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Pakistan patience is not unlimited in the face of provocation’ | Instant News


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Karachi faces a power outage because many areas experience rainfall | Instant News

The electricity was cut off once it started raining in Kharadar, Akhtar Colony, Kashmir Colony, and Defense. News / via Geo.tv/Files

KARACHI: The metropolitan city faces a direct power outage because many regions experienced rain on Friday, reports indicate.

Areas that receive rainfall include Jamshed Road, Model Colony, Saddar, Clifton, Malir, Gulistan-e-Johar, Dhoraji, Bahadurabad, PECHS, Army Bazaar, University Road, Gulshan-e-Hadid, Abdullah Haroon Road, Shah Faisal Colony, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Fawwara Chowk, MA Jinnah Road and Garden.

The electricity was cut off once it started raining in Kharadar, Akhtar Colony, Kashmir Colony, and Defense.

On the other hand, there are traffic jams on many roads in the city, including Shahrah-e-Faisal, Johar Morr, Saddar, II Chundrigar Raod, Denso Hall, Zainab Market, and Jalan Jinnah MA.

Furthermore, the report noted that the trees near the Karachi Press Club (KPC) were uprooted and hit nearby vehicles.

More than a week ago, 15 people – including a child – had died due to electric shock when light rain continued to pound many metropolis areas.

Power supplies were cut off in some areas due to rain under the influence of the monsoon system, health officials and volunteers from the rescue service said.

As usual, many low-lying areas and roads are flooded with rain and gutters after gutters overflow with rain, with residents facing extreme difficulties in reaching their goals.

Rain cell emergency

The Sindh energy department has formed a special rain emergency cell to provide emergency information about electric shock incidents in the province during the current rainy season.

In this regard, Energy Minister Sindh Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh on July 8 contacted K-Electric’s chief executive, secretary for the federal power division, and chairman of the National Electric Power Regulatory Agency (NEPRA), urging them to immediately improve responsibility for the electric shock incident at entire province.

Rain cell emergency can be contacted from 10:00 to 17:00 on the landline number 021-99207139.

Rain cell emergency can also be accessed on cellphone number 0333-2498330 in the case of K-Electric, 0333-3778765 in the case of the Hyderabad Electricity Supply Company (HESCO), and 0333-2479882 in the Sukkur Electric Electric Company (SEPCO) case.

K-Electric said the improvement of the system before the rain

At the time, the city ‘s only electricity supply company, K – Electric, said it had taken significant steps to improve its distribution network before the expected heavy rain in the city.

A spokesman for K-Electric said protecting human life was a “top priority” for the company and advised people to stay away from electricity poles and broken cables in the rainy season.

Among the “commendable” steps needed to improve the system are the geographical marking of high and low voltage poles (HT and LT), earthing, and earth. “K-Electric continues to be active against kunda [illegal electricity connections] the mafia, and illegal Internet and TV cables at the poles, “the spokesman added.

“We hope that the city government and related institutions will immediately drain the rain water,” said a K-Electric representative. “The K-Electric cellular team is always busy in timely assistance for issues related to power.”


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Whether Aspen, Pitkin County, or Colorado, the mask is now required | Instant News

People in aspen, Snowmass village and basalt are now under three separate orders of health mandates that they wear face coverings in public spaces.

On Thursday, the Governor, Jared Polis issued a decree throughout the state that require masks, similar to urban emergency decree aspen, which entered into force on 3 July and the order of the Council of the County of Pitkin health since may 9. Snowmass and Basalt elected officials also tailor the mask ordinances for their cities in the first week of may. Across the state, 39 counties and municipalities have laws that Mask as of Thursday.

“We have learned that widespread use of the mask is an inexpensive and very effective way to reduce the spread of COVID-19 infection by as much as 65%,” the decree said. “The widespread use to wear masks in Colorado can have significant economic benefits, allowing the state to prevent reclosures businesses and schools and, ultimately, a return to normal life more quickly.”

Order a Democrat, entered Thursday into force at midnight, you should erase all confusion, the visitors have a relatively face-covering requirements, Tracy Trulove, officer public information Pitkin County, said Thursday during the meeting of the coronavirus community.

“Order by state sets a clear standard, especially for tourists and our visitors,” she said. “And this is something that has been discussed quite a bit is how we get people who come here, to come into compliance?’ The Governor puts that mandate down.”

Under the order of the Polis, the mask is defined as a non-medical fabric face, covering the nose and mouth. In the same way as the local rules health, which, as policy, require masks in public areas including retail stores and restaurants, for example. The order of the state, however, expands to include offices, hallways, elevators, indoor businesses, common areas and gyms (except when an indoor pool, and personal services like hairdressing.)

The order also applies to people waiting for transport services “of any taxi, bus, tram, train, car, ride-sharing, or similar service, or operations MassTransportation”.

Also, the owners and operators of covered public spaces to post signs at their entrances to alert people to the law of the mask and denying them service if they do not adhere to. Offenders who do not wear masks and enter to face criminal charges under the order.

The first proposed test of Colorado at COVID-19 came on 5 March.

“Since then,” order policy’ said: “the number of confirmed cases continues to grow, and there is a community spread across the state. We saw more than 37,000 infections and lost more than 1700 population of the state.”

Out of whatever for 30 days and can be extended those 10 years of age and the other, where circumstances permit (see box).

“You can see the state is getting more heavy on the issue of the mask,” said George.

Over the past 10 days, as of Thursday, two patients were hospitalized in the hospital of aspen valley with covonavirus. One was deployed at a lower altitude to a higher service, the Director-General CD David Ressler said.

As of Thursday, there were 144 confirmed cases and two deaths in the County of Pitkin in March, according to the public health.

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Medical, dental colleges without passing the cost face action | Instant News

Lahore:provincial admission Board for medical and dental colleges has recommended punitive measures against private medical and dental colleges that are not passing the fee upgraded candidates in their respective colleges in a continuous violation of rules and regulations.

The meeting was held at the University of health Sciences (CDF) on Friday under the chairmanship of Vice-Chancellor Prof Javed Akram. At the meeting it was decided to adopt at the meeting of the UHS sales Syndicate question.

On the occasion, Prof Javed Akram said that the admitted students were transferred to other schools, according to their merits. There is no College can legally deny student fees for such upgrades, he added.

The selection Committee recommended that this issue can also be addressed with the Pakistan medical and dental Council (PMDC). Committee members reported that complaints were received from students that in some private medical colleges raising fees during a session against the law. In this VC said that the complaint of the students was heard to order of Lahore High court. This issue will be discussed at the reception meeting of the Board of PMDC on July 13.

Dr. Allah rakha, head of the group receiving the UHS sales, told the Committee that the recognition was first arrested this year in connection with judicial proceedings, and later because Covid-19. And now, he added, because three months have already expired, some colleges do not refund fees for students who have their tolerances revoked.

On this, Professor Javed Akram said that people are faced with an emergency situation due to the coronavirus. Colleges should not ignore this and students should get their fees refunded.

It was decided at the meeting that the Lahore High court had cancelled admission list issued on January 29, the College shall immediately refund the fees of students on the list who decided not to continue their education. In addition, the fees students who cancel their acceptance in writing shall also be reimbursed given the difficulties faced due to the coronavirus.

Allama Iqbal medical College, Lahore, principal Prof Arif Tajmal, UHS sales Secretary Dr Asad Zaheer and the Punjab health Department’s representative attended the meeting as a private Association of medical institutions (pami) President Dr Javed Asghar and PMDC member Prof Olga Halik also took part in it via video.


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Face offer a shield against Covid-19 | Instant News

In the AFP file image.

Lahore: As Covid-19 pandemic drags on, people begin to recognize that covering the face can prevent the spread of the virus and save lives.

This trend emerged after the increase in crying from experts in the field of health, which stated that the practice of wearing masks in public are effective in limiting the spread of respiratory diseases.

But wearing face-covering is only useful, though for a certain period of time. Initially there were concerns that face coverings can give a false sense of security, as they will not be able to block all the particles. In the absence of vaccine, prevention was the only option to limit spread.

“The wearing of masks has certain protocols,” said Dr Salman Kazmi, who serves as a senior doctor in Lahore’s Mayo clinic.

While wearing the mask, Dr Kazmi said, it should not be touched. “When you touch the mask, it is contaminated,” he warned. After wearing the mask for four to five hours, he said, it needs to be disposed of.

A wide selection of face masks available on the market. However, each offers different levels of protection against Covid-19 virus. Washable face masks offer limited protection from respiratory diseases, but medical experts recommend their use in public places.

Face, according to experts, can prevent the virus from passing diseases transmitted through coughing, sneezing, and during conversations.

Opinion on the use of masks varies greatly. Some medical experts believe face masks can prevent the spread of the disease, if 99% of the population carries them. According to information provided by experts in the field of healthcare, different types of masks offer different levels of protection.

In N95 respirators to ensure a high level of protection against respiratory infections after surgical grade masks. However, they are expensive and limited in supply. In the absence of proper face masks covering such as scarves or bandanas also offer some protection.

Citizens seem to be annoyed by the lack of regulation when it comes to the production of masks. “I prefer to wear a scarf than to buy one of the masks for sale at the roadside stands,” said Fayyaz Hussain, a resident of Lahore. “They are unhygienic and can spread infection,” Hussein receives.

Commenting on the use of fabric face masks and disposable paper mask, Dr. Saima Malik, a doctor in Lahore, said: “the fabric of mask protection for the population”. Trends indicate Covid-19 virus a public health crisis will continue to haunt countries, including Pakistan, for some time. Medical experts believe that people in Pakistan must learn to live with the face coatings.

Published in the Express Tribune, 27 Juneth, 2020.


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Opinion: why Canada delays mandatory mask? | Instant News

It’s all excuses, every day that goes by that authorities in Canada kick the can down the road on mandatory mask policies. But having an intricate path, which first saw the medics to dismiss the usefulness of the mask, then yield to their application, and then finally to recommend their use“, where the physical distance is difficult to maintain,” most regions have now settled some of the status quo, where the government simply hope that Canadians have received and will heed the message.

No, not old messages – new message. The third or fourth Directive, I think. That is: wear a mask if you can, but no, it’s not required … unless you’re on some form of transit or travelling in certain regions … and only if you think you can’t physically distance you should try to find out ahead of time. In any case, to wear a mask now recommendations. Check back in July when he can become a “strong” recommendation.

Modeling specifies the proliferation COVID-19 can be significantly reduced, if at least 70 percent to 80 percent of the population began to wear masks in public places. Of course, generic masking is not a panacea, but one of the last the study of the 194 countries showed that the early use of masks was associated with significantly lower mortality and less severe outbreaks COVID-19. “The use of masks in public is an important and easily modifiable public health intervention,” write the authors.

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However, the use of masks as only “recommended” measures not seen the uptake required to achieve threshold, effectively curb the spread of the disease. Only about 50 percent respondents a recent poll by Leger reported to wear a mask to go to the store. Without a Directive on mandatory masking, it is unclear how or when public health officials think that the remaining 50 percent will suddenly find the incentive to do this.

Only a few municipalities in Canada – Cote-Saint-Luc in québec, QC, Canada and Windsor-Essex and Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Ontario – still authorized mask in public places, though an increasing number of us States, including Washington, Michigan, Nevada, today issued some covering the face of that. In the rest of Canada could get there in the end – late as it was recently in this country the practice of rolling out measures pandemic control. But, of course, public-health doctors recognized that the delay serves only the interests of the virus; if something is worth doing, in the end, it is worth doing now, especially in the provinces and cities are still on their way to discovery.

Of course, there will be problems with its implementation and realization. According to the Canadian civil liberties Association, tickets for Bylaw violations related to the pandemic over the past few months disproportionately was issued the black people, indigenous people and other racial minorities. That should make it clear that the methods of enforcement, including the decree officer training should be immediately revised to provide a more fair application. But that doesn’t make it mandatory mask policies is inherently illegitimate. If the idea is worthy, but the execution in question, we should not give up but rather focus on how to resolve problems with the authorities.

Even then, there will still be problems. People who don’t wear masks for medical reasons (asthma, for example) will always have to explain their terms to the ruling officers, employees of grocery stores and other businesses, and well-intentioned passers-by. This is undoubtedly unfair, but their discomfort should not outweigh the greater public good to the order authorizing wide use of the mask. And at run time will probably still be clumsy and irregular, the message for the General Directive, the disguise is probably as important as the actual implementation. Mandatory mask policy cuts through the flip-flops, confusion and the merging policy of the past. The message is unequivocal and clear: wear a mask in public places.

Without a doubt, some Canadians will resist what they perceive as a blatant encroachment on their personal freedom. But over the past few months, we have given our schools, our jobs, our leisure activities, social events and family celebrations. We closed our economy and for some time have lost my freedom to even sit on a Park bench. The order that people put a piece of cloth on their faces – what can be achieved with the cut t – shirt and elastic- this is, perhaps, the most cost effective and least Intrusive measures in relation to potential benefit in reducing the spread COVID-19. It just feels more Intrusive because we have something on our bodies.

But everything we’ve given over the past few months, this Directive will be the least destructive. And if it helps us get back to those other, much more important Freedom, is the introduction. Canada, like the rest of the world seems to be still moving in this direction. So what, exactly, are we waiting for?

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Chinese cinemas can face widespread closure | Instant News

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More than 40% of cinemas in China can go bankrupt according to the grim report by the China Film Association.

After being permanently closed through a viral pandemic, the audience can struggle to return, affiliates said.

Millions of Chinese people enjoy watching movies online throughout theaters because of various streaming providers.

As a consequence, hundreds could be completely shut down in “massive bloodshed” which predicted a skilled Chinese company worker.

There are actually more than 12,000 cinemas in China according to the IBISWorld market analysis agency. This determination has more than doubled in the last decade because China has adopted films.

But 4 out of ten say they are “very likely to close” in the near future, according to the China Film Association survey. This could mean that nearly 5,000 theaters went bankrupt because of the pandemic.

The cinema has become one of the many final venues to be reopened in China, as locking measures continue to be improved. Chinese authorities say that the cinema, together with different indoor recreation areas, can be reopened with limited reservations.

In the first quarter of 2020, field takeovers on the ground in China have declined in accordance with film affiliation. Small cinemas with less than 500 seats may suffer the most, with revenues reaching only 10% of this taken during the same year-end interval.

If the reopening of the cinema is postponed until October, annual revenue will drop 91% across the board he predicted. Last year, China generated 64.2 billion yuan (7.2 billion pounds) from gross sales of movie tickets when tens of millions of people flocked to the cinema.

Online upgrade

Shaun Rein, founder of the China Market Research Group, believes the serious problem is the energy growth of China’s highly aggressive online film sector with platforms such as Iqiyi, Youkou and Tencent Video.

He mentions low-cost subscriptions in the $ 2 a month round for basic subscriptions whereas movie tickets usually promote $ 20. “Chinese players are very cheap, often because they are subsidized because they are owned by internet players like Alibaba, Baidu or Tencent”.

“In addition to being afraid of capturing Covid-19, consumers will not return to the cinema in the near future because the digital offer is too good and cheap,” he said.

He also predicts extra pain for cinema if the film company starts launching options directly to digital and the costs increase for film releases on-line on a pay basis when you go on high subscription fees. “I hope that the cinema sector will face massive bloodshed and many will close down,” he added.

Lack of the latest releases

Another problem is getting people back into the cinema due to the lack of recent films, with making restricted as a consequence of travel and social restrictions.

“We hear about 20% of local production has started or continued physical work, with the balance postponed or in financial difficulties related to the Covid-19 outbreak,” said Rance Pow, head of government of Artisan Gateway, Asia’s film business guide.

“So it is difficult for the cinema time and recovery too; ‘Must see’ film will be needed like never before to support the recovery of the industry “.

Some have warned that China’s film business will lose as much as 30 billion yuan this year, along with the National Film Administration, the regulatory body.

Others are less pessimistic about the fate of Chinese cinemas. “The predictions are terrible, but I’m more optimistic,” said Chris Fenton, former president of the motion picture and creator of Feeding the Dragon. He factored in the Chinese authorities to have a world-class film business and the biggest market on the planet.

“Plus, Chinese people have embraced film into the cultural structure of society. That is their habit. The urge to visit the cinema regularly has not diminished “.


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A Big Birthday Party Triggers the COVID-19 Outbreak, Pasadena Officials Say – NBC Los Angeles | Instant News

Pasadena health officials warned residents to stay home and avoid social gatherings on Mother’s Day weekend, after a group of COVID-19 cases were traced back to a recent birthday party in the city.

“PPHD (Pasadena Public Health Department) recently identified a group of COVID-19 cases among birthday party participants,” city officials announced Saturday. “Through contact tracing, the PPHD disease investigation team found more than five laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases and many more people were sick.”

The party was attended by a large number of family members and friends after the Safer at Home Order was issued.

“The index, or the first patient in the outbreak identified with this disease, coughed and did not wear face masks at the party. Guests also did not wear face masks or practice maintaining social distance. As a result, officials said, COVID-19 spread among participants party, “the city statement said.

“This is an example of how good contact tracing can identify groups of diseases and tell us more about the spread of disease in our community,” Dr. Matthew Feaster, PPHD epidemiologist. “We thank our large team of public health nurses, case investigators, and contact tracers who help track viruses and prevent diseases from spreading to other members of our community.”

“Pasadena residents who live at home look after themselves and their loved ones protected from COVID-19,” added Dr. Ying-Ying Goh, director and PPHD health officer. “Even though we are moving forward with minor modifications to the Safer at Home Order, meeting people who do not live in the same house is still prohibited.”

Goh said COVID-19 remained “highly contagious” and that social distance, frequent hand washing and wearing face masks remained the best defense against the virus.

Free COVID-19 testing is available at Rose Bowl and the Barry ChapCare Chapryare Health Center. Agreement required. Register here.


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The IIUI Chancellor faced the controversy of receiving double salaries | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The Chancellor of Islamabad International Islamic University Dr. Masoom Yasinzai is in the midst of controversy for allegedly receiving double salaries without prior notice and approval from the Board of Governors (BOG), the Board of Trustees (BOT).

“I received an honorarium to give consultations to a Saudi university led by pro-chancellor IIUI. It was legal; however; I did not feel to bring the matter to BOG or BOT because it was a task given to me by the pro-chancellor,” said Dr. Yasinzai in his written reply to The News.

Documents available with this correspondent reveal that Dr. Yasinzai has received millions of rupees from Imam Muhammad University in Saudi Arabia over the past few years. According to the documents, the amount was given to him as a monthly salary.

Interestingly, Dr. Yasinzai received this salary from a Saudi citizen, Dr. Sulaiman Aba AlKhel who himself was transferred (as director of the Islamic University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud) on corruption charges. He, as a director, is a former IIUI chancellor. He is still being held; However, the findings of an investigation into him over alleged corruption are still awaiting.

According to the rules, no government employee can receive a salary or amount other than his salary, but in this case it seems that the regulation was not followed by a senior university official. Sources revealed that Dr Yasinzai did not disclose the receipt of this amount to any university authority.


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The Center faces a big challenge to find an outlet for income | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The center must face serious challenges to support daily expenses after paying defense bills and debt payments from available resources, because the fiscal budget 2020-21 is being prepared based on the existing National Finance Commission Award (NFC). .

However, the government has decided to focus primarily on ‘facilitation’ in the coming budget so that economic activity can begin instead of taking any coercive action.

Income can be mobilized through tax rationalization, effective enforcement and administrative steps but it was decided to explore options to burden the rich, if there were no other options left to meet revenue targets.

Meanwhile, the tax authorities recommend avoiding taxation steps but the final decision for this effect will be taken by the ruling regime, while considering the political costs attached to any action to mobilize more revenue collection efforts.

The figures collected through ongoing budget preparation for the next fiscal year will set the stage for the resumption of the stalled US $ 6 billion IMF extended funding facility (EFF) program.

Pakistan seems very grateful to the IMF for going forward to provide US $ 1.4 billion under the Fast Financial Instrument (RFI).

The Ministry of Finance authorities informed PM Imran Khan about the preparation of the upcoming budget and argued that without rationalizing spending on targeted subsidies, especially for the electricity sector and reducing losses from public sector companies (PSE), it would be impossible to make a fiscal cushion for development after transfer financial stocks to the federation unit and pay the debt and debt spending bills on the head of expenditure.

Under the existing NFC arrangement, the Federal Divisible Pool (FDP) is distributed at a ratio of 57.5 percent and 42.5 percent between the province and the federal government. If the Center collects Rs100 per year, it goes to the province up to Rs60 through 62 through the inside of the FDP and other subvention accounts while the remaining Rs38 goes to the Center to do business.

One of the top financial division officials told ‘The News’ late Friday that the ministry told the PM that the economy was performing well during the pre-COVID-19 scenario because twin deficits such as budget deficits and current account deficits were under control.

It is said that the IMF / World Bank and ADB are advancing to save Islamabad because multilateral lenders are happy with economic performance in the first nine months.

“The post-COVID-19 situation poses a serious challenge to the economy because the country is under the IMF program and the government must make budget figures to give direction to the economy,” said one of the top finance ministry officials. The government has agreed with the IMF to envisage the target of gathering FBR at Rs5, 101 billion for the next budget against the revised target of Rs3,908 billion for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020. The FBR needs 31 percent growth to reach the desired target of the next fiscal year.

With a nominal growth of 10 percent, including 2 percent growth in real GDP and 8 percent inflation, FBR must meet the target of the next fiscal year with an additional 20 percent growth coupled with a nominal growth of 10 percent.

The tax collection target will mainly depend on the prevalence of the corona virus during the next fiscal year and how the economic situation develops.

So budget targets evolve with the passage of time but the government must make clear figures until the first week of next month.


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