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8 Stylish Outfit Formulas Fashion Girls Swear | Instant News

While everyone has their own catering style, there are certain silhouettes of clothing that you can always count on to be considered “fashionable.” Everyone can change the colors and patterns to their liking, but it’s clear that there are many combinations of those fashion girl tends to follow on a regular basis. My job is to follow fashion norms, so this fashion formula is ingrained in my brain. Whenever I have a hard time planning clothes, I play it safe with this particular combination because it’s proven they work every time – believe me.

To give you an example of these key ideas, I turned to my favorite WWW followers on Instagram to prove how well these outfit ideas actually work, and how easy it is to put them together on your own. Below, you’ll find various ideas featuring items you may have in your closet. Most of them are simple but will keep you looking presentable on any day. Follow the base and give it your own twist and soon everyone will know you are a fashion girl without you actually having to tell them.


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Top 10 Influencers You Should Follow | Instant News

Sunshy Digital Media Agency

Top 10 Influencers You Should Follow

LOS ANGELES, March 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The wave of the fashion industry has invaded the internet and has significantly succeeded in redefining the standards of style. While highly prolific fashion influencers have added value to the modern world, brands have taken advantage of the rapidly growing influencer presence to add extra charm and beauty to their marketing techniques. Since many influencers add value in growing a brand, Sunshy Digital Media Agency has a list of top 10 influencers who have substantially stolen the show!

Camila Coelho (@sukasukaa_suka_suka_suka_suka_suka_suka_suka_suka_uka_suka_suka_suka “)
Camila Coelho, a Brazilian American fashion and beauty entrepreneur started following her passion at the age of 14 and developed an interest in beauty, makeup and fashion. Despite all odds, Camila broke into the fashion industry and eventually made her way to the fashion shows of Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Celine, Marc Jacobs, TomFord, Max Mara, and others. He started working for Revolve and became a partner at the Camila Coelho Collection. Inspired during the pandemic, Camila launched her beauty brand Elaluz and her confidence, independence and strength earned her the title of a global entrepreneur in the industry. The entrepreneurial passion and interest in fashion has inspired countless people to pursue their dreams.

Kate Yuille (@ultrasophate)
Kate Yuille, a fashion blogger from London, took inspiration from the Parisian style while adding an extra touch of luxury. Increasingly looking away, her style was influenced by TV shows such as ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘Emily in Paris.’ A fine blend of wool, bright colors, berets and headband, the style is unique and very feminine. Kate’s elegance and sophistication evokes a mix of timeless looks and high-end fashion inspired by iconic designer brands like Chanel and Dior. Kate’s Instagram account has won the trust and admiration of many fans and is endlessly aiming to inspire classic styles for connoisseurs of luxurious and authentic fashion. Her Instagram says it all for her unmatched style and glamor!

Christina Clyburn (@mileniallog)
Christina Clyburn keeps her audience entertained with her style which is trendy, bold and sometimes quirky. Driven by her unique fashion sense, this millennial mom aptly encapsulates modern experiences and anything else out there in the stratosphere of social media stupidity. Right from redefining fashion with a touch of flair and funk, the original talk has managed to captivate huge audiences on her account (Millenialmomblog) and in real life. Christina’s hopeful insights and real talk of parental struggles with consistent enjoyment serve as the cherry on the cake for her influential and authentically attractive personality! His stories of collaboration and clever use of his presence have graced the marketing efforts of brands. MillenialMoM consistently creates fun and vibrant content for all to see.

Sejal Joshi (@jogjajogja)
Sejal Joshi, a young entrepreneur, philanthropist and fashion enthusiast has managed to inspire many people with his style of dress. Her unconventional yet professional approach to fashion and style has significantly influenced many professional women to dress them for success together by working hard. His prowess for understanding the needs of women’s clothing in business made him look like a boss. Apart from being a serial entrepreneur and having a business mindset, he was crowned the winner of a contest contest at the age of 18. He also founded a handcrafted jewelery business which further dedicates the brand’s focus on sustainable and timeless fashion jewelery. His non-stop growing business allocates 20% of its profits to craftsmen and the rest is reinvested into his own business to grow and reach as many people as possible!

Chrissy Rutherford (@bayu_joo)
Chrissy Rutherford has always been relevant on social media and fashion conversations because of her unique style, cheerful personality, and good sense of humor. The story of her everyday fashion is a thread from her fleeting shopping to her luxurious glamorous appearance. Known for his impressive list of collaborations and digital skills, he regularly adds value to style while encouraging young people to work hard to make their dreams come true. Her honest voice, behind-the-scenes moments, and an unknown inspirational aesthetic have caught the attention of more than 150K + followers on Instagram and it’s still growing.

Lizzy Hadfield (@tokopedia)
Lizzy Hadfield is a fashion blogger from north, living in London. She has managed to gain a large following and is well known for her wider focus on influential fashion clothing. Her signature look is generally a mix of casual, chic yet classy pieces while adding a touch of street style to her. Her love and passion for clothes and aesthetics have caught the attention of various fashion enthusiasts and she is endlessly aiming to inspire them with unique and minimalist looks. Lizzy has voice experience in the fashion industry and has attracted some amazing collaborations by engaging the audience via a carefully designed Instagram page and timeless style.

Damilola (@distroartonline)
Damilola is a young fashion enthusiast who is driven by her motivation to wear and introduce unique fashions into the industry. Inspired by a very young age, she is attracted to the world of clothing and likes to portray her mood by what she wears. People will often find them in elegant, beautiful, trendy and original styles and wear popular brands. Her unmatched fashion tastes have given her the freedom to express herself and substantially anchor herself into the industry. With a strong following base on Instagram, Damilola is consistent in adding new and fresh styles to his gram aesthetic.

Abisola Omole (@abimarvel)
Abisola Omole or Abimarvel who is familiarly called by his community started his career in 2008. With his admiration for creating fashion and lifestyle blogs, he built The Apārtment Global Group (TAGG). It is a hub for online creators to foster organic relationships and partnerships with brands, create content, discover new products & feel part of a newly formed online community. While her digital platform acts as a window to encourage body positivity, optimism about color in the fashion, lifestyle and business industries, she is highly admired for her impactful and optimistic approach. His famous collaborations and extraordinary talents made him into the spotlight on social media.

Erna Leon (@ muhammaddaffa_)
Erna Leon finds a gap in the fashion industry when shopping for her personal style from an online store. Inspired by his interest in aesthetic clothing, he introduced MERCER7 which showcases the best pieces that are easy to wear and simple in style. While he aims to keep his creation minimal and easy, he wants women to easily get the right outfit that adds impeccable yet effortless charm to their style. Erna has won the trust of various people with essential items of sustainable clothing and investment items rather than fast fashion trends. Its versatile and minimalist style has driven thousands of aesthetic lovers to its Instagram page and continues to grow.

Freddie Harrel (@thesecrettyboys)
Freddie Harrel is best known for adding bold print and sportswear suits to his Instagram channel. She took to Instagram in 2013 and is known for voicing women’s empowerment with the SHE Unleashed workshop series. While her series enthusiastically sheds light on the problems and problems of women’s experiences including other feelings, identity politics, subconscious bias, racism and sexism, she won the Cosmopolitan Influencer of the Year title in 2018. Apart from adding fashion to her associations. media, she inspires various with an entrepreneurial interest and an honest depiction of motherhood.

From regulating fashion to building a business, fashion influencers have given the industry a breath of fresh air. With constant experimentation and moving styles, it’s proven influencer contributions have brought about some revolutionary changes in social media content and marketing. One can definitely bookmark this list when looking for the top fashion influencers.

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Medium Size Styling Tips, According to TikToker Fashion | Instant News

I feel like I’ve talked enough about TikTok here enough that you know I use the app a lot more often than I should, but it’s hard to stay away when the fashion sector is as entertaining as it is. Just as I told myself it was time to get down, I found another hottie showing off her fantastic style and I was sucked in again. I’m not complaining, because along the way, I came across Raeann Langas, whose energy is sure to bring joy to anyone. In terms of fashion content, she does everything from experimenting to styling videos, but many of her pages are centered on messages about body positivity and being comfortable in what you’re wearing. She not only has great fashion sense, but she also creates a space for girls to feel confident in their clothes, regardless of society’s size and standards.

In order to get more of her fashion insights, I decided to contact her and ask her a few questions, from her favorite brand which covers sizes to style staples to what she hopes to see more of in the fashion industry. Keep scrolling to find out what he had to say.


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Fashion Forward- The Diva of Social Media | Instant News

From an ordinary Delhi Girl to a fashionista, Komal Pandey took over the internet with a killer style concept

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January 8, 2021

3 minutes reading

You’re reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media.

Honestly, this woman can look pretty in a potato sack. Fashion blogger and YouTuber, Komal Pandey was born on June 18, 1994 in New Delhi. He finished his school from Delhi. He has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from ShahidBhagat Singh College.

Komal has been interested in fashion from a young age. His friends suggested that he start his own business at a very young age. Komal started the blog ‘The College Couture’ which deals with fashion. Komal Pandey also received the most stylish blogger award in 2016. Komal and her best friend Dolly Singh also appeared on the Kareena Kapoor Khan What Women Want event recently. They talk about their friendship and personal experiences on the show. Komal’s blog was also recently named as the Cosmopolitan Best Fashion Blog.

His love for fashion is what drives him to become one of the leading fashion influencers in the country, Komal Pandey. A well-known Indian Instagram personality who has gained more than 1.3 million followers and counting, learned from him how to experiment with their wardrobe. She has redefined how one can dress impeccably without even spending money on high-end brands and the appreciation in each of her posts has been testament to the same.

We know Komal Pandey for her bling and dazzles, but there is more than it seems, coming from a lower middle class family, she has climbed the heights of success step by step. A college girl who would save from her pocket money to experiment in fashion, Komal was never a brand conscious person. She will explore flea markets and find gems to make her own fashion statement. It was 2013 when he started sharing his ideas on Instagram and since then, he has never looked back. Komal was originally hired by one of India’s leading online communities for women, where in just 1.5 years she made more than 400 videos. Later, she moved to become an independent blogger and continued to increase her success. It’s an affordable, recyclable fashion that he believes in, which makes him one of the brightest stars in the world of Instagram. The inspiration for her fashion sense came from the fashion capsule, where creative artists will come up with different ways to carry clothes. A new concept for India, Komal presents it in her own way through a series of posts on Instagram themed #fashiontherapy. The seasons have been a huge hit with fresh looks and more styles to experiment with. Her series, #FashionTherapy is truly something else; from prints and silhouettes to colors and styles, she has presented some serious aesthetic style concepts on her Instagram.


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Why Lebanese Fashion Icon And Music Artist Dana Hourani Is In It To More Than Fame | Instant News

Dana Hourani has tapped a following over the last few years who has made him not just any influential person in the Middle East, but someone with a clear vision and purpose who inspires those who see him. Last year was the year that Dana gained perspective on what was real and important to her – her music career and her family.

Instagram was the platform that pushed her to spark her call and now she is using her fashion and music to bring attention to issues that are important in Lebanon and the Middle East. It was her social media and fashion influences that transitioned Dana towards her becoming a music artist. Instagram gave Dana her picture, which she built to become a singer. “With musicians, you have a lot of very talented people who are 10 times more talented than someone who could make them. If they do not have a proper drawing structure or guides it is difficult to create them. The one thing that I have are images and visuals that I can bring and build into my music brand, “ said the singer.

Fashion influencers to music artists

In a country like Lebanon, building your image is possible because it’s a small country, and if you have talent, then it’s easier to transition into music or acting. But he was very careful about his influence. “I don’t mind being called an influencer. It’s just that the word has been misinterpreted by many people. Over the years, the word influencer has had negative connotations. People forget the original meaning of the word and that means to be and to be influential and to be influential. “

Even though Dana is a fashion influencer, she doesn’t spend a lot of time deciding what to wear. “I don’t need much time to get dressed. I don’t like to think too much about what to wear. If I feel like sweatpants, I’ll wear sweatpants. “ Describing his style, the singer said, “I’m more of a classic with a twist. It depends on how I feel, I don’t follow trends, but have a certain appearance that I think suits me well. “

Her path to becoming a creative influencer was not one she dreamed of since she was a child, but when she started singing around age 12, she wished she could make a career out of it. “I don’t know what it means to be creative, so for me, I just love music and want to be a singer, long before I can remember. I took a guitar – my uncle was visiting and he was a great guitar player. I grabbed a few cables and started dabbling here and there. ”

Singing and making music, jamming with friends and writing songs were the height of his teenage years, but Dana didn’t have the tools to become a musical artist. At 21, Dana moved to Dubai and her music stopped for eight years because she saw the Gulf city as a corporate world and she wanted to seriously build her future. But after eight years music was more than just a hobby and he decided to pursue the skill. “I found the right people to help and guide me so that I can build a music career, ” he remembered.

Enter Instagram where Dana can practice her creativity. “When I first opened Instagram, I didn’t exercise my creativity because it was just about posting pictures. But then I realized there were so many directions I could go in and express my work. I was experimenting and that’s how my creativity started to grow. I’ve always wanted to express myself in one way or another, whether it’s through visuals or fashion or through music. It was a balance through everything in the beginning before I moved on to music. “

Lebanese singer Fairuz, Sabah and Arab singer Dalida are regional singers who inspired Dana. But from West John Mayer, Ben Harper, Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, and Given are inspiration artists. But Arabic is the language Dana wanted to make her Indie Pop music. There are untapped aspects of Arabic music. I feel like I can offer something that has very little to offer in the past, whereas as a British singer everything has been done. In this region, I am in the Arab world, and whatever I do in English, it will not be heard or appreciated as much as Arabic. “

His newest single, Enti Ana is a song for women but dedicated to Beirut. The small, Levantine Mediterranean nation has faced various hardships over the years, most recently the heir to the August 4, 2020 explosion that claimed the lives of hundreds, and the country continues to face economic hardship.

“When it came to that and the lyrics unfolded, my writer and I started with a story and discussed the message that I wanted to leave the song. I want it to empower women but not in a feminist sense. I want it in a sense in which to idolize the men and women who place these women on a pedestal, and who value them, and who look at them, especially in the Arab world. Women tend to experience more than other women do. “ He paused as he thought back to what he had said. “Well, that’s a general statement but with the conflict in the region, women in Lebanon have been through a lot. When the lyrics opened, we realized that every word and every sentence could be sung to Beirut. “

Although Dana lives in Dubai, she incorporates Lebanese into her musical work, from working with Lebanese artists and composers. Every month he travels to his homeland. “In Dubai you have extraordinary talent and an extraordinary studio, but somehow the passion and passion for creation doesn’t exist. Music is about telling your story and telling your truth and everything that comes from Lebanon helps me do this better. “

What 2020 does for fashion

Returning to fashion, Dana has hope for the industry and a direction to go to. “I feel this year is pushing a lot of unsustainable brands to become more sustainable. This is a good thing and I feel like it will be a new way and a new mentality to fashion. ” Fashion worked too hard before the Covid era, the brand made 6-8 collections a year and it was tiring for the creative director and their team- “even going to fashion week is tiring and can be really tiring, ” he noted.

“A pandemic, in my opinion, is what the fashion industry needs, not in terms of the financial crisis they are experiencing but in terms of ways to work forward in terms of sustainability. In previous years, people turned to streetwear and up-and-coming designers because they felt these designers had more freedom to create than to follow the fashion schedule. So, you’ve found this designer to be more inspiring than the mainstream designer who has to build on schedule. “

Work smarter, not much

Before Dana’s music career took off, she was always seen at the forefront of Paris Fashion Week events. But now, future Paris Fashion Week will have to take a back seat if they collide with her recording schedule. “I don’t think I’ll go as often as I used to because music takes up more of my time,” she says.

Speaking of being overwhelmed, last year Dana made it clear how she should use her time more wisely. “Before this pandemic happened, I traveled 3-4 times a month. I’m overwhelmed. I did a lot of things that didn’t need to be done. 2020 helps me focus on what I want in my life and what I want to focus on in my career, and spend that time at home with myself, with my family. Thank goodness my daughter is at an age where I need to be around her. “

“I’ve learned to prioritize myself and put myself where I want to be from a career perspective, instead of doing everything and feeling I need to get ahead. I have learned that I need to work smart, not much and resetting my life has helped me set the standard for the future of how I want my life to look like, to have a good balance between work life and family life. “

This year Dana will be releasing a new album in the first quarter and she hopes to continue touring. No matter what year comes, he will always be heard creating music. Dana didn’t seek fame, she never looked for fame, even if it came from her job. “Being famous for no reason is one thing, and being famous for doing something I love, having a voice and doing the work out there, that’s how I want to be known or recognized. There is a point when being on Instagram makes you famous, but there has to be a point when it has to be more than that. “


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