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Thirty rupees for Thatta district | Instant News


It was Friday night when Zahrah, a 24-year-old filmmaker based in Karachi, realized she had lost a pen drive with all her footage from a trip to Makli. Those are just a few specific drone shots that will take a few minutes in total to retake. However, the shortest trip to Thatta means ordering a car, covering 93 kilometers of the road and paying the private taxi driver thousands of fees, if anyone agrees to take him in such short time.

“I fret over a way to get the cheapest ride for myself. I even asked my friends if they wanted to come and take a road trip. It would be much safer than traveling alone and I could share the fare too, I thought, ”said the filmmaker.

“My apparent sadness fortunately caught the attention of my aunt, who recently brought her children to Makli. He told me about a local train that runs daily from Cantt Karachi Station to Dhabeji Station in Thatta district, and it costs thirty rupees. I have never been on a local train before so I was a little doubtful about how the experience was going to be but again, what other options do I have? ”He added.

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According to the itinerary given by Zahrah’s aunt, she had to take a train called Dhabeji Express from platform number two, bright and early in the morning at 7 a.m. from Cantt Station. It will then take him through several stops in the city, before pulling the chain at Dhabeji Station, from which is about 40 minutes by car to Makli. The next train from Dhabeji, which runs at 4pm, will take him back to Cantt Station. These are only two roundtrip train timings in a day, so punctuality will be at the core during this trip.

But ironically, the train was several minutes late. Luckily for Zahrah and her friends, who had just arrived at the station before 7 a.m., they now have enough time to fetch tea and biscuits from a nearby grocery store to soothe their growling stomachs.

When the train finally rumbled on platform number 2, it wasn’t anything close to what the filmmakers imagined, sparkling white and not a single loose bolt or broken window. “It looks too good for Rs 30, or maybe as Karachi people we are just not used to seeing well-maintained public transportation,” exclaimed, Aisha Ahmed, a friend of Zahrah.

Surprisingly, the train’s interior also looks pristine as the outside of the metal-framed seats are lined with several bogies, fan sheds circulate cool air in each compartment and the large LCD and display panels emit relevant information such as the time and the approaching station.

“What was most surprising however, was that it seemed like we were the only passengers on the plane, discounting some policemen who I wasn’t sure were traveling or on duty, a few boys and a family. It was a strangely peaceful journey, something we never associated with taking a train, ”recalls Zahrah.

At some point during the trip, the girls asked the ticket collector if this was what the usual carriage royals looked like.

“It looks a lot fuller today, with you and your friends in it. Otherwise, only a handful of people, ”he replied pleasantly.

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What the young filmmaker and friends pay attention to has been a long-standing problem for Dhabeji Express, which has struggled to stay in business amid a lack of passengers over the past decade. Hence, budget trains targeted at daily commuters, have also been suspended several times in the past, only to be relaunched and continue to suffer losses.

Speaking of the train’s lack of popularity, Zahrah was puzzled that not many people know about this train or see it as a means of getting around the most historic corner of Sindh. “Much more budget-friendly and comfortable than driving to these places or renting a car. It took us less than 1.5 hours to get to Dhabeji Station, from where we were able to book a local tour van for just Rs2,000, which came down to Rs400 each for the five of us. We took us to Makli – where I quickly recorded my footage – then, Haleji Lake, Shahjehan Mosque, and Banbhore Archaeological Site, before dropping us back to the station at 4:00 pm for our train back home, which cost Rs30 again and ended our trip. day trip, “he said, telling his experience.

“More young people should get on this train and consider exploring Sindh. If the railway authorities promote this as a tourism opportunity, I believe Dhabeji Express will start collecting the passengers it needs. All my friends are excited and want to go on another trip soon, ”he added.

The sleek metal-framed seats, cool air fan, and the carriage’s large LCD took the filmmaker and his friends by surprise. They thought the Dhabeji Express was too good to be true with its pristine interior – not a single loose bolt or a broken window. PHOTO: EXPRESS


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PTI activists staged a demonstration of solidarity with the PM | Instant News

BAHAWALPUR: Hundreds of PTI activists rallied on Sunday to express solidarity with Prime Minister Imran Khan to secure a vote of confidence in the National Assembly.

The President of the Regent of PTI and former PP-272 ticket holder Malik Muhammad Asgher Joiya led the action.

PTI women activists and members of the wing of PTI Perempuan also attended the action. The demonstration started from Chowk Fawara and the participants marched through the Circular Road and reached the Fareed Gate where they raised slogans in favor of Imran Khan.

Participants held placards and banners bearing slogans in support of the government.

Joiya and the head of the PTI Kota organization Adeel Aslam and others addressed the participants.

Meanwhile in Bahawalnagar Tiger Force also held PTI solidarity actions from Sutlej Park to Syed Rafique Shah Chowk. Participants raised slogans in support of Imran Khan.

TWO DEAD IN ROAD ACCIDENTS: Two motorcyclists were killed in an accident on a road near Adda Suiwala Bahawalnagar.

According to Rescue-1122 Bahawalnagar, Muhammad Tahir and his cousin Adnan were moving on a motorbike when a jeep hit them, leaving them dead on the spot.

YOUTH ELECTRICITY: A teenager was electrocuted on his wedding day on Sunday.

Shakeel Ahmad from Donga Bonga, Bahawalnagar, was electrocuted while repairing a musical instrument and suffered a fatal electric shock.


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The initial report will be ready in four days, said Azam Swati | Instant News

Federal Railways Minister Muhammad Azam Khan Swati said the initial report of the unfortunate incident that occurred in the early hours of Sunday would be received in four to five days.

At least one woman was killed and several other passengers were injured when their train bound for Lahore – the Karachi Express – crashed between Panu Aqil and Rohri.

Speaking to local media, the minister said he would not tolerate the negligence of anyone involved in the accident. He said if the train driver was found guilty, he would not be released and action would be started against him.

He said railway officials reached the place to prepare a preliminary report.

The Railways Minister said he had directly monitored the rescue operation, adding rail officials and police made it to the crash site in time.

The federal minister praised the role played by the commissioner Sukkur. Azam Swati said passenger safety was his top priority.


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One woman was killed, several injured when the Karachi Express wagon skidded | Instant News

KARACHI: At least one female passenger was killed while several others were injured when a Karachi Express carriage bound for Lahore skidded near Rohri in the early hours of Sunday.

The Karachi Express bound for Lahore encountered an accident near Rohri and Pano Aqil, killing the woman and injuring several others in addition to suspending up and down rural rail traffic.

Edhi’s Ambulance Team, local residents and Rangers paramilitary took part in the rescue work. They initially faced problems due to darkness. According to Edhi’s sources, several passengers were injured in the accident and at least six people were transferred to a nearby hospital. A total of 7-8 Karachi Express carriages skidded somewhere between Pano Aqil and Rohri train stations. From 4-5 of these carriages fell into the nearest ravine. The train team from Sukkur reached the site, where police and a district management team were also deployed to help with the rescue work.

According to railway authorities, trains coming from Lahore were stranded at Pano Aqil, Ghotki and Rahimyar Khan. So it is with the train from

Karachi is stranded at Khairpur, Ranipur, Gambat and Rohri stations. The ascending and descending lines will be cleared at midday Sunday, said railroad company DCO Sukkur.


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Jinnah Express restored from Cantt Karachi Station | Instant News

KARACHI – Pakistan Railways (PR) has restored line 31Up Jinnah Express Karachi-Lahore from Cantonment Karachi Station on Saturday.

Divisional Superintendent (DS) PR Karachi Muhammad Hanif Gul escorts passengers to their destination. Jinnah Express was suspended together with the suspension of all train operations which took effect from March 25 last year due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The restored train consists of 16 carriages with a cumulative passenger carrying capacity of 848: 7 economy, 5 Business AC, 2 brakes, 1 Dinning Car, and an electric van.

Gul said the Jinnah Express was among Pakistan Railways’ premium trains because it covered the specified distance in the shortest possible time with few stops.

Answering a question about the resumption of the Bolan and Khushal Khan Khattak Express, DS said COVID-19 caused the suspension of all train operations but resumed and soon the train would resume as well.


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