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PTI wants fair and transparent elections in the future | Instant News

ISLAMABAD – The Pakistani government Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) is committed to fulfilling its promise and will specifically ensure that the electoral process is changed before the next general election so that no one, including rival political parties, can demonstrate the legitimacy and fairness of the upcoming election.

“The PTI government pays special attention to electoral reform and will ensure the system is perfected and all lacunas are removed before the next election,” said National Assembly Deputy Chairman Qasim Khan Suri in an exclusive interview with The Nation.

Responding to a question why the PTI government wanted reforms before the elections, Suri said “free and fair elections are a must for democracy to develop.”

Suri said that efforts to form a special committee for electoral reforms are currently underway, but “the process will definitely be completed before the general elections in 2023.”

He added that the PPP leadership has expressed its willingness in this matter and other political parties must also come forward and contribute.

He also said electronic voting machines were used in many countries especially developed countries and it had made the voting process transparent and easy. “We also have to move in that direction and ensure transparency in elections.”

Commenting on electoral reforms following the Senate elections and the defeat of government candidate Hafeez Sheikh in the Senate elections, he said Prime Minister Imran Khan in his cricket career was the first player to raise a vote for a neutral referee.

He said that in all of these scenarios, Imran Khan voiced the goal of electoral reform and committed to ending vote buying and selling in elections. He (PM) wants the Senate election by raising his hand while being honest with his respective political parties and ideologies.

Related to this, PTI also mobilized the Supreme Court which instructed the KPU of Pakistan to create a mechanism to determine the loyalty of members of parliament in the Senate election, he added.

Commenting on the production order mechanism, Qasim Khan Suri said that the Chairman of the National Assembly has a mandate to ensure the presence of MPs through production orders.

He said it was the Chair’s prerogative and this mandate could not be carried out by neither the president nor the prime minister. Sometimes, opposition members make pressure tactics to issue production orders, but the final decision is made by the speaker.

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s presence in the parliamentary session, the Deputy Speaker said that on the first day, when Prime Minister Imran Khan chose the prime minister, he was prevented from delivering his first speech by the opposition bench. How can a prime minister be prevented from delivering his speech, this is not a positive democratic tradition. “So in my opinion, the opposition should provide an opportunity to listen and ask questions democratically,” he said.

He said that the presence of the prime minister in the DPR is important and in this regard, the opposition has not yet cooperated to ensure the presence of the prime minister in parliament. He said even the Prime Minister himself offered that he would come to parliament and listen to the Opposition as well but that most of the time the Opposition boycotted the session before the prime minister’s speech.

He also added that the opposition usually chants slogans and makes noise and screams at the arrival of the prime minister, which is not a positive democratic tradition.

Responding to a question, he said that parliament is the country’s main legislative body and all political parties must join hands in the public interest. He said that all political parties, not following their respective agendas, must unite in the national agenda for parliamentary stability.

The deputy chairman said the majority of MPs were still young because the 104 new MPs including four women were those who attended parliament for the first time.

In the current parliaments of various constituencies across the country, people elect young MPs by putting aside conventional and traditional politics, said Qasim Khan Suri.

Speaking about the session days in a calendar year and the respective laws and regulations, Suri said that in the constitution it was stated that parliamentary sessions must be held for 130 days a year and during the PTI administration, these 130 days of responsibility were fulfilled to carry out the sessions. . National Assembly.

After the coronavirus pandemic, it was also decided to run a parliamentary session reducing the number of MPs by up to 25 percent with a rotation for each political party to attend the DPR sessions and ensuring proper spacing in the Assembly for seating arrangements for parliament.

Deputy Chairman Suri also said that from 2018-21, 50 resolutions had been approved by the parliament and the bill for private members introduced in this case was 202 while the bill introduced by the government was 80 and the total bill approved in this case was partly from the government and private members. there were 60, so a total of 60 rules were created in this period.

Meanwhile, there were 148 laws approved by the parliaments of the two assemblies, said the Deputy Chairman.

He also said that the parliamentary sessions are carried out systematically because we have been entrusted with this office to fulfill our responsibilities with dedication and commitment. We follow all the respective rules for conducting parliamentary sessions according to the instructions and procedures of the Constitution.

Commenting on the future of the PDM, he said from the start, PTI had been fighting against the political parties that were part of this politics for their benefit at the expense of the public interest.

He said the majority of politicians were part of the PDM, Maulana Fazlur Rehman and others used to protect their personal interests after coming to power.

He said Maulana Fazlur Rehman was determined to be a part of every government to secure his goals and interests. He said the public was well aware of their basic objective and failed them by rejecting their show of force in Lahore and other parts of the country, said Qasim Khan Suri.

Talking about the political culture in Balochistan, he said the feudal system and Nawabs and Sardars reigned in Balochistan and, therefore, they used to treat each other in the capacity of Nawab and Sardar without regard for public representation.

“I have been deputy chair of Pakistan’s national assembly and it has set a precedent that youth can be at the forefront with continued efforts and struggles,” he said.

Responding to a question about the use of Urdu in parliament, the Deputy Chairman said that the Supreme Court had strictly instructed the use of Urdu.

In this perspective, he said when taking over the task, his staff said that there are words used in English because our Constitution is printed in English and operating machines are in English. But against all these hurdles, he said, he would speak Urdu and run a session in Urdu and he said my staff would make me a translation if any difficulties came.

He added that 70 percent of the MPs come from a rural background, and with the use of Urdu it has also become easier for them to understand the trial process.


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PM has fulfilled the promise of a fair and transparent election: Firdous Ashiq – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in April 11, 2021 10:13 am

The PM has fulfilled the promise of a fair and transparent election: Firdous Ashiq

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Special Assistant to the Chief Minister of Punjab for Information, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan on Sunday said that Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan had kept his promise to hold fair and transparent elections.

In a statement, the special assistant said that it is part of politics whether you win or lose the vote. Reservations at the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) are still intact, he added.

The reaction came after PML-N candidate Nosheen Iftikhar won the by-election in Daska’s NA-75 and received 111,220 votes, while PTI’s Ali Asjad Malhi received 92,019 votes.

Voting that began at 8 a.m. continued until 5 p.m. without pause. 360 polling stations have been set up for 4.94,000 registered voters in the constituencies. Of these, 47 polling stations were deemed sensitive by the ECP.

To deal with this unwanted situation, Rangers and police were deployed in the constituency with Pakistani Army soldiers on standby.


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MPA Adil demands to give Bardana to farmers | Instant News

KARACHI – Pakistani Vice President Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh said that there is a civil dictatorship in Sindh province and one-family rule destroys democracy here.

Speaking to the media in the Sindh Assembly number 2 committee room while flanked by the chairman of the parliamentary party PTI Bilawal Ghaffar, PTI President Karachi Khurram Sherzaman, Jamal Siddiqui and other leaders here on Saturday, he said that the PPP does not believe in democracy. He said, “There are no opposition representatives on the Public Accounts Committee and the corruption mafia is abusing the Sindh provincial budget.” He said that Rs623 billion was spent by the Sindh health department from 2014 to 2021, but the health sector is still in poor shape. He said 69 percent of government hospitals were given to NGOs. He further said that out of 1,872 government hospitals in Sindh, 1134 were given to PPHI and NGOs. He said, “The contracts for about 48 puskesmas, including those in Karachi and Thatta, have expired and the government has again handed it over to the NGOs so that the health department’s budget can go into the pockets of the corruption mafia under a one-window operation.” The head of PTI said, “The shortage of medicines and doctors in government hospitals has become a routine matter. There is also a shortage of ICUs and ventilator beds. The government has banned the transfer of bodies in ambulances. There is no dog bite vaccine. “

Adil said measles was spreading fast. In the city of Zardari, there is no snake bite vaccine in the hospital. He said 475,000 children in Sindh were facing malnutrition. He said: “There are 5,000 cases of AIDS registered in Larkana. The infectious disease spread rapidly and 13 children died within days. “

The PTI leader said, “The wheat farmers face a big problem because the procurement center has not yet opened. Previous sugarcane growers also faced problems in Sindh. A PPP set buys wheat from farmers at a lower price and the provincial government will buy wheat from Seth at a higher price. “He said the flour crisis would soon emerge in Sindh. Bilal Gaffar, speaking on the occasion questioned the seriousness of the provincial government in office to the Sindh community because the responsibility for drafting the RAPBN was delegated to someone suspected of corruption and taking advantage of defense bargaining. Ignoring directions what was clear from the top court, the Sindh government did not dismiss the officer, he said. The federal government will provide assistance through utility shops while the Punjab government has announced a comprehensive Ramzan package of around Rs10 billion, Bilal said and added sarcastically that they are waiting for such an initiative from the Sindh government.

DC Khairpur visits Civil Hospital, inspects wards

Deputy Commissioner (DC), Khairpur Ahmed Ali Qureshi on Saturday paid a visit to the Government Civil Hospital and examined various hospital wards. He expressed his satisfaction with the cleanliness at the hospital because it was much better than other hospitals. After learning about the lack of clean drinking water in the hospital, DC ordered the hospital administration to install a water filtration installation at the facility. He also talked to patients and asked them if they were satisfied with the situation at the hospital. DC Qureshi also examined the pediatric ward, the CT scan center and gave directions to the hospital administration for repairs in the ward.


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War zone streamer Nick Murch showed off the “OP” gun that no one used | Instant News

If you like to watch the main content creators Call of Duty: War Zone, You will most likely be familiar with Nicholas “Nickmercs” Kolcheff. Faze Clan’s streamer has been one of the most successful “Call of Duty” creators in the past few years, so he has a lot of ideas about the game.One of Kolcheff’s recent ideas for fans is to deal with current weapon variants War zone, Which led him to reveal what he thought was a secret “OP” gun.

Share in one of them Upload the latest video to his YouTube Channel, Kolcheff believes there are guns in it Call of Duty: War Zone That’s a little sleepy.And most players who often War zone Today, I believe that FFAR is the best gun in the game. Kolcheff said that he believes that Groza is quickly becoming one of the more usable assault rifles. Although Groza often doesn’t like MAC-10 better than many people, Kolcheff said he believes everything depends on how it is used.

“People swear, honestly, this is really not a good gun. If you use it correctly, it’s a damn OP.” Kolcheff said of Groza’s concerns. Use Groza slightly. In my opinion, it is better than MAC-10, and it will certainly replace all other SMGs. It shoots very fast, kills very fast, and damages very high at close range. It has a big magazine. It’s not better than FFAR, but it’s almost there. “

As Korchev said, Call of Duty: War Zone Meta is still centered on FFAR, so if you want to determine the enemy you want to kill, it must be your priority gun. However, if you can’t happen to find FFAR, it sounds like you can be sure that if you can use it correctly, Groza will work well.

Which weapon do you happen to think is the best call-of-duty: Battlefield at this moment? Be sure to share your thoughts with me in the comments or on Twitter on Twitter. @ MooreMan12.

[H/T Dexerto]


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PTI protested the arrest of Haleem Adil Sheikh and the workers, demanding the withdrawal of the IGP | Instant News

A large number of Pakistani leaders and workers Tehreek-e-Insaf gathered on Tuesday outside the Karachi Press Club to show their anger at the Sindh government led by the Pakistan People’s Party over the ongoing alleged crackdown on party workers and arrests and accusations. the persecution of the leader of the opposition Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh.

The PTI MPs selected from Karachi, including former opposition leader Firdous Shamim Naqvi, parliamentary leader Bilal Ghaffar, president Karachi Khurram Sherzaman, Saeed Afridi, Arsalan Taj, Jamal Siddiqui, Ramzan Ghanchi, Raja Azhar, Rabistan Khan, Riaz Haider, Adeel Ahmed, Dua Bhutto, and MNA Jay Parakash Lohana, attended the rally.

They condemned the Sheikh’s arrest and abuse, who, they say, he continued to face during his detention. They say the fake terrorism case registered against the PTI leader is proof of his fear in the Sindh government.

The speaker alleged that the arrests of the opposition leader and other workers had been carried out under the direction of the Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah. They recalled that in early February, property belonging to the Sheikh and his family members was destroyed under the pretext of anti-encroachment operations.

PTI leaders praised the Sheikh for exposing the massive corruption of billions of rupees in the Sindh PPP government. They also said that the way the Sheikh was arrested during the by-election in Malir had exposed the true face of the Pakistan People’s Party. who continues to rule the province of Sindh.

They also criticized Police Inspector General Mushtaq Mahar and demanded that the federal government change it immediately. The speaker expressed hope that the prime minister, Imran Khan, will pay close attention to what happened to the Sheikh.


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