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Three people in chic fashion share their stylish journey | Instant News

Social media has given us behind the scenes access to the life and wardrobes of the new wave of people in fashion, and we find ourselves looking for style inspiration from these multi-faceted career women more than ever. That’s why we’ve teamed up with FARFETCH for a conversation about personal style with three influential women in fashion with enviable careers and wardrobes to match. From dressing for your personality and values, to key pieces on their current list of passions, discover what 2020 fashion means for women who are shaping the industry from within.


Anissa kermiche

Jewelry designer and sculptor


The French-Algerian designer studied engineering and worked as a consultant in Paris before his career took a sharp turn. Feeling creatively unfulfilled, Kermiche packed up his bags and moved to London to study jewelry design at Central Saint Martins, launching his eponymous label upon graduation. The brand soon gained a loyal following, and the gorgeous jewelery and nude vases and jugs that Insta’s fame can now be seen in and at the homes of gorgeous influencers around the world including Pernille Teisbaeck and Man RepellerLeandra Medina Choen.

Catwalk images (clockwise from top): Christian Dior, Stella McCartney, Y / Project and Fendi

Your design is a woman’s celebration. Why is it such an important part of your brand?

Wearing jewelry is the most feminine statement ever because it is, on the one hand, absolutely unnecessary. Clothes and shoes have a function; jewelry is frivolous. When it came time to create my brand after spending years working in a field that wasn’t made for me, I felt liberated. It’s time to make my brand as feminine and tough as possible. Being a designer for my own label and not for someone else’s brand allows me to design at my own pace and make all the creative decisions I want when it comes to branding.

How has your personal style developed?

People say 30 and 35 are comparable, but in my case I feel like a different person and I want to dress differently. At 30, I finished Central Saint Martins and wasn’t sure what my future would be like. I’ll stay dressed to impress the opposite sex, or wear clothes fancy enough to convince myself or others that something is cool about me. This may be because I haven’t achieved what I wanted creatively, and expressed it through bold and tough clothing. As I get older, clothes have become a comfortable envelope in which I feel myself, not armor trying to prove something.

What items are always worth investing in?

Coats – we are based in London; we wear it eight months a year. I bought a Roksanda cashmere coat last year and couldn’t sleep for a few days wondering if it was a crazy idea since it was quite expensive. I don’t regret it – it looks spectacular and motivates me to work even harder, because it’s hard to return to a lower quality after having had such great work.


Solange Franklin

Editorial stylist and celebrity


This New York-based stylist, editor, and brand consultant was pre-med at a university in the Midwest US when she started an internship in fashion publications. The coveted assistant stylist position with Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert confirmed her position in the industry, and Solange went on to serve three years at the helm of Paper Magazine as Fashion Editor-at-Large. She now divides her time between editorial and celebrity style, with clients including Solange Knowles, Serena Williams and Susan Sarandon, to name but a few.

Catwalk images (clockwise from top): Jacquemus, Valentino, Miu Miu and Rejina Pyo

2020 has been a year of great change. Has your approach to fashion changed?

My conviction deepens because the stakes for those we support with our hard-earned money are more pressing. And why? Intention, intention, intention. I want the purchase to make sense environmentally and financially. I also still think dressing for fun and escape is just as important as shopping for comfort.

In what ways does your wardrobe reflect your values?

Most of them are vintage, designed by people of color, or have been in my closet for quite a while.

Describe your perfect outfit …

Something with texture and color that can be finished in one step, like a dress or jumpsuit.

What items are always worth investing in?

Jewelry, chic flats and independent designer work.

What role does fashion play in today’s world and how can it be a force for good?

There is enormous capacity, and therefore, accountability, for the entire industry to use its influence for good. We touch all sectors of humanity and consumerism: environment, racism, gender equality, entertainment. Overcoming even one of those verticals affects the other, for a more just and enjoyable life.

Complete the sentence “mode opens the door to the world …”

… an information agent. Whether we specifically use fashion for dreaming, community support or political messages, it’s a clear vocabulary that we can control.


Lainy Hedaya Hoffstein

Creative consultant


After studying visual merchandising and store design at university, the New York-based creative launched his fashion blog Haute Inhabit in 2011 as a hobby that soon developed into a thriving career path. Influencers and fashion entrepreneurs now command a loyal following on Instagram, monetizing its platform through brand partnerships, art commissions, and most recently, personal shopping services.

Catwalk images (clockwise from top): Prada, JW Anderson, Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, and Ganni.

How has your design background influenced your wardrobe?

My tailors always joke “You gave me the most complicated thing to fix”. The things I sometimes invest in are so intricate and so beautifully and intricately wrapped that they become difficult repairs… in short, when I see something and it looks hard to make, I want it.

You already have a lot of experience in the fashion industry; what’s the best tip you’ve got so far?

You really don’t need to have a lot of clothes… but it’s best to have quality clothes. I grew up with a small, edited wardrobe, then in college I thought I needed everything. Finally, with maturity, I realized that less is more and quality is the best.

Congratulations on your son’s birthday. How, if anything, has your style changed since you became a mother?

It’s become much more relaxed. Margiela’s tight leather jacket with heels doesn’t really work when it comes to toddler chasing, which involves a lot of bending and lifting, not to mention all the food stains. I have come into the flow of good, I think. I’ve never really invested in the basics of a fun day before; now that’s all i buy.

How do you support sustainable fashion?

I buy from many small brands – I actually prefer. FARFETCH is great at that because you have access to them on a global scale.

FARFETCH opens the door to the world’s largest editors of desired brands, new designers and more than 700 boutiques. Find out more at Farfetch.com/uk


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Racing: That copy sends a bold signal to New Zealand’s Cup rivals | Instant News


It only took 75 years but Pukekohe coach Ray Green had a New Zealand Cup starter, and is now a favorite.

The popular north coach had one of his greatest days in office yesterday when Copy That knocked out his opponents at the Ashburton Flying Stakes just an hour after American Dealer beat the southerners in the heat of the Sires’ Stakes.

The latest win was Green’s 400th training success in New Zealand but the 401 victory was all the more meaningful as Copy That raced through one of the fastest last 400m sections ever recorded in this part of the world.

After working for the lead by a mile from the 2400m stand, Flying Stakes started to leave, Copy That unleashed the final 400m 25.2 seconds, not much slower than any decent race would have raced for the same piece.

That meant the previous NZ Cup favorite Self Assured couldn’t make the ground after sitting in the park while Spankem, who was sitting on the sole clawing his way to third.

The fact that the three favorites settled in the last three places and still dominated suggests one of them should win the $ 540,000 Cup in Addington on November 10, which now Copy That and Self Assured share $ 2.80 of favoritism.

The copy was so fast that, if he could achieve another Cup lead, it would take something better than what we saw yesterday to beat him, with Green not worried about the extra 800m of the Cup even though the Copy was just a four year old who didn’t. ever race for the last ride.

“I don’t think it will bother him, not the way he will stop after this,” said Green.

“You won’t even know he’s been racing, he’s just jogging.

So I think he’s going to tackle the 3200m and I’ll take him to the Cup trials (Addington next week) now just to keep it ticking.

Green has accomplished much in his harness racing career, training and riding horses in Wales and Ireland and has had consistent group-level success with horses such as Sir Lincoln and King Of Swing since taking over as trainer for Lincoln Farms.

But he never even started in the New Zealand Cup, a race every New Zealand rope coach wants to win.

“It’s a tough race to get a horse, let alone win. So I think I’ll be really excited over the next week or two as we get closer,” said Green, who was usually curt.

While the All Stars stables tend to hold a grip on New Zealand Cup favoritism and punters’ hearts, Copy That suggested yesterday if he could take the lead in the Cup he would take an awful lot of run down, especially since this Cup may not have many good enough horses to attack, or hold him to take the lead in this.

So, the draw of the barrier on Wednesday next week will be of great importance, especially as Self Assured looks set to start off on a roll and therefore could give The Copy a great start if the latter draws the front lines.

Green also expects a useful draw and marker run on Cup Day for American Dealers, who beat It’s All About Faith and Krug in the Heat Stakes Sires.

Against the marker, whether leading or trailing, the American dealer can beat the south star but if a horse like Krug, who was brave third after sitting parked yesterday, is in front of him the Sires bet may be over.

However, Green’s brace yesterday revived the Day Cup, which has so dominated the South Island over the past decade.

Another feature of Sunday also goes to another leader in Majestic Man, who used gate speed and high cruising tempo to escape the Flying Mile Trotter at 1: 54.1, just outside of Marcoola’s national mile record.

There’s some good runs behind it but not much that will scare Sundees’ favorite Dominion for what’s ahead in the iconic trot in Addington in two weeks.


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Weekend Highlights From Masked Fashion Show and Social Distancing in Milan | Instant News

Last weekend’s Ready To Wear fashion show in Milan was miraculously delicious, taking every corner of our imagination with a delightfully sweet collection. The whole palette is kept away from subtlety and remains close to the famous traditional Italian flavors – bold, strong and not one bit lacking despite the current climate.

With our previous 9-to-5 office routines hanging by a thread, home life was reimagined by more than a few designers. Tod’s photo zoom calls out with his striking knits and woven sandals; Emilio Pucci allowed us to daydream with Tomo Koizumi candy. Some designers take a different approach, teleporting to another time (or world) altogether. Versace drowned us underwater and Moschino downsized us (physically, of course) by sending dolls onto the catwalk.

Overall Milan has been a treat so far, letting us disappear into “what ifs” another time while still pondering the present moment.

Sportsmax Is Pure Punk

Grunge is a taste of choice for Sportsmax which is socially distant fashion show. Models with water-lined hair go purposefully in light-striped suits of all shapes and variations. The color orange, highlighter yellow and navy blue opal suddenly embellished collection, all of which were tied with shiny jewelry bracelets. Called “Sensual Purity,” it looks refreshing – a blend of rough and soft with a nostalgic 90s tinge.

Tod won Best Dressed Zoom Meeting

Opening with a sweet bird chirp, Tod’s creative director, Walter Chiapponi, takes the Zoom approach to his Spring 2021 outfit video. Models customize their screens before giving viewers a complete profile of their appearance, from head to toe (perfectly manicured). Against the backdrop of the majestic Villa Necchi, Chiapponi took over to upload the collection “eccentric and spontaneous, always private and definitely made by humans”.

The look alone is paired with a plush leather bag and Tod’s signature comfort-centric shoes (not too springy but comfortable for the here and now.) Revealed to the soothing voice of musician Okay Kay, the collection begs to curl up beside the roaring fire with a cup of hot chocolate.

Marni’s Collection Taking a Life of Its Own

Appropriately titled “Marnifesto” Francesco Risso gives us one day in life. With chaotic video clips strung together into live broadcast, the audience was treated to “normal people” dressed in Marni, without regret living their lives. You see someone picking ginger at their corner fruit stand, someone singing in their apartment, someone dancing at the local bodega – all participants exploring the frontiers of the new pandemic. Her outfits add to the eerie, comfortable and flashy film cheer, Marni’s collection comes to life right before our eyes.

Versace Takes Us on an Underwater Journey to “Versacepolis”

For Donatella Versace, the world is her oyster. Staged in the lost city of “Versacepolis,” the collection is the first to dive into an oceanic theme with jewels and ruffles galore. Fun and flirty, runway streamed directly Wave after wave offered appears to release serotonin. For Queen Versace, it’s simple: she wants to break the rules. “I wanted to create something disturbing, something that could resonate with what has changed in all of us. To me that means dreaming of a new world. “A world made of emerging colors and fantastic creatures and a world where we can all coexist peacefully,” he said.

Philipp Plein Knows What We Do Continue Summer

Lorena Rae’s model has important business to take care of at the opening of Philipp Plein digital presentation – Which involves stunning coastal views, megayachts and helicopters, duh. Putting all doubts about a pandemic out the door, Plein paints a pretty picture for the coming summer, one filled with the adventure of wearing clothes that befits her trademark street style. The sound of the collection roars with a touch of glamor, complete with neon leopard prints of course.

Emilio Pucci Makes Us Fall in Love by Staying at Home

Translated “Sulla Riva” or “On The Shore” in English, just as you might imagine from Pucci’s latest collection. In collaboration with Japanese designer Tomo Koizumi, the world of luxury pastels comes to life. Models prance like forest fairies, oblivious to the spell they cast silk into looks more fitting for a lazy day at home than a night out on the town. (How comfortable!) In a cutie video, a dance party ensues, showing off light clothing as Parisienne singer Cléa Vincent coaxes through her jazzy song, Lost Castle.

Moschino Pulls Our Puppet Strings

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade or in the case of designer Jeremy Scott, you make a fully decorated doll fashion show.

Every minute detail is considered, right down to the tiny barbie-sized handbag (even the fashion editors on the front row were paid attention.) So, the toy doll’s lifelike features, you can almost see it blink. The clothes themselves were somewhat polite from last season but paired with the odd, yet odd fact they were sewn onto the doll, it made the perfect combo. At the end of the show, a miniature Scott appeared with the text “I don’t speak Italian but I can speak Moschino,” written on the front of this little shirt. Mini applause rang out and I wondered — how soon a human measure would be available?

There Is No Time Like A Gift for Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani’s “Eternal Thoughts” collection fascinates us, as the appearance of both men and women is rendered so quickly video presentation – no year or era can be determined. As the first fashion show to premiere on television, viewers are treated to classic cut silhouettes and a cool color palette on Italian national TV station LA7.

Main image courtesy of Instagram /Versace


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Poverty, hunger, a far greater threat to the population than lockdown: PM Imran – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when May 14, 2020 10:09 p.m.

He said we must create a balance between hunger and measures to control the pandemic.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Thursday that the lockdown was not a cure for a novel Coronavirus pandemic but a temporary measure.

The prime minister leads a high-level meeting where medical equipment supplies to hospitals and other issues are discussed.

Speaking on that occasion, Imran Khan said that the threat to our population was far greater than hunger and poverty than the threat from lockdown.

“We need to strike a balance between preventive measures to prevent pandemics and hunger,” he said.

The prime minister said locking was a temporary measure and that it was not a panacea for coronavirus, adding that we must make decisions based on the reality and the situation of the people.

He emphasized the implementation of SOPs regarding the control and prevention measures against coronavirus to protect people’s lives.

Special Assistant for Health Dr. Zafar Mirza gave a detailed explanation at the meeting about the statistics of corona virus patients in the country, confirmed cases, geographic distribution, number of tests and proportional increase in cases.

The demands of the automotive sector especially motorcycle manufacturers and mall associations were also conveyed to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister reiterated that the government policy regarding locking was very clear. He said all sectors would be facilitated without putting people’s lives in danger associated with people from the white collar class and the poor.


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The current COVID-19 pandemic has many similarities with the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-20, and many differences | Instant News

Today’s COVID-19 Pandemic Has Many Similarities to the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-20, and Many Differences Also | RiverBender.com


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