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Inside the bubble of French fashion technology | Instant News

Vestiaire Collective, a luxury resale platform co-founded by Fabre in 2008 and now valued at over € 1 billion, is one of France’s major success stories, highlighted by sale of a 5 percent stake to luxury conglomerate Kering in early March. Apart from Kering, US investment firm Tiger Global Management is also participating in Vestiaire Collective’s latest financing round of € 178 million.

LVMH is now in what it calls its “Season 5” incubator of La Maison des Startups, which nurtures about 25 startups a season, or 50 per year. A typical example is Cleed, which provides AI-customized white label chatbots. A total of 160 agreements have been signed since the opening of La Maison des Startups in 2018, including 60 between May and August 2020. And what sets Paris apart? “Its proximity to mansions,” said Roche-Grenet.

Partnerships happen at an incredible pace. Dry plans to partner with La Caserne, an upcoming incubator dedicated to sustainable fashion. Richemont is a corporate partner of the Plug and Play brand and a retail incubator in Paris.

Since early 2020, French investment bank Bpifrance (founded in 2012) has had a fund of € 100 million to invest in the tech creative industry including fashion technology, including Bpifrance’s investments in Tekyn and Arianee. This commitment to invest is part of a package of actions promised during Emmanuel Macron’s 2017 presidential campaign. “There is a global ambition of Bpifrance to inject more of the means into the creative industry, which we call the French Touch plan,” said Le Mintier. “What is at stake is the economy, competitiveness and influence of France. Paris has real legitimacy when it comes to creativity. “

Overall, Bpifrance has injected around € 1.45 billion into the cultural and creative industries, including € 492 million in fashion by 2020. Corresponding figures for the previous year were € 1.23 billion overall and € 340 million for fashion. Bpifrance has supported fashion brands such as Ami and Officine Générale as well as Vestiaire Collective and Launchmetrics.

Global ecosystem

The investment boost came at the right time. “France is lagging behind,” said Celine Lippi, an early fashion tech fan who co-founded Fashion Capital Partners in 2013. “For a long time, I received projects mainly from the US, UK, Germany, Great Asia … Events like Luxury Forward , the Paris fashion technology incubator, and the digital transformation of the fashion industry have really contributed to the emergence of the startup ecosystem. The current pandemic and drastic change in consumption behavior [helped] to create huge opportunities for emerging startups to disrupt traditional business models. “Among the Lippi funds: Luxury Tech Fund, Cuir Invest for materials, and Provoke Ventures, a new fund dedicated to beauty, wellness and innovation.


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POSHGLAM Took Technology and Bolster Fashion, Beauty & Luxury | Instant News

NEW YORK and MIAMI, July 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – For more than a decade and a half, POSHGLAM has presented related news about fashion designers, brands, events and trends, making it the right place to search, shop and discover. While acting as a fashion philanthropist and trying to formulate ways to maintain and restore the industry, POSHGLAM partnered with Foley + Corinna and has raised funds for the charity organization Children of the Night and the Center for Breast Cancer in St. Luke’s Roosevelt.

Innovator Kimberly E. Stone a keen eye for good design stems from sewing experience since he was 4 years old and the ability to recognize and show off fashionable talent that is worth noting. He has worked in cosmetics, for a number of spas, laundry, luxury retail, sales, and fabric shops. The gigs also cover commercial, print modeling, and camera work.

Stone enjoys the experience of dealing with people with the same ambitions and talents. Recently launched an art brokerage and holding company, discourage – with access to artists including Warhol, Cezanne and Picasso – accommodates a number of successful contemporary artists and their works on the network.

As a businessman and innovator, Stone surrounds himself with other business minds to hone his sharpness. He is pleased with information technology and how advanced society has been and is determined to take POSHGLAM for the next leap as the future of Fashion Tech.

POSHGLAM will reposition it as a platform to support fashion, beauty and luxury brands by connecting industry professionals quickly. Planning to launch a new application to connect the fashion community at large. Since its inception, POSHGLAM has spread to the international market to get mass readers in more than 147 countries. Its network of millions and global footprint has helped to build and bring up luxury brands around the world.

In June 2020, Stone combined his expertise in fashion, social media and digital marketing with launch The Little Black Dress protest in response to the recent screams about George Floyd’s murder and police brutality.

With lots of help from inspirational industry insiders and candidates, POSHGLAM is well positioned for the next phase of development. The company has worked with many socialites and business women and men who understand, many of whom find happiness being part of the brand and expanding their personal networks.


Launched in May 2005, POSHGLAM.com is the “brain child” of Kimberly E. Stone – a businessman and model. POSHGLAM supports established and emerging luxury designers and sets the standard for what’s new in the fashion world. POSHGLAM is proud to provide readers with interesting and relevant news about designers and brands, events and trends – making it the right place to search, shop, interact and discover. POSHGLAM has developed many followers in more than 147 countries.

The diverse group of POSHGLAM writers – with many different personalities and tastes – gives POSHGLAM an intelligent tone that is equally compatible with the attitudes that accompany true style experts, and helps readers gain greater knowledge about luxury brands that emerge from the perspective of gossip mode. POSHGLAM promotes artistic expression and makes the difficult to find famous. POSHGLAM’s philosophy is simple: combine glamorous elegance with the sophisticated luxury of the fashion world as a luxury digital media outlet.

About Kimberly E. Stone – Models, Artists, Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Kimberly started entrepreneurship at a young age after being encouraged by her family to start something herself. He began sewing since childhood and began selling designs and accessories to friends at church and school. During his studies as an anchor, he learned to read for news. As a sports reporter in high school, he filmed and edited his own story.

His love for art, fashion, design and media led him to start POSHGLAM, a luxury outlet on campus, paying homage to talented designers in space. With lots of humor, and footprints in more than 147 countries, POSHGLAM is positioned as an international go-to platform for fashion fans and prospective fans.

Kimberly has provided a suggestion and shown on Yahoo!, Forbes, The Washington Post, Business People, Success.com, Open Forum, Women2.com, and much more.

As a direct entrepreneur, his time is spent exploring new opportunities for the POSHGLAM brand, doing his brokerage work, and dreaming of future business ventures with like-minded colleagues and colleagues.

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