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Brexit sparked calls for a UK breakup, experts suggest | Instant News

January 24, 2021, 11:12

The desire for an independent Scotland and a united Ireland is increasing because of the Brexit effect, the professor said.

Professor John Curtice is professor of politics at the University of Strathclyde and joins Andrew Castle amid revelations that a growing number of people in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are seeking independence from Britain, which will mark the breakup of the Union.

“Even in Wales there appears to be a desire to vote,” Andrew said.

Professor Curtice describes the dynamics across the UK: “The British are very clear that they want the union to stay together, the majority will upset Scotland or Wales leaving perhaps not so concerned about Northern Ireland.”

He cautioned that “Unity lies on a little shaky leg.”

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Andrew wonders, “How much is the intention of choosing an emotionally driven person?”

Political experts argue that “we would not have had this debate,” if a sense of identity had no role.

He added that politics Brexi has intensified the idea of ​​a union breakup.

“If you ask people in Scotland and Northern Ireland if they will get better or worse as a result of Britain leaving the European Union, you will get a more negative response.”

“Brexit has to some extent changed the terms of the debate.”


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The Covid 19 coronavirus was found in ice cream made in China from NZ powdered milk | Instant News

Ice cream made in China with ingredients from New Zealand and Ukraine has been contaminated with Covid-19, which experts call “disposable”.

Health officials in the Chinese municipality of Tianjin reported that three ice cream samples returned positive Covid-19 tests.

However, the infection was considered a “one-time” and said there was no cause for concern.

The ice cream is produced by the Tianjin Daqiaodao Food Company, using New Zealand milk powder.

This ice cream is made in China, using powdered milk imported from New Zealand.  Photo / 123rf
This ice cream is made in China, using powdered milk imported from New Zealand. Photo / 123rf

The company has sealed and stockpiled all of its products after tests found the virus in this week’s ice cream.

“It looks like this came from someone, and without knowing the details, I thought it might be just one time,” Dr Stephen Griffin, virologist at the University of Leeds, told Sky News.

“Of course, any level of contamination is unacceptable and always a cause for concern, but most likely this is the result of problems with the production plant and potentially down to cleanliness in the plant.”

Experts said the cold temperature, combined with the fat content of the ice cream, could be the cause of the “viability” of the virus in the samples. However, Griffin stressed that there is no reason to be worried.

“We may not need to panic if every ice cream will suddenly be contaminated with the corona virus,” he added.

The Ministry of Primary Industries said it was not aware of any evidence that New Zealand’s powdered milk was the source of Covid-19.

“In many cases, reports of SARS-CoV-2 detected on food or food packaging are not specific about how the virus was identified, how many viruses were found and whether the virus is viable and contagious,” the ministry said.

“The scientific literature and experience of global public health authorities is that airborne droplet and aerosol transmission are the dominant routes for COVID-19 infection. The risk of transmission through food is considered to be very negligible.”

1662 company employees are reported to have been placed in quarantine.

According to local authorities, the company produced 4,836 ice cream boxes, 2089 of which have been sealed in storage.

A total of 935 boxes of ice cream, out of 2,747 boxes that entered the market, are in Tianjin. Only 65 were sold to the market.

Authorities have issued warnings to any residents who may have purchased the ice cream, asking them to report their health and movements in the community.


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Health experts brace for surge after Christmas trip | Coronavirus in Arizona | Instant News

PHOENIX (3TV / CBS 5) – Travelers to Arizona have taken to the skies this Christmas, despite warnings from health experts to stay home. Phoenix Sky Harbor was hit on Sunday by a stampede of people returning from vacation trips. The number of people who flew on Christmas Eve is a third of the same day a year ago, when more than 2.5 million people flew. “I took as many precautions as I could, but my friend was very lonely and felt isolated and wanted to cheer her up. I usually spend Christmas with her, ”said Peggy Tarnpham. A spokesperson for Phoenix Sky Harbor said, “Even though passenger numbers are down about 50% from this time last year, we are still experiencing spikes during arrival and departure times. departure loaded. They also added that some of the TSA lines seemed longer due to social distancing. December is the deadliest month in the United States since the start of the coronavirus pandemic – and projections for January are “ nightmarish ”, according to an expert. Meanwhile, hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID patients- 19 and resources are exhausted. Experts say we are currently facing an increase in the number of people gathering and traveling on Thanksgiving. A new record of 988 patients with the disease occupy intensive care unit beds on Sunday, accounting for 56% of beds statewide, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services. “We’ve been telling people for weeks now that hospitals are full and that they are really full. We don’t have enough teams to take care of the critical care patients we have, ”said Dr Andrew Carroll, Valley family physician. If you want to travel next year, you may need a vaccine passport. For those who have traveled, Dr Carroll said people should quarantine themselves for ten days and get tested on the seventh day. Meanwhile, Carroll and other healthcare workers prepare for what will come after the Christmas trips and gatherings. The plateau is either a sign that measures to limit gatherings are working, or it could be due to what LaBaer called “sampling errors” related to data processing. “I’m really scared for mid-January. I think we’re going to have to put standards in place for crisis management. We’re going to have to start saying no to people and sending them home to die. C ‘is really sad, ”Carroll said. Copyright 2020 KPHO / KTVK (KPHO Broadcasting Corporation). All rights reserved. .

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Update: South Carolina governor tests positive for virus | Business | Instant News

California records an average of nearly 44,000 new confirmed cases each day and has recorded 525,000 in the past two weeks. An estimated 12% of those who test positive end up in hospital. That translates to 63,000 hospitalizations from the last 14 days of the case. The current figure is 17,190.

PHOENIX – The death toll in Arizona from the coronavirus outbreak passed 8,000 on Tuesday as the state reported an additional 153 known deaths, the second highest daily increase during the pandemic.

The state has seen 8,125 total deaths.

The Health Services Department reported an additional 5,869 known cases of COVID-19 as of Tuesday, raising the state’s total to 467,215 confirmed cases.

According to the country’s coronavirus dashboard, there were 4,019 virus-related hospitalizations as of Monday, the latest in a series of pandemic highs recorded this month during the fall spike that now continues into winter.

MILAN – The number of new COVID-19 cases in Italy rose by 13,318 on Tuesday, with 201 cases requiring intensive care, as Italy heads for a national partial closure for the Christmas holidays.

The Health Ministry said the daily death toll remained at 601, bringing the total pandemic in Italy to 69,842. Hospitalizations fell below 25,000, with 2,687 people in intensive care – 43 fewer than the day before.


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Mike Copeland: The food truck returns to Magnolia; Chicken Chicken Salad; Hawaiian L&L barbecue; HEB holiday series | Local Business News | Instant News

Austin Young, with H3y Chick Enterprises, is a franchisee of Waco. He has nearly two decades of experience in the foodservice industry, having served as district manager for the Georgia-based Zaxby chicken chain. He will work with two uncles at Waco’s Chicken Salad Chick.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue is open

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue has opened at Mary Avenue Market, 300 S. Sixth St. in the city center, to offer comfort food in an atmosphere with many reminders of the network base in Hawaii.

The owners of the Waco location, 207th in the chain, are Raymond Garrison and Fred Ballard, both retired US Army soldiers who started pitching the idea of ​​opening a restaurant while soldiers “served in the Iraqi desert,” according to a press release at the opening.

Ballard grew up near Waco, Garrison in Panama City, Florida.

“The marker on the floor will remind customers to keep the surfboard length (6 feet) from other customers,” according to a press release.

Real estate companies merged

Two locally owned and independent real estate companies have joined forces. Eric Williams’ Legacy Land and Ranches, which specializes in farm and ranch properties, has found a place under the Kelly Realtors umbrella.


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