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People appreciate extending payment dates under the Ehsaas program | Instant News

Workers and day laborers from across the country applaud the government’s decision to extend the last date of disbursement under the internationally recognized Ehsaas Emergency Money program to the end of October to ensure cash provision for those eligible for assistance.

The historic emergency cash program has so far benefited more than 15 million families, whose livelihoods were affected during the coronavirus lockdown, providing them with financial assistance of Rs. 12,000 while those facing bio-metric issues and recipient deaths are still receiving payments.

The program launched immediately after the pandemic with a particular focus on a transparent selection process for the identification of eligible beneficiaries and digital payment mechanisms in a challenging period of lockdown became a huge success and emerged as an example and historic relief action taken by any country.

Ehsaas Emergency Cash program beneficiary Rehman Khan, resident of Chagarmathi Peshawar said he had received financial assistance of Rs 12,000 during COVID-19 which proved a blessing for him after he lost his job during the lockdown.

He said that although it is difficult to wait for hours in front of a mobile franchise without housing facilities and clean drinking water to simply collect payments, this amount means a lot to him and helps him when he is most needed.

Munazza Shafiq, a mother of four who had to move with her family from Jhang to Multan during the lockdown period to live with her mother because she was unable to provide for her family’s living expenses after her husband lost his job.

Although he was not sure he would get a response from the SMS he sent for emergency money after moving elsewhere, but he was surprised to see the message from the government for the collection of Rs. 12000 recently.

He hurried back to Jhang to get the money. “I am happy and happy to receive this amount and it fulfills many of my basic needs,” said Munazza adding that the situation has now returned to normal and hopes that her husband can find work to support the family, she said.

Muhammad Yousuf, a daily bookmaker, said he was suffering from severe mental stress after losing his job during the lockdown. It was a critical time for her as she couldn’t even feed her children three meals a day and cover other expenses.

The assistance received under Ehsaas helped him meet his daily living expenses during the most difficult times. “It saved me from troubled water,” he said adding that the government had won our hearts by launching a much-needed aid program.

Hafeez Elahi’s mother, a widow, said she was unable to feed her children and manage family expenses during the lockdown period. Cash amount of Rs. 12000 at that time was a big relief for my family because it helped me manage the family budget.

He said he had no problem gathering help from the designated Ehsaas Payment Center where the staff was very cooperative.

Sughran Bibi, a widow of Mohammad Sharif, a resident of Chak 40-GB Satyana, who visited the BISP office, Jalan Satyana to receive financial assistance, shared that she is looking after seven daughters and two sons with disabilities.

He expressed satisfaction with the cash assistance and praised Prime Minister Imran Khan for considering the plight of the poor who suffered the most during the lockdown.

He said that he received the cash amount after the biometric verification process without delay and staff at the payment center were very supportive.

Akram Shah, a taxi driver in the federal capital said he could not earn during the lockdown period because the number of customers decreased. It happened for the first time when she didn’t have money to pay for her rent, let alone other expenses.

While waiting for a customer at the corner of the street, I got a message from the Ehsaas program about a payment that was no less magical for me. Some have questioned the value of Rs. 12,000 in a period of inflation but for me it is a blessing.

Haji Mushtaq, a beneficiary from Lahore appreciated the efforts of the Pakistani government of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to care for the poor and vulnerable sections of society in difficult circumstances.

He said he was given financial assistance of Rs 12,000 during the Covid 19 pandemic when he was hit by lockdowns and lost his daily wage job. However the cash amount under Ehsaas proved to be a blessing for my family in times of need.

Sharing his experiences at the Ehsaas Kafalat Center in the Cant area, he said he witnessed efficient service delivery by trained and cooperative district government staff at the payment collection center. “These initiatives should be continued to help the poor overcome their financial difficulties on a regular basis,” he added.

Another beneficiary of Yaqoob Khan, a resident of the Nishter Colony who called the facilities at the Ehsaas Kafalat Center in Nishter City as outstanding, said that special arrangements including clean drinking water, seating, waiting areas and shelters in addition to security were ensured to facilitate visiting people. these centers.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) related to Covid-19 are strictly enforced by district governments to contain the spread of the virus, he said, adding that the sms alert system to inform applicants of eligibility and payment alerts is an effective step to avoid inconvenience. for people.

Mohammad Shaukat Khan from the Yakatoot area, Peshawar, who sells vegetables on his cart, appreciated the extension of emergency cash disbursements at the last date and said the decision created a ray of hope for those who still have not received their payments.

He said he had applied for emergency cash assistance but did not meet the eligibility criteria but he is happy for those who benefit from this initiative.

The Ehsaas Emergency Cash program was launched by the Prime Minister, Imran Khan on April 1, 2020, keeping in mind the economic difficulties experienced by vulnerable communities due to the coronavirus lockdown.


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FBR linked the extension of the tax amnesty payment to the change in law | Instant News

KARACHI: The Federal Revenue Council (FBR) has ruled out an extension of payment terms under a tax amnesty scheme announced last year, citing the need for legal changes to each of those concessions, sources said on Saturday.

The source said earlier this month a notification for asset concealment was sent to defaulters under a tax amnesty scheme. However, a large number of statement givers asked the tax authorities to give them time to make payments.

An official at the Karachi Regional Tax Office (RTO) said the complainants asked for further time on paying taxes under an amnesty. Due to the coronavirus lockdown and cessation of business activities, they said they could not make payments by the due date, the official said.

“Since the issuance of the amnesty scheme is a parliamentary act, the extension of time needs to be regulated through the parliament,” said the RTO official.

In May last year, the government announced a tax amnesty, covering undisclosed foreign and local assets (including benami) and expenditures.

The declaration under the amnesty scheme is permitted to pay the amount of tax in installments at a default surcharge. The payment scheme with an additional default fee is 10 percent if the amount due is paid no later than September 30, 2019; 20 percent if the amount in arrears is paid before 31 December 2019; 30 percent if the amount due was paid before March 31 and 40 percent if the tax amount was paid by June 30.

RTO Karachi estimates Rs610 million can be recovered from assets declared based on the applicable tax rates for the amnesty. The amnesty scheme allows the declaration of all assets except domestic immovable property at four percent. A 1.5 percent tax rate is offered for undisclosed domestic immovable property. Meanwhile, undisclosed foreign liquid assets that are not repatriated are offered to get a clear chit of 6 percent. The amnesty scheme offers 4 percent for unexplained expenses and 2 percent for undisclosed sales.

The amnesty scheme provides comprehensive immunity from other laws except for those whose money comes from the proceeds of crime or terror financing. In addition, public office holders are not allowed to take advantage of the scheme. The official said because the declarator failed to make payments on June 30 and the FBR did not provide an extension of the payment period, the tax department would reject the declaration under amnesty.

In the event of rejection of the declaration, assets / income that are announced will attract normal tax rates in addition to a fine of the same amount of tax due will also be returned, the official added.

FBR sent 560 notifications to absent individuals. The FBR decided to initiate punitive action against the amnesty declaration, which failed to make tax payments on hidden assets declared under the amnesty scheme, sources said.


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The Sindh government extended the locking action for one month | Instant News

KARACHI: The Sindh government has extended locking measures for one month due to partial restrictions on public movements, business activities and the closure of educational institutions will continue until August 15, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Home Affairs issued a new notice stating the continuation of lock restrictions imposed on July 1 for another month.

The latest development came after the Sindh government made separate announcements for permission to establish livestock markets in all provinces before Eidul Azha; Withdrawal of notice that allows Peoples University of Medical and Health Sciences for Women in Shaheed Benazirabad to conduct admission tests for medical colleges and universities.

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In a meeting held under the leadership of Sindh Murad Ali Shah, the previous day, it was decided to allow the establishment of livestock markets throughout the province with strict standard operating procedures (SOP).

In another decision, the provincial health department issued a notice stating that the Shaheed Benazirabad People’s University would not conduct tests for admission of MBBS and BDS at provincial medical universities and universities. It was added that the decision on the matter would be taken later.

Prior to development, the provincial government had signaled to give permission to the marriage hall to reopen in Sindh before August 2 after the owner protested on July 14.

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The Chairperson of the Rana Raees Marriage Association has announced that the government has agreed to reopen the hall before August 02. “The government has sought recommendations about SOPs from owners,” he said adding that comprehensive precautions would be made after consultation.

An extension in the locking action was decided in view of the increasing number of COVID-19 infections when the province reported 1,140 new cases through Wednesday. The total number of infections in the province has reached 108,913, whereas 25 people have died in COVID-19 in the last 24 hours.

Of the 1140 new cases in Sindh, 522 were detected in Karachi including 134 in the South Karachi district, 173 in East Karachi, 55 new cases in the Central District, 39 in Malir, 88 in Korangi, and 133 positive cases in West Karachi.




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LCCI requires additions to the tax Amnesty scheme till August 31 | Instant News

Lahore – Lahore chamber of Commerce and industry has called on the Federal income to expand the date of the last tax Amnesty scheme till August 31 this year. In the letter, the LCCI President Irfan Iqbal Sheikh said that the economy is going through a difficult phase in the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19. Business in all segments are struggling and facing huge financial losses due to violations in business activities. He said that although the FBI said that the deadline for payment of arrears OS schema Declaration 2019 will not be renewed after June 30, 2020, but owing to the severe liquidity crisis, there is a need to extend this period until 31 August 2020. He said that this expansion will be a good step to ease the pressure on the economy, as it will create additional revenue for the government and businesses can declare their assets or income, and they’re not asked about their source. “The extension of tax Amnesty schemes 2019, in combination with awareness campaigns, can help the greatest number of entrepreneurs to take advantage of this initiative,” the LCCI, the President said and added that this scheme is beneficial both for the state and the business community, as it will contribute to the documented economy besides giving to make people the opportunity to legalize their undeclared assets. “We have always demanded higher taxes and lower tax rates. We expect that this scheme tax Amnesty will go a long way in achieving the desired results. TAS will help the expansion of the tax net and will reduce the burden from existing taxpayers,” he said.


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Former Prime Minister Abbasi, move IHC for extension of collateral | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and former oil minister Arshad Mirza on Monday filed a petition at the IHC to seek an extension in their guarantees in references relating to the illegal appointment of the managing director of Pakistan State Oil (PSO). The applicant has appointed the head of the NAB and the Karachi accountability court as respondents in their case. The petition stated that AC Karachi had issued an arrest warrant for them on March 26, while the IHC had given them bail until May 12. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that he could not appear before a court in Karachi because he was locked afterwards. from coronavirus when he was in the federal capital. He said the government had now extended the lockdown, adding that it was difficult for them to appear before the court due to road closures. The petitioners say NAB can arrest them after the termination of their bail and pray that the court extend it. It is important to mention that AC Karachi has issued an arrest warrant that was not available to Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in cases relating to the illegal appointment of former PSO managing director Sh Imranul Haq.


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