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Haleem Adil Sheikh is in charge of the opposition leader in the PA | Instant News

The vice president of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) center Haleem Adil Sheikh took over as opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly on Tuesday.

The Sheikh has replaced another of his party leaders, Firdous Shahim Naqvi, and praised his predecessor’s merits for his party. The two of them visited the opposition leader’s office together, where the Shaykh formally assumed responsibility.

He thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan and his party leaders for calming his trust. He also thanked the allies for their support. “I will prove myself not only the voice of the opposition but also the voice of Sindh.”

Sheikh said that during the past 13 years of Pakistani People’s Party provincial rule, the province’s basic problems had not been resolved. “Progress has only occurred in corruption and hoarding of assets by PPP leaders,” he said.

He says Naqvi is Khan’s old friend, and he will get responsibility in Center soon. “I will take directions from the Naqvi and we will work together to expose corruption in Sindh,” he said.

The Naqvi submitted his resignation from the opposition leadership post earlier this month. Party sources said a group of PTI MPAs had complained to central leaders, especially Prime Minister Imran Khan, against the Naqvi about his tough stance on them.

“A party MPA group has complained to Prime Minister Khan that it is difficult for them to work under the Naqvi leadership in the provincial assembly,” an MPA told The News. Some analysts attributed the replacement of the opposition leader in the provincial assembly to the Naqvi statement in September, when he criticized the federal government for not playing a role in solving the city’s ongoing electricity and gas crisis.

Naqvi was quoted as saying that “he will make sure Prime Minister Imran Khan, Energy Minister Omar Ayub and assistant prime minister for petroleum, Nadeem Babar, are embarrassed that Karachi is facing a gas shortage crisis.”


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The PTI appointed Haleem Adil as the opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly to replace the Naqvi | Instant News

After the senior Pakistani leader Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Firdous Shamim Naqvi submitted his resignation as opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly, the PTI central leadership appointed Haleem Adil Shaikh to the post.

Syekh, who is also PTI’s central vice president, is no longer chairman of the PTI parliament in the Sindh Assembly, as he had before being nominated as leader of the opposition in the provincial assembly.

Bilal Ghaffar, an MPA from Karachi, has been appointed leader of the party parliament in the Sindh Assembly. Naqvi will officially resign from his post today (Monday) and submit his resignation to the chairman of the Sindh Assembly.

The PTI has also approached the Muttahida Qaumi-Pakistan Movement and the Supreme Democratic Alliance – the two main opposition parties in the provincial assembly and their allies in the Center – to gain their support for its candidate.

News has learned that PTI plans to give an important position to Naqvi. Party sources said that a group of PTI MPAs had filed complaints with the party’s central leaders, in particular Prime Minister Imran Khan, against the Naqvi for their tough stance against them.

“A group of party MPAs have complained to Prime Minister Khan that it is difficult for them to work under the Naqvi leadership in the provincial assembly,” an MPA told The News. Some analysts attributed the replacement of the opposition leader in the provincial assembly to a Naqvi statement in September, in which he criticized the federal government for not having a role in solving the city’s ongoing electricity and gas crisis.

Naqvi was quoted as saying that “he will ensure Prime Minister Imran Khan, Energy Minister Omar Ayub and assistant oil prime minister, Nadeem Babar, feel ’embarrassed’ that Karachi is facing a gas shortage crisis.”

But later that same night, he posted an apology via his Twitter account. “I want to apologize to everyone Insaf. My point is to say I will take the minister of energy and SSGC to the PM. Hearing the words recorded doesn’t really convey that. I apologize to my leader. Who is the most committed & honest man I have ever met, ”he tweeted.


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Norman Medieval Fair to pair a food truck with virtual entertainment | News | Instant News

NORMAN – An annual living history exhibition celebrating medieval and renaissance culture through shows, craftsmen and games will be virtual this year, except for food.

The Medieval Exhibition Department will host its annual event nearly April 9-11 at Reaves Park, with a must-bring food event on the same weekend as the virtual Medieval Fair.

MFD made the decision in December to include a food truck event to pair with a virtual event, which will include artists, art exhibitions and musical performances.

The Medieval Fair has been an annual event for more than four decades. After last year’s exhibition was canceled, the department started work on planning the 2021 event.

During that time, Ann Eckart, Coordinator of the Department of Medieval Fair, said that various forms of drawn and painted art, digital art and photography had been displayed.

Eckart said they plan to feature multiple sketches at the event, which are small script that captures a specific time period.

“We have a little bit of everything,” said Eckart. “Some of them have strong Celtic talent, some of them are strong fantasies, and some of them are realistic. Medieval exhibitions were much to many people, and the art was very diverse. “

The exhibition stream will be a combination of pre-recorded events and live broadcasts of various performers, many of whom have provided entertainment in previous years.

To host ready-to-eat events during the pandemic, Eckart said participants will be asked to follow the COVID-19 protocol, including wearing masks and social distancing.

“We have a lot of local artists, but we also have several artists from all over the country,” said Eckart. “We look forward to showing some videos from our jousters and from bands like Tullamore and Brizeus.”

Eckart said the department plans to show videos of craftsmen making their wares, such as potter on wheels and blacksmiths in workshops.

“Two of our groups who are strong advocates of the content at the exhibition – the Arthurian Order of Avalon and the Society for Creative Anachronism – are brainstorming to see what kind of educational entertainment they can provide us,” said Eckart.

Although Medieval Fair will provide virtual entertainment, the absence of face-to-face parties for this year’s event means Norman’s income is reduced.

Dan Schemm, executive director of VisitNorman, said the Norman Medieval Exposition was Oklahoma’s third-largest event and the state’s biggest weekend event.

Schemm said the festival typically attracts an average of more than 240,000 visitors and generates about $ 4 million in direct sales for restaurants, shops and gas stations.

According to the Economic Impact Calculator report, the event generated over $ 193,000 in local taxes.

Eckart said it was important to host ready-to-eat events whenever possible because many people came to the fair for food.

For more information, visit facebook.com/MedievalFair.


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Your weather: Rain to settle across the country | Instant News

New Zealand

MetService National weather: 31 December – 2 January.

Most of the North Island enjoys sunny weather on New Year’s Day but that’s a different story for the South Island, and the rain will spread.

MetService forecaster Aidan Pyselman said the first day of 2021 brought clear skies for much of the North Island, with hotspots reaching 28C at Masterton and Blenheim.

But it was “not lightning southward” with rain and thunderstorms overhead in the Canterbury interior of rolling hills and mountains.

It is estimated that thunderstorms in the area from around Oxford to the south to the Saint Bathans Mountains and Kakanui Mountains could become severe and cause local heavy rains with rainfall rates of 25 to 40mm / hour.

This can cause local flooding. Greetings are also possible.

Heavy rain warnings are also in effect for North Otago, Dunedin and Clutha from Balclutha to the north, from today to 11pm tomorrow.

Tomorrow, rain – some pouring down – will become more common across the country with some thunderstorms and possibly heavy rain.

“Tomorrow will be a pretty active day,” said Pyselman.

The areas affected by the rain will include the central North Island, Coromandel, Waikato and similar places on the South Island.

“It all happened,” he said.

The revelers of Gisborne might escape the bad weather if they were lucky, he said.

“They probably avoided it and then topped the North Island [as well].

“The west coast region might as well get away with not seeing storm activity.”

The North Island is expected to still experience heavy rains on Sunday that will probably be heavy and rumble in the afternoon in the north and east, sunny in the southwest at night.

On the South Island, rain is forecast for Sundays in the south and west and around the Canterbury High Country, easing at night.

Rain is still expected to fall across the country through Monday with some of the monsoons expected in the North Island on Tuesday.


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Four reasonably priced stalls were canceled for flea buyers | Instant News

Islamabad: The Islamabad Capital Territory (TIK) Administration has canceled four reasonably priced stalls at various locations in the city and ordered two shop owners to sell fruit and vegetables at exorbitant prices to buyers.

Market Committee chairman Roshdil Khan Hoti took action against the offenders during his surprise visit to various kiosks on Saturday following public complaints about non-compliance with official rates.

He was accompanied by other ICT officials during the visit.

Speaking with APP, Roshdil Khan said about 21 stalls were set up across the city, a month ago, in collaboration with the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and local governments so that people can buy fruit and vegetables at controlled prices.

The initiative is aimed at providing instant relief to the masses amid artificial inflation in the country according to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision, he said.

Hoti said the CDA had provided land to set up the stalls while the ICT administration team consisting of assistant commissioners and judges continued to monitor prices there.

For inquiries, he said the market committee ensures the supply of fruit and vegetables to stall owners at controlled prices through an open auction in ‘Sabzi Mandi’ with good profit margins to sell them to buyers at official prices.

Kiosk owners are strictly asked to show official rate lists at leading venues for the convenience of buyers, he added.

The canceled kiosks were located at various locations including PM, G-11/2, G-11/4 and F-10/2 staff colonies.Meanwhile, nominal crowds were witnessed on Saturday at major Islamabad stalls including F11, E11 , and the G-10 ‘goll chowk’ because of the rain.

Speaking with APP at various kiosks, buyers expressed satisfaction with the food prices set by the local government compared to the main market where shop owners charge more than their real price to get extra money.

Respecting the government’s initiative, they urged the government to monitor kiosks regularly to provide maximum assistance to the masses and to crack down on offenders.

As per the official rate list issued on Saturday, potatoes and tomatoes are available at Rs350 for five kilograms each while onions are selling for Rs260 for the same amount at the kiosk.


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