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Chicago fashion designer Stevie Edwards appears in Vogue Magazine as the new ‘it’ designer | Instant News

CHICAGO (WLS) – Chicago fashion designer Stevie Edwards is increasingly on the red carpet, and now she is being featured in the latest issue of Vogue Magazine.

“Vogue is something a designer always dreams of,” he said.

It’s a career highlight for Edwards, who has dressed celebrities like LisaRaye McCoy, Tiffany Haddish, Jodie Watley, Terisa Griffin and even Diana Ross. And all from his Hyde Park studio.

“Nationally, a black designer hasn’t had this much press since the 80s: Willi Smith and Patrick Kelly,” says Edwards.

In fact, she recently appeared on Women’s Wear Daily.

“It’s like USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, about fashion,” he said. “It’s a magazine that all the top fashion executives read. Anna Wintour, Tom Ford, everyone in the big office. And they’ve contacted me, like these people, with an offer.”

This has been a long time coming for Edwards, far from being an overnight success. His career has been building for decades.

“It all started in 1986 when I was in college,” recalls Edwards. “I was spotted by Eunice Johnson, Ebony fashion icon, Johnson Publishing Company, Ebony / Jet. She started it.”

And now there’s Fashion, often called the Bible of Fashion, and even more.

“I’m also shooting for GQ, it’s like a full page, coming out in the December / January issue. That would be awesome. And from Vogue and GQ, I just got a chance too. Harper’s Bazaar called me,” Edwards said.

And he represents Chicago in his work.

“Chicago stylists, Chicago designers, all of them will be Chicago in the big ad,” he said. “That’s how we do it.”

With the path getting clearer ahead of him, his hopes for his next career.

“To conquer the fashion world. I want to be ‘that’ designer. That’s what Vogue says: I’m the new ‘that’ designer. That’s what I want,” he said.

Despite numerous offers, Edwards said he plans to live here in Chicago. He’s working on what he calls the “convenience channel” because so many people now work from home. And yes, she also wears men’s clothes.

To see more about fashion and purchases from its online shop, visit iluvstevie.com.

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The Future of Fashion Show | Instant News

Due to the ongoing pandemic crisis, are virtual or digital fashion shows the future of fashion week? Let’s see what the designers have to say.

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16 October 2020

4 minutes reading

You’re reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media.

With London Fashion Week (LFW) going digital, India’s fashion fraternity is considering embracing augmented reality to reach consumers in a post-Covid-19 world. However, existing technology has not been used at the highest level with one or two exceptions. A hands-on show that exudes a touch and feel requires a lot of investment. If not completely experiential then it defeats the purpose of digital media.

In connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, several fashion weeks around the world including in India have stalled. But as they say, the show has to keep going, will technology take over and change the way we consume fashion? As the digital industry continues to evolve, can this crisis start a new movement of virtual fashion modeling?

Like London Fashion Week, Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW) is also ushering in a new era of fashion shows with digital-first editions and season fluid. Launching India’s first interactive fashion destination, Lakmé Fashion Week is set to bring the Indian fashion world to the doorsteps of the global fashion industry. Open to everyone, the virtual event will be broadcast live from 21-25 October 2020 on a high-tech virtual platform created especially for the event.

“While the ease with which you can watch your favorite designers unveil their latest collections sitting in the comfort of your home is overwhelming, nothing can replace the feeling of taking part or watching a live show. Digital events arise out of necessity rather than desire and when given a choice, most want to see the collection live rather than on screen, ”said Saaksha Bhat of Saaksha & Kinni, a Mumbai-based designer. They are also participating in Lakme Fashion Week 2020. This season too, the platform will showcase innovation as it embarks on a digital journey with several new formats that disrupt displays using advanced technology.

In response to the current pandemic situation, the focus of the Lakmé Fashion Week is to support designers and craftsmen through a Virtual Showroom, sustainability at the forefront, connecting buyers and consumers with the beauty and fashion industry and thus towards creating demand. for industrial growth.

Although being completely digital has been a hot topic of discussion for years in India, the truth is that anything online business involves a lot of research and investment. There’s a lot more to digital than just creating a brand website. Digital requires huge expenses otherwise someone gets lost in the world of the web.

Several Indian fashion designers collectively believe that the new approach to online shows will greatly contribute to lowering the carbon footprint. Delhi-based designer label Shyamal & Bhumika, which recently launched their Summer Festive 20 collection on Instagram, thinks social media is the best medium to showcase.

Mumbai-based fashion designer Anavila Misra thinks, “The reality of our times is that the virtual world and the real world are uniting much faster than before, while on the one hand we may want to return to the touch, real, physical experience in fashion and then there is an end. staring at us, the new normal that if we don’t respond quickly enough has the potential to make us waste. So, as I look to the future, I think the current scenario presents an opportunity for the tech & fashion world to come together in a never-before-seen format that from just fashion shows on digital platforms will soon shift to virtual reality and as consumers. The technology space in VR is getting more and more commercially viable, we will all be able to enjoy interactive mode experiences from our living rooms, our offices, from wherever we feel. “

We say that the future is bright for technology and fashion to collide and create new fashion interface designs not only limited to fashion shows.


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How a rural building professional and fashion designer comes together to revive a rare fabric from Meghalaya | Instant News

Ryndia, a rare silk cloth from Meghalaya, would not find her worldwide admirer if Janessaline Pyngrope and Daniel Syiem haven’t sat down for a meeting in 2011.

Daniel is known as a fashion designer in Shillong while Janessaline is involved in rural development work, including improving the livelihoods of traditional weavers.

The duo found common ground in Ryndia and founded the hill station’s first fashion house, Daniel Syiem Ethnic Fashion House (DSEFH) in September 2011.

Bring Ryndia back to life

Common in the northeast region of India, Ryndia is also known as ethical silk or peace because this is the only silk that is extracted without killing the worms.

For Janessaline, who has worked with weavers in rural areas, this seems like the best way to revive and promote fabric.

A management education graduate from BIMM, Pune, Janessaline guarantees the cloth because she has a Ryndia scarf from her grandmother passed down from generation to generation. As the head of the fashion house business, the focus is on driving sales and hopes to put Meghalaya on the world map.

Fashion entrepreneur

Janessaline Pyngrope and Daniel Syiem

And Daniel has the perfect creative sequence to carry it on.

The duo relies on 25 spinners and weavers at a women’s weaver cooperative in the state and Daniel applies contemporary, minimalist designs to his fabrics.

Price between Rs 1,800 and Rs 50,000, The fashion house specializes in Indo-Western fusion designs that accentuate white to earth tones with vegetable dyes.

He explained, “It lacks the glossy, bright and harsh colors that are popular in the Indian market. The motifs and embroidery are minimal because we want to focus on woven fabrics. ”

Targeting women between the ages of 18 and 45, this business took some time to find loyal customers, but has now gained visibility in India and abroad through various fashion shows. It has been featured at London Fashion Week and Couture Fashion Week, New York, in 2015, and Nehru Center, London, in 2016, among others.

The entrepreneur duo refused to sell online for a long time because they wanted customers to feel the fabric and understand its value. Customers often mistake fabrics for khadi and other materials from the image.

“I want people to feel and touch fabrics before they buy, educate them about fabrics, understand them, and then ask them to buy with pride,” he added.

As running an online business has become a post-COVID-19 necessity, the fashion house is working with Ahmedabad-based Ciceroni – a hyperlocal fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform with a storytelling approach.

The entrepreneur said getting started in the fashion industry was the last thing on his mind. “Personally, the fashion industry has never really appealed to me and I’m still not interested. But working with Daniel gave me a different understanding that it goes beyond glamor, shows, and Page-3 activities. ”


Fashion entrepreneur

Design based on Shillong Daniel Syiem Ethnic Fashion House

The manufacture of Ryndia silk, from the cocoon stage to the fabric, is kept natural resulting in low productivity.

“We don’t want to use a machine and speed up the process, and that’s why real fabrics have a special market. And we can’t supply in large quantities. Any mismanagement to earn extra money will show on the cloth, “he said. Yarn productivity also depends on weather and rainfall.

Janessaline said transportation and logistics are other challenges due to limited air and rail connectivity.

Bootstrap So far with savings and financial help from friends and family, Janessaline says their funds are drying up fast. Apart from the cost of inventory, arranging international trips for themselves and some of the weavers to London and Geneva was costly.

He added that when returns started flowing into businesses late last year, issues surrounding the Citizenship Amendment Act, and clashes between tribal and non-tribal residents in the region negatively impacted their operations. COVID-19 adds to their woes.

The woman behind Ryndia

Janessaline says weaving into a women-centered industry in Meghalaya has both positive and negative implications. Although this is an opportunity for them to make money, domestic responsibilities hold them back from pursuing this full-time.

He said, “They can’t spend eight to ten hours weaving in a day. With great effort, a woman will spend two to three hours. “Apart from that, she is expected to be able to accompany her husband to the field and look after the children.

Although they need their husband’s permission to pursue this job full-time, many men recognize the additional source of income they can save.

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Fashion Designer Urvashi Kaur Reveals Her Success Story, Talking About Misconceptions Regarding The Fashion Industry | Instant News

Have you always been captivated by fashion? Are you an aspiring designer? Do you want to build a brand that is known globally one day? Also read – Top Fashion Designers Collaborate to Launch Affordable Fashion Line

India’s leading fashion designer, Urvashi Kaur, is a well known name for over a decade now. She is well known for her Global fashion, expression of global thinking, sustainability and acting locally. She has dressed many famous Bollywood celebrities including Shradhha Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Ileana D’Cruz, Parineeti Chopra, Swara Bhaskar, Neha Dhupia, Tisca Chopra, Tillotama Shome, Huma Qureshi, and many more. Watch her talk about the fashion industry and her journey to success as a fashion designer. Also read – Fashion designer Sharbari Datta found dead in the restroom of her residence in Kolkata

Do you have what it takes to be a part of this industry? Urvashi says the two most important things are talent and talent. You need a lot of focus and determination. But more than anything you need to have passion, follow and drive to create something. Also read – ‘Free Julian Assange’: Fashion Designer-Activist Vivienne Westwood Protests in a Birdcage Against Extradition of WikiLeaks Founder to the US

Was the glamor that attracted you to this? Watch him clear all your confusion here. If you’ve always wondered about a ‘wicked’ industry, have no fear. This industry is very time consuming, you will not only forget about the competition, you will sometimes forget the days and hours.

If you’ve always thought the industry was cruel, let him change all your preconceptions. Hard work and determination are prerequisites for every field. However, you need to set high and persistent goals towards them to achieve them, especially in the fashion industry.

You are your own competitor. Fashion being a visual and dynamic industry, you have to follow the steps and overtake yourself all the time. You need to have a vision and move towards it.

To quote Urvashi, “You have to be born for fashion and have to live for it!” So go for it, take your chances and give it your all – you will succeed. Push yourself harder all the time. Stay consistent. Stay positive and enjoy the ride. The journey is the most important and as long as you are happy – you will succeed.


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Informa Markets Fashion and FIT Partners Will Host 2020 Future Fashion Exhibition at COTERIE and CHILDREN’S CLUB, Presenting Next Generation Design Talent | Instant News

Future of Fashion 2020 Showcase at COTERIE DIGITAL

Future of Fashion 2020 Showcase at COTERIE DIGITAL

Nataliia Pugach, Knitwear

1. Nataliia Pugach, Knitwear

Oversized green hand-knit dress embellished with brightly colored crochet botanical elements by Nataliia Pugach, Fashion Design BFA ’20

Chelsea Vega, Intimate Clothing

2. Chelsea Vega, Intimate Clothing

Sheer illusion bra & control-slip skirt w / applique lace from Chelsea Vega, Fashion Design BFA ’20

Naythan Nhat Hai Doan, Sportswear

3. Naythan Nhat Hai Doan, Sportswear

Memoirs of an Annamite Collection features a handlebar trench coat and a six-pack puffer coat by Naythan Nhat Hai Doan, Fashion Design BFA ’20

Courtney Rivera, Children’s Clothing

4. Courtney Rivera, Children's Clothing

‘Galactic Gummies’ coat + ‘Space Junk’ tote bag by Courtney Rivera, Fashion Design BFA ’20

Jaimie Fernandez, Special Moment

5. Jaimie Fernandez, Sportswear

Cool gray silk gazaar dress with ombré ruffled slit skirt by Jaimie Fernandez, Fashion Design BFA ’20

NEW YORK, 29 September 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Informa Markets Fashion, in collaboration with the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), today announced the launch of the FIT Future of Fashion 2020 Showcase on September 30. Showcasing the outstanding work of recent BFA Fashion Design graduates, this digital exhibition is tailor-made for the global audience of retailers, fashion brands and media outlet Informa Markets when they reunite this fall. During an especially challenging year due to COVID-19, this fair provides FIT graduates with unmatched industry exposure to major retailers, brands, and industry leaders who are constantly looking for emerging talent and the next generation of innovators.

The FIT Future of Fashion 2020 Showcase, presented as a special hub in the COTERIE and CHILDREN CLUB digital markets, will feature collections from 75 student designers in five areas of specialization: sportswear, special events, knitwear, intimate wear, and children’s wear. The collection will be promoted through a combination of video walk-throughs and design image galleries, with each market being curated by fashion executives from Informa Markets Fashion and digital platform NuORDER: Colleen Sherin, president of COTERIE; Tommy Fazio, fashion director at NuORDER; and Danelle Brown, events director at CHILDREN’S CLUB. Additional exposure will include custom marketing and social media, further promoting this designer to Informa Markets Fashion’s global audience.

“With the comprehensive opportunities and reach our digital platform is providing this season as the fashion community comes together, we are excited to partner with FIT and highlight the upcoming talent from the 2020 graduation class,” said Nancy Walsh, president of Fashion Informa Market. “Our retail community is excited this season for innovation in design and novelty, and our partnership with FIT is the perfect way to take our goal of amplifying brand and product discovery to the next level by giving retailers a peek at the true future of fashion: the next generation of designers. ”

The Future of Fashion, which is celebrated annually at FIT as a live runway show featuring selected performances by BFA Fashion Design graduates, is presented this year as virtual gallery in response to event restrictions related to COVID-19. In addition to the FIT faculty, designs are judged by a panel of FIT alumni, all of whom are well-known fashion figures: Danielle Bernstein, Ken Downing, Candy Pratts Price, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, and Robert Verdi. Before the pandemic, students benefited from mentoring from renowned designers serving as industry critics covering five specializations: Reem Acra for special events; Dennis Basso, B Michael, Daniel Vosovic, Michael Colovos, and Karolina Zmarlak for sportswear; Maggie Bacon for intimate wear; Jaci Carley and Dushane Noble for knitwear; and Molly Gambler for children’s clothing.

“I believe this year’s graduates will drive positive industry change and help define the future of fashion,” said Dr. Joyce F. Brown, president of FIT. “The level of talent, preparation, and the extraordinary work ethic displayed by this class is truly inspiring. To partner with Informa Markets Fashion to further promote FIT to a larger group in the fashion community, at a time when connectivity is challenging but important, can really help propel these young designers forward to the next stage in their careers. ”

The Informa Markets Fashion digital trading event, supported by the B2B e-commerce platform NuORDER, was launched on September 1 and joins the globally recognized fashion trading events of MAGIC, COTERIE, PROJECT, MICAM Americas and CHILDREN’S CLUB. Right through November 1, this new digital event centers and brings together the global fashion community, offering effective trading opportunities, product discovery options and timely fashion business resources for the global fashion trading community of women’s clothing, men’s wear, footwear and children’s wear. -child.

Informa Markets creates a platform for industry and specialist markets to trade, innovate and grow. Our portfolio consists of more than 450 international B2B events and brands in markets including Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Construction & Real Estate, Fashion & Apparel, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, and Health & Nutrition, among others. We give customers and partners around the world the opportunity to engage, experience and do business through face-to-face exhibitions, specialist digital content and actionable data solutions. As the world’s leading exhibition organizer, we bring to life a wide variety of specialist markets, unlock opportunities and help them grow 365 days a year. For more information, please visitwww.informamarkets.com

As part of the State University of New York, FIT has been a leader in career education in art, design, business and technology throughout its history. Providing its approximately 9,000 students with an unusual mix of practical experience, theory and a solid foundation in the liberal arts, the college offers a variety of affordable programs that foster innovation and collaboration. Its distinctive curriculum is adapted to today’s fast-growing creative economy, including areas such as computer animation, toy design, production management, film and media, and cosmetics and fragrance marketing. Internationally renowned, FIT draws on its location in New York City to provide a dynamic and creative community for learning. The college offers nearly 50 AAS, BFA, BS, MA, MFA, and MPS majors and grants, preparing students for professional success and leadership in the new creative economy. Among the notable alumni in the fashion field are Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Reem Acra, Brian Atwood, Dennis Basso, Francisco Costa, Norma Kamali, Nanette Lepore, Bibhu Mohapatra, Ralph Rucci, John Bartlett, Peter Do, and Michelle Smith. Other notable graduates include Leslie Blodgett, creator of bareMinerals; international restaurant designer Tony Chi; and Nina Garcia, editor in chief, He.

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