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How should we talk to her about her obesity? | Instant News

Dear baby: My husband’s sister is morbidly obese, and we are very concerned about her health. We know her weight is a delicate topic, but if she drowns in the lake instead of drowning in the water, we will do our best.

Jenny Phillips

We feel compelled to pay attention to her health. We know that how to solve this problem can be very different.

We both felt that it would be beneficial for her to see the counselor face life problems that could cause her to overeating. Can you suggest an expression? We love her and hope she lives long and healthy.

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Our options for outdoor entertainment are limited. Time to clean up the board game | Hannah Jane Parkinson | Life and style | Instant News

Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Chase, Operation, Mouse Trap; when a man is bored with board games, he is bored with life. Playing with friends is a very relaxing activity, I can imagine even a paid gangster opening a few beers and exiting Connect 4.As a wild teenager who takes a lot of drugs and often wakes up drunk in the bath, my friends and I still enjoy the night gathered around the coffee table while playing Bananagram. I also remember a tender time during school detention – a weak one, the end of the semester – when I taught tough boy chess and he taught me drafts.

There are people who claim to dislike board games, but I don’t think they have found the right game for them. The risk, for example, has a lot of fans, but if I were an alien who fell into mid-play with no other board game experience, I would also think it wasn’t for me. (There’s no shade for Risk lovers: I just feel like political conflict and war is pressing enough on IRL. I’m much happier strapping plastic bees on my head and playing the classic 90’s Bizzy Buzzy Bumbles.)

As a child, my family would make an annual visit to a beach house in Cumbria (six converted and linked wagon cars). In the evening, games Monopoly will do with the view of the tide – as if the sea also wants to play. With bedtime early, semi-finished games will be postponed overnight to return to the next night. I cheat every time, hiding the pink notes before starting over. Nothing was said, but I’m sure everyone knows.

Fortunately, my family is small, and because guessing games are never played at Christmas, the routine I am told can turn stressful and sour. However, I was often a loser who was hurt. I may not be any less cocky today, but I have softened up on this (though perhaps it was the result of playing with friends rather than relatives). Now, I think playing chess or Scrabble with one other person, in concentrated but comfortable silence, is a sign of understated love.

If possible, I’d like to talk about card games. My poker is bad, because I can’t hold my emotions, forever. But the iconic Ring of Fire and Shithead – both of which involve alcohol as the main participants – create a husky bond. It is said that when I tried to introduce the first to friends in Russia, they looked confused and said: “I don’t understand. Why do you need a reason to drink? “

These days, with venues closed, our options for outside entertainment are limited. I therefore highly recommend board games to clear and unload off the shelves. This is Ms. Parkinson, in the waiting room, with Cluedo.


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At the Death of Former President Marshall Litokwa Tomeing | Instant News

On behalf of the United States Government, I would like to send my deepest condolences to the family of former President Litokwa Tomeing and to the people of the Marshall Islands for his death.

President Tomeing was a key figure in his country’s founding bodies, including his role in the Marshall Islands Constitutional Convention. The Republic of the Marshall Islands is blessed by a dynamic political career in local and national government. Perhaps one of his greatest legacies is his role in expanding the international presence of the Marshall Islands by successfully advocating for the establishment of the country’s first consulate in the United States in Springdale, Arkansas to serve what is now the largest Marshall community outside Marshall Island.

We commend him for his decades of public service. Together, our two countries can honor their memory and legacy through our continued cooperation and our commitment to shared values.

/ Public Release. Material in this public release comes from the original organization and may be point-in-time, edited for clarity, style and length. view more here.


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Mario Kart Live: Family Tour Review-Nintendo brings classic racing games to life | Instant News

For Mario Kart fans, this is the perfect Christmas gift.

Nintendo’s bosses have adopted their classic racing game, the booming Labo concept of physical construction and augmented reality technology to perfectly integrate toys and video games.

The concept is simple: racers use the Switch console to drive real toy karts around the living room on a homemade circuit.

The toy has a built-in camera that allows you to observe the front room from Mario’s perspective.

It seamlessly connects to your console and projects real-time video into the game background, then uses AR to fill the screen with computer-generated competing racers, collect power and use booby traps to trick you.

All of these are perfectly integrated to bring a wonderful gaming experience to all families.

You will find yourself wandering near your front hall in real life while trying to defeat five other virtual Koopaling racers who have not yet appeared on the screen.

It sounds silly, but once you get it up and running, it’s really great and puts your home at the heart of Mario Kart’s action.

Mario Kart Live: The Home Tour lights up the living room

With AR technology spreading Nintendo’s magical effects in real life, the room becomes a kingdom of deep ocean, sandy desert and rainbow colors, and brings a classic Mario makeover to your hotel.

Thanks to the QR code that was quickly paired between the machine and the Switch, I was set up within 10 minutes.

The kids love to play this technologically advanced game with me, and I love it every moment.

You will place four cardboard doors around the room for the game.

They are like the company’s previous Labo cardboard toy versus game bag. In the past, you could use a cardboard stick connected to the JoyJo controller to fish on the Switch and other operations.

It is ingenious in workmanship, and the cardboard is sturdy and durable, and will not easily get stuck in your hands.

There are also two cardboard arrow markers that can also help you bypass the homemade track.

These designs can be recognized by the camera in the game, and can be converted by software to make your room full of movement, such as turning the door into an enhanced checkpoint with computer-generated arrows, or an electrified door. For example, you Can get a temporary speed increase.

When you collect and use the speed boost feature, as in previous Mario Kart games, your actual kart will actually accelerate.

Similarly, the game will insert bad guys on the virtual route, and if you hit Koopa on the screen, it will temporarily prevent you from driving in real life.

It is very effective and there is almost no delay.

It’s surprising that the car is so slow when you drive around in the room, because the game on the screen feels faster and crazier, which proves that the developers have a breakthrough feeling in establishing virtual dangers and competitions jobs.

Mario Kart Live: Family Tour comes with a series of cardboard doors

The kart itself is well-structured and can be charged via USB. Charging takes about three and a half hours and will last 90 minutes in a 150CC car.

Once you spend more than £100 on an actual physical machine, you can download the game software for free from Nintendo’s online store.

The entire design is designed to be easy and intuitive to set up and connect easily for me, showing only a small interruption at the far end of the room, so please note that the signal does have its limitations.

If you have enough money, you can also buy Luigi racing cars and Mario karts, and if you are willing to really spend four karts and four consoles, you can race up to four people in a multiplayer game.

Otherwise, if you use a Nintendo Switch, you can only play one player at a time. In the “Time Trial” mode, family and friends can take turns to set the best lap time on the route.

The home circuit can be played in rooms of various sizes. For smaller rooms or apartments, the boss recommends playing in a space of at least 3.5mx 3m.

It is also designed to be used indoors only, so please avoid bringing it to the garden, and be aware that these machines are not really built for thick carpets.

In terms of software, it feels more restricted than the full Mario Kart game, but you can indeed compete in a “time trial”, and there are 24 built-in courses in Grand Prix mode, and the game will launch different scenarios, such as water Or in the desert.

However, these of course overlap with the front room courses you actually designed, so it is effectively just a new look and effect on the same course each time.

You can give yourself an extra challenge in mirror mode, in which the course and your house will be flipped horizontally on the game screen.

As time goes by, you will become more arrogant and you will unlock new cars, Mario’s skins and horns, and higher speed races up to 250CC.

Mario Kart: Live Tournament

In general, I feel like playing tennis on the original Nintendo Wii console a few years ago.

When we were able to play with motion controls for the first time on Christmas Day, this feeling was a real evolution.

I suspect that this Christmas, many game fans will try this method for the first time and really benefit from the use of augmented reality technology in the familiar family-friendly racing game.

It is not perfect, it feels like the beginning of a new type, not a deterministic conquest.

As time goes by, I can imagine a garden-based version, more and more circuits with loops, jumps and hills, and a lot of imitation games.

There are limitations and I question how long the novelty will last with my little ones.

But for the innovations and unique things in 2020, I think this is correct.

During the holiday season, Nintendo of course will once again achieve amazing success.



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With increasing COVID-19 cases and travel restrictions, the holiday season can be tough | Instant News

CLEVELAND – With no vaccine right now and with increasing cases, people considering fall, winter, and vacations may feel the blues about a muted holiday season without see their family, travel or reunite. worries and frustrations about everything that is going on. Joyce Williams said she is not planning to travel due to COVID-19 and that due to her age she “could easily get sick and not recover. She said she would rather be safe than sorry. “People are dying, things are not improving. They’re getting worse, ”Williams said. Quinton Turpin said his family also planned to stay at home and believed the travel advice was needed. “So that we can stay safe and not be a spreader and spread the virus among people. other people. , we have to stay in a travel ban and stay focused, stay in our bubble, “Turpin said. But all the restrictions are weighing on a lot of people.” It’s a struggle, and from a mental health standpoint it’s been a tough year for a lot of people, ”a young woman, Nia, told News 5. Jeremy Baldwin of Cleveland Heights said his family Usually hosts a local Thanksgiving party with other family members, “but I guess this year is going to be a little different.” He added, “My family in particular is very concerned about public health and our personal health. [We’ve] has older people who are still doing well and safely. But we want to keep them that way, so I think this year we’re going to be on the safe side. Baldwin noted that it was difficult for his family to balance working from home while the children were learning from a distance. I really can’t wait for them to be able to go back to school safely, so put on your masks, people, ”Baldwin said. For people in northeast Ohio like Baldwin, and many across the country, this has been a difficult year. “It is such a time of uncertainty,” said Dr Tyffani Dent, registered psychologist. Dent said it has been a difficult time for many people as everyone continues to face and adapt to. so many different challenges. “We look forward to this break to be able to see your family, to be able to go out more. So it was that light at the end of the tunnel. And now the tunnel continues, “Dent said of the upcoming holiday season. She urged people to take care of themselves, using” meditation, exercise, the things you can go on. to do during this time and be able to identify and embrace these things while continuing to engage in the practices that we hear from the CDC that will help that. Dent said the change of seasons, coupled with the lingering frustration and anxiety over COVID-19, means we need to emotionally prepare to continue living like this. “Understand what you can control and what you can’t control, make alternative plans,” Dent said. “So if they tell you, ‘I’m planning to go see my family,’ but now we at least have an idea that they maybe can’t. So how do you plan to connect with your family while on vacation and have those alternative plans? This is what some people in Northeast Ohio are trying to do. Corinna Massaro is sad that she cannot travel because her daughter lives in New York, but she tries to make the most of it. “Collaboration tools, you know, Zoom calls, FaceTiming and that’s all we can do right now. Asked how she would slice the turkey on a Zoom call, Massaro joked,“ I don’t know if I’m going to have turkey, but I guess I’ll just slice it up and it’ll be virtual. It’ll be virtual slicing. “Another man, David Cook, said:” I hope and think that we basically have to wait for the vaccine to arrive and once it is available, hopefully early next year, people get vaccinated and life will slowly return to normal once the population is over. safe again. “See full coverage on our Continuing Coronavirus Cover page. Bounce back on Northeast Ohio News 5’s initiative to help people overcome the financial impact of the coronavirus by providing a place to go to get money. information on everything that is available to you help and how to access it. We provide resources on: Getting back to work – Finding out about the latest job openings, how to apply for benefits and succeed in the job market Making ends meet – Find help on topics ranging from rent to food to new belt tightening techniques. Managing Stress – Feeling Lonely or Frustrated? Learn how to communicate with people virtually, get advice, or deal with stress. Do What’s Right – Keep track of how people spend your taxes and treat your community. We are open! Northeastern Ohio is a place created by News 5 to open us up to new ways of thinking, new ways to come together and new ways to support each other.Click here for a page with resources including a CDC overview of COVID-19, details of the cases in Ohio, a timeline of Governor Mike DeWine’s orders since the outbreak, the impact of the coronavirus on Northeast Ohio and a link to more information from the Ohio Department of Health, Cuyahoga County Health Council, CDC and WHO. the impact of the coronavirus in Ohio, including county-by-county maps, charts showing the spread of the disease, etc. The CDC and the Ohio Department of Health are now recommending the use of face shields in cloth in public to slow the spread of COVID-19[FEMININEEnsavoirplussurlarecommandationduCDCiciVoiciunguideétapeparétapesurlafaçondefabriquerunmasquefacialàpartirdematériauxménagerscourantssansavoiràsavoircommentcoudreVoiruntraqueurdecoronavirusmondialavecdesdonnéesdel’UniversitéJohnsHopkins

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