stuart Nash is aiming at freedom campers instead of encouraging focus on attracting high-spending visitors. Video / Guy Williams / ODT

New Zealand Head of Tourism Stephen England-Hall said his country must be careful not to incorporate all liberty tents.

He has a new job as head of the Queenstown group’s Wayfare tourism business

Some could be a wealthy family who spent two weeks staying in a luxury inn and then had the freedom of two nights camping somewhere to experience nature.


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Will come out, but will never betray the country with the NRO: PM | Instant News

Agency Agency

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said he would vacate the “seat” but would never “betray the country” by giving the NRO – a concession – to the opposition as anti-government protests of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) in Lahore escalated.

In an interview with a private news channel on Saturday, which was tweeted by the Prime Minister’s Office before the broadcast, the Prime Minister said the government would not give the opposition permission to hold a public meeting and any cases that were revealed would be brought against. general meeting facilitator.

“We will file the FIR (first informational report) against everyone – from the Wala Chair (chair supplier) to the sound system handlers – but we will not stop them (opposition leaders) from going there,” Khan said.

The December 13 public meeting in Lahore was organized by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). Although the local government refused permission for public gatherings due to the second wave of the coronavirus, PDM has so far hosted two political events – one in Peshawar and one in Multan. According to Geo’s news, the Deputy Commissioner of Lahore refused to give permission to the PDM to hold a rally in Minar-e-Pakistan due to the ongoing health crisis in the country.

Answering another question, Khan said the opposition was not interested in the country. “The only thing they want is an NRO. I will leave the chair (PM’s Office) but never betray the country by giving them an NRO, ”he stressed.

Meanwhile, Punjab president PML-N and lawmaker Rana Sanaullah vowed that the rally in Lahore would be a “public referendum against the government”.

Speaking to reporters after appearing before the anti-narcotics court, he said people would express solidarity with the PDM in Minar-e-Pakistan’s “full house”, adding that people from all over the country would attend the meeting. “Now Imran Khan is hiding behind the corona virus. But the corona hiding in the Banu Gala will be taken out, and its treatment will be finished. “

Sanaullah said: “For the last two and a half years, Imran Niazi has said that he will not spare anyone, now Imran Niazi must listen: the opposition will not spare him and will send him to prison.”

He also said party leader Nawaz Sharif committed at an all-party conference held on September 20 that if the PDM decides to resign from the assembly, the PML-N will follow. “If the PDM decides [to do so], PML-N is ready to submit resignation from the assembly, “he added.


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