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ANYONE TENNIS? The mask can also be a fashion statement | Public | Instant News

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I saw something on social media about how stupid it is for people to drive in their car – without other people – while wearing a COVID-19 mask.

I drive with my mask on, even though I’m not alone. I was driving my son, John, and his friend Larry to the shop.

But I already wear a mask while behind the wheel.

I guess I don’t want to waste time.

So I put on my jacket and mask, as if dressed.

Now, I’m willing to bet at least half of you feel naked not wearing a mask in this era of “The Hue” fashion.

It’s just that I’m not trying to make a fashion statement.

I just love wearing a surgical mask like Hawkeye Pierce, like I’m getting ready for surgery on “M * A * S * H”.

That’s my preferred appearance of the corona virus.

For the record, I went to Dollar General in Abingdon wearing a bandana and felt like I was getting ready to rob the place.

Before, in ancient times, before I found a decent surgical mask, I used to wear an old mask that I bought years ago at the Dollar Tree.


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Facial Masks Become Forms of Expression – NBC4 Washington | Instant News


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