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Meet Phenoms of Fashion | Instant News

The Glow Up 50The Glow Up 50Our annual celebration for black tastemakers, trend-setters and innovators who elevate the world of style.

The categories are: Fashion. They are influencers, editors, creators, and decision makers – and they always do it with style. This year’s 10 TGU 50 Fashion Awards designs a fairer and more colorful fashion industry so that we can all see ourselves reflected.

Interestingly, this year’s awards include some long overdue “firsts”, some of which have been doing behind-the-scenes revelation work for decades. Now at the forefront, they will undoubtedly change the face of fashion for generations to come.

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Photo: Thanks to the CFDA

CaSandra Diggs

If you need an example of what it feels like to get a seat at the proverbial table, look no further than the new president from American Fashion Designers Council CaSandra Diggs. Making history as the first black woman to ever hold the position, Diggs is a 20 year veteran from CFDA, having joined the organization in 2001 and previously served as head of administration and finance. Diggs is also the founder and leader of CFDA’S Black Advisory Council, which was launched IMPACT—A new multi-faceted initiative dedicated to identifying, connecting, supporting and nurturing black and brown creative and professional people in fashion with the hope of providing a channel for diverse talents in every aspect of the industry ecosystem and blueprint for other industries to follow.

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Screenshot: Charlese Antoinette Jones – Instagram

Charles Antoinette Jones

When making films based on powerhouse figures like Fred Hampton and the Black Panther Party, one of the main goals is to balance historical accuracy with dynamic visuals for contemporary audiences. Such is the case with costume designers Charles Antoinette Jones, who is tasked with creating costumes for the Oscar nominations, features director Shaka King Judas and the Black Messiah. With several years of experience under his belt and important projects on his resume (including King’s New weeds, Michael B. Jordan Raising Dion, and Spike Lee See you yesterday), Jones managed to capture not only the style of the late 60s and the revolutionary look of the Panthers, but also the essence of this real-life icon. Thanks to his expertise, Jones was nominated for Best Costume Design in a Period Film of the year Costume Designers Guild Award.

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Christopher John Rogers

If anyone knows how to get in, it’s Christopher John Rogers. That CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund winners continue to wow the world with bold prints, bright colors and exquisite fabrics, which are constantly changing modern fashion styles. Rogers designs for people she wants to empower – her clothes, which is aptly described as wearable art, Has been worn by the likes of a strong woman like Michelle Obama, Track Ellis Ross, Zendaya and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Most recently, Rogers was the designer of choice for Vice President Kamala Harris. prime outfit. The monochromatic ensemble consists of graceful purple coats and gowns that exude strength and elegance while remaining true to Rogers’ bold hues and timeless silhouettes.

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Photo: Jared Siskin for Prada (Getty Images)

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

In December 2020, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson made history when she became the first black woman to style a Mode Closing. She also styled the cover for March’s Vanity Fair featuring Billie Eilish. Between her Vogue and Vanity Fair cover debuts shoot, Karefa-Johnson made history again when she worked with Vice President Kamala Harris on her first topic of conversation Mode Closing. Productive creative work brings new perspectives to the world of high fashion, styling and directing shots with diverse representations in models, clothing and photographers. Karefa-Johnson also has style Chloe x Halle, Amanda Gorman and Paloma Elsesser for Vogue, and say chaos and spontaneity are key to his work as he arranges each piece intuitively. As a young black woman in the fashion industry, Karefa-Johnson works hard to push boundaries and pave the way for other Black collaborators.

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Ruth E. Carter

When it comes to the world of costume design, no power is greater than the expert and acclaimed designer Ruth E. Carter. With more than four decades of experience covering a variety of projects such as School Daze, The Five Heartbeats, Do The Right Thing, Malcolm X, Marshall, Lee Daniel’s The Butler, Love and Basketball, B * A * P * S, Black Panther and Come 2 America, Academy Award winner and DAP Award nominees have undoubtedly established her place in history as a woman with immeasurable talent, limitless creativity, and inspiring intelligence – and also literally amplify it. A brilliant artist and a flare in his own right, Carter has recently been recognized with a stellar at Hollywood Walk of Fame. And if you’re not in Los Angeles, don’t worry; his illustrious career is also currently showcased through “Ruth E. Carter: Afrofuturism in Costume DesignExhibition at the SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film in Atlanta.

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Photo: Brent N. Clarke / Invision / AP (Getty Images)

Samira Nasr

Thanks to her stylish start as assistant to legendary creative director of Vogue Grace Coddington and her tenure as director of style at InStyle, fashion director at Elle, executive fashion director at Vanity Fair and countless beauty and style campaignsSamira Nasr has proven to be an innovator and expert in the fashion industry. Her flawless taste and decades of experience make her ideal new editor-in-chief for Harper’s Bazaar, the first black woman and person of color to hold the prestigious position in its 154 year history. As the new leader of legacy magazine, Nasr hopes to usher in a new, colorful and inclusive era into publishing; we are sure he will do it effortlessly and authentically.

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Photo: Theo Wargo (Getty Images)

Sergio Hudson

If you still don’t know who was behind Michelle Obama’s stunning monochromatic and bull-blood moment at this year’s Presidential Inauguration – look no further than Sergio Hudson. Hailing from South Carolina, Hudson’s big break came while he was away the winner of the Bravo fashion competition series Rock style in 2014. With a passion for the design and dedication she deserves to dress up the “real woman(Read: non-model), her piercing eyes sharpened a few years later, giving her the opportunity to dress up top fashion figures and icons such as Rihanna, Janelle Monáe, Iman, Beyoncé, and, of course, Mrs. Obama. Hudson is also the creative force behind it V.President Kamala Harris’ ice night saw the Inauguration Party.

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Photo: Shelby Ivey Christie – Instagram

Shelby Ivey Christie

Whether it’s an enlightening design thread on Twitter or a breakdown of an appearance via her Instagram story, fashion and costume historian Shelby Ivey Christie has made it her mission to highlight the huge contributions and impact black designers have made in the industry. Born in New York and a graduate of A&T North Carolina, Christie’s passion for all things at the crossroads of race, politics and fashion has led her to positions at legacy fashion companies such as Vogue and InStyle. Forbes 30 Under 30 recently As an honor, Christie’s relentless thirst for knowledge and unwavering dedication to exploring the nuances of fashion culture has led her to partnership with Tidal and Netflix. She is currently pursuing an MA in Costume Studies at NYU.

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Screenshot: Los Angeles Times (YouTube)

Tremaine Emory

Tremaine Emory is a full spectrum creative also known as an entity Denim Rips, which was launched important collaboration with Converse in 2020 based on the David Hammons icon African American flag. Creatively, Emory also has collaborated with Off-White by Virgil Abloh, Stüssy, Tom Sachs, and Kanye West – and was one of the brains behind the term “Father of Art”. (For the record, Emory the word You don’t have to be a father to be an “Art Daddy”, just someone who consistently holds onto their dreams, pursues their hobbies and does exactly what they want to do.)

Another Emory line, There are no vacancies released a limited collection Coming 2 America-a jacket inspired by the Semmi university jacket in the original film.

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Photo: Supermom site

Trina Small

Little is Super Mom. The mother of two is very familiar with the ups and downs of motherhood and created a platform to balance the two things she loves the most – parenthood and blogger. What started as a fashion and beauty blog turned into a center of inspiration, love and support for black mothers everywhere as its platform. growing up fast, attracting moms looking to keep their swag intact while learning some of Small’s best parenting practices. Formerly Baby Shopaholic, his blog Hey Trina has developed into a platform for moms to connect and a space for Trina’s ever-on-trend shopping Supermom streetwear.

Want more? Watch our video to see this phenomenon in action!

(Video production: Peter J. Rickards)


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Muslims and non-Muslims in Australia share the spirit of Ramadan | Instant News

The month of Ramadan begins tonight, with Muslims around the world fasting from dawn to dusk through May 11.

After spent the previous Ramadan in isolation due to coronavirus restrictions, Muslims in Australia are excited to celebrate the holy month with their loved ones once again.

For some, relationships outside of community and belief.

A month to celebrate each other

Ty Randle, who grew up in a Christian family, celebrated Ramadhan and Idul Fitri (festivals that follow the month of Ramadan) this year with Indonesian Muslim colleague Diaswati (Asti) Mardiasmo.

Randle and Dr Mardiasmo first met in 2008, but reconnected and started dating 10 years later in 2019.

While he still identifies with Christianity, Mr Randle is open to celebrating other religions and cultures.

Ty Randle and Asti Mardiasmo celebrate each other’s religious events.(



“I celebrate Ramadan with Asti and [her daughter] Ariella because it is part of her belief and I am open to new ideas and cultures and new beliefs, “he said.

Dr Mardiasmo, a single mother living in Brisbane, says religion has always been a big part of her life, so it’s important for Randle to celebrate with her and her daughter, whether through Iftar (eating together to break the fast) or Eid. event.

“This is one of the most special months to be a Muslim, and I always love to celebrate Ramadan and Eid,” he said.

“I love that Ty is so open about celebrating with me, I feel so lucky he’s ready and willing to accept it.”

In return, he welcomed her to celebrate her faith.

“We celebrate Easter, Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr and Christmas together as one, so there is a feeling of ‘justice’ that doesn’t make anyone feel that their belief is secondary,” said Dr Mardiasmo.

A group of people eating together at a restaurant.
Iftar (eating together to break the fast) is an important event during Ramadan where Muslims break their fast with their loved ones.(



A month to remember the importance of affection

Some Muslims in Australia celebrate Ramadan with people they call family, even though they are not related by blood.

Nurul is the president of Sydney Queer Muslim, a non-profit community organization that brings together Muslim members from the LGBTQ community *.

Every Ramadan, the organization holds events such as breaking the fast for its members.

“Apart from the spiritual aspect, Ramadan is one of the months in which the most family gatherings take place,” he said.

Their Ramadan events are open to non-Muslim partners and allies who play a big part in the queer Muslim support system.

“It gives you a sense of belonging, which is a basic human need that their family has rejected.”

Nurul is grateful for the easing of the restrictions on the corona virus because it means that it can continue to provide a sense of connectedness and community for queer Muslims as well as being safe from COVID.

“For those of us who still have a relationship with [God], we fast because it is one of the five pillars of Islam, “said Nurul.

“It’s important for people to realize that being queer is just one of many aspects of our existence.”

A month that shows family beyond belief

Two women taking photos in the car.
Andrietta Swann (left) was raised in a Christian family but was open and supportive when her daughter Adalyah (right) decided to convert to Islam.(



Adalyah Swann, grade 11, lives with her mother and stepfather in Brisbane.

She grew up in a multi-religious family – her mother, Andrietta Swann, is a Christian and her stepfather, Anze Malalan, is a Muslim who converted in 2006.

Despite having celebrated Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr in the past, Adalyah only converted to Islam in January, so this year is special.

“I am very excited for the full Ramadan [experience], especially as a Muslim now, “he said.

“I will prepare and celebrate this month well and with bigger intentions and goals.

A family of four smiled.
Adalyah (far left) has grown up celebrating Eid and Ramadan since her stepfather Anze Malalan converted to Islam in 2006.(



Adalyah’s journey began when she studied Islam with the help of friends and her Muslim community.

It also became easier with the blessing and support of her mother and stepfather.

“We are both excited and excited about his journey and his dedication to learning everything he knows now,” said Andrietta Swann.

Meanwhile, this is not Mr Randle’s first experience celebrating Ramadan, and although he is not fasting, he looks forward to the celebrations and food to come.

“I feel great that Asti involved me in all of this,” he told the ABC.

“I still have strong beliefs in my own religion, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy celebrating other people.

A box of colorful cakes next to the Koran.
This year, Mr. Randal, Dr Mardiasmo and Ariella spread the festive joy by sending cakes to their loved ones.(




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Fashion icon Norma Kamali reveals how to look young at the age of 75 | Instant News

In 1970, an astrologer delivered some Earth-shattering news to 25-year-old Norma Kamali.

“She said I would meet my soulmate at the age of 65,” the fashion designer, now 75, told The Post. I said, ‘No, no, no, no.’ “

At the time, she was married – to Eddie Kamali, an Iranian she met at a club when they both won $ 500 in a dance contest. “Okay, he’s handsome and we danced really well together – that’s definitely fate, right?” she wrote in her new book, “Norma Kamali: I am Invincible(Abrams), which is a part-memoir, a health handbook in part with tips on nutrition, exercise, aging and more.

Norma Kamali has been a pioneering force in women's fashion - designing bold looks (including those she models in this article).
Norma Kamali has been a pioneering force in women’s fashion – designing bold looks (including those she models in this article).
Tamara Beckwith / NY Post

But in 1975, she divorced – and Kamali, hoping to prove the fortune teller wrong, never remarried. She went on to become a pioneering designer thanks to creations like coveted sleeping bag coats and swimwear.

When he was 65 years old, his friend, hotelier Ian Schrager, introduced him to attorney Marty Edelman. On Kamali’s 75th birthday last June, Edelman proposed. She calls him her “soulmate.”

“COVID, in a strange way, really brought us together – closer than usual because he was traveling a lot, and I was always working,” he said. “There we were morning, noon and night, cooking together, drinking coffee in the middle of the day. We realized that we really like each other. “

They had never discussed marriage during their previous decade of dating, but he did put it on the birthday note. “He said, ‘If you are not busy, we have to do this,'” said Kamali.

Time, he added, is everything. “We met at a point in our lives when we both felt so secure about who we were that we could give ourselves away in the most unconditional way possible,” he wrote. In her book, she looks back at each decade and the wisdom she has gained in love, life, health and work.

“I don’t want to be 20, 30, or 40 years old again,” said Kamali. “The reason I enjoy 75 is because I am much smarter than before.”

Born and raised on the Upper East Side, to a Lebanese mother and Basque father, Kamali (née Arraez) is an aspiring painter. But her mother directed her to fashion illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology because it presented a more practical career choice – or so it seemed. After graduating, Kamali had her first job interview, in the Garment District, and the man in charge asked her to stand up and turn around for him. He took his portfolio and ran.

Norma's house in her Manhattan apartment.
Norma’s house in her Manhattan apartment.
Tamara Beckwith / NY Post

Instead, Kamali landed a job at Northwest Orient Airlines by reservation. Her perks include a $ 29 round-trip ticket to London where she travels almost every weekend, exploring vintage markets and shopping at Biba’s legendary shops and Bus Stop. In 1968, she and Eddie opened a Kamali boutique on East 53rd Street, selling clothes imported from London – and, ultimately, her own designs. It attracted figures such as Robert Plant, Sly Stone, Bette Midler and John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

But she finds out that Eddie is dating other women, including one of his employees. “My constant concern is having enough money to buy cloth. So seeing the gift of a Rolex watch to the saleswoman was, of course, disappointing, ”he wrote. Kamali left marriage and business with only $ 98 in his pocket.

In 1976, she launched her clothing line: OMO Norma Kamali, short for “On My Own”. She designed the iconic red swimsuit that Farrah Fawcett wore in the 1976 bestselling photo (the suit is now at the Smithsonian). She quickly gained attention, and sales, creating innovative designs that modern women want to wear.

Kamali designed the iconic swimwear that Farrah Fawcett wore in the bestselling poster ever.

© 1978 Bruce McBroom / mptvimages

Faith and Norma Kamali Clothing Model

He does great work like the Iman model (top left, with Kamali in 1985).

Corbis / VCG via Getty Images


“Thank you for showing me everything you said you would ….

In 1974, he was inspired to make his famous coat after a camping trip when he wrapped himself in a sleeping bag for a midnight bathroom break. It became popular with the likes of Cher, Elton John and the doorman at Studio 54. That same year, she remodeled a silk parachute, turning it into a ruched dress that became her business card. In 1980, he created a collection out of gray T-shirts, predicting the decade’s twin obsession with fashion and fitness.

In his 40s, Kamali bought a townhouse near The Met and filled it with antiques. But at the age of 50, he visited India to read the astrology of a Brahmin priest. “The pastor said, ‘You will decide to put everything away and clean up. That’s what you should be doing on this birthday, ‘”he said. “I realized that property was being possessed I. “He sold an apartment, auctioned off or gave away most of his belongings, and even left a girlfriend.

She now lives in a clean West Village apartment.

Kamali, who looks decades younger than his age, has long been a devotee of health and wellness. He meditated, did circuit training, and loved barre classes. She also credits olive oil – which she uses as an ingredient in beauty products and a meal replacement – as the secret to staying young. “I consume large amounts of it every year,” he said.


Kamali’s new memoir, “I Am Invincible,” includes lessons he’s learned over 75 years – including aging gracefully.

Tamara Beckwith / NY Post

030221 Kamali16TB

Fashion designer Norma Kamali.

Tamara Beckwith / NY Post


“Thank you for showing me everything you said you would ….

She relies on “face-lift” acupuncture, but says sleep, diet and exercise are key. (She recommends a Mulberry silk pillowcase, saying it’s easier than cotton on hair and skin.) As for the diet, she’s ditched alcohol decades ago and eats a plant-based diet with intermittent fasting.

Being happy also helps, of course. She is “not even close” to retiring and enjoying her life with Edelman and her family. “I really enjoy interacting with his grandchildren,” he said. Nice conversation.

And once the pandemic has died down, the couple plans to throw a giant ball – after they get married secretly.

“We’ll say, ‘We’re married by the way!’ then keep dancing. “


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Amanda Gorman Makes 2020 International Best Dressed List as the Only Newcomer | Instant News

This list was started in 1940 by New York fashion icon Eleanor Lambert, founder of the CFDA Fashion Awards, New York Fashion Week, and Meet Gala, as the nomination process for the International Best-Dressed List Hall of Fame. The list for 80th anniversary this year collects a review of the 20 most important Hall of Fame nominations since the list creation. Early (and eventually inducted) competitors were among the like style pillars Grace Kelly, Diana Vreeland, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Princess Diana, as well as supermodels Faith and Kate Moss. More contemporary nominations that haven’t achieved official Hall of Fame status include Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

Gorman, Air Mail Editor-at-Large Amy Fine Collins, wrote, “fully embracing the metaphorical meaning of clothing,” praised the Inauguration Day reference style (she wore a ring, a gift from Oprah Winfrey, as a tribute to President Clinton’s inaugural poet Maya Angelou).

When talking about pondering her style, Gorman said, “I am a black woman with a strong pen and a big heart, and I love my appearance to reflect that pride.”


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Italian Jones | Obituary | hanfordsentinel.com | Instant News

Although he quickly became American and became a US citizen, he never lost that old Italian sensibility, or flare for cooking. The spaghetti sauce has never been duplicated and no friend, grandchild, or great-grandson doesn’t like the lasagna. He often puts up a pot or two up for auction to help raise funds for Valley Christian Home.

Nonna’s love for the outdoors is a passion she has left behind to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He spent many summer days with them in his cabin on Huntington Lake. Hiking and fishing are part of the same experience as clearing the natural forest debris that has accumulated around the cabin, presumably saving the cabin from burning in the recent Wildfires of Creek last summer.

Nonna’s legacy is Family, Faith and Love, something she passes on to everyone she meets whether they are related or not.

Nonna came home to gather with God on Tuesday, December 8, 2020. Her death was preceded by her brothers, Paolo and Omero; his grandson, Erik; her husband Ken, who died twenty-three years ago; his older sister Pace; and younger sister, Marie.

She is survived by her four children, Ron Jones (Mary Beth), Larry Jones (Janet), Barbara Mills, and Nina Burgess (Dan); by his grandchildren Nathan Mills (Kalen), Lydia Solano (Jose), Cara Strouse (Gary), Gia Smith (Tyler), Garrett Jones (Susan), Matt Jones, Anthony Burgess (Emily), James Burgess, and Ryan Burgess; by ten of his great-grandchildren Arielis Solano, Xalen Ramirez, Justice Solano, Devyn and Cru Smith, Emma Anderson and Logan Jones, Atlas Strouse, and Jayson and Emmalyn Mills, plus other expected great-grandchildren; and by her younger sister Elena in Italy.

Plant Trees in memory of Italia Jones as a life tribute, please visit Tribute Store.


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