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Covid 19 coronavirus: Is the vaccine really free? | Instant News

While the authorities are working on the details of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign, general practitioners hope the shots will be free unless consultation is required.

Consultations are usually not required for vaccinations so most people will have them done by a nurse, said Dr Bryan Betty, medical director at New Zealand Royal College of General Practitioners.

He hopes that the time and equipment for nurses will be borne by the government.

“The understanding is that there will be no cost barrier to getting vaccinated, and this will be the hope of doctors across the country,” he told the Herald.

Vaccination for the general public is slated to begin in the second half of 2021, in what is called the largest full-scale vaccination campaign in New Zealand history.

The government has announced that Covid-19 vaccination will be free and voluntary for everyone in the country regardless of visa status.

“We have bought enough vaccines to cover all New Zealanders and are doing it for free,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Monday.

Border workers and managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) will be the first to be vaccinated starting Saturday in Auckland, followed by their household contacts.

They include cleaners, nurses performing MIQ health checks, security personnel, customs and border officials, airline staff and hotel workers.

The second group of people to receive the vaccine were health workers and essential workers in the second quarter of this year.

Responding to the Herald’s inquiries, the Ministry of Health said DHB was leading this initial launch, but that common practice will play an important role in the general public phase.

Funding arrangements will be worked out near the date and doctors will be “given the resources to do this (vaccination) in a safe and timely manner”, said a spokesman.

Whether consultation fees will be funded has not been discussed at this time, Betty said, but most vaccinations must be done once without consultation.

“In terms of immunization rollouts, I don’t think so [consultations] will be part of the funding, because that will be the decision of the patient when vaccinating, “said Betty.

The country’s first batch of Covid-19 vaccine arrived on Monday.

Manufactured by Pfizer and BioNTech, it is approved for use in New Zealand for people 16 years and over. Under 16 years of age were not included at this time because they were not part of the clinical trial.

New Zealand has purchase agreements for three other Covid-19 vaccines, which are made by Janssen, Noravax and AstraZeneca.


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How a New Zealand song from the 1800s started the sea hut craze in Tiktok | Instant News

Nathan Evan’s classic NZ ocean hut, The Wellerman, is loved by over 1.2 million followers and the collaborative video is inspiring. Photo / TikTok

When Scottish postman and part-time singer Nathan Evans posted a video of himself singing a 200 year old sea hut, he probably didn’t expect his little boy to go viral.

The original TikTok video shows Evan singing a heartfelt version of the song called The Wellerman. The song originates around 1860 and is widely understood to have originated in New Zealand.

The full title of the famous sea hut is Soon May The Wellerman Come, which refers to the supply ship owned by the Weller Brothers.

British-born trader Weller Brothers managed a supply ship to New Zealand in the 1800s. The employees working on the supply vessels, which supply New Zealand whalers with supplies, are colloquially known as ‘wellerman’.

The songwriter is unknown. Shanties were very popular with sailors at the time, but they were not often written down on paper, but traveled by word of mouth. Soon May The Wellerman Come was first published in a New Zealand folk songbook in 1973.

Evan’s The Wellerman on TikTok is liked by more than 1.2 million followers. Not only that, the heartfelt song has inspired other talented TikTok-ers to collaborate.

Coat everything from bass vocals for electronic beats and a violin, TikTok users have made sea huts an absolute banger.


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Traffic warning: Busy roads are expected when the New Year’s journey and the summer exodus begins | Instant News

New Zealand

Traffic stretches for several kilometers before Johnstones Hill Tunnels heads north of Auckland. Video / Tania Osbourne

Drivers are warned to expect heavy traffic today as tourists travel across the country.

Those traveling north of Auckland were told the roads would be busy all day in various areas from 7am to 8pm.

The busiest area of ​​the Auckland region is on State Highway 1 around Puhoi, which the NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi estimates will be packed from 7.30am to 8pm with people heading north.

By 10 a.m., traffic at Warkworth to the north and Papakura to the south was creeping down. One motorist called it “a real go slow”.

One woman, traveling south on SH1, posted a nearly two-minute video showing traffic retreating northward waiting to enter a tunnel near Puhoi.

Traffic to the south will likely be the busiest between Manukau and Bombay from 9.30am for most of the day.

The situation is no better farther south in Wellington and beyond, where there are reports of supported traffic from Waikanae to Otaki on SH1.

A long line of traffic snakes north along State Highway 1 in Peka Peka.  Photo / Provided
A long line of traffic snakes north along State Highway 1 in Peka Peka. Photo / Provided

The weather is also bad, with rain and cold temperatures for most of the day in the region.

A resident of Wellington was shocked by the heavy traffic as he headed north to Palmerston North.

Google maps told him it would take him about two and a half hours from Pekapeka to get there.

Traffic descends to literal crawling along SH1 in Wellington, pictured at 1pm today.  Photo / Provided
Traffic descends to literal crawling along SH1 in Wellington, pictured at 1pm today. Photo / Provided

“Today is very bad,” he said.

Other locals say it is one of the worst days he has seen in the area during any holiday period.

One motorist wrote of witnessing someone get out of their car and run fast, the deposit was terrible.

The jam continued further north around the Bulls all the way to Sanson on SH3, causing police to send warnings to motorists to be patient.

The warning comes after four people have so far died on the country’s roads in two separate accidents – which is already the same as last year’s highway toll.

Two people died in an accident on Clevedon-Kawakawa Road around 7:30 pm on Christmas Day. Emergency services are alerted for a single vehicle accident at 19.30.

And two people died in an accident on Triangle Rd, Henderson, between Lincoln Rd and Waimumu Rd.

The accident was reported at around 5.55am yesterday. It is understood that the car hit the bridge.

Two other people were seriously injured.

The toll road period lasts until 6am on Tuesday 5 January 2021.

Holiday traffic on the SH1 motorway near the Johnstones Hill tunnel near Puhoi on December 27 last year.  Photo / Michael Craig
Holiday traffic on the SH1 motorway near the Johnstones Hill tunnel near Puhoi on December 27 last year. Photo / Michael Craig


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America’s Cup 2021: American Magic and Dean Barker claim victory over Team New Zealand in a practice race | Instant News


American Magic is chasing competition in Tuesday’s practice race. Video / Michael Craig

Dean Barker expects rival INEOS Team UK to remain a force at the upcoming America’s Cup World Series, but it is his American Magic team that claimed the day’s most impressive win in practice racing.

American Magic claimed victory over a troubled England squad to start the day, and ended it in style, with a win over Team New Zealand in the afternoon.

After several planned practice races were canceled due to a lack of wind, Barker managed to win over his old team – their first defeat in a warm-up race.

The NZ team previously beat Luna Rossa on different days for the defender, but Barker beat the Kiwi in the final race of the day to claim a morale-boosting win for the American squad.

American Magic wins over Team NZ.  Photo / Dean Purcell
American Magic wins over Team NZ. Photo / Dean Purcell

Also on the mixed outing is INEOS Team UK, with British syndicate struggles having been the underlying theme of the warm-up period, with the team not completing the trial races until Tuesday, when they finally face Barker American Magic.

Ben Ainslie’s team did not take part last week and withdrew midway through Monday’s pre-start against Team New Zealand, due to an unspecified hardware problem.

They finally managed to finish the trial race and also win a start against American Magic, with Ainslie timing her run to the line perfectly.

American Magic in action today.  Photo / Dean Purcell
American Magic in action today. Photo / Dean Purcell

But the Britannia ll still looks a long way from speeding up and appears to be struggling to get optimal lift and speed on the foil.

At the start of the first half England were forced into a tackle, as the Americans picked up speed on the other side of the pitch.

Team NZ and Team Ineos England, training day during the American Cup World Series.  Photo / Dean Purcell
Team NZ and Team Ineos England, training day during the American Cup World Series. Photo / Dean Purcell

It was a little awkward, and Ainslie’s boat didn’t approach any more, as the Patriots moved away, although both teams seemed to be more focused on maneuvering their own sets in the second leg.

Barker however dismisses any suggestion that INEOS Team UK could have long-term problems.

“We also have our own problems, a lot of little things that you are trying to solve. I don’t think you can read too much about them,” Barker told NZME after Tuesday’s opening ceremony. “I’m sure they want to race, but we certainly don’t underestimate either boat.

“You look at the quality of the people they have and their design team. I’m sure when we show up for the race in January (Prada Cup), they will be strong.”

Dean Barker.  Photo / Michael Craig
Dean Barker. Photo / Michael Craig

Rival pilot Francesco Bruni, who shares driving duties with Jimmy Spithill at Luna Rossa, echoes Barker’s sentiments about the British syndicate.

“We have been sailing these boats for two years now and you have had a few more difficult weeks, you keep breaking things,” Bruni told NZME. “I think it’s just a coincidence that everything has happened [recently] and they are not lucky. I am sure they will put everything together and become strong. They will be fine. “

Briton Sir Ben Ainslie returns to the water with Team NZ for their first American Cup trials. Video / Michael Craig

Barker, on the eve of his sixth Cup campaign, said it was too early to draw definitive conclusions, even if there had been much positive talk about the home syndicate.

“We’ve changed a lot on the boat so we’re just getting used to the set-up, but we’ll get there and hopefully we can be competitive during the races this weekend,” said Barker.

“[Team NZ] did the race against Luna Rossa last week and they seem to have a pretty good lead over them in those conditions, but we’ve spent months comparing boats in previous campaigns and it’s always been hard to read, so a day or two doesn’t give a clear indication .

The New Zealand team beat Luna Rossa in a practice race.  Photo / Dean Purcell
The New Zealand team beat Luna Rossa in a practice race. Photo / Dean Purcell

“There’s no doubt the New Zealand Team looks strong,” added Barker. “They have a good boat and obviously a strong sailing team. [But] we’ll probably feel better in hindsight [World Series] about who’s okay. “

The World Series will start Thursday with the Christmas Race on Sunday.


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PIA offers VSS, expecting 2,500 employees to leave | Instant News

KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) announced a voluntary segregation scheme (VSS) on Monday that gave employees a two-week deadline to make a decision as costly government airlines continued to drain public funds for more than a decade.

PIA spokesman Hafeez Khan said the option to apply for VSS would expire on 22 December. Although that appears to be a very short deadline, Khan believes ample time has been given.

“The employee has made a decision,” Khan told The News. “Within two hours, we have received 11 applications,” he said, adding that the VSS was announced at 4 pm. “We expect 2,500 employees to choose VSS.”

The government has announced that it will release half of the PIA employees who lost money under the restructuring plan and set aside Rs12.69 billion for VSS, according to the spokesperson.

“In the next year, we will probably have 7,500 permanent employees,” said a spokesman for the PIA. Khan said there were currently 10,500 regular paid employees. If contract workers and day stakes are included, the total workforce is around 13,000.

Additionally, the spokesperson said the airline saw a reduction of 1,000 employees every year. The airline incurred a loss of more than Rs56 billion in 2019 and that is a continuation of more than a decade of substandard performance.

The spokesperson said that interested employees would apply for a VSS by submitting a separate VSS application form along with a signed VSS package report to the relevant VSS coordinator, who is assigned to the facilitation desks set up at each station.

“The last working day for employees received by VSS is December 31, 2020, while the estimated date of receipt of payment checks must be on or before January 31, 2021,” he said.

PIA employees have come under immense pressure after one difficult management decision after another. They doubt whether feasibility will be considered during the existing restructuring plan. Politically influenced hiring has been the norm on airlines in the past, while career growth has been associated with political influence over the years.

At least 450 employees were transferred to Islamabad from Karachi earlier this month. The officers were suffering from severe anxiety and frustration after receiving the sudden transfer order, sources told Geo. The PIA spokesman said the move to Islamabad was a natural progression with the restoration of operations in the northern region. International traffic is also seen to increase from that section.

PIA also plans to set up a maintenance base in Islamabad. Maintenance of the lines is in place in the capital, saving the cost of moving planes to Karachi after every four flights. Due to capital-intensive engineering, the complete relocation will depend on when and how Rs6 to 7 billion was collected, according to the spokesman.

The VSS package is made for employees in two categories: services over 18 years and services under 18 years. The package benefits include accumulated leave, gratuities, savings funds, medical treatment and retirement until the age of 65.

“Different basic salary formulas have been devised according to the distribution of salaries and years of service of employees including pilots and engineers,” said the spokesman.

All permanent employees under the age of 58 as of November 30 are eligible to participate in the voluntary separation scheme. Employees who do not meet the requirements include non-regular and / or contract employees, employees, who have submitted their resignation, employees who have opted for early retirement, employees who are under any lawsuits against PIA, until they enter into and withdraw litigation by 31 December.

The government had previously decided to privatize the PIA and set April 2018 as the last date for privatization as losses had swelled to more than Rs400 billion since 2008. Under the law, PIA management control remained with the federal government. and majority shares cannot be transferred to any private party.


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