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Shibli Faraz said a cabinet reshuffle was expected next week | Instant News

PTI leader Senator Shibli Faraz said Sunday Prime Minister Imran Khan is expected to overhaul the portfolio in the federal cabinet this weekend.

PTI leaders, keep talking Geo News The talk show “Naya Pakistan” said he had no information whether he would be included in the cabinet or not, but he was confident Fawad Chaudhry would be an effective information minister.

Previously, sources have informed Geo News that PM Imran Khan has decided to re-appoint Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry as Minister of Information.

Chaudhry first served as information minister in 2018, after that, in 2019, Firdous Ashiq Awan was appointed, and after his dismissal, Senator Shibli Faraz was given responsibility. Now, again, Chaudhry has been appointed.

Since coming to power in 2018, Prime Minister Imran Khan has reshuffled his cabinet five times. More than half of the PM’s cabinet has undergone a portfolio change at least once.

The first major hiring and firing of the country’s main decision-making body, the cabinet, took place in April 2019.

If the prime minister continues to carry out a major overhaul, it will be the sixth since the PTI government came to power three years ago.

In December 2020, during the final reshuffle, PM Imran Khan changed the portfolio of cabinet members and appointed Sheikh Rasheed as interior minister.


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PM Imran Khan has decided to bring in a new team, said Shibli Faraz | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to bring in a new team, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz said Monday.

Geo News it has previously reported citing sources that the PTI-led federal government has decided to replace Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh with Industry Minister Hammad Azhar. PM Imran Khan reportedly asked the Shaykh to step down from his role, the source added.

The move was made because of resentment among government ministers about tax issues and a bill that grants autonomy to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), according to a Geo News report.

In his remarks today, Faraz said the prime minister had formed a new finance team under Azhar’s leadership.

“Abdul Hafeez Shaikh is no longer the finance minister,” said the federal minister, adding that he did not know what Shaikh’s future was like now.

Faraz said the decision was made taking into account the realities of the state and the PTI regime wanting to provide assistance to the poor.

“If there are new people, new ideas emerge,” he said, confirming that Azhar had been given a portfolio of the Ministry of Finance.

The future of Abdul Hafeez Shaikh is unknown, he added.

Defeat the Shaykh in the Senate

The development of the reshuffle came after the PPP candidate in Senate elections, Yousaf Raza Gillani, defeated Shaikh for the general seat of Islamabad, after which PM Imran Khan on March 6 directed Shaikh to carry out his duties as federal minister for finance and revenue.

Previous sources have informed Geo News that the prime minister has expressed full confidence in the finance minister’s abilities. PM Imran asked Khan to say he recognized Shaikh’s efforts to improve Pakistan’s economy, they added.

The sources added that the Sheikh decided not to hand over his resignation after his meeting with the prime minister.

PTI ‘SAPM advisors and puzzles’

In 2019, the Sheikh was appointed as the prime minister’s financial adviser in the cabinet reshuffle after Asad Umar submitted his resignation as finance minister.

However, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) ruled in December 2020 that the prime minister’s special assistant (SAPM) and advisors do not have the authority to chair or participate in Cabinet committee meetings.

Granting federal ministerial status to advisers is “for profit and privilege purposes only” and “does not make advisers such federal ministers,” IHC observed in its assessment. A few days later, the Shaykh was sworn in as minister of finance and revenue.

The PTI government was looking for the results of the Senate poll to solve the puzzle but the Shaykh lost to Gilani in Islamabad. The former still has until June – under a regulation that would allow him to become finance minister – to continue his duties in that capacity.


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PTI gives tickets to candidates from all provinces, said Shibli Faraz | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Minister of Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz Sunday said the government had given Senate tickets to candidates from all provinces for a majority seat in the upcoming elections.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan as party chairman has given Senate tickets to candidates on the recommendation of the parliamentary committee,” he said while speaking to a private news channel.

The minister said all tickets had been given to the candidates after consultation. He said tickets were given to workers loyal to the party.

He hopes PTI will emerge as a winner in the Senate. He claims that all members of the allied party will support the government in the upcoming elections.

He said the government was committed to holding Senate elections through an open vote to prevent the horse trade.

In the CoD it states that the Senate vote must be done through open voting, he added. Shibli said Imran Khan as a popular leader took all decisions in the greater national interest to put the country on the development path.


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Buying votes, selling cannot serve the masses: Shibli Faraz | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz on Monday called on all political parties and lawmakers to defend transparency in the electoral process.

“This will strengthen democracy and increase the prestige of the parliament. The buying and selling of votes and buying and selling of horses cannot serve the constitution and democracy, ”he stressed


The Minister argued that by investing money, those who were members of the Upper House put the protection of their personal interests before the people. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s mission, he said, is to eradicate corruption from the state and ensure transparency and he will not back down in his struggle to achieve that goal.


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Press freedom overrides priorities: Shibli Faraz | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Information and Broadcasting Minister Senator Shibli Faraz said Wednesday the top priority of the current government under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s leadership is to ensure full freedom of expression as provided for in the provisions of the 1973 Constitution.He is responding to the Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editor’s (CPNE) annual report on freedom media in Pakistan, published in the newspaper on February 1.

The minister in his letter to CPNE President Arif Nizami said that contrary to the statements made in the report, even newspaper readers and talk show viewers would testify that the freedom of expression enjoyed in the country is comparable to the freedom of expression enjoyed in this country. any Western democracy. “The safety, security and well-being of media actors are closer to our hearts,” he added.

He said, “I must add here that the report does not provide any data or evidence to support the allegation. However, the ministry will continue to work with journalistic bodies, including APNS (All Pakistan Newspapers Society), CPNE, PBA (Pakistan Broadcasters Association) and PFUJ (Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists) to ascertain steps the ministry can take to rectify the plight of the media industry. . “

He assured CPNE that the government would take all necessary steps to ensure press freedom in the country, and to ensure the safety and security of working journalists.

According to the CPNE report, at least 10 Pakistani journalists were killed and several others were threatened, kidnapped, tortured and arrested last year. The minister replied that the CPNE report did not explain in detail who the journalists were killed or targeted, and whether the journalists were subjected to law and order or vice versa. “Since law and order is a provincial affair, we will seek details from relevant stakeholders, and will ensure that justice is given to bereaved families. No crimes against journalists go unpunished. “

The report stated that at least nine journalists died from COVID-19, the minister replied that the government was getting details of all journalists who died from the pandemic, and the ministry would provide financial assistance to their families.

The CPNE report also claims that efforts to silence the press have continued throughout the year. Regarding this, the Minister of Home Affairs commented that according to the constitutional provisions, there is freedom of the press in this country, and everyone is free to express their views. Any government attempts to silence the press should be shared with the ministry.

Meanwhile, Shibli Faraz welcomed the start of raising the national coronavirus vaccination in all provinces simultaneously.

In a post on Twitter, the minister said all units of the federation had been given equal opportunities in this relationship. Protection of the nation’s health and employment is the first priority in the new Pakistan, he added.


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