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FIFA Club World Cup 2020 – News – Paulista powerhouses’ extraordinary past | Instant News

  • Palmeiras and Santos clashed in today’s Copa Libertadores final
  • We highlight both clubs and their competition
  • Legend, title and statistics features


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The last Libertadores

Palmeiras has appeared in four Libertadores finals, losing three times in 1961, 1968 and 2000.A team including Marcos, Junior Baiano, Roque Junior, Junior, Cesar Sampaio, Zinho, Alex and Paulo Nunes beat Deportivo Cali to lift the trophy in 1999 , previously lost in a tight match to Manchester United in the Intercontinental Cup.

Palmeiras also won the 1951 Copa Rio, the first transcontinental tournament. The eight-team event featured Austria Vienna, Juventus, Nacional and Sporting.

Santos have won three of the four finals in which they have featured. They won in 1962 and ’63, then beat Benfica and AC Milan in successive Intercontinental Cups. Neymar went on to inspire a win over Penarol in the 2011 final, although Lionel Messi and Barcelona proved too much for them in the final of the FIFA Club World Cup ™.

The king of green and the king of kings

Unlike many clubs, Palmeiras and Santos both have the greatest players of all time. Pele inspired Santos to claim 24 titles – including six Brazilian championships, two Libertadores crowns and two Intercontinental Cups – during an unrivaled 18-year career at Vila Belmiro.

Surprisingly, Ademir da Guia – one of the best Brazilian soccer players ever – is little known outside the country’s borders because of Pele. ‘The Divine One’, indeed, played only 14 times for Brazil and only one FIFA World Cup match – a race for third place in Germany 1974 – because ‘The King’ is considered to be playing in the same position.

At club level, however, Ademir was blown away. Despite the stellar presence of Santos, he was the leader of ‘The Academy’, the exhilarating Palmeiras team that won six Brazilian championships between 1960 and ’73.

Brazilian Championship

Club Title
Palm trees 10
Santos 8
Corinthians 7
Sao Paulo 6
Flamengo 6

Legendary player

Palm trees

Heitor (1916-31), Oberdan Cattani (1940-54), Jair (1949-55), Julinho (1958-67), Djalma Santos (1959-68), Ademir da Guia (1961-77), Djalma Dias (1962 -68), Dudu (1964-75, 1976), Cesar Maluco (1967, 1968-75), Luis Pereira (1968-75, 1981-84), Emerson Leao (1971-78, 1984-85), Leivinha (1971 -75), Evair (1991-94, 1999), Cesar Sampaio (1991-94, 1999-2000), Mazinho (1992-94), Marcos (1992-2011), Roberto Carlos (1993-95), Edmundo (1993) -95), Rivaldo (1994-96), Alex de Souza (1997-2000), Dudu (since 2015).


Araken Patusca (1923-29, 1935-37), Zito (1952-67), Pepe (1954-69), Dorval (1956-64, 1965-67), Pele (1956-74), Coutinho (1958-68) , Mengalvio (1960-69), Gilmar (1961-69), Carlos Alberto Torres (1966-74), Edu (1966-76), Clodoaldo (1966-79), Serginho Chulapa (1983-84, 1986, 1988, 1989 -90), Giovanni (1994-96, 2005-06, 2010), Leo (2000-05, 2009-14), Elano (2001-05, 2015-16), Robinho (2002-05, 2014-15, 2020 ), Neymar (2009-13).

Saudade classic

Dictionary: Lost (Brazilian Portuguese)
A deep emotional state of deep nostalgic or melancholy longing for something non-existent or someone to care for and / or love.

The match’s nickname, which can be loosely translated as ‘The Nostalgia Derby’, came as fans missed an exciting match between rivals during the 1960s, considered the pinnacle of Brazilian football history.

Thirteen members of the newest Brazilian squad of 18 took to the field when Palmeiras faced Santos in 1960.

Palmeiras, Santos and the World Cup

The two clubs have 24 players each named in Brazil’s FIFA World Cup squad. Palmeiras trio Djalma Santos, Zequinha and Vava, and Santos septet Gilmar, Mauro, Zito, Mengalvio, Pepe, Pele and Coutinho, confirmed Selection 22 players on Chile 1962 come from two teams.

Head-to-head determinant

Palmeiras and Santos have met in four finals, with the latter winning three of them: the Campeonato Paulista in 1928 and 1960 and the Copa do Brasil in 2015. Fish won the 2015 Paulista determinant at Verdão cost.

The four finals were intense, with two going on penalties and one requiring a play-off after two draws.


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Australian UFO sightings: Kidnappings, disappearances and bizarre backyard visits | Instant News

Despite thousands of sightings across the country over the decades, it’s an issue nobody likes to talk about – it’s a secret Australian UFO history.

Australian paranormal podcast host Believe, Kade Moir has spoken with dozens of people who have experienced encounters – and even kidnappings – during the show’s two years.

For many of them, this is their first time talking about it – sometimes decades later.

“There are so many strange things going on across Australia that nobody can talk about it, and I find people almost relieved to talk about it,” he told 7NEWS.com.au.

“I’ve talked to people who haven’t talked about their experiences since 40 years ago, and it’s really a burden on their shoulders,” said Moir.

“And UFOs make no distinction, it is police officers, truck drivers, housewives, doctors … if you are in the right place at the right time, you can also be a witness.”

ARTIST’S TRUST: UFO sightings are happening everywhere. Credit: Aaron Foster/Getty Images


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Waikeria Prison Rebellion: Fear of roofs collapsing, ‘tensions’ escalating, rioters throwing rubble at police | Instant News

New Zealand

16 prisoners maintained their protest on the roof of the prison after 4 days. Videos / Newshub

More fires broke out overnight at the Waikeria Prison and Correctional Facility said the situation at the facility remained “very unstable”.

Incident supervisor Jeanette Burns said there was tension in the group of 16 inmates in the “upper prison” who had access to weapons and may have used drugs from pharmacies.

“I appreciate that this event is very sad for the family and friends of the inmates involved,” said Burns.

“We have no information to suggest that any of them were injured.”

They kept urging the men to give up, she said.

“We don’t want men, our staff or other emergency services staff to be harmed.”

Burns said anyone who did not ask the people to give up peacefully immediately jeopardized the safety of prisoners, staff and emergency services.

The prisoners continued to light a fire inside the facility overnight, threatening staff and police and throwing debris at them from the roof of the building, he said.

“We are concerned about the integrity of the burning building structure and the potential for collapse, as well as the toxicity of the burning building materials,” he said.

“Along with this we know that there is tension between group members, they have access to weapons and they may have used drugs from pharmacies.”

The situation remains “very unstable” and options for intervention are limited because of the dangers.

“Nonetheless, we continue to work closely with the police to ensure that every opportunity to resolve incidents with the aim of minimizing harm to anyone is considered and acted upon.

“We have an obligation to look after these people, and they will most likely remain in our custody for the next few years.

“Their point has been made. We are building a new facility to replace the existing top prison facility, which will be completed in 2022.”

The group avoided arrest on the roof of the prison after riots involving starting a fire ravaged the prison grounds on Tuesday afternoon.

The previous correction said, while the damage to the upper prison needed to be assessed, it was unlikely that prisoners would be accommodated there anymore.

Whereas family members who were desperate on the outside had urged them to give up but warn their loved ones to be “willing to die” if their basic needs are not met.

A relative told RNZ today that their cousin who is protesting doesn’t care whether he is alive or dead, because he is defending his rights.

“He’s restless, he’s hungry, he’s thirsty … but he said he’ll survive … at least he knows he’s defending his rights and the rights of others who will be held in this prison.”

The woman told RNZ that her cousin was only detained for not paying the fine and having a 6 month old baby at home.

Inmate pay phones, and all other phones in the prison, are currently out of service.

Correction said it appreciates this will be worrying and inconvenient for the inmates and their family and friends and is working to resolve it quickly.

It is said to provide assurance that all inmates in other units are safe and sound in the prison.


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Festival drug warning: Testing group says MDMA replaces ‘dangerous’ catinones | Instant News

Summer festival attendees are warned about a growing number of “very dangerous” substitutes at MDMA being tested.

Know Your Stuff has reported in drug-screening clinics over the past few months an increased incidence of what people thought would be pure MDMA, either turning out to be just a catinone or just enough MDMA to “cheat” the test.

Synthetic catinones, also known colloquially as “bath salts”, have a euphoric onset similar to MDMA but wear off more quickly causing people to reduce them, having problems.

But other effects are stronger, and can cause anxiety, paranoia, stomach upset, seizures, or respiratory failure.

Mephedrone, the common cathinone here, has been linked to a number of deaths in the UK and Europe.

The discovery comes after the toxic industrial chemical methylenedianiline was discovered this month and sold at MDMA’s Auckland premises.

Know Your Stuff warns that the chemical has been linked to several cases of poisoning in Auckland where patients suffered liver damage.

Cathinones are a family of stimulants that are often sold as replacements for MDMA.

Know Your Stuff deputy manager, Dr Jez Weston, said it was likely used as MDMA simply because it was available on the black market.

They have found replacements in precise testing across the country, and they’ve seen more than last year, said Weston.

They found catinones in pill and crystal form.

The more common ones found in New Zealand include N-ethyl pentylone, mephedrone and eutylone.

Occasionally methylone, mexedron, 4-methylmethcathinone, MDPV, and Alpha-PVP have also been found.

Cathinones are usually stronger than MDMA, so what people perceive as a manageable amount can be dangerous.

The catinone effects last between two and five hours, but the side effects – including difficulty sleeping – generally stay on your body for between six and 24 hours.

Reducing it will prolong this side effect.

One person who thought they had weak MDMA and took multiple doses experienced what they called “48 hours of hell” of what turned out to be eutylone.

There’s no way to clearly differentiate, and Know Your Stuff recommends that people visit their testing site whenever possible, or buy their own testing reagent.

“Cathinones are very dangerous, and we’d rather see you regularly in a summer screening tent after summer than in a hospital once,” said Weston.

“We will be busy this summer at festivals across the country and hope to be more open and public about what we are doing.”

Pill testing laws

Health Minister Andrew Little’s Drug and Substance Checking Bill was passed earlier this month.

The bill amends two laws – the Drug Abuse Act and the Psychoactive Substances Act to allow people to take drug tests at festivals without charge and allow event organizers to host testers.

The bill will automatically expire in 12 months, with Little committing to bringing in permanent changes that will go through a full parliamentary process before then.

The legal change came too late to allow Know Your Stuff to test our summer festival effectively.

Wendy Allison told RNZ that there wasn’t enough time to import the specialist spectrometer equipment needed to test at all the festivals.

The organization only has three sets of equipment, meaning they can only attend three festivals at once, Allison said.

“There are more events than happened, especially around the New Year period.”

He said there were other spectrometers in New Zealand, but they were hidden in the laboratory.

“The ability to cut all that bureaucracy in the time we have will be very limited.”

The spectrometer was manufactured in Germany, and took six weeks to arrive when the organization ordered it last year.

“That is of course before Covid and not during the holiday season. So I predict, if we order spectrometers tomorrow, they will arrive as early as February.”

Allison did not blame the Government for the delay in the law, instead putting it to outside influences such as Covid-19 and other political parties that opposed last year’s law.

He said the law would help improve the services they could offer, as it allowed volunteers to handle the substance, making it more efficient.

Prior to the law, the group had to instruct festivalgoers to test the drug themselves, fearing that volunteers would risk prosecution if they handled the substance.

“This is not a total wash. We are limited in the number of events we can attend, but we will be able to help more people at the event.”


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Ponant Gets Green Light To Set Sail in New Zealand – Cruise Ship Industry News | Instant News

Ponant announced that it had received conditional approval for Le Lapérouse to resume operations exclusively in New Zealand waters, for New Zealanders from February 2021 after months of involvement with the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

Ponant said they and their sister company, Paul Gauguin Cruises, have collectively operated more than 60 expeditions and cruises over the past six months with eight of their 11 small vessels operating in France, Iceland, the Arctic, Russia, Corsica, Sardinia and Polynesia. France. No other tourism company has a Health and Sanitation protocol that is so robustly tested by multiple jurisdictions.

Sarina Bratton, Asia Pacific Chair for Ponant, said: “Our excitement is multiplied. First, to have the opportunity and privilege of offering a ‘Bubble Expedition’ for Kiwis, enabling exploration in some of the most remote and inaccessible parts of the country, so rich in natural beauty and incredible wildlife. And second, to support our partners and provide economic benefits to New Zealand. “

“Kiwi travel agents, tour operators, land operators, airlines, port authorities, food and beverage suppliers, technical suppliers, fuel suppliers, service and waste suppliers all benefit from operating our small boats,” added Bratton.

“While currently in Australia we are unable to travel internationally, I am very pleased Ponant is once again able to offer local Kiwi expeditions to visit remote and often difficult areas to reach parts of New Zealand. PONANT’s relaxed, refined and French-inspired style completes this extraordinary experience.

“This is an important step forward and it brings us closer to the time when borders reopen and shipping resumes in Australia – and when we will be able to confirm the return of our small luxury expedition ships,” he added.


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