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This is how to use it on iOS, Android and desktop | Instant News

WhatsApp’s “disappearing messages” feature is finally available in India, and users can now use it on all platforms, namely WhatsApp for Android, iOS, desktop, KaiOS and Web. However, the user must manually enable the feature, and as WhatsApp explained, the messages (including media files) under this message will automatically disappear after 7 days. The disappearing message function can also be used in group chats; however, the enable/disable option is only up to the administrator to decide. The Facebook-owned company warned that it should be used with “trusted” users, because anyone can take a screenshot at any time.

To enable this feature (personal chat) on WhatsApp for Android and iOS devices, users will need to open WhatsApp chat> tap the contact name> tap the disappeared message> if prompted, tap’Continue’> select Open. The Facebook-owned company stated that the same method can be used for WhatsApp desktop, Web and KaiOS. Likewise, the same method applies to disabling the disappearing message function.

Given that to enable this feature on the WhatsApp group, administrators using Android or iOS apps need to open the WhatsApp group chat> click the group name> click the disappeared message> if prompted, click “Continue”> choose to open. The methods of WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web are the same. On the other hand, group administrators who use the WhatsApp KaiOS app need to open the WhatsApp group chat> click the group name> click the disappeared message> if prompted, click continue> choose to open.

After enabling this feature, the chat box will display a message to both parties, indicating that the message that WhatsApp disappeared is now activated. However, whenever this feature is enabled/disabled, the messaging platform will not send notifications. Earlier, WhatsApp also warned that if the disappeared message is forwarded to a group chat or personal chat, the forwarded disappeared message will not disappear. Likewise, if the user created a backup before the message was automatically deleted, the file will now be permanently saved. In addition, if automatic download is enabled (it is enabled by default), the media files will be saved on the smartphone, but will disappear from the chat after 7 days. In addition, if you specifically reply to a message that disappears in the chat, the quoted message text may still be visible even after 7 days.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp also explained that previous messages or media files will not be affected until the “missing messages” option is enabled. If the user does not see this option, it is recommended that they obtain the latest version of the app from the corresponding app store.


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Apple criticizes Facebook for “ignoring user privacy”, defending delays in new privacy features | Instant News

apple. (Image source: Reuters)

Apple said that the addition of app tracking transparency features on iOS has been delayed to allow developers more time to prepare. The company said the feature will be launched next year.

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Apple has responded to criticisms of its upcoming app tracking transparency (ATT) feature and further criticized Facebook for “ignoring user privacy.” Apple’s senior director of global privacy, Jane Horvath, reiterated in a letter to the ranking digital rights organization (via 9to5Mac) that the company believes that “privacy is a basic human right” and that the ATT function will be developed in the next middle age. . A few days after the coalition of eight citizens and human rights organizations sent an open letter to CEO Tim Cook, the tech giants responded. He expressed “disappointment” that the full implementation of iOS 14’s anti-tracking function was postponed to early 2021. Apple announced in June this year that the ATT feature of iOS 14 will require apps to display pop-up screens before they can enable some form of tracking that is usually required to display personalized ads.

However, this feature has been severely criticized by the Marketing Association, some of which have the support of Facebook and Google, claiming that Apple is using its dominant position in the market to develop its own data collection guidelines. According to reports, Facebook also met with advertising partners to discuss the impact of ATT on market participants. On the other hand, Apple said that advertising that respects privacy is not only possible, but also a basic right. The letter read: “Some companies that have never hoped to implement ATT stated that this policy imposes a unique burden on small businesses by restricting advertising options, but in fact, the current data arms race mainly benefits from having large data sets. Big business.”

In response to criticism from Facebook, Apple said that compared to other companies, it has a different approach to “targeting”. It further added that Facebook not only allows users to be grouped into smaller segments, but also uses online browsing information to push targeted ads. “Facebook executives have made it clear that their intention is to collect as much data as possible between first-party and third-party products in order to develop and use users’ detailed personal data for monetization, while the disregard for user privacy continues to expand. To include more of its products.”

Finally, Apple claimed in a letter to the ranking digital rights organization that it delayed the launch of the ATT function in September to allow developers more time to prepare for the change. The company has not shared more details on its availability.


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Google, Facebook, Twitter threaten to leave Pakistan after Imran’s government revokes their privacy | Instant News

After Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Pakistani government announced new “cruel” rules for social media, aimed at giving authorities direct power to censor digital content, IT giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google threatened to leave the country.

Under new rules announced by Pakistan’s Ministry of Information and Technology on Wednesday, social media companies and Internet service providers must provide any information or data to designated investigating agencies in a decrypted, readable and understandable format, the Dawn newspaper reported.

Subject to justifiable technical limitations, the information to be provided may include customer information, traffic data, content data and other information or data.

Facebook, Google & Twitter warn of new laws

In a statement shared with Dawn on Thursday, the Asia Internet Coalition (AIC), which represents Facebook, Google and Twitter, raised awareness about the scope of new laws targeting internet companies, as well as the government’s “unclear process” by which they rule. developed.

The “Online Content Removal and Blocking (Procedures, Surveillance and Safeguards) 2020” rules have been framed under the Electronic Crime Prevention Act 2016 (PECA). Tech firms have warned that the rules will make it extremely difficult for AIC members to provide their services to Pakistani users and businesses. It said the “cruel” data localization requirements would undermine people’s ability to access a free and open internet.

“The cruel data localization requirements will also shut down Pakistan’s digital economy from the rest of the world,” said AIC. The companies added that they are horrified to see the powers of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority being expanded, which has allowed it to compel social media companies to violate established human rights norms on privacy and freedom of expression.

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The AIC has said if Pakistan is to become an attractive destination for technology investment and realize its goals for digital transformation, then it must work with industry with clear, practical rules that protect the benefits of the internet and keep people safe from harm.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Imran Khan pledged to initiate “broad-based” consultations on content regulation following a strong backlash from stakeholders to the release of the 2020 Citizen Protection (Against Online Dangers) Rules. which was addressed to Khan. Pakistani social media users and rights groups have rejected the latest notice of the regulation by the government.

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Instagram has made a series of updates to brand content, including product tags in reels and live broadcasts | Instant News

Instagram branded content.

Instagram has also introduced the ability for companies to promote branded content posts with product tags.

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Instagram, the photo-sharing platform owned by Facebook, brings new updates to brand content for creators. Branded content is an important way for creators to make money on the platform. Instagram is constantly trying to use branded content to try new things to attract more brands and creators on the platform. The company announced a series of brand content updates yesterday, including paid partner tags on Reels and Live, new workflows between brands and creators, and more.

The company said that branded content tags in Reels are currently being launched, and testing of the same content on Instagram Lives will begin in the next few weeks. The new feature will display the “paid partner” label on the label, including the brand name (located directly below the creator’s name in Reels). In Live video, Instagram takes the same approach, by default, only the name of the creator in Lives is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. In addition, Instagram has also launched a new workflow where advertisers can create branded content ads without the creator naturally posting on Instagram first. According to this new workflow, the advertiser sends a request to create an ad to the creator, and the creator accepts the request, and then gets a notification to create an ad for approval. Once the creator approves the advertisement, the advertisement will be published by the brand without requiring the creator to publish the brand content advertisement.

In addition, Instagram has added branded content ads to the story, and creators can include clickable elements in the story, such as @mention, location, and hashtags. Instagram said: “We hope that brands can use organic Stories creativity, which is the local and authentic Stories experience.”

Instagram has also introduced the ability for companies to promote branded content posts with product tags. So far, brand content posts by creators containing product tags cannot be promoted. Brands can now promote posts with tagged goods or products on Instagram.


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Indian marketing and advertising news, ET BrandEquity sent the second largest FB user data request this year | Instant News

India sent the second largest FB user data request this year.

of Indian government Make the second highest request -35,560- Facebook According to the company’s latest transparency report, the data was used for 57,294 user/account data from January to June this year. Facebook met nearly 50% of these requirements.

Of the total, 2,186 are urgent requests, and the rest are handled by legal procedures.

In the second half of 2019, the government has sent 26,698 such inquiries.

The center also seeks to retain 4,100 accounts this year, which is higher than the 2,500 account requirement in the second half of 2019.

The United States topped the list with 61,528 requests, followed by Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

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Globally, between January and June, government user data requests rose from 1,40,875 to 1,73,592, an increase of 23%.

During the reporting period, the number of content restrictions was based on Local law The global increase has increased by 40%, from 15,826 to 22,120.

Facebook said that part of this increase is related to Covid-19-related restrictions. India restricted 824 items during this period.

Facebook said it responded to government requests for data in accordance with applicable laws and its terms of service. Every request received is carefully reviewed to ensure its legal adequacy, and it may refuse or require more specific requests that seem too broad or vague.

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“We do not provide the government with direct access to information or provide people with backdoor opportunities. We believe that deliberately weakening our services in this way will undermine the security necessary to protect users.” Facebook vice president and deputy general counsel said. Chris Sandby In the post.

FB provided for the first time Hate speech estimates

Facebook also disclosed for the first time Hate speech Passed the community standard implementation report for the September quarter of 2020 on its platformIn the third quarter, 10-11 of every 10,000 content views worldwide were hate speech.

In the third quarter, Facebook took action on 22.1 million pieces of hate speech content, and about 95% of them were actively discovered. Facebook has been severely criticized after handling hate speech and labeling hate speech Wall Street Journal Report says Ankhi Das, Its former senior public policy executive in India deliberately refrained from taking any action against the hate speech of Hindutva individuals and groups on the platform. Das resigned as head of public policy at Facebook last month.

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