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Fake colonel arrested in Karachi – Crime | Instant News

Published in 09 January 2021 16:36

Fake colonel arrested in Karachi

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Police in Karachi, acting on information have arrested a suspect posing as a colonel along with batman and driver.

According to the details, a self-proclaimed colonel, batman and driver were arrested in Karachi. A large number of sensitive agent cards, stamps and fake ID cards were recovered from the defendants. A case has been registered in the Sachal area of ​​Karachi.

According to the police, the defendant was involved in cheating and looting. The defendants arrested included Ghulam Mustafa, Aslam and Moin Ali. The defendants revealed that they received large sums of money by fooling the innocent citizens.


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Young Hunza died in a ‘fake meeting’ in Karachi who is buried in his hometown | Instant News

When Sultan Nazir, the young man who was killed in an alleged sham meeting in Karachi a few days ago was buried in his hometown of Khanabad in Hunza, police notified the administrative judge of the anti-terrorism court in Karachi that the personnel involved in the incident were still at large.

The investigating officer of the case submitted a report to the judge that two policemen, Shabbir Ahmed and Jahangir Khan, who were accused of murdering Nazir, were on the run. He told the court that efforts were being made to arrest the escaped suspects.

Family worries

On the other hand, the victim’s family expressed their concern over the pace of the investigation. To The News, Salimullah, who is Nazir’s old cousin, said the police had not contacted him because the FIR inn and his family were not satisfied with the investigation.

“He [Nazir] is a scout and has been buried in his homeland with great honor, ”he said, expressing disgust at the initial claim made by the police that the victim was a robber who died in a shootout with police personnel in the SITE area. “Will the muggers hire Bykea [a motorbike-hailing service] to rob people? He asked.

He said that on January 3, he had ordered from his cell phone a ride for Nazir to send him home in Garden from Metroville where his family gathered for the Soyem (ritual meeting) of deceased relatives. He added that he did not know about the incident until the next day.

“On Monday, I received a call from his family that they couldn’t reach him and he hasn’t reached his flat since yesterday. I immediately called the Bykea driver who told me that on the way there was a shooting incident after they separated, ”said Salimullah.

He added that after talking to people on the spot, he went to the SITE-A police station where the personnel on duty kept him waiting for two hours for the SHO to arrive. He quoted SHO as saying they had “killed a robber on Sunday”.

“Immediately after listening to him, I protested his claim but the officers didn’t listen to me and left.”

He said Nazir had come to Karachi from Hunza several years ago and started a small clothing shop in the Saddar area with the help of his brother. He said the victim was pursuing a B.Com degree in a private program and had good character.

“The whole of Gilgit-Baltistan is angry at what the Sindh police have done,” he said, referring to videos and images of Nazir’s funeral shared on social media. “He is a scout, a responsible person and a social activist. Labeling him a robber was an insult to his services to society. “

Salimullah said police were not ready to listen to their demands until the GB community in Karachi gathered at the police station to protest.

“They haven’t told us anything. We have to be given justice, that’s too much, “he said.


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Fake case file against Shahbaz on Imran’s desk: Marriyum | Instant News

LAHORE: Shahbaz Sharif has been a member of parliament seven times and is currently the leader of the opposition and despite detaining him, the government has not been able to prove a penny of corruption against him.

PML-N spokesman Marriyum Aurangzeb said this when speaking to the media, Tuesday outside the Judicial Complex.

“There is no file on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s desk to provide assistance to people but there is a fake case file against Shahbaz Sharif on his desk,” he said, adding that a fake case was made against Shahbaz by this ‘elected’ government. .

He said the priority of this’ chosen gang ‘was to block doctors’ access to Shahbaz in prison and despite court orders, he had not been assigned a doctor in prison to date. “We have appeared in court every day to fight this bogus case and the baseless accusations leveled against Shahbaz,” he said and stressed that NAB is silent on the theft case at the Jabba Night, the billion tree project, the case of foreign funding and rising prices for flour, sugar and drugs.

He said when it came to providing evidence, the government lawyers withdrew their application and ran away. He added that the government spokesman did not make a sound after witnessing Maryam’s mass mobilization in Lahore.

He said the hired spokesperson was doing “gymnastics” and threatening political opponents. He further said even the government wanted to stop the upcoming Lahore demonstrations but could not and ‘awami obedient’ in Minar-e-Pakistan would bring the government back home on December 13. He said even the handful of people who voted for this government condemned the government. “PDM is a movement of the people who are poor and helpless and want to get rid of an incompetent and corrupt government,” he added. He said the level of fear faced by the government could be gauged by the fact that the prime minister was threatening the opposition that he would file lawsuits against the use of seats in a rally in Lahore.

He said Maryam had told party workers to make a necklace of an FIR creature nesting in front of them and wear the necklace with pride. He said whoever has people’s support need not wait for the ‘Umpire’ finger. He said the court should heed the statement by the government spokesman saying that Maryam would be sent to prison.


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13 best gifts for PC players in life (2020) | Instant News

Shopping one PC gamers are a dangerous attempt. It seems that Amazon or Best Buy can easily be led astray. The big price cuts are tempting, but they don’t always lead to the treasure they promised. Not to mention, PC gamers are also changeable people. However, PC gamers are adventurers—maybe a reclusive gamer, but still adventurers!

To help anyone who wants to pick up gifts for PC gamers this holiday season, we have put together a simple guide. Adventurers on every list should welcome every item on this list.

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The deported Australians including Justin Bieber’s fake child sex predator were sent to NZ | Instant News

Kent Andrew Garrett, an IT professional, also known as Orson Kent, admitted 29 counts including accessing and requesting child abuse material in 2014. Photo / Provided

Some of New Zealand’s newest residents are deported Australians with experience in the lecherous online meth trafficking, violence and child sex offenses.

Despite continuing annoyance as Australia dumped its unwanted population across Tasman, a migration expert said there was not much New Zealand could do to stop the floods.

The ongoing deportations of New Zealand-born criminals, including some who have lived most of their lives in Australia, have disrupted bilateral relations several times in recent years.  Photo / ABF
The ongoing deportations of New Zealand-born criminals, including some who have lived most of their lives in Australia, have disrupted bilateral relations several times in recent years. Photo / ABF

More than two dozen criminals were evicted from Australia last week, nearly two weeks after the deportations of another 28 men, including two with links to motorcycle gangs.

One of the deportees was a pedophile who was jailed for posing as pop star Justin Bieber to trick 12-year-old girls into submitting sexually explicit images.

Based on News Corp., this is Kent Andrew Garrett, a Melbourne man in his late 40s.

Australian court documents show IT professional Garrett, also known as Orson Kent, admitted 29 charges including accessing and requesting child abuse material in 2014.

Professor Paul Spoonley of Massey University said the lopsided nature of the Trans-Tasman deportation was one reason "501s" stretch bilateral relations.  Photo / Doug Sherring
Professor Paul Spoonley of Massey University said the biased nature of the Trans-Tasman deportation was one of the reasons the “501” strained bilateral relations. Photo / Doug Sherring

He emigrated from New Zealand in 2007 to pursue opportunities in IT, previously reported The Age newspaper.

Most of the deportees were known as 501s, after their visas were canceled for failing a character test under section 501 of the Australian Migration Act.

The plane in Perth was used to carry 28 people.  Photo / ABF
The plane in Perth was used to carry 28 people. Photo / ABF

Migration expert Professor Paul Spoonley said deporting Kiwi-born criminals saved big money from Australian authorities.

But New Zealand society and human relations are paying the price.

New Zealanders who were deported were mostly booted from Australia on a character basis under the country's migration laws.  Photo / ABF
New Zealanders who were deported were mostly booted from Australia on the basis of character under the country’s migration laws. Photo / ABF

Spoonley, from Massey University, said 501 often lived in Australia for years and arrived in New Zealand without a support network.

Sometimes the only networks are criminal fraternities.

“Australia exports its criminals, but also its gangs to New Zealand,” said Spoonley.

“Then we get it the Comancheros and others starting to appear in New Zealand. “

“The New Zealand government with various beliefs has tried to persuade the Australian Government to take a different path, and has failed miserably.”

Prior to 2001, New Zealand citizens in Australia on special category visas were able to access social security and obtain Australian citizenship without becoming permanent residents.

“The different treatment of New Zealanders started in 2001 and then of course, 501 really added to the insult to injury,” said Spoonley.

“This is disappointing and a major threat to bilateral relations.”

But he said despite diplomacy or persuasion efforts, it was difficult to avoid the unwanted withdrawal of Australian prisoners.

“All countries have the right to deport other nationals if they commit a criminal offense – but the numbers here are significant.”

More than 1000 people were deported in the two years to March 2018 alone.

Deportations were halted without a pandemic, with some 501 flights landing in Auckland this year.

A spokesman for Managed Isolation and Quarantine said that since mid-July, flights of deportees arrived with deportees completing their two-week isolation at a special facility in downtown Auckland.

The agency will not say which location was used but about 501 are known to have stayed at the Ramada on Auckland Federal Street.

The agency said more than 75,000 returnees have passed through MIQ facilities and only a small number have been deported.

It was not immediately clear when the deportees’ next plane would land.

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