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This is the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 76 | Instant News

The first trailer for the dawn of steel

The big lugs wandered in their Power Armor, holding a laser beam and shooting Gatling guns. That may only mean one thing. The Brotherhood of Steel imposes its will here with a rude attitude and self-righteous ideology. And equipped with a big gun.

Fallout 76The bombs landed here (And the entire game activity) And attached the first official trailer for the upcoming release Steel dawn expansion. That was the update that finally brought the Brotherhood of Steel to Appalachia. fell outThe most familiar face (error, helmet) is coming soon.

More than just novices Steel dawn. Bethesda said the expansion will also increase:New NPCs, new locations and new game equipment. It will also add features such as the CAMP Refuge, many rewards including weapons, armor and CAMP plans, the return of seasonal events for holiday anxiousness, and various other game improvements. “

Anyone playing on the test server does not have to rely on the trailer to view Brotherhood.some Steel dawn Tasks are available on PTS, Available to all Bethesda.net users. If you are unwilling or unable to use PTS, Steel dawn The update is scheduled to take place in December.

Fallout 76: Inside the basement-steel dawn trailers, bomb drops and more! [Bethesda]


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Twitter expands access to voice tweets and reconfirms plans for automatic subtitles for voice messages | Instant News

Remember when Twitter released one of its biggest news last June, Twitter’s new option to add audio clips to tweets?

It was a magical moment when social media experts started testing new features, celebrities added tweets with their voices, and it caused huge hype at that time.

This lasted only five hours, and then the tweet about the audio clip seemed to end soon.

The reason behind this is that audio editing does not bring huge functional advantages there, because 90% of people there hate their voices when recording.

However, another reason is that the new feature has some criticisms that it does not consider people who cannot hear clearly, so you exclude them from the conversation. Then, Twitter stated that it does not have a team focused on accessibility, and since then, they have two teams dedicated to improving the system to ensure that tweets are available to all users.

But when it comes to audio tweets, the damage has already been done, and the hype surrounding the new feature ends so quickly. Besides, we haven’t heard much about it since then.

until today:

Therefore, the audio tweet option is now available for more iOS users, but there is no Android news so far. Twitter also confirmed that it will add automatic subtitles to voice tweets as soon as possible, considering people who cannot hear the voice.

As a result, more people now have access to audio tweets, and more users will soon like to see what people are sharing in their audio clips with the automatic subtitles they intend to add.

Of course, there are a range of potential opportunities for using sound clips in tweets, and sadly, Twitter’s lack of awareness of accessibility has reduced interest in the feature to some extent.

However, from a social marketing and business perspective, it may be worth considering how sound tweets fit your Twitter approach and provide your users with novel and unique content.

Over time, the release of automatic subtitles on audio tweets will make it a very valuable and easy-to-use option.

Post Twitter expands access to voice tweets and reconfirms plans for automatic subtitles for voice messages First appeared in Digital Market News.


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Durbin Discusses Withdrawal of Troops from Germany, Covid-19 Testing with the Minister of Defense | Instant News

Durbin Discusses Withdrawal of Troops from Germany, Testing Covid-19 with the Minister of Defense | RiverBender.com


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Pakistan’s IHIG will expand its portfolio | Instant News

KARACHI: Pakistan’s International Hospitality Investment Group (IHIG), a subsidiary of IHIG UK, has announced that it will build a shopping center with a fractional ownership system to expand its portfolio.

The first project under the real estate division was launched in the heart of Karachi as part of IHIG’s investment expansion plans in Pakistan, a statement said on Thursday. Pakistan’s IHIG Chairman Alun Richards said, “The fractional ownership system, even though it is new in Pakistan in business throughout the world is successful, especially in the destination countries. This is a form of collaborative consumption where the overall cost of the property is shared among a group of owners or users. “


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Trump is targeting immigration in an effort to prevent widespread unemployment | Instant News

WASHINGTON, DC – The Trump administration on Monday suspended temporary work visas, including H-1B, for foreigners until the end of the year.

This marks the latest attempt to ban immigrants from entering the country.

The new policy “extends and expands” during President Donald Trump’s April pause on the issuance of new green cards, which will continue beyond the initial 60-day period until the end of the year, according to a senior administration official.

“The H-1B action is temporary but permanent action is taken to reform the US visa system into something that is more” achievement-based, “a senior administration official told reporters at a briefing.

Trump is also expected to sign an executive order on Tuesday directing new restrictions on the majority of H-1B, H-4, H-2B, J and L visas, with some exceptions, which last until December 31 – “frankly, due to increasing unemployed, “the official told reporters.

Officials say that any violation with an H-1B visa will be investigated by the US Department of Labor (USDOL).

“The president has instructed us to get rid of the lottery” for such a visa, the official added.

The US government said that restrictions on new visas until the end of the year would affect nearly 525,000 American jobs.

“We hope this will get broad and bipartisan support,” the official said.

However, new restrictions have been excluded for medical workers, especially those involved in the care or research of COVID-19.

Regarded as COVID -19 or economic response, it was a joint effort by the government to roll back available visas for people abroad as a result of high unemployment in the US due to the coronavirus pandemic, the official noted. (ANI)


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