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The Italian Pandemic Decision Complicates F1’s Mandate of Budget Limits for Ferarri | Instant News

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  • Ferrari is expected to make some massive personnel cuts to reduce its budget for the 2021 season.
  • Business in Italy is currently limited in its ability to lay off employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes are each believed to have spent more than $ 400 million on their Formula 1 program.

    While the top-spending Formula 1 teams – namely Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull – prepare for staff cuts as F1 enters an era of budget constraints in 2021, Ferrari team chief Mattia Binotto hopes to ease the pandemic on the plan a little.

    The F1 team has agreed a budget cap of $ 145 million for 2021. The limit is a light cap because many expenses do not count towards the limit, including driver marketing costs, driver salaries and the top-paid fees of three team personnel. However, the “Big Three” sports are believed to spend over $ 400 million annually on their program.

    F1 Grand Prix from Portugal

    Ferrari team head Mattia Binotto

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    Ferrari, according to Forbes, spending nearly $ 570 million in Formula 1. Nearly $ 100 million of this is dedicated to staff, with the combined salaries of drivers Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc accounting for nearly half that figure.

    Binotto knows that layoffs and store reassignments are coming. He just hopes he doesn’t have to cut too many cuts during the pandemic.

    Things are tricky for Italy-based Ferrari Italian Pandemic Decision, which only allows layoffs in the country during the COVID-19 pandemic if the company “permanently ceases operations through liquidation, declares bankruptcy without resuming operations temporarily, or enters into collective agreements with trade unions aimed at encouraging voluntary separation of employees”.

    “Knowing the COVID situation, the fact that it is very difficult to lay off people, lay off people in that period,” Binotto said Friday in Bahrain. “Knowing that too in terms of messages, it would be very wrong, I think, to stop people when we are in a COVID pandemic situation, and I think the fact that the pandemic is not over and we still have now, let me say, is an emergency problem.”

    F1 Grand Prix from Belgium

    Even without budget constraints, Ferrari has struggled to be competitive in 2020. The team is sixth in the F1 Constructors Championship standings, which is the lowest position in 40 years.

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    Binotto hopes the FIA ​​and Formula 1 will at least revisit budget ceilings in terms of personnel until the pandemic subsides.

    “The mechanism needs to be reviewed, and in the end we should try to delay the mechanism, at the end of this year,” said Binotto. “I think, once again, as socially responsible, it will once again be very bad for business people during COVID, and knowing that we need to do it right away, we don’t believe it will be the right approach – so this is something I really want and I do. I want and will discuss it with the FIA ​​to understand, and with other teams, is there any possibility to accommodate situations that are still emergency?

    “That’s on the one hand. On the other hand, as you say, how we organize ourselves. Obviously we are trying to restructure our whole team. We have somehow … we are trying to relocate people in road cars because we are still a company. which is very big. These are some of the opportunities we have, but it is a tough exercise that we have started. The solution is not clear. ”

    Will the $ 145 million budget limit help even the playing field in Formula 1? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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The Brazilian F1 Grand Prix will stay at Interlagos until 2025 | Instant News

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The global motorsport series is ready to race in Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian F1 Grand Prix will stay at Interlagos until 2025

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  • The new Sao Paulo race deal includes an option to extend to 2030
  • F1 also plans to introduce a sustainable fuel powered engine for 2026

The Formula One Brazilian Grand Prix will remain at Sao Paulo’s Interlagos circuit until 2025.

The news was announced by state governor Joao Doria, who told a news conference that a deal with the global motorsport series had been agreed “for the next five years”.

Although Formula One owner Liberty Media has yet to sign a contract, Sao Paulo’s mayor Bruno Covas stated that the deal would be finalized “in the coming days”. The agreement also includes options to extend to 2030.

Formula One has been racing at Interlagos since 1990, but the goal of the next Brazilian Grand Prix is ​​unclear after the series struck a temporary agreement last month with investment firm Rio Motorsports to stage the event in Rio de Janeiro.

However, the prospect of Rio’s race was in doubt after that Rio Motorsports canceled a separate five-year broadcast contract it was signed with Formula One in September, citing problems with the draw schedule brought about by Covid-19.

The investment firm’s plans to develop a new line in Rio have also met with opposition from environmental groups. The planned circuit is located in the Camboata Forest, and its construction means that thousands of trees have to be felled. Lewis Hamilton, who won a record-equaling seventh world title at the Turkish Grand Prix last weekend, also criticized the proposal.

However, Autosport reports that Formula One’s decision to keep racing at Interlagos, whose contract expires in 2020, was because the venue had a ready path and was able to commit to a long-term deal.

The 2021 Brazilian Grand Prix will take place on November 14 next year.

Meanwhile, in an effort to step up its eco-friendly efforts, Formula One has announced plans to introduce a sustainable fuel-powered engine by the 2026 season.

Work is underway to investigate how to effectively combine hybrid engines with carbon neutral fuels.

While Formula One acknowledged in a statement that its cars account for only 0.7 percent of its total carbon footprint, the series said it was ‘important that the most visual parts of our sport are sustainable and can have real-world benefits’.

The sport has set a target of a net zero carbon footprint by 2030.


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F1 GP Brazil will stay at Interlagos until 2025 because Rio’s steps are intermittent | Instant News

The Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix will stay at Interlagos until 2025 after a new long-term agreement is reached, according to the governor of Sao Paulo.

The historic venue, which has held races every year since being shortened in 1990, will be replaced by a new circuit in Rio de Janeiro starting next year.

However, the company behind the project, Rio Motorsports, is facing an uphill battle obtain the necessary environmental permits to continue construction facility, which is located on the outskirts of the town of Deodoro.

Amid questions over whether the circuit will be built, F1 owners Liberty Media returned to Sao Paulo, despite previously arguing over their last contract, negotiating with Bernie Ecclestone, which saw Interlagos host the Brazilian Grand Prix for free.

And after being included in the provisional 2021 calendar earlier this week, it looks like the future of racing is secured.

“The Interlagos race track has been confirmed to host F1 for the next five years,” state governor Joao Doria said at a press conference earlier this week.

“The contract will be signed by [Sao Paulo] Mayor Bruno Covas and Liberty Media, F1 rights holders.

“This is a big win for the city of Sao Paulo, this is a big win for the state of Sao Paulo and for Brazil.”

Some reports claim the race will become known as the Sao Paulo GP under the new agreement, and there is definitely no love lost for those trying to take F1 away from the city.

“The understanding we have maintained since last year with Liberty Media is based on the right instruments, with race tracks that are approved by riders, by teams, and for over 30 years, having hosted the Brazilian Grand Prix,” added Doria.

“We don’t make speculations, we don’t make artificial projections, we don’t promise investments that can’t be made.”

F1 is also known to have canceled the broadcast rights agreement made with Rio Motorsports, and it is not known where the company will continue their project going forward.


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Swiss Sauber joins the elite club F1 team | Instant News

ISTANBUL: Switzerland, a country that has banned motor racing for 60 years, on Sunday (15 November) will see the only Formula One team join the elite sports club grandee outfit.

The humble Sauber team will embark on a historic 500th race at the Turkish Grand Prix – a feat only achieved by three other teams, led by Ferrari.

The Hinwil-based team, founded by Peter Sauber as a sports car company, entered F1 in 1993 and since then have raced under multiple identities including the BMW Sauber and, most recently, the Alfa Romeo.

This weekend at the Istanbul Park circuit, Kimi Raikkonen, the individual record holder for most F1 race entries – he started his 326th race on Sunday – will make himself smile with delight.

He returns to racing with the team that gave him his debut in 2001, after working with McLaren, Ferrari and Lotus, and is proud of the survival and achievements of the Swiss privateer team.

“This team is a little bit bigger than when I started F1 with them,” recalls the 2007 world champion, now 41.

“It’s the right team. We have all the equipment, we’ve made the car. The gearbox and engine are from Ferrari, but other than that we do everything.”

In his first season, Sauber finished fourth in the constructors’ championship, their best result. Since then, despite being sold to BMW and repurchased, the Sauber brand has continued.

“Money is always a problem with small teams, but that’s how it is,” said Raikkonen.

“That’s an incredible number – 500 – for the team and I think only three other people have done more Grand Prix.

“So I think for the private team they have been here for a long time, survived very difficult times and, hopefully, we can get them to go higher in the coming years.”

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Ferrari, McLaren and Williams are the trio of rival teams that have participated in more races. They also won the most team titles.

In contrast, Sauber only had one win to show their longevity, and that came with Robert Kubica at the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix when BMW was in control.

Raikkonen’s Italian team-mate Antonio Giovinazzi, a Ferrari protege in his third season, also showed affection for the unsung Swiss team who have nurtured and developed many young riders, including current Ferrari star Charles Leclerc.

“This is an extraordinary achievement, a small team like Sauber who did 500 Grand Prix is ​​extraordinary,” he said. “I’m proud even though I was a small part of this record, because for me this is an important team.

“I made my debut with them in 2017, my first full season with them and now my third season with them.”

Even though the team was taken over by Swiss investment group Longbow Finance when it was in financial danger in 2016, they have retained their home and staff in Hinwil – and its Swiss identity.

“I am proud to be part of this family,” said Giovinazzi. “To be a small team, they achieved extraordinary results and they have a great record like this.”

Switzerland banned motorbike racing after the 1955 Le Mans tragedy, when 83 spectators died after a car crashed into a crowd.


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GP Emilia-Romagna: Pierre Gasly returned to play to ensure P4 on the grid | Instant News

Pierre Gasly was fourth for AlphaTauri, leading the F1 chase ahead of Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo and Alex Albon; Gasly won the Italian GP in September and has become one of the star drivers of F1 2020

By Matt Morlidge

Last Updated: 10/31/20 16:35

It may not be as surprising as his incredible win at Monza earlier this year, but Pierre Gasly delivered another unexpected result in Italy on Saturday by making AlphaTauri qualifier fourth for the Emilia-Romagna GP.

Quick from the start on Saturday, Imola’s slower-than-usual opening day of Formula 1 comeback, Gasly provided the closest challenge to Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen with a car that has more often been the seventh fastest on the grid this season.

“Looks like I’m fast in Italy!” said Gasly, one of the stars of the season and who wore the Ayrton Senna helmet this weekend at Imola. “Behind the two Mercedes and Max, we can’t do better than that.”

It is an extraordinary day for AlphaTauri in general, with both cars entering the top 10 for the first time in 2020.

But Gasly is once again their leader, and his form is also notable for equaling his best qualifying result – also finding second row with Red Bull last season – and because it happened at the end of a week in which his stay at AlphaTauri was confirmed. for 2021.

Gasly was not considered for the vacant Red Bull seat for 2021 despite his strong form, but beat Alex Albon, their current rider and the man who replaced him with the team last season, on Saturday.

Valtteri Bottas happily took pole in the final qualifying round at Imola

Valtteri Bottas happily took pole in the final qualifying round at Imola

“I have to say I felt fast the whole day,” he told Sky F1. “The training is good, we made some changes to qualification and they improved the car.

“In qualifying, I managed to put in a few strong laps, drove my way, and matched my best qualifier in Formula 1.”

Gasly will start Sunday’s race ahead of Renault drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Albon, while he admits he will keep an eye on Charles Leclerc’s pace from seventh with AlphaTauri chasing Ferrari in the championship.

Gasly admits being ‘surprised’ he didn’t run at Red Bull

In Friday’s press conference, Gasly expressed “surprise” that he was not “really considered” to return to Red Bull for the 2021 season.

“I am not disappointed, I would say. I was just shocked in 14 years [of the team] Seb (Vettel) won the race with Toro Rosso, the only other racer to win the race.

“Seb was promoted to Red Bull and won four titles with the team.

Red Bull’s Alex Albion took a spin during qualification for the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

Red Bull’s Alex Albion took a spin during qualification for the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

I have to say I’m just surprised I didn’t really consider it. I have two podiums with Toro Rosso, I think this season will be fine, and on my side the only thing I can do is try to put in some strong performances. [together] to give me a chance in the future. “

Gasly was demoted to the Red Bull brothers team last summer after only 12 disappointing races, with Albon replacing him.


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